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Gravity Feels

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26 points


Preview 720d0e7c a65f 44c1 8be2 deeecfca0f48
26 points

Kids nowadays

Preview 5a42d569 40ac 4bf3 ae53 49c8605ce83d
124 points

I found a joke book from 1940, and this has got to be my favorite one.

Preview 58f9b608 ac06 48c7 8182 c861e4244ca8
30 points

Went shooting today and decided to take a pic when my friend shot

Preview 7a691cc3 b5d5 4788 8df7 a9243e461897

Glorious Pc master race

Preview a234ce5b 790b 4af9 81ac 1e80a2d35ac4
36 points

The Sun peaking through the clouds to watch Two Door Cinema Club perform “Sun” at Parklife Festival, Manchester, England.

Preview 459dadcd ea7d 4a86 9833 3230bf518fcb

Ninjas would carry Onions too, to make you cry

Preview c5920de7 2409 46b3 bf5e 625c362e0ba2
36 points

I think I'll just fly by this guy

Preview 2dd6581d dade 415f b201 150b8b98cf42

Well guess like it's time to jump off the bridge

Preview 829099bc 5560 43c5 909a 3b2f9288c1bc
33 points

Inside an empty boeing 787

Preview 49f765b7 49d6 48df bd1a da9e89cce08a
31 points

Say hi to my handsome boy Vecihi.

Preview 05d959f2 aad3 45c2 902a f59be55aed2c
32 points

hey jude 101

Preview 6757dc88 802d 4b77 9f75 947b1e92f47a
34 points

Improvise, adapt, overcome

Preview 7720649a 1765 4c59 a139 40a55aa88a36
37 points

Woman, I done told you

Preview e0c51840 29db 4e5b b99e bab121f1616a
37 points

Subliminal messages

Preview b8f4a480 e127 40ff a934 e57822acee46
33 points

This is hilarious

Preview 55ec857c 01fd 4efa 85b7 70b7874bc1cd
35 points

I flip houses. This is a normal purchase.

Preview e75ff4ec b8df 416f 9c53 307708ef22c0
36 points

That's a Love Ball

Preview 66670929 1710 44bc a84d a6267edfa558

Infant drinking from a bottle

Preview 98385fab 88fa 45c8 ba42 84a9be0d7cc0

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