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Math equals Simplicity

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25 points

Why did the chicken cross the road?

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27 points

The most evil thing you will see today. Hopefully.

Preview d3247a77 8ada 4175 be6e ae4f7c6ad885
27 points

This is a shower filter I put in last month after my wife kept complaining about her hair always feeling dirty even after a shower. We live in a high end apartment in NY.

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27 points

Frying pan, tiny and technological version

Preview 0063bbe3 3d93 4b2b a947 0e1186f95adb
97 points

Do you?!?!?

Preview 2541f6ed 672b 47ec b51d 4a70c8329b65
32 points

Welcome to archaeology... we have dead people !

Preview ab693f86 aa12 4bba bcc2 4d77fc06da80
32 points

When you find this in your home

Preview 47cbb3e5 e331 4feb 92a1 abf41c96173d
39 points

Why did the chicken cross the road you ask?... well now you know..

Preview 9716f146 33f2 4077 88b0 7df2854c0b14
35 points

Meanwhile in Brazil...

Preview 0f864a33 ad92 46dc 9528 e8735013a592
34 points

I think everybody needs this sign at their work!

Preview cf2124be 3d2f 4acd 933e 4953ec28e536
33 points

I have so many questions...

Preview a62a5beb 69b5 49ec bb26 9d9d41014687
40 points

The difference between 31 and 21...

Preview 97b101ee d09a 4987 86dc 796f111e7f5d
41 points

And it cost 15 dorra

Preview e41bc766 1704 47a7 9aba d2b4566388e9
38 points

Fencing etiquette in a nutshell

199 points

Not as hot as the Lannisters

Preview 74884c29 3202 41e9 a798 7da8a59d2e83
42 points


Preview f6f54ffd d87a 4184 a213 a6709f06d214
42 points

Jesus took this wheel

Preview e6c43d67 9248 4408 bfaa 02e70fb4a813
42 points

Well now you know

Preview a2c6ff32 1991 4373 8df3 66788c18810a
103 points

CountryBalls Post 2

Preview f98739b6 d239 41c8 a271 b7c5b9390902

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