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Just girly things <3

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25 points

Shooting at a building

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She explained the whole thing !

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26 points

This movie is f**king gold. <3

Preview 17997cbc 675a 4b6a 9af8 c61b3b8c4a6f

Maybe this time it will work

Preview db30fb60 44d4 4333 afff 56bb8f599a1a
29 points

Why do Asian women have small breasts

Preview 8dcde873 43f6 4294 89d7 ac4ef56e5bd8
145 points

The deadliest animal in the world


Masturbation addiction? We can beat it together!

Preview abde1c77 cbef 4d59 b94e aa53837960dd
30 points

As long as we're posting signs....

Preview d840e49f 30fb 458e 94ed c024c5616e78
31 points

Also ran out of blinker fluid

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31 points

Little dog needs rescuing after getting stuck on fence.


Man Gets Pranked Badly While Checking His Friends Muffler

32 points

Checkmate Atheists!

Preview aec0a49e 6321 4457 984f 3698a9fa0734
31 points

Let it go. Slam the door. THEN, let it go!!!!!

Preview 65a416cb 8a93 4ac7 a42a 8e1d8a823a42

12% people in the world are good at maths, the other 74% are not...

Preview 8d18dea7 c1fc 48bf b018 c8852d498a07
31 points

Can't trust them hoes no more

Preview 2412c870 aba8 43c3 8579 f56d3419e248
31 points

Eminem slidessss

Preview ab707fe1 fe8e 49f1 a5c1 2661a97c1c24
29 points

Alternate version of Mulan on point

Preview bdb637d2 355c 4ee5 bc3d 54199df77175
31 points

Doctor Strange was actually meant for something greater

Preview 6b903a81 91f0 4b19 85fd 231930f184c3
33 points

Countryballs - Asian World Hits

Preview ad14d735 cb2c 4d68 a58a 34da88f00f82

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