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Dude, F**k Off!

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25 points

I knew it...

Preview 8d753b52 5526 46c2 84d4 d4b4fd5af7e5
33 points

"hating justin bieber is so 2009" comments incoming

Preview c5244790 1b8d 4c58 82f6 1bec406ee149
32 points

To everyone thinking of visiting europe

Preview a4a529f4 c674 4aa4 a6a2 fb87c22ed338
31 points

The sad truth

Preview 15ebb88f 5a65 4511 ba8c fa002ca51c3a
33 points

Pop lock and drop it

Preview 9b84800d add4 407e 8bd5 a2118511321b
100 points

She really nailed Dress Like A Teacher Day

Preview b307bd28 b456 4e1b ae33 f81c5721339f
34 points

i just love this scene from the movie

Preview 430d7b45 e032 4390 95d1 bbaa1b8a2dac

Don't understimate the power of single banana...

Preview df974d84 c5a4 4cbe ad98 64c1b00f6a5d

Just German Things

Preview 282d0aa2 abe2 4852 bb88 3229a9d3585e
33 points

I don't want to live on this planet anymore

Preview ca7a0e16 13ee 49ac aae7 76d0aa18b486
36 points


Preview 5eb3f5a5 2ca6 4862 a1e5 0bcb070b0977
36 points

Jesus dieded for nothing...

Preview 6fcfefc9 8425 465b be17 d7860195567f
39 points

Bieber is bigger

Preview 6c379a3c d790 48a2 a130 036b8c39a128

Egg bound?

Preview 9bd692c0 1331 44bb 867b f3c8e990a2eb
40 points

I like trains

Preview 759d16ae f781 4aba bb15 f67fb9ebc2b6
42 points

Every guy after valentines day.

Preview 51c0721f 0d05 48dd 8364 c0a4b9fb1ebe
48 points

Here's a pupper that's come to improve your day!

Preview d6400b99 a331 48dd 9df2 05e071ed1b5b
34 points

"But I have a girlfriend, stop generalizing" comments incoming

Preview e8a14cf4 f517 414d 998f fb5573b48676
321 points

When your friends ask what you do all day at work...

Preview 88d93d61 2925 4e56 b537 9a79c7502b55
45 points

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