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Almost had it...

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25 points

The worst feeling in the world

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25 points


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27 points

Four of the most fascinating exoplanets

Preview 8e20b9aa 8ded 47da aa07 c8f3b7f8814b
27 points

The Best and Worst Feelings in D&D

Preview bb367da6 9792 4a19 9f33 1599a293532f
30 points

Black guy pranks/cucks a white beta!!

29 points

Norway's biggest problem

Preview b1d2eb04 39a0 4b7c 8b50 f7cbf564f38d

Well that was a twist...

Preview 2d51f088 db9f 4014 a977 b9819b73dfc0

A walk through the woods

Preview d5fedf55 df94 4078 93fa 01d574911e41
29 points

Barnes & Noble shenanigans

Preview 7d0b53dc 87d6 4c25 8dae 18b556bbcb79
30 points

When they finally open the beach

Preview 927fe789 d152 48ec a6b5 e4ceb1863c6e
126 points

My cat is practically begging to be memified

Preview cf70b515 f704 42c1 875d 952d24c0f7ec
33 points

Trying to stand on an egg


The way this barrier bar is painted

Preview a3b60e31 b360 4fd3 9745 0ffe8e9cd8ba
32 points

Am I a Disney Princess now?

Preview 88cf57cc 20d0 4fb1 add9 56c89b9bea8c
28 points

My friend took her introverted dog to daycare.

Preview d602ec3e 293c 476e 9f51 d5f61f869de9
32 points

When you realise that is not photochop..

Preview 0ff39e46 ffb9 4d47 85fd 6feabedc641a
31 points

Celtic Cathedral

Preview 0d2f181a bb4e 43c0 804e cef0a3336fb6
27 points

One of the wonders of my country

Preview 802b1d89 f584 401f a7e9 61668d0758c3

Jehovahs Lizard

Preview e7642371 413e 40a7 aece b6628ca3d54b
34 points

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