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Jesus take the wheel

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28 points

Thought you all should know

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26 points

Snuck this into a paper about "sexual morality".

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26 points

Did you hear the joke about the german sausage? It was the wurst.

Preview 88724619 5351 4e1f 9023 f4c1f8a5c49d
25 points

Scary Potato

Preview f228ee30 f0ba 4d73 9074 69d0bdfacfdc

We get it, you vape

Preview dbe47690 2850 45bb ae9e 846681557ec1
28 points

Mt Rainier casting a shadow upwards

Preview faca5e53 48e8 4bc3 a2b1 6b0119ed3cae
26 points

There's an armed, cigar smoking guy on a segway circling the Arby's I'm in.

Preview e7ecf049 44e9 482d 8afc 22678059478a
28 points

Eight Tails from Naruto Shippuden episode 143 - gif 3

Preview 14245e0f 591b 4fea 9918 4c4b310f1006

When You Hit That Glass Blunt

26 points

Clouds have feelings too

Preview 4651e57b 66e0 4d98 a288 d0739c29f996
29 points

Charles Malkovich/John Manson.

Preview bbfa7217 397f 4359 a407 26f5179e77ac

that notepad is the biggest dick

Preview 1e447b08 4549 443b aa80 2d563b68a29e

Wait until you see it...

Preview 187ea5fc 7825 4a2a ae88 8897e05bce77
35 points

Quick Drive through Lego City


'im big boned'

Preview 85a3443a fb27 4c26 b9a5 08ed67031dc4
37 points

My friend found some Megalodon shark teeth on the beach

Preview ddfbb74b cc04 41a5 8817 6e518ee4e2ee
36 points

Confession time

Preview e79bf14d 2c9e 406e 8003 359a7b6e444c
37 points

That's where you're wrong kiddo

Preview d6d5ebe8 16e2 40fb a2e0 e9ba570b159a
39 points

Chris D'Elia met his doppelganger at his latest show.

Preview 9f5faca2 781f 4ad6 913a 14ffbcc03396
90 points

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