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The rules of tennis.

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28 points

Not sure it's good enough to belong here but - my cozy little apt.

Preview 6b59d0c2 03a4 4da8 a813 0d03312df5d7
25 points

When you are not really sure what a cat looks like

Preview 20898d2f 2ba2 45ad 82bb e772ef9296cf
26 points

Italian tomato suckers

Preview a9aab51e 1940 48b4 99b2 85e38276f66d
25 points

When Every episode of Game Of Thrones ends on a Cliffhanger!

Preview ecdce927 6f9b 4a49 8e1e 528c7fb19fd0

How many is his hand/finger?

Preview efbbcc18 1e65 402d bf0d ac99d45d2215

Ectrodactyly - A Birth Defect of the Hand

Preview e40dfad3 0a94 4991 81c9 66e5fd6b0e46
30 points

I know that most "am I the only one" posts are relatable but seriously. Am I the only sun...

Preview bea32fb2 724c 4be9 84f4 e3adb6779994
30 points

Without barriers the British still know how to queue!

Preview ec0f44d6 c1d0 44b3 b83f 907340384b14
30 points

Oh. Yeah. Forgot.

Preview fcaf1643 3b10 4570 803c 146c58f4af49
30 points

When your dog is just too friendly.

Preview 1e6bad67 2442 4afc b818 655b4baadc3b
30 points

Because sometimes you're just too drunk to care.

Preview 543ce4f0 a3ac 4d9f a501 7ad1eeef8f88
31 points

Dog seems to be malfunctioning

Preview 5ed078a0 d12e 4fc8 9151 8cd7888c3cba

Fake News.

Preview 0971b032 17e7 4bb1 92b1 1a31da928c3e
30 points

Inverness, FL is a strange place

Preview c5a95e16 c626 4a2f a736 0b868029c684
29 points

Black holes suck

Preview 1ccc8ae8 0480 4d9b b166 696b6003b05f
29 points

brave girl!

Preview 4bdcc315 42b5 4608 949c 18f64142d641

As a Puertorican right now...

Preview b80e7b06 187f 41a6 afa0 7fd2fae45129
28 points

Perfect timing in the dance

Preview 84ebeff0 6efd 4bb3 a019 8721bea311db

What if (Everyone Reads this)

Preview 7fec4cb0 511c 4899 844a 1568e7e20599
30 points

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