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25 points

Girl drinking champagne fail

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Missed by a little.

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My girlfriends 12 yo sister makes dolls as presents for her.. is it schwifty?

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A singer we have in Portugal. She's terrible, and now she's trying to sue 2 teens for making a meme of her. Help us making even more :D

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26 points

Wait a second..

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*insert silent hill theme*

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25 points

I need to know

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54 points

Welp... this is not my purpose...

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26 points

"What is my purpose?" "You guard cubicles." "...Oh my god."

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Y'all come sit around n hear a story from ol' buck.

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27 points

Daily dose of classics

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27 points

This sign at the local dispenzzeria

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26 points

How to troll your mother

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28 points

Bring your dog on a 5k in Louisiana, it would be fun they said.

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27 points


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27 points

Is your fridge running?

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30 points


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27 points


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28 points


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