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28 points


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29 points

If you cared you would understand the joke

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29 points

Mind blown

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102 points

Just your typical dad jokes

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28 points

Picture taken from where I work. Thought it looked kinda cool.

Preview a2caeaa0 1f7c 4bec 9483 12337beb13f4
29 points

Road skiing.

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30 points

A person that works in the same building as me drinks from this abomination everyday.

Preview ac610097 f44a 4758 b73c 03bff7f1a497
29 points

Any ideas what this picture is all about??

Preview cffa37c5 5b57 4f63 8aae cd108c321d58
30 points

Macdonalds Drive Thru Prank!!!

27 points

Some people don't appreciate kindness

Preview 2c784eca 2c84 4309 a194 a2966a2c2a8f
30 points

When I find an easy fix for a bug after 3 hours spent debugging

Preview d96bc807 ae4f 482e 83d8 d8b33c04921b

When someone asks me where I live

Preview 752ae654 f9bc 4421 8464 3d933d7ef332

When left-driving country meets right-driving country

Preview 7f6f9be6 341f 48ae a19c 36618db1d2b7
34 points

And only have to loose 15 pounds.

Preview d9529e56 e7fd 47c1 8914 88fd3cc0d7e0
33 points

Coincidence? I don't think so!

Preview c491c700 78cb 43f4 8426 ba17fe48d490

Wendy's sign in my hometown

Preview d735d037 9153 4881 ac41 4dd2b6987d4d
33 points

My friend just adopted a 7 year old german shepherd

Preview 22956579 7edf 43d6 a27b c69af36315ad
28 points

My greatgrandpa's knife we retrieved while digging in the garden. He was a tailor in Germany.

Preview b98cda30 c450 4393 b863 f147a8517527
35 points

The amount of democracy is astounding

Preview e7721266 878f 4e82 b291 69aa1c30a381
34 points

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