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Truely Shameless dog

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87 points

Beautiful Nature

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25 points

Dat smile. He won't make it to hot but I want the world to see my doggo

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22 points

The right song

Preview 8cabf026 40f6 44a4 b1d9 fcb99878b90a
27 points

Illustrator Hilariously Doodles True-To-Life Designer Problems For 100 Days

Preview 5bc6253a 7c22 4b2d bc00 6ae235393bcb
23 points

The best plates I've ever seen

Preview 32482758 94e1 497c a2ff 677fe92dc332
27 points

Or because you became a tim horton addict

Preview fbc17797 9192 49bf a178 fd10f5791b9d
119 points

Going to school all wet

Preview dcc6d4b7 cd60 429b bbe0 ae4bfd9b13fe
38 points

That looks so painful! Just..... Why?

Preview c7b7b89d ae24 4832 8a49 4d3f82e6db82
38 points

Perfect woman doesn't exi...

Preview b1a2f12e 99cc 4e64 8f05 1d37a816ee84
38 points

Magic table

Preview e1901c4d 2f15 4a3c 9555 47ba4688e99a
224 points

Cop finds out pepper spray is flammable

Preview 369ffe36 ee16 4a08 ba13 1db33523a824
43 points

Took this through a telescope with my phone.

Preview 43ca06ad 21e0 4f80 b602 768cdc0aa7f1
38 points

When they ask how your diet is going

Preview aac0175e 305a 461a a68b 4a29247e0ea3
41 points

19 Dogs Who Are Afraid Of The Most Ridiculous Things

Preview 490cf4c9 8e54 4d9e a89b 9b635ab16c14
42 points

Honey, why is there an air freshener in my toy box?

Preview 57f858cd 046d 4988 9c99 67c3c69d9367
144 points

The best plates I've ever seen

Preview d005cd09 16fa 4189 b5f7 dc8246a5cdef
42 points

Artist illustrates life with his wife

Preview 574d33ef 1d11 45d3 875c a3c2aeb668dc
54 points

Love Trump's Haters

When your day just isn't going as planned remember, you could be that guy.

Preview 31b1afc9 dc32 4fee bd7e de8d792aff02
226 points

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