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Also laziness.

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135 points

Me every time I read something like this.....

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25 points

My cat wasn't ready for that photo

Preview 8ce5a5c0 b81b 4f6a a192 ea8bc2bcb44b
27 points

Unexpectedly, out of no where comes the real joker

Preview 8f4833e0 5ce6 47fe a525 54fbd755ae66
28 points

This is the world of Pokemon

Preview f15df4f2 907b 4d4b bb34 4cd5da30c2a5
26 points

Nobody looks at this anyway!

Preview f1f1dd80 68cf 4694 bcbe b16e2e949771
26 points

I wasn’t hungry anyways

Preview bde9647b 962d 498e b1ac 0232e12bc14e

3 2 1..... just kidding still alive

Preview 0cae90e2 a486 458f 928d 5e51817ec660
27 points

I bet you squint.

Preview 506b6c41 913b 4c84 9b16 a506efd0dd34

Where is the f***** button !

Preview 5c7479bf adb0 49dd 85bd 2a9a14bd2863
26 points

He's filled with the spirit of Christmas.

Preview 46558804 c46b 4a6a bba0 0c4d35dd5de3
25 points

Electrical Outlet from Hell

Preview 176a600b 7476 41ed a32c 2b4687b032f1
28 points


Preview 64320172 0612 4c59 b18f b186fb8f0e0b
26 points

Finally Adopted, but...

Preview 3022bf8c 1128 4d30 a8ea 2f2f78417e8f
27 points

Independence Day

Preview 94c3cbdd 0d41 4f27 a2b7 06f1a68569aa
27 points

What actually happened to that North Korean missile

Preview 14af8d1c 5b27 4eec 9dae 41ed4f6fb1b6

Because of that I don't have any black friend...

Preview 5e9f04f6 d2ac 4029 84df 80ddb56bc97e
30 points

I'm ashamed of asking..and evenly lazy for researching

Preview c5daf983 bb36 4695 a36c 9b3e51ce5c0c
28 points

Oh this gem of a game!

Preview 9b736423 6e3f 423f b52b 10bcf8b10070
28 points

They're finally releasing season 2 on 17/2-2017

Preview 6890f143 6600 4b32 91f4 406de662feda
28 points

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