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Long time star wars fan so I animated this for May the Fourth, Happy Star Wars Day!

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When my friends asked me what I'm planning to do on Valentine's Day:

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25 points

Why not Danish......

Preview beaa6bbe e886 461d 97ae 09020d5dc7db
25 points

Rush B?

Preview 6937aac2 cfce 4772 ac07 edd28507fb21
25 points

This water bottle looks like a Decepticon in disguise

Preview 6a9444a9 ba30 40d0 a253 03ce45bfbbcc
26 points

This is how I'm going to eat pizza from now on

Preview f4411870 735c 4c2c bd3b 605aaa4ce56f
99 points

Flashback to robot chicken

Preview ef30ce84 9134 47fb a6de a3e4b205bf73
34 points


Preview 601e739b 49f2 40cd 882a bd3df5d60818
35 points


Preview b7aa8dd1 6892 44d1 8b0c a7841fd5700d
31 points

How many indeed

Preview 051ec466 c521 4d21 89ea 9a868f73d187
36 points

While driving through Philly, I saw a scene from Always Sunny playing out in real life.

Preview 61c351f3 d633 46cf a91f 29bdf7863ed7
36 points

Commercial done right!

Preview fd243617 9644 437a 8baf ac1e5562373d
34 points

I cracked up

Preview 6aff79a8 befb 41d2 addb 2966989189a5

How kids judge the Halloween candy you give out.

Preview a852d39b 20ba 4d24 be41 73aec27aa31e
35 points

Adventures of God #13. Check other Chapters. OP in comments.

Preview 78670dd1 fecb 40e0 9a0a d72716d7818b
38 points

The current state of my refrigerator...

Preview 11f90b00 4aef 4a51 986f f98fc10f9903
41 points

R2 is salty

Preview 450361a1 b394 4505 ba94 1a44f7ab62b0
43 points

How to stop zombie apocalypse, ez

Preview 365de871 01ca 4625 b019 cea182910bee
44 points

The airplane I'm on also has backward facing seats

Preview 6de3ca7e 8d69 4c21 9931 695d4a8603fd
39 points

Allen has chips!

Preview e757469c a01b 4a17 a22e 235481032ac9
161 points

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