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Got to love the entrepreneurs behind this speedboat company 🛥

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26 points

Perfect women don't exi-

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25 points

I got 500 of these and started distributing them around campus

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25 points


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26 points


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69 points

Those must be some damn good tamales.

Preview d65c367b f0c0 4a4b 924e 99562285b818
26 points

From now on, this is my favorite Disney princess

Preview 31393275 3d44 4781 88df e287115e3fbc
27 points

Woman uses energy shield to block charging man

Preview 251b18f9 a4fb 401f 8baa d8b92f78d7fe
27 points

How to roll??

Preview c3da8a00 45a8 48a4 a653 be3689ce9f58
27 points

The difference a smile makes

Preview 1d9358b6 7541 4a80 bb68 da66a68c8409
27 points

photo taken from 33rd floor, no safety-anything. but it is ok, they were probably wearing saftely-flipp-flops.

Preview cc2753ce 8f94 46fe 8def 687e9c064a15
27 points

Finally, a movement I can get behind

Preview 60542fa6 ee67 4497 bb3e 9cc5153cc4c4
28 points

Viking chieftain’s hall

Preview 0722db3c 143b 47cc 9892 de8b1b5d05b8
28 points

No one is more optimistic than childish sadbino

Preview f52fcace 84f0 4cac 9dd5 fabdef7f1c3f
31 points

Sometimes you just gotta twirl...

Preview de599fea 8e13 4db8 a4c4 685921f391c1

Big ass champagne

Preview 72e10a02 b38e 4043 940a 56e0ce1cfbbf
26 points

For gods sake Charles.

Preview b0f8cafe 9104 4506 9aed 58e6329c6e33
27 points


Preview aeca5247 5129 4cd1 9b37 9907188051a2
26 points

Welcome to the Bible Belt! Seriously, wtf?

Preview ed77d187 52c8 472e 9f41 3cf921c93c99
27 points

To censor captions

Preview e80d3137 5454 4994 9ca1 12b09eea88ca
27 points

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