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It's time to say NO!!

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25 points

Visual Effects have come a long way

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25 points

Cymothoa exigua, or the tongue-eating louse.

Preview 90d5021e afc4 4a56 b5e7 42bcd6570b2b
25 points

I don't know why my breath always smells...

Preview c2808ab4 0522 4918 a16f 849a98ccaed2
26 points

So much sadness in one gif.

Preview 3324d567 10a8 4ad4 89ca b4176994b8d6


Preview 04f3c2f7 68ea 4a21 828e 8e3def8208e9
26 points

5/7 Would buy.

Preview 544c5578 3a32 4917 8050 47bb9ca3eb78
29 points

When my grandma asked me when will I get married...

Preview 29fe242c 16de 46dc 890e dca145362e48
28 points

Nearly everyone in my country does that

Preview 8fc165a3 c193 485e ac98 46ffa822000f
32 points

This Scene gets me everytime

Preview e4962cb3 332c 4691 abd7 4d1c1eba4d64

Kids can say creepy things ( Part 8)

Preview b5ec42de b894 4746 8dba 84d5371d9b0e
63 points

I BROKE your phone **PRANK** on little brother!!!

33 points

Kid punched by kangaroo


How to escape from the world

Preview c8bb13db b02a 4f43 a42e 43ac3ad7447e

Even the dog was sick of her shit.

Preview 6d824d76 6e11 4347 8075 ee8cfd91abcb

Try this

Preview 50fd9028 ae0d 4648 ad04 13ab70197d5f
35 points


Preview edbd0433 b19c 4b2d b2c1 73eddb12c0e6
34 points

This is terrible

Preview a6187387 4e55 4311 aff0 b40fbe13671f
37 points

My life in Poland, basically

Preview 5ecea1a7 3c57 45d0 bfb5 a38848f1436e
39 points

The bombing of Dresden

Preview 43faae1c 0faa 4b0b ade6 91e667107b84
37 points

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