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I do it daily

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25 points

Utah Drivers

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92 points

Vin petrol

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30 points

Barbecue Sauce Wrestling Champion at this year's Memphis in May BBQ Festival

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29 points

Mind = blown

Preview ce89ed5a 6b5a 436d 9212 f6cd9feb363c
27 points

Home in a cave

Preview 90fcf436 3a30 482a b5db 4c069bf304b6
28 points

Well that escalated quickly

Preview 3fea56f7 436f 41c2 8468 5a46aff01d94
33 points

Moms are moms

Preview b4c49b75 f848 42d1 9ab5 8c0c646d4954
86 points

Post says it all

Preview d883ff9f 59bd 499d 916d dced0706f02f
35 points

Resident Evil 7 USB Doll Finger Looks Like A Burnt Penis

Preview 98b1a6f9 a260 4304 bfec ae7024359204
37 points

On my way home from work tonight.


Have you seen the Pepe?

Preview 485c29b5 cf17 49aa ad0b 66e21eebcc7d
36 points

Reading a book when suddenly my cat has a quest for me

Preview 1655eed4 448d 4893 bf88 6b061a1c2106
30 points

What a time to be alive

Preview 5cd4a13f 4213 4026 8b79 a8a11a184408
37 points

After browsing fresh for a while...

Preview cd38af42 6f1c 467c b0d0 ec5298d221d5
36 points

First hike ever - Fiastra's Dam / Fiastra's Lake - Italy

Preview 0e7f233a 2ed4 4d8e bc0a 47df7b89450e
31 points

This dog want to talk to your manager

Preview 84cd565d fbad 4f37 9159 4649ebd2c28f
140 points

Power play: the window is open above the cat. But each morning she complains until I get out of bed and open it again.

Preview 0aa51d82 9c60 4918 abdd 012132a04e09

A good reason to wear glasses

Preview 1180e3f7 038d 4d9f 9bdf e24897c8b06f
39 points

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