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Sniper caught behind enemy lines

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91 points

Legs in the air

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27 points

PLA Border Guard Performs a Flying Side Kick on Trespassing Indian Soldier

Preview 8fb556d0 ae2b 4cc4 bd7f 7b494a0fd574

All the attention, but not "all" the attention

Preview b4f539ea a9f6 4e4a bc5d 49c2b40d8630
27 points

Thank you for the precise information

Preview de38e1f8 0316 4228 9882 3e891887ac81
28 points

The original Lion King

Preview 79c86d70 f5b0 434a b836 c51b972efcff

He's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now

Preview 0f1d2dd3 ac73 4604 914b cc460cb8dad6
29 points

Somehow our dog opened the upstairs screen door and ended up following our cat onto the roof. He required consoling before coming back inside.

Preview 21e81e88 c2dd 4d00 8424 7395d1c4d00a
29 points

Sir, please bend over

Preview 6d6a522d a2bc 40fe bc17 367fc0053763

Warp Machine

Preview e1122aab 47b3 4928 ad90 c18769dbaa26

25 Perfect Reactions To Game Of Thrones S7 Episode 6

Preview 046b171c cb1c 432c aa0c 38e3d08992f4

Happiness and cyanide

Preview 22acdf86 ac7d 4420 9d9e c6390126da7c
36 points

That guy's reaction is killing me!

Preview edf9c5ee 634d 453c a6df 4425bf3dfc00

Some guys are more blessed than others

Preview b798c7ae 97ce 4fa1 8d0d 7862d383bbba

Don't read this

Preview 26755b45 6de6 4807 b9a8 81ad19b1eec9
263 points

Chess is weird!

Preview eed2a683 1b72 470b b5d6 4d25220f8910
43 points

I sat in the same Café as Melanie Laurent and Daniel Brühl in Inglourious Basterd

Preview c0b254b3 622d 438e 9aaa eda4b76112fb
44 points

Have a nice day!

Preview 5c3c0e55 926e 4624 b79a 87ca11a5ed96
36 points

Mondays like

Preview 4ebc79ad 51d3 441c 904d 963749c26162
109 points

Comedian has a confetti cannon on stage and gives an audience member the button to set it off when he feels it's the right time


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