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Water bridge Belgium. did you ever get a chance to travel over it? you must be a lucky one if so.

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28 points

The longer you look at it...

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28 points

Rainbows are actually circular. That's amazing!

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27 points

What??? What???? What????

Preview d0de92a0 eedf 4cd3 9cd3 2c1881b00024
145 points

Why I read the comments

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27 points

Yes, it's my lucky day

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26 points

This video enough to give you sweaty palms? Mountain Biking in British Columbia, Canada


Cashier at my local Walmart is in the holiday spirit

Preview 63f319c7 5d18 4ae2 acfd a303e508b6d7
26 points

Today there was a furry convention in my town... f**king furries wtf they doing here?!

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26 points

2,000-year-old Roman theater in Libya

Preview e7cdbb4d 599b 4411 898f 7111911df0da
25 points

Any Idea where is this movie from?

Preview 878acb48 a223 4204 82b0 d6555e02b3f2
27 points

European air force

Preview 18a3b8fe 0a39 4f9c 9479 2c9f3ab8439e

A newbie asshole (made in france)

Preview 7241f061 ec05 4d54 8b7a 04733913d53e
25 points

This dragonfly looks like he just farted and is really pleased with himself

Preview 195102ad 88fb 4ed9 8ff4 edb78f03579d
27 points


Preview 524de0b7 7de7 423e 842e 11fdd6aa29cb

Dog Sucks At Hide And Seek

Preview d216f8d6 2495 4b21 a6b6 d06540918e32

Husky complains about other dog

Preview f15e38e8 9941 4fe6 b608 49a5d0132556

Sometimes shit get's too real

Preview 02c6aca8 f730 49b2 9084 223ae906b50b
28 points

Made those pizza things from hot.

Preview ab75ae52 5aa9 4c4b 8dc1 fc741bbd58ef
28 points

I love mah pet

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