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Insanely creepy dolls to add flavor on your dreams.

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15 points

I do hope they hired a real pilot..

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18 points

Guess who's back

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19 points

Yea well, there's McDonald's too

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21 points

The pun tho!!

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20 points

Forever 64

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Piss off NSA/CIA my life isn't interesting

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27 points

Get ready for the Weekend

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Congrats! You FAIL!

Sad truth

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25 points

I'm a guy btw..

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22 points

German tank brake test

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24 points

My Workout Playlist

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24 points

Can you relate?

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25 points

Girl Blows Best Bubble of 2017


With shrimp they said

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22 points

When it snows in Portland.

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25 points

There you go

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28 points

The are 2 kinds of dates

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28 points

only goal keeper to win oscar

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