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Well, that escalated quickly

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25 points

Oh, Canada

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25 points

In Soviet Russia...

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Right in the feels..

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25 points

Karma is a b*tch

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25 points

Get off of me!

Preview ece98afb 2dc3 4f4d 861d 78b5c8d2f6a3

Kelso said it first

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25 points

Power-lines meet after a car crash

When mom walks in and you have to act like you're studying

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26 points

Full Cover

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26 points

Easter egg on Zootopia.

Preview c450ac15 0816 4f2c a184 27ec34257ad1

I'm glad i know what less than 1%of this is.

Preview e5539b9b 69a1 4473 992d d9749ca460d0
25 points

Guitar legends

Preview 08e1241b 65f8 4ae4 b11e 15f80ef04025

Everyday We Stray Further From God's Light

Preview e5eb065e f7b6 412b a8b6 a808d83af7d4
26 points

Cat attacks console peasant.

Preview 7ac8c53c 9e1a 40c6 b76d 680a63182785
25 points

Marketing at its finest

Preview 2b8c55ec 05e9 44e8 8847 4f6cad283e9c
25 points

19 before & after makeup photos by Goar Avetisyan are the leading cause of trust issues

Preview 6684176b 4060 401b a761 348b05ee8bbe
25 points

I heard you want some OG comics

Preview 9cbbe696 0124 4f71 8be7 50766033500f
25 points

Life at its finest...

Preview 2074ce36 97c4 48a7 9712 b0c304016f09
25 points

Learning from the great Gruncle Stan himself.

Preview acf4d2b6 7a80 4e70 be14 bf6ea3172157
25 points

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