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Escaping police on a moped


Why are you reading this...

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27 points

I have to zap about this many. Mosquitoes before I go to sleep every night othwise I'll be scratching my ass off all night

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27 points

I wasn't hurt that badly.

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27 points

My achievements

Preview 50fa5c15 b3ac 4eff b6e5 148e98d76b1d
26 points

I don't think this particular spot is ideal for that

Preview 44225fa1 36c1 4547 b6b0 79779f59cb3d
29 points

Here's a pun for ya

Preview ec17e14b 0c86 4175 9630 b381886942f3
28 points

Best crossover ever

Preview fdd32ef3 7e6e 4c2f b762 ef5f25e4b531

Spacious, nature-loving living room in Cape Town | by SAOTA

Preview 53f978fc e671 4021 9f34 f63e73717a5d
29 points

So Voldemort is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne

Preview 1ec1db48 7cee 4303 becb c3f11f8e7d14
32 points


Preview 222a26fd e4ef 4bc8 a6a5 a33f26991778
32 points

IL post this later

Preview a190b805 eba5 48ad 8b81 68ccae79dd0d
31 points

My fish formed some stone like bones?

Preview 1e6ccd15 bd11 40ef a84c 964e628bcc94
32 points

Nothing lasts forever

Preview eca571ad 97f4 43c0 a23e ec5b7e6ac9e8
32 points

I can confirm that this was true.

Preview 50942b00 087b 4c4e 8b12 4d06d09f5dbb
32 points

Gotta use this!

Preview 3912a7e4 0218 4e9f 9ad7 d97cad328655
36 points

Say whaaat?

Preview d9768ba3 c262 4a22 a758 6b5228c2e68b
227 points

69 episodes later: final screw on screwing the lightbulp

Preview 1dd7346d 2d25 4754 8d2c 0b09e9cfdff7
38 points

No shoes, no shirt, no smelling like marijuana, no service at TGI Fridays in Massachusetts.

Preview 89e53478 701e 488c abbb 65d0f14e4ea5
40 points

♀ ♂ and stuff

Preview 1ecea9fc e4cb 480a 8889 d9434fc35df5
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