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I love the smell of coal in the morning !

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66 points

Why did 20,000 ducks cross road? No, really why?

Your Hearts Will Burst From Too Much Cuteness Exposure After Seeing This Baby Sloth!

229 points

If White Walkers Were Teenage Girls, They'd Probably Be The Funniest And Most Traumatising Thing You Ever Seen!


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189 points

Some people need a slap on their face, with a chair

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218 points

Oh! my sweet summer child... Lol

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194 points

Sports fail

Preview 795962b8 3c35 479c 8b48 de86fa87c8e3

Photobomb level: creepy

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112 points

putts golf balls

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130 points

You deserve it.

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171 points

Take this boys!

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132 points

I am Raising a Devil I think!!!

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119 points

Fashion rooster

Preview db833e94 6f46 41bd 8f1b 9d142bd7dbf3
78 points

Where will you be when the peas kicks in

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121 points

Robin in the hood shit

Preview 51f5ff03 e8fb 4525 b926 655bea3636f1
184 points

Want to know a secret?

Preview c4478ac7 f0df 4831 a462 3d5851682d88
163 points

We all have shitty days every now and then

Preview 697dbc8e 9c02 4cf5 aa10 e0359fa969af
184 points

The Video Of This French Bulldog Looking For His Owner Is Going To Break Your Heart

303 points

The Worst Guy

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304 points

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