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I just wanted to take a panorama picture of the firework but now it looks like a missile attack... :(

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25 points

Wood lamp made with acrylic glass looks like it's burning

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26 points

Not sure if re-post but check out this frog leaping right when the picture was taken.

Preview c4c7fb3b ea78 4dcc a66c 19c4c6418bc5

Alexander House, Palm Springs, CA, USA

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26 points


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26 points

WTF is wrong with people nowadays!?!?

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27 points

Dog chilling in New york .

Preview c1a49ff3 7b43 4b70 8ed1 89eb71d857f5
25 points

These cows look like they're about to drop the hottest indie rock album of the year

Preview f0348a0a de3c 4ba5 8515 6ce49102951f
26 points

That's how they work

Preview 3abf843a 938a 44e7 a18a b2a7f7b68430
27 points

Frank Gehry's Kitchen, Santa Monica, CA

Preview f1a16ceb 6c3b 4779 ba97 fc25333a5b7b
26 points

Javan Tiger captured by camera after it declared extinct 30 years ago.

Preview b2763f41 ddbe 4856 a9e1 933bff8e5c82
26 points

Folks! Focus on the real things!

Preview fdfd511d 3f73 46fd 8f68 2b90ee352d43
26 points

What's your mom yelling about?

Preview a976b1f5 fe0f 45ac b7b1 edf89e9a0b1f
26 points

God, I love this woman.

Preview 1a8541c3 793a 427d 90da 3b41c2b5231f
26 points

I'll just sleep here

Preview fc809834 5ca5 42f0 8fdf 972a6e581811
25 points

Good trade

Preview 15f96d2a 54cd 4737 ade9 6852754ad940
25 points

Grown men need to collect something I guess

Preview d71887aa 8aa0 4d3b 942d 41132c39e896
26 points

why does this exist

Preview 39af6251 48ed 4be2 ac3c 66a3957abfcb
26 points

Cute Dog

Preview 7b1ecc36 2f37 4715 b422 2896b2f9a236

Happened to all of us at some point in life

Preview 2593954b 7194 48b7 a6b9 dfb7df0adf1c
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