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Hold it right there while I change my lense

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25 points

When you try to get a good view of the eclipse.

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Preview a0fd7835 544c 4797 8ba7 d7192ce1daac
25 points

Gonna crack you up

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25 points

Bright, open living and dining area features contrasting glass and stone walls in this home located in São Paulo, Brazil.

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25 points

"Hello, Cat. I want to play a game..."

Preview 0e9f5dd3 7a36 4409 9ada 615ffff6eb6d
26 points

I can't explain mom!!

Preview 2554597e 15f7 406e a5c7 45c02eadf017
25 points

Well, this was an interesting sight to see today

Preview 6356188f 80c2 410d 9b0e 3e802a67909a
25 points

Did someone say great degree of difficulty?

Preview ff92041c c2ef 4168 b98f 33966d089b47

San Antonio

Preview 721faaab ea01 4e82 8842 2a82c21b088e
27 points

Good point

Preview 3a0f9b15 baa1 4332 9f8b 45c1010476ba
26 points

My version of Finn and Jake from Adventure Time

Preview e61a8fcf 21ba 44f7 8819 6a50b8ad9362
25 points


Preview 6351f4f2 896e 4d17 9d10 42a88ade3d82
25 points

When you should cover your breast, but your breast is too big.

Preview a1c632f7 3107 4cdd bc17 c21233f2c123
25 points

So this was next to me on the freeway

Preview 5b56b460 de59 417e 8fcb 93c6552273bb
25 points

So it's treason then

Preview b2f15bc9 038f 4d84 b393 c57809af1557
26 points


Preview 920e3819 534a 4514 906e 37dd91f72106

Sansa: acused of treason....murder....yeah you Lord Baelish Little finger:

Preview ce708726 fe03 475c ad16 d0d037c2ad17
27 points

Couldn't help but think of this (g)old pic after watching the premiere of GoT season 7

Preview abb3cc58 b7d6 4a93 a71c 5cdb4f84f581
26 points

Damn girl!

Preview cb03cd91 8e25 428d 8c86 0cc1e2615d8c
27 points

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