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Russian Road Side Assistance hits a set back

My friend sent me this while at the DMV. This guy got fed up with waiting so he ordered a pizza.

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40 points


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186 points

Haven't see these ladies for a while.

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39 points

This man had an absolute nightmare when he tried to jump a level crossing at Rainham station - but instead got his bike stuck and ended up being lifted 10 feet in the air.

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37 points

Brilliant Living Room and Kitchen Below Bedroom Loft. Interior by Tammy Connor Interior Design.

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39 points

Real science

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136 points

The world is full of good people. If you can't find one, be one.

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44 points


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41 points

When you win on PUBG and the gun fires automatically

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50 points
Preview 4ad32d17 fe02 4063 a612 ad9820eaae28
48 points

Pancake skills

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135 points

Walking around NYC and casually encountered a pool of blood. no big deal.

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52 points

Hello my baby. Hello my honey. Hello my ragtime gal.

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50 points

Not needed

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41 points

Early Christmas present

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49 points


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50 points

What Happens When A F**kboy Wants To Date Your Daughter

205 points

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