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Nature has a way of making you feel small.

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25 points

Amazon Prime

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25 points

Well that ended badly...

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26 points

Carrie Fisher asked about Finn and Poe

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34 points

There's a glimpse of hope

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66 points

You are so sleepy that you fell asleep when having dinner

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32 points

It's the m'urican way

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30 points

My pet lobster working the drive thru window

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34 points


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35 points

Any fans? Spotted at Universal Studios Japan.

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33 points

Just Thor things...

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Easy way to get your sister off your back

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'Hey? Aren't you the guys bleaching my coral? Sure I'll take a picture!'

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34 points

Mario: No one cares about side characters. Luigi:

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32 points

Court Case - Skull Guy, The Apathetic Skeleton

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Abstract painting

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Free my man Jason

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38 points

21 Reasons You Should Let Your Dog Play In The Mud. BEST DAY EVER!!

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31 points


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