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Frank Gore appears from his butt

127 points

Why Did T Rex Have Such Tiny Arms?

309 points

A lifetime of trust issues start here.

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48 points

Game of Thrones S7E5 Summed Up In Text Messages

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This muscle makeup.

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141 points

6 Text Convos Sum Up The Game Of Thrones Episode 3

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When the radioactive waste manager has a birthday.

Preview f24e6935 4a69 4ce9 af4e 80a60deb8d2d
49 points

IDGAF hoomans!

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100 points

Music Of Memes Through The Years From 1700 To 2017 Will Make You Nostalgic About Your Childhood

53 points

In my country we call those people branded miserable's

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289 points

Holy crap...she's real

Preview 496e1c55 2226 4b10 98e7 b515d8b97c00
55 points

The absolute Maddman

Preview 7a2d528a fcb4 459d 9b79 1f34e3287b8b
120 points

Local horny moms are around your area!

Preview 25f0dc1f 2594 4497 856e 2ebbb66f77b5
52 points

The most unfortunate name ever?

Preview d2ce213e 2e69 4cc6 855f 572e89f8e6ad
59 points


Preview 7f6be67c 7e9a 420a 8884 9926ddea37bc

what a waste

Preview 22a935a4 2761 4130 8425 93f453c341f6

Protecting you this christmas

Preview 94add169 6841 4cba 941e 46f7711d5bb9
92 points

I am the second one, stealthy, always!

Preview a707ab84 1e29 4bd2 b940 4abdf737c1a2
64 points

Denise Milani

Preview cd745530 2de9 4b2c a4b3 4f2b1fb9eea1
64 points
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68 points

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