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Mountain bike forks breaking off

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Never Skip Leg Day

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30 points

I couldn't see that without changing it, uhh feels better now

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112 points

I just saw this in a shop in Tottenham, London.

Preview a3378e2f c93b 4a9e be3e a2ae2da93fa1
34 points

Not so Good Samaritan

Preview 45469d97 5f2b 4396 a7ce 317617475c28

Frida posing next to her work on the wall décor

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Preview 868ec251 d28f 4380 a4c9 4431fd33977a
33 points

*sniffs* this is... too beautiful

Preview fe0e0152 7fb2 458f b964 e6c3f097cb14
42 points

What is this??

Preview 4d43732a 1d4a 4952 9876 3c969260051a
40 points

Living room in converted barn located in Pennsylvania

Preview 543299d2 6187 418b 9f48 41d3fe6ae168
102 points


Preview cee3e0b9 a875 45e1 a757 8b784f3fd417
38 points

This gem that popped on my Facebook

Preview daaec95c 0a1f 4205 8f2f 44ae52632bd0
39 points

Seen in a parking lot in NorCal

Preview 96aa69ee 63a7 4a1a 80fc 102556c82ec5
46 points

Man shooting clouds

Preview 74dc6b14 d96a 485f b267 fd645fb126e9

Future is coming...

Preview f0ad654a 3bd7 4c64 9eda a08bca4c0295
41 points

Kitchen features a large central wood-topped island and a cozy breakfast nook in this home located in Ojai, California.

Preview fe496d1d 2499 4f3b a8db 07396f15064d
42 points

After a 6 hour hike up to a glacier in Montana, we decided to take a dip in the lake

Preview bf125cb2 832e 4003 af9b 3d838304efb4
46 points

An actual business in Toronto - seems totally legit

Preview 8f7c821c 9b13 42e2 b5c0 a879cdb5b5ab
49 points

I am unstoppable!

Preview b67b721a 2d1c 435e 9caa 4fa64277f257
39 points

This sink is prettier than me

Preview d97661f2 9179 496e 9e69 799d99504ad2
43 points

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