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What'd you say hooman?

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25 points

Made a new account to post this. Extremely happy with this photo!

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My friend and his wife announced their pregnancy today

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31 points

Winnie the Pooh - “The Crystal Meth Years“

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31 points

My rather large cat making himself at home on my mom’s puzzle

Preview 7e7e3b4d 1047 496b b40c e4c793eb62fd

At my local GoodWill

Preview 0d701490 b2cb 4c26 ac3e 647cfe195b5a
30 points

Blaze It

Preview 341960d1 b72d 48f8 b816 90c32699fc36
111 points

Witty comeback

Preview 267f2dc8 0f65 47b2 9b53 97d31cdb06a9
35 points


Preview 171be3bd 6760 4aec 8503 5b7e3d3aae7f
34 points

This mother Jessica Singleton post goes viral with grateful tribute to her 'selfless,' 'diaper-bag wearing' ex.

Preview dd522839 f766 4727 bd4d c7a1f054761d
35 points

Outside of my local pub

Preview 1c1f5245 78e9 426b 83a3 2303ba69b731
31 points

I'm no architect but I think the design called for more bolts.

Preview 2f3d833e 6a57 4af3 a0a8 462f7b867ac3
35 points

Ready for takeoff

Preview ff620747 8aec 491c 82fe ef30209abc3b

Your daily dose of countryballs #3

Preview 8aa813be f168 4280 a663 d01d23a461b9

If the age is on the clock...

Preview 82552129 8c55 4e58 b136 0c2abf67410d
39 points

Asking the real questions here

Preview d5aa14e9 960e 4706 915c 2fb36dc8d29c
36 points

The Animorphs fell on tough times in their later years

Preview bce0570c 0d59 493a b416 4109e1c3d7d7
32 points

When you forget which team you are

Preview 81d9e831 05bc 4325 a1a1 14dbbfb48d43
99 points

My buddy went to Coachella last night

Preview d6dab962 01df 416f b153 09f916c2b89b
37 points

The creepiest balcony ever.

Preview 5e7d5e02 9acd 46b6 8658 a63275089521
35 points

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