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I always give 100% !

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27 points

Photo taken by "Balloonatic" Daniel Boria, flying the aircraft-occupied skies over Calgary in a lawn chair

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Please move.

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Happy Friday! Here's a picture of an Elephant enjoying life.

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25 points

When he doesn't reply your message. [Infinite Stratos]

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25 points

This store has a moth problem

Preview df766074 ee52 43c1 9f13 fdf565c1661a
25 points

They're both smart

Preview 9a2adc15 e3bb 4ac3 9048 dd14e37f3a1a
27 points

Lazy town, they said

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25 points

The nurse was nice enough to capture a picture of my knee replacement for me.

Preview a04eab65 c1c3 40b0 9cd6 e41490cb7c9e
25 points

Go right for toilet, straight for an adventure!

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27 points

when your man wants you ready in 10 seconds.

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"Is it true the amazing secret of psychokenisis gives you a hairy chest!"

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29 points

We are evolving

Preview 2521e5ee d9b5 4220 be7c 946104eafbed
32 points

Not the french!

Preview 9d3a0afa a0ce 4de9 b061 f177b20fbf8d
36 points

Who wouldn't?

Preview c8a2d252 9ae5 4913 8bcb 9ba3b5673983
33 points

Who wouldn't?

Preview c1a45533 1444 4854 abbc 074e5a04a892
33 points

Happy Canada Day!

Preview cf17dd4a 3b58 4128 a0bb 0915627dd887
35 points

I don't think I would be able to handle that.

Preview ffe3918c 4979 4674 aab1 91a280e39024
36 points

I think that the dogtor wants those bones

Preview 85852a3d 8c36 426a 8cd3 a47a1520fbb4
38 points

Who wouldn't?

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34 points

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