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When the big bang theory has explained what's gonna happen with the flash TV series

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27 points

Quack, Quack, want some Quack?

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28 points

I....I Just dont' know what to say about this.

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30 points

Muay Thai Fail

Still feel bad about it sometimes...

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32 points

My sister and her dutch bf will be visiting from the Netherlands today and will be saying for a week so expect a lack of comics

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Well, the more you know I guess

Preview 11faa5a1 d567 405f 98c0 3e899481f50f
32 points

Idk what he waiting on, that Resurrection interlude was 🔥🔥🔥

Preview 3ad61dba 85dd 4c6b bbd5 89d36e5398bc
29 points

High ground!

Preview 3c13c021 6d08 4a19 9206 9a2bf775f93a
33 points

This year

Preview 5f911fb0 d53e 4ace b684 797d8e843044
33 points

When a regular BMW isn't enough...

Preview 58d0f3d5 e1f4 4126 ba06 c0257754a5ae
31 points

Camera flash was a little too bright for him, I guess.

Preview 12d20b05 6752 494c b37b 700e514531c8
30 points

It's old news guys

Preview 4512cc3a e52d 4efd 9521 0745429daddf
31 points

After Reading Reviews for Iron Fist

Preview bf977a38 f583 4ba5 8099 2a1811bcbee0

Come with me my baby ...

Preview 51d9a15b 869c 4c7a b8e4 bde6a8a0d01a

Playing with my dick...

Preview a4137b54 5dbd 4beb b347 690ecbed510c
28 points

Wisdom guys..wisdom

Preview 7bb39768 68fb 40bd 9c5c ad8c14acb366
30 points

Original one

Preview 5988a89a 15e4 4355 ab03 b568b06946a1
28 points

Uploading a Empire image every day #10

Preview 28487e04 30ae 43fc 9481 afd00f3095e9

Uploading a Empire image every day #5

Preview 155b2f56 583a 45bd 8581 35e6d90660d7

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