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Beauty is more than skin deep

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Don't chew more than u can take

Preview e445bc6b 058e 4533 8007 27c340dd43be
25 points

The difference 19 years can make

Preview b219ca02 81a6 4296 9fe1 bbc762431fa1
25 points

They keep it real in my school's Marching Band.

Preview 89ef6711 9d88 46b6 b76e 170ef4700634
25 points

Marriage Counseling

Preview d396d458 ce36 4e02 b77c 86898d4dfa9b
25 points

Beautiful Animated gif Birds

Preview 03d5d33a e180 4363 a9be 44ed0ec1db26

Caught this deer jumping outside our tent while camping on Roan Mountain in Tennessee.

Preview 5cc31103 5dc5 4ac2 872d 6bce9d56f1e4

Hey, you enjoying your ice? me:

Preview 2c4e0958 6de3 4d60 9f61 aba89ecd9c05
25 points


Preview 08f6e4b6 03fc 487d b28d 4c7293099632
25 points

His preferred toy is part of himself.

Preview b859ca0e 21d3 4b35 868d 3fed9d9149b7
27 points

I need this emote now!

Preview cb3d20bb 8622 43a5 bff2 5629f546f70c
179 points

The wallago attu catfish

Preview 865936da 9663 4636 b2c1 943e82596477
26 points

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Preview b50b6df7 6e72 475f b830 3d22eb6c2d4c
25 points

It’s been a stealthy three months

Preview 8dff3bc2 e191 4d9b 95a3 5dc1a1ad0485
26 points

Well......good to know

Preview 1d436ded 85de 4b53 bbf9 e2200d229374
28 points

It’s near. Autumn vacation. I can smell it.

Preview 2c54039c 6b88 4a0b a363 7ca1a7671e06
27 points

Leave him be!

Preview 1c301222 6e50 463d b664 48c9fdba0ec6
26 points

*Insert some inspirational BS quote*

Preview b04ca8c2 c640 4f52 9ab3 3ab03aef8cf8

Inspirobot inspirational quotes #49

Preview ad3b1354 01fd 4a41 8b36 ed26e962b961
27 points

9GAG commenting 101

Preview 0b38c037 01a0 4258 9356 50e16e552aca
26 points

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