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Watch Stephen Hawking Audition Gordon Ramsay, Liam Neeson And More Celebs For New Voice


Who likes boomsticks

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For those who want the shortest short shorts, I raise you this. Denim panties.

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The 3 types of Roosters

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My buddy sent me this 3 hours into his first work day at his new job...

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While their friends are getting married and having babies, these best friends with 15 years of friendship decided to go on a homiemoon

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I take photographs of concerts in my area and one night I snapped some crowd shots. One guy in particular was aware of this...

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Woman Ends Tinder Date Stuck In Window Trying To Retrieve Her Unflushable Poop

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Squeaking This Amazing Japanese Dovetail Joint Into Place Is So Comforting

550 points

Thanks mate!

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19 Brutal Murder Cases That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

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The end is nigh!

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So he gonna return that dress

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Bar Tricks Bets For You To Win Free Drinks Easily

327 points

People in the streets of Venezuela against the government

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46 points

Real gangsta

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Seriously people get your shit together

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No need for a caption

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