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25 points

Always check the bottom of your mugs

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25 points

We've been doing it the wrong way guys

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25 points

Ride yo own wave

Preview b2aa06ee 3b53 42bc a7ec e2f009134c38
25 points

I'm wondering what happened to them after the incident

Preview 300718d3 3ac1 4dc3 8fa1 a2a9c2408d27

A pleasing blend of colors in the kitchen of this Montana contemporary farmhouse

Preview 2a730fc6 2c21 4548 aa5b 08a4834750e6
26 points

this will be hard to beat..

Preview 203630a0 6211 4534 a118 fb3198272597
27 points

When they want me to write functional specifications

Preview d8eeb709 3dfb 457d 90f0 7eec9f108527

100% accurate.

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26 points


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28 points

Was it john ?

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28 points

Facts you don't need to know but I'm telling you anyway (Part 2)

Preview 53c63e7c 1813 4771 be5d 4561bcda6040
29 points

Someone forgot to wash their hands

Preview 7a690e4e 4361 4e7d 8228 2f60310eafb6
27 points

Was walking down the street and...

Preview d00a4ca4 4561 4432 a76a 2d79dc068313

I'm gonna skip the club for awhile

Preview 71f1701c 06e2 44f7 9bf1 b7f42ed68703
31 points


Preview 8dfe0b99 007a 47f0 9b0b 3d6ba0875e9b
31 points

You had one Job ...

Preview 1a058f81 bbb6 4d14 8414 ac9c699e6c70
30 points

I think its a squirrel

Preview 24abf87c ae58 4681 b219 7ede82315adc
28 points

Now I get it

Preview 53e11427 711f 4191 aed8 3ce920834965
31 points

In Fremont, Earth

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33 points

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