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"Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" Gets Its Honest Trailers Finally (Feat. Michael Bolton)



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31 points

Pornhub Everybody

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32 points


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32 points

Intensive doubt

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91 points

I made a fake magazine with some friends and left it in a local bookstore

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37 points

Maned Wolf

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This is amazing! And yes, the earth is round.

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40 points

Need more phone space 9

Preview a50517b8 7b0a 45ec aa74 a1be54030a76
37 points

Wouldn’t be my first choice when towing another car.....

Preview 872ddb0e a4f2 4402 9cf3 7bcd82d6386c
86 points

Ever tried to get a bluey to sit still for a photo?

Preview ba3fe40d aa87 4ff5 b0c7 42684fcb5939

Me on Mondays

Preview e1c935fa 4ad9 445c af7f 23856dd7ab98
41 points

All that matters is that I find myself funny

Preview 8fae2a16 9c2b 4673 bd27 aa44c84e4747
37 points

My grandma made this Chewbacca bath mat because she knows I like Star Wars

Preview e31924e7 2538 45eb 9e7c 0a1e85116d2b
34 points

but wait, there's more!!

Preview 7be96bf5 5dcd 479b 9ca6 0fff0b6238d1
40 points

Something never changes

Preview 0c474bee b428 4d0a b593 af01f0f34e97
40 points

Man gives gorilla a hug after his mum is killed by poachers

Preview e2e24e2f 3561 4d0f a5b6 0f3c48a50bdb
41 points


Preview cb0dcd42 fce0 4efa 8807 1f20f83d7831
38 points

Kingdom of Wakantheardamovie

Preview 9585aa61 3ccd 4ac8 9e2b 43769c9d09e1
38 points

Pizza throw into a microwave across the block

Preview 83eb89a9 7344 4b1b 9ca5 5598e1c3f4a2
130 points

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