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To meme is human

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28 points


Preview cbb9afb0 ded5 4859 95d4 319565fd61a4
449 points

She didn't even change her pace


Preview 28dbb319 a476 473b 98d7 021bb20cbdd8
186 points

Great View onto the Golden Gate Bridge

Preview e6564c52 4218 4be1 ae12 467db095b303

How to prank Adele fans.

357 points

The best way to deal with an asshole.

Preview 95f27646 0fd1 4482 91cf d85f560231b4
44 points

Sharknado 4 everybody.

Preview 4d1840f8 311f 48ef ba9d 930ee92bfcaa
238 points

What have been seen...

Preview 7667b7f8 6595 4ab7 b5bf e767436ba64c
43 points

13 Reasons why this show is cringey.

Preview 53ae7ff8 e2c9 4e20 aa00 3473c49cff5a

Customer Notice

Preview 245c8628 25ae 46cb 8a2b 1bc0e4ad1c4c
130 points

Lost jacket

Preview 6ae73f62 ba24 4df1 81b7 bf866a866b01

For ze post above

Preview ab6b10d5 d83a 4f9b a68a f4c60bb6535a
46 points

Ever go full retard

Preview 1f228fe0 4823 4426 ac02 4b90449d7635
45 points

Against the wall at 140+ MPH(225KMH)

Preview 46e8fad8 c1a3 42e0 a64d 88de5a5ab822
52 points

Life lesson learned.

Preview f5f8b1b7 9d09 4def 9711 3e3cf2776010
38 points

My husband got a label maker last night. This is the adorable note he left me in the shower.

Preview 9db7a91f 50f9 4551 87e3 27adf6bd71ec
49 points

Submachine 3

Preview 40df8455 fd84 4459 bf73 935cb3320d51
244 points

A little reminder for us to take it easy in the long run

Preview f38b905b 39dd 459a b785 0ce5c45ac8ed
143 points

This bed has a built-in dog bed

Preview cdfc8380 7b6a 442a a3b2 f74f90ddbc6d
53 points

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