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Never falling asleep in public again!

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26 points

Hide in Your Hairs like This

Preview d193b7c9 514e 44ba a581 916d86f801d7

Traffic lights stopped working in a São Paulo crossroad, this was the result

Preview 6cef4185 c820 4b41 a1e5 bf0c4211160c
29 points

As long as we're posting signs....

Preview e24e0c19 a30c 4bc8 91f2 e3f60909bfa6
31 points

It's just me or anybody else think we are f**ked?

Preview ba74dae3 b6c0 4217 95cd a55257cc8459
31 points

Get ready for takeoff

Preview aa52c6d5 e456 41a7 8f9c 8c2361af404a
28 points

Leaving my first metal concert like...

Preview dbab4c7b 67ea 4ca6 81c8 e70c08470d1a
139 points

Welcome to the convention.

Preview d740f871 36dc 4240 b80c cebdd1a7f761
30 points

See an interesting post, open it up then...

Preview d218eebb 1b18 4212 8d37 030ba5f9a0cc

Made me laugh.

Preview d3d7a5fd 80ee 43a6 9e01 5664a704a459
31 points

Get Out

Preview 6d68266c d09d 4108 b48b cf40cdb971ec
31 points

I found out about teacup pigs and they're literally the cutest thing I've ever seen

Preview bc297e3e 70f5 47ea 8944 e9f899c8171e
25 points

Living room at 56 Leonard, New York City.

Preview 465c653f c866 4260 b28b 2b6978719e6b
28 points

Say hello to my little friend!

Preview 00763b40 0cf7 4b3a 8452 e7615803ff8f

Playing ostrich

Preview c205d1f8 f679 41fa 9bfc 2d3b197aceef
28 points

Just a reminder

Preview e38bd753 ddc7 4a2e a6c9 b5c4c40cfb2a
31 points

Become a cop they said.

Preview 037b3c66 8235 4239 b6bb 6ab056352157
33 points

April fools day cancelled...

Preview 8377a173 1f69 449e 9c9b d4de92129694
30 points

There always be that edgy guy

Preview 35cd8633 a876 4aad 8ce4 acec2f94edec
29 points

Help, I think my friend was possessed!

Preview f0739b11 1f03 42b6 9134 2faebf404775

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