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Give this man a medal

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25 points

Shut up and take my money!

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This is 32 years old

Preview 4cd7ba8e 04da 4830 b0ed d31b21d5212c
26 points

It's from south africa, and people thought it's photoshopped

Preview c3dec625 d652 437e 9be2 0e6d9a9d85cd
25 points

The combination of the colors Red and Yellow make people hungry.

Preview d4a487e9 c7a6 4c40 bb52 02c1d0c09588
25 points

Would be an awesome Joker

Preview 2a2182d6 1b6d 4ab6 b803 7827973c22d8

Divorced Nicolas Cage Looked Embarrassed After 'Flirting Attempt' Went So Wrong

Preview 78d77230 b82c 40e3 9eac 711fc247bf77
27 points


Preview e1a78254 6355 46a8 8ed2 3ca5c6f7312a
28 points

Soooo True

Preview e6d15d06 1553 4a3a b916 fc74a46c9ebb
30 points

Living area with high wooden ceilings and large glass walls in this lake home in Jocotepec, Mexico.

Preview c416ac14 cd99 4005 8409 5b25e146ad72
29 points

When Mom is giving you pets and is about to take your picture, but your sister ruins it by jumping up on the side of the couch all majestic like.

Preview 59d4af8c e45a 42b8 8ed3 2e95a8d9a95f

God save the queen, please.

Preview c16328e4 fb05 47ca b190 4e75ff7f61ab
30 points

bad kitty hunting resued humming bird

Preview 9deb914f ff0d 413e 8f51 1c203122cec6

When watching anything on cellular data.

Preview 8d7857df 4bd9 45db a5fd 946fd59174d9
30 points

What are the chances!! The reaction at the end lol

Preview c3fbe62b d9ce 4b24 9f39 0e0a2cabaf7f

Idiot was already taken

Preview 69374d75 c2a4 4d85 8576 21567f26282a
28 points

My dog isn't allowed on the couch. This is his solution.

Preview b8374914 5947 4ab5 a3c2 0ea7848bcf14
28 points

The prefect parking spot

Preview 05ec6037 e6b2 43d0 8c09 964f47aaa9dc

Like, Thanks man.

Preview 65c85724 6ab0 4d50 8b69 7bae7227818e

After watching Netflix's Death Note

Preview a16884c1 03a7 40ef aefe 5bac73b52933

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