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A Gunblade...

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27 points

CZ Skorpion EVO 1100 rounds per minute

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25 points

It ain't stupid if it works

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26 points

Shots fired by the local Barber shop.

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26 points

Love at first sight

Preview d4597a2e 537c 436d a6b9 5fe07d8bda9f

You may kiss the bride

Preview be905352 423e 4f27 8398 ea72a562f618
25 points

Illuminati confirmed.

Preview 06cebdc8 eb90 416e 89cd be9c11d5f814
25 points

Technology these days

Preview 6bf4cb02 ca1f 4830 8abf 9f8507bbffaf
25 points

When you want to make Turducken, but don't have the right ingredients... I introduce to you, the Turkraken

Preview ca51cfc0 56cd 4e33 b18b 25e157195e79
26 points

Dinner is ready!

Preview 46de1a9c 409f 43d6 af46 3028b9f3bdca
26 points

Does this not look like Jimi Hendrix appeared to my friend on his hamburger placemat?

Preview 94a0d752 b66b 43a0 ae14 46a9526c478c
25 points

Stuffed possum

Preview 04d8f646 a7b9 46e9 bf6a 922d0ec55577
25 points

When I was a young boy

Preview 05c1714a 69a5 4523 aa86 9158e296662d
26 points

When Trump Supporters Tell Me They Voted for the Man Who is Going to Stop the Putin Regime

Preview 94d0a0de 5800 4a64 b099 a88246bd1ae7

Come on now follow my lead!

Preview 10d29659 e004 4680 a529 d37abb60820f
25 points

Saw a duck with missing bottom jaw and exposed tongue today at work. It didn't seem to mind too much.

Preview 3b46ddc4 7884 4236 a80c dd14c0146a0f
25 points

Meanwhile, in London.....

Preview 504ee8be c73a 4521 9b51 3d0905cd17c5
25 points

Find someone that looks at you the way Grant looks at ice cream

Preview 39230fce dcca 4df8 a5e5 313c0ad33fab
25 points

How americans see russians. How russians see americans.

Preview 9262e5a3 0ebc 450a a46a 4464122c8149

Dogs Be Like

Preview 52500d03 9047 4467 9238 3c36c2ac18da
25 points

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