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You'll never take me alive!

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118 points

I'm late for work

67 points

Today Marks The 12th Anniversary Of This Viral "Numa Numa" Video. If You Remember It, You Are Awesome

174 points


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195 points

That must have hurt...

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356 points

Instant Karma

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295 points

Let's start

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144 points

What does the 'T' on the wall stand for?

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157 points

Strange Creature Found On The Sea Floor In Bali.

123 points

I really need this cup

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229 points

Now first: Let me take a selfie!

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258 points

Little brains popping out

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86 points

Sunken living room surrounded by bookshelves with an open view of the garden, Mexico City, Mexico

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224 points

There are some weird people here.

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422 points

One day I will be this good

Preview eff36a43 dea4 4f14 bd68 83a880248fe0
221 points

Malignant Eye-cancer

Preview f0ed7480 f59f 4723 9eea 45407f2d03e4
109 points

Yes it iz

Preview d0adbe88 b9a7 4705 a9db 7b7953862b2c
213 points

When you punch a kangaroo and it comes to your house seeking revenge.

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222 points

Benching like a boss...

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315 points


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396 points

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