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Never Answer Without Think

Preview 2dc468e8 2ce0 4a6b bd66 7c84c0282a0c
25 points

Scrap transporting scrap

Preview b6468985 5c65 42bb aa62 97c9286f05f6
25 points

Gimme five, down low!

Preview 32d80d36 4082 43b6 8a1c cf9047ef36cc
27 points

Accurate af

Preview c1ca9757 da8e 43b8 b4ed d0570e0b934f
27 points


Preview 30e186ab 93c8 47f1 995d 236ebfb9b313
29 points

Always check charcoal before you throu it in the trash.

Preview 918f525b 6433 46ce a7f1 3e576f88dde4
32 points

Sweden is beautiful!

Preview c86ae43e 88f5 42c1 a65b d3444df27d3e

Coincidence? I don't think so!

Preview 59bb7db5 d149 4cd3 b0cb 3b698263b0da
32 points

I was just wondering

Preview d56abef8 a682 4c25 aa8d e70402bf3257
32 points


Preview 6107a30c c77a 49a2 8246 8ca4b7cb8e03
93 points


Preview c7304765 8f9e 4d8a b2f6 9352aa08fd1e

A terrific alternative to standard Caps Lock and Escape keys

Preview 66d2659e 8506 4242 bfae d909a98cc69d
36 points

Their mother is a printer

Preview 00a1e604 5733 42ca ae90 547f28030093
39 points

I'm gonna train my dog to drive for me.

Preview 8840d872 62e5 4817 b953 d74ee90648bb
38 points

HP fakes empty ink cartridges in their printer.

Preview c681c79b d799 47f5 961c 8e737672e66d
39 points

Run Bitch Run!

Preview e919751b 9382 4a91 bbec 13c1013822c1

It's time to teach boys & girls the guys that kick a ball about a pitch for millions of pounds a year shouldn't be their heroes.

Preview 3fdbba4f 6477 44d8 9d31 7da843029c86
42 points

Now this is what you call a beautiful sunshit!

Preview 43f8d155 8353 4304 b4cc ca124b6f0268
33 points

Good thing he didn't skip arms day

Preview 7490f01f 4395 4128 aece c94aa2bd89c3

When you think you took a selfie but found a cinematic movie set instead

Preview 4356635b fdc6 4b13 b884 724703715be6

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