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Aren't they adoreble?

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18 points

Mother cat scares baby kittens

134 points

At least she's honest

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26 points

Poor people have all your money.

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32 points

Sums it up

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195 points

I mean, that's one way to do it.

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41 points

Major shit.

Preview 4eb07936 f27e 4c8a 9af8 e461c271ef6a
281 points

Let's take a shot at reducing crime

Preview 9a9ee7d7 71c0 4d85 968d 13a554f18e8e
45 points

If Movies Had Honest Titles

Preview 8cd437bf 5800 4211 95a2 fa0b9e1b9b82
133 points

Friend in Brazil had to end the call we were having because a shootout just started. I didn't believe it, so he sent me this selfie of him

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52 points

Used to do that when a kid

Preview 2184c7d6 a8ec 4eb4 8e58 e27ad697f19a
50 points

So Selfie Friendly

Preview 4019e27f bed8 496f bd3a 93f8723d787b
96 points

The First Lady, Michelle Obama Surprises People Who Are Recording Goodbye Messages To Her

154 points

"Ssup dude!?"

Preview 3e617afe 1e65 491e badd d25fe56f2085
93 points

He cool with it boyz.

Preview 0b482ce7 dd1b 4def a231 17e62e43823e
60 points

the kids and grown-ups are at war on AdviceAnimals, and i'm just...

Preview 6439bfb2 d1f0 429a ae96 6a738802a245
231 points

when people loves you!!

Preview e3538f31 c5d6 4d03 81af 1f93e68adf40

Had a GOT viewing party last night. This is what you saw when you used our toilet. It was a hit😜

Preview affa8763 53fc 4237 82a3 86e88095eb03
64 points

The Riskiest Selfie Ever

Preview b3fd2802 c068 4df7 b523 621b2b2ae274

Need a bud?

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139 points

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