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25 points

Relationship goals

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27 points

Squirrels Learning Physics

Preview aa27339c f45e 48db abe3 128d74d9710a
27 points

I mean, it does sound like one...

Preview a10ea4e8 6b58 4075 ad9b 495f587d6e8d
25 points

That's true

Preview 9f907d67 90bb 4fd1 9bdd b5cb21aff600

Pixel ART

Preview 59864fe7 b48e 4806 bcbb d92f0ab8adf7
28 points

Tennis hottie Genie Bouchard make a bet, fan gets a date

Preview 3fc28b24 a26c 41cf 8da4 f449d4f5dbd7
26 points

Get your shit together!

Preview c87b7719 a167 4e58 bf86 d58107821eb0
27 points

Wasting YouTube’s time

Preview 46dffc52 e386 4dc4 9691 7c1d0f5fa0fc
28 points

Cat logic

Preview f7fa40b7 8403 4ff4 bf62 160389aee7fc
27 points

Got this cake for my boyfriends birthday last week

Preview 5ba459d8 2d89 4c02 ad7c 642f848409b8
29 points

Puppy's Nap Spot

Preview e5cee639 4f7a 4cdd b6a0 d752481a51dd
27 points

To the guy posting the German helicopter pilot, I raise you Norwegian helicopter pilot!

Preview d2d49980 3b8b 43a2 9324 12dfdd821972
30 points

Classic. (That 70s show)

Preview a9544641 bef7 4768 820a 8b2534a43e4f
30 points

What kind of hummingbird is this?

Preview aeca64e6 d9d2 42a0 8778 3e231c5118d7
28 points

Your whole life was a lie. The version with teaching him to catch fish was a lie.

Preview ba095284 e5f6 417f b953 2515c4267ca8
29 points

We live next to a pond and had a few Mosquitos in the house so I decided to spray raid on the outside of the windows. This is after one day

Preview 82189b4e 33c3 4875 8283 420d742ec3e7
29 points


Preview 4ffb258d 1338 4e2d 8420 12b38fe04234
30 points

Happy #WorldElephantDay!

Preview 124db332 6670 4bb8 a731 82207173240b

Was reading Amazon's source code when suddenly...

Preview cdb9c10f b165 4fe2 a2d5 eae1de4b8627
29 points

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