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[noot intensifies]

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25 points

Wants lower taxes!

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25 points

Man indirectly killed wife and almost indirectly killed own daughter.

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I met ShAmy on the bus.

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25 points

So Ironic

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25 points

To the guy who "saw this beauty" I have it my garage

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25 points

When my friends ask me if I`m ok

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25 points


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75 points

This house in Ramapo Mountains features a set of platforms for living, kitchen and dining under a continous and exposed curved roof.

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28 points

The best

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29 points

Fifty shades of Lannister.

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29 points

Russian kindergarten

Preview 8d9f66e7 ed97 455f a3a9 fcd9a0a45654
28 points

Wingardium Leviosa

Preview 33498f17 892f 4db3 8508 55c781f5f14f

I'm in

Preview c5fb996a c2eb 4774 acd9 2e35b01409b3
34 points

Found a Super Mario 64 wall glitch!


She's got a cannon for a leg

Preview 2043ff7a eeea 4570 a4ea c28b3175450c

questioning reality.

Preview 6d14fe44 ed52 447e b366 0af53f2a059a

Atleast you tried

Preview 35b5fe10 d8aa 4d85 8dc5 2bcf5c562b2d
34 points

Pokemon logic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Preview 658b0d49 6b73 4020 b4d6 1223256f4db8
31 points

Chill af

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