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Advertising maybe? Found this on my travels today.

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26 points

Are you fkin kiddin me meow

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25 points

Hold my beer

Preview 6301487f c9da 4850 9c84 182ed2277abd

Norway is the motherland of flags

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28 points


Preview d6623cdd 6a98 43ef a5ec b9830caebbc9
29 points

She better not cheat on me.

Preview c071b238 e539 404b bf62 1fdb2af5d2cd
30 points

The Invisible Man

Preview 5c8ee0e5 d38a 42b3 8052 ece04913e644
30 points

Welder master race

Preview 9f81ee19 4f41 41cd a465 28cbcc7fc965
30 points

How I feel in the console wars.

Preview 14ded839 2881 4d68 94db 44dd34591583
29 points

Hostel ? Trivago

Preview 0092f29a 09c2 4563 b6df b007a063bf55
29 points

*Jurassic Park Theme Music*

Preview a815f6d1 77f6 4533 afdb 24c0ae77f45f
31 points

Guys Find Out Construction Vests Can Get Them Everything For Free

Preview 95118ffd 09d5 430c 88ad ed71ee85f57d
30 points

One slap man!

Preview 86f3ea18 f416 42c5 bd8e 7201e0b69d1a
32 points

Asking the real question here..

Preview 0bd94587 15f8 4c26 aead c71b81d65f8b
31 points

Never gonna give you up

Preview 5bc0d0cd 9859 46f5 98f4 3c071d86537f
35 points

As an Indian living in Hong Kong all my life and just visiting India for few weeks every 2 years, I can relate to this.

Preview 40916fb3 8f1b 48ec bedf 8f7e386b67f9
34 points

Did someone America has a problem with school shootings?

Preview e87947fc a4c4 4ed0 b9b6 a9685240c9ed
35 points

This cockroach is INSIDE my oven clock

Preview 027b5d12 0ef8 40d1 b955 f2a6a8369930
113 points

When it's summer and you've been out for 5 minutes (Brace yourselves)

Preview 280ca62a 2a53 4ebe 9f29 5b13d02766f7
35 points

Not gonna say I made this cuz I didn't but I made dis

Preview 712048bb 025e 4090 b4c3 414583c66661
42 points

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