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25 points

Its not a murder if he is not a human

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25 points

Irrefutable proof that Hugh Jackman is in fact immortal.

Preview d544c15b 7573 4d09 80f4 9a7e54be76de
26 points

Well, Shit

Preview 9f189135 d3f5 4d02 a5d7 deaca17ce509

Look at my new doggo

Preview 3506ec21 0346 4764 be69 0b741c966f8c
26 points

What am I doing

Preview 9dbf3259 48ee 4bc2 a2b8 4d18a4edb978
25 points


Preview 49b3c5d2 49ce 48b0 8a64 900e8005acd5
25 points

Wanna see the dragon?!

Preview 809f5311 aae2 49ad 9701 a8a131a3b899
26 points

Ain't that the truth

Preview 897406b9 e8da 4ed3 b095 3448bdb10c64
26 points

There are so many things wrong with this

Preview c5e218a2 b8ee 4ed7 85a1 baea448fb7af
26 points

She just knows how things work...

Preview 01d1b20b ac97 410e b28a 725440873295
26 points

I know, it's a bit too late. #dutchkebab

Preview 45c8ac37 1174 49a3 b5f9 55b675dbd5f5

When the apples so organic

Preview c689f3ff 7e94 4559 8d49 dbc5112ce7cf
27 points

I'll drink to that

Preview 5ca4e03a 9608 43a9 b80c d0f706a8d10d
27 points

Prove me wrong !

Preview 6daa906d 733e 4e8f b917 c923fc6fc363
28 points

Dammit Ernie

Preview 695f80d1 5a75 4d54 a230 96b07d5dfd3c
27 points

Alright,alright, alright!

Preview aa4bd8f2 47b8 4122 a8a4 40f79a291cb2
26 points

Happy Valentine from the electronics store

Preview b9df7401 e39f 4cc7 b763 5d4ccb539787
27 points

This drawing took me 7 years. Tell me what you think

Preview aa0acf80 c130 4183 bdfd 76a53e15d519
26 points

Hilariously Bad Pakistan Sonic Heroes Happy Meal Commercial - 2004

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