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Send nudes

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25 points

Why the Future of Girl Power Depends on “Wonder Woman”

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Never underestimate nerds with too much free time

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30 points

Pig being a pig


When you have too much time

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37 points

Damn son...

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42 points

Pumpkin Roll Has Knock on Effect

When employee has too much free time at work

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47 points

Persistent mosquitos

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40 points

Japanese Manhole Covers are Intricate AF

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43 points

Check first comment (one more time)

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43 points

WTF is this?

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149 points

One religion to bind them in darkness

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52 points

Relatable af.

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48 points

What are the odds? Poor woman gets nailed in the face by a soccer ball at a pro match

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Loki enjoying the snow

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131 points

Who is this woman

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64 points

My Lego Star Wars Collection. What do you think?

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61 points

Serious cancer question for me as a German

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