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My Opinion of Fidget Spinners in a Nutshell

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26 points

Sorry of my life

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27 points

Can you hear the song ?

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28 points

Moon Moon in it's (his) natural habitat :D

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28 points

Friends can be found in the most unexpected places

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31 points

Theodd1sout post everyday #2

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28 points

I’m on vacation in Colorado and I was l thrilled that i found a “wild animal” turns out it’s just someone’s pet goat wearing a collar.

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FAKE Taxi!

Preview 19c45506 64ee 448d a330 3c834d8606ea
100 points

It could be worse -.-

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31 points

Describe your post

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31 points

World's Largest Building Planned for NYC, I may have made one tiny change to the 2nd pic

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39 points

My ice cream looks just like the promotional pictures of ice cream.

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32 points


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36 points

When you have a dark sense of humor, but you like cute kittens

Preview ba59cdc6 5f80 4d8e 8326 bad9343ff20d
43 points

I'm dead 😂😂😂

Preview 34f97393 eeef 46bc a451 f7a3fbb3e746
41 points

Me: I'm gonna give my man some space today

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43 points

Rules are rules

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46 points

So there is this new face mask out on the market.

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46 points

Hauling in the catch

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