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Thug life

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25 points

Brick covered with hydrophobic paint to avoid urine in the walls

Preview 08ab150e 321e 4435 b508 8567e529195e

Unfortunately I was the first one to drop that joke...

Preview c27d67b8 0c3f 4ea3 9974 ef55720d41f0
25 points

Da truth

Preview 37e1fdc3 b673 4c48 b32b cd5ca8d3d201
27 points

This cat remind me of Harvey Dent from Batman

Preview 6180e297 04f7 498b 9e4b ae7f736bf9db
26 points

Have you seen Ted?

Preview 05da279f be70 4e21 a163 057f18970bc4
26 points

Wife sent this after picking up our dog after surgery today. Says he's "still under the influence."

Preview 7d2906b6 af85 443d 81d3 cfbb78665dfa
26 points

I was cleaning out an old shed when I came across this...

Preview 82d2c8f8 e2a5 4ded ac8b 61dc7d099e1a

Alarm Clock

Preview 0dbf5816 9e2e 4cf7 b61e 358da58a9e49

Archery level 100

Preview fba82502 69de 4bbf b8cd 06a852e9756b
28 points

Good morning young Sir.

Preview 2b4258da e02b 494f 9269 e3e401b39a75
27 points

Just clean up the mess dude

Preview 0f624f27 efd3 4d14 ab89 17b995dcd071
31 points

Our 6 weeks old husky pup with Heterochromia

Preview fd9e7292 18a3 4e90 938f af9a0280905d
27 points

Nothing like devoted parents

Preview 87267908 eccd 489d b6e2 ef212a03d2d5
30 points

"The Concrete Cut," a modern concrete and glass residence in Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv District, Israel

Preview 2bb2a753 c71b 4c24 933f 6d74f911c8bc
27 points

Weinstein Effect

Preview f550b7c8 9c0a 475c 9093 7a5f386d1c95
32 points

Better luck tomorrow

Preview cb8c60b6 5953 44e2 a46c 6078974dd196
31 points

A friend sent me this while on vacation in Columbia

Preview 737c558c a08e 497b 88fc e3d2d9211cd5
31 points

What kind of science is this

Preview f7935f99 ebd4 4c04 ba81 e5f78b549a9e
34 points

Found this on Pornhub and wanted to share with you guys (also thank me for hiding the dick pics ads)

Preview ced7c19a b299 4337 8970 bd3ec63b1687
32 points

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