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My helmet got stuck on my head before my stream at SGDQ. Turned into one of the coolest pictures I have now.

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26 points

The best selfie

Preview c0003bf1 c20b 4628 9a80 dd53e97a3cd8
28 points

This car has some serious style

Preview 91a4f6ed 6cfe 4855 a4a1 5597ec5a4c81
29 points

Damn right!

Preview 4311fef7 32c0 4355 bc37 655dde273280
37 points

Tribute to the memes...

Preview 1cf41f86 fd98 48fa 8b62 1fd54a00eb6b
32 points

It was my first hurricane...

Preview cb8db3f3 ebbe 4412 a016 4a39c2a28a5a
34 points

Say 'hey' one more time

Preview 215120c5 8727 4fd3 bda4 c70ef5930571
34 points

Luke plz

Preview e54eb783 f0a2 498c bb0d 6d3e38a353a8

White House Internship Applicant Has a Question

Preview 137aab95 7f34 4f9b 8d57 310c0e5ea071

Some people... I just can't even...

Preview c75a2d83 a05e 4d98 b285 d2492f69379a
86 points

Girl On Facebook Put Glitter In Her Eye

Preview 5d71e4ad 16b6 487e 9a70 b032fabd793c
31 points

Sorry for bad edit

Preview bd93e195 7c46 40d0 ab06 5f8384a7ad59
28 points

When you leave all of your homework for Sunday

Preview c21ce0eb 600d 43b6 9cfb acc7191a7238
40 points

Mmm, this looks tasty.... OHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT

Preview bbec4645 8247 471e b425 fd384506009b

The Moon

Preview b14530b5 c57b 418d a68e faa28542c607

Woke up to my dog barking. She was stuck and too embarrassed to look me in the eye.

Preview 16f3ff97 31cf 4816 bab4 9402f6b82ed3
33 points

Some local restaurant owner was evicted and was serving customers the day before. Needless to say sanitation was lacking.

Preview fa4182cd d262 4605 a509 6a1179ff0146
37 points

Seal tries to steal fisherman's catch


Don't be afraid

Preview 33da37c9 c3fa 4ef0 9464 d965500e9a9b
33 points

Pro Tip

Preview 0f26fe2f eab4 4a7b 98f8 a941db7ad7d2
37 points

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