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When my family still talks about an embarrassing thing I did 4 years ago

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26 points

The ruined movie bar (lol the drink pouring part with Jesus is funny)

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26 points

Every year

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28 points

Just your regular winter in Russia

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195 points

I surprised my brother with a car from a junk yard, and this happened!

30 points

Hot water in a water gun in cold temperature

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I hope this kind of superimposition is okay

Preview f42279e4 5ba6 4898 ac7d a24204b3a0e7
31 points

Love dogs but these creeps make me feel uncomfortable by eye contact

Preview 78c2408a bfb4 45bb b6e9 300521ac5b22
32 points

These ornaments make me feel very uncomfortable

Preview 472264cd 4edd 4aac abe1 74c1b5c629ed
32 points

Found an old picture of my sister doing the original troll face circa 1988

Preview 4468ceaf 0f99 42cd 93a4 1de75fe3588c
35 points

Thanks for your service.

Preview dd4bb3ef a9ce 4972 ac03 60c77cf7f382
33 points

God dammit Harvey

Preview ef35f9da 79b4 4f2f bfac 4d0c30f8ce16
36 points

Jeff is a d*ck

Preview 88cabfa3 817c 43ba 8e11 a84869499e89
38 points
Preview f837d98f 0136 4e31 9208 a9db03c856d7
233 points

Money maker

Preview 1e871119 2601 4573 91f0 5ea364e1bdc1
41 points

I extracted blueberry dna, but accidentally the universe. Just god things...

Preview 36e95079 cb74 45d5 957b d5d1bfd52c3f
36 points

Now and later.

Preview 9f67db10 c573 400b be69 6f711a4b9dc0
39 points

Meanwhile in Delhi, India

Preview ea0baded ca65 413f b6ce d32810b5b71d
36 points

Suddenly i appreciate my job much more.

Preview 7435b59a 80b6 482f 81e2 4000918e0e59
42 points

Spacious mid-century living room in Cape Town | by SAOTA

Preview a5c66104 b480 415e bece ace415ddba9a
81 points

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