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From my daughter's coloring book.

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26 points

Online Relationships

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80 points

Tall wood living room with a fireplace clad with locally sourced granite in a woodland retreat located along the shores of Contau Lake, Haliburton County, Ontario, Canada

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26 points

Whenever he hears a noise coming from the front door...

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27 points

50.000 people used to live here... Now it's a ghost town.

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29 points

Ok boys, one at a time, form an orderly queue.

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32 points

When the teacher says we can have partners in class

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33 points

On point, as always, Nick Fury.

Preview d2f3b5ce a5a8 45a2 9d19 761893bc8ee0
36 points

Security Question

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33 points

This is why im single

Preview b6b30174 f334 4f8c b9fe b12bb083465e
111 points

My grandpa keeps a detailed record of all maintenance on his car in this memo book. This was his last entry:

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39 points

Pirates jack sparrow

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Hit me in the feels with your saddest songs. I'll listen to all of them

Preview 0037ffa2 5a05 49f5 b9ab 9ba869adf6ab
37 points

Man walking down the street with balloons attached to him.

Preview bb51edf3 1386 49a2 8205 b83649b0b7c1
33 points

Damn choina

Preview 7911ea9d 98ac 4a8d b132 baeec1fdc262
31 points

real kung fu master

Preview 611ad3af a958 4aa2 abe8 7b445cdcc11e

When she hears the sink running & thinks it might be bath time

Preview 640dc478 18ce 41e7 b2fd e16f5780f863
35 points

Drop and give me zen

Preview ad79111b 98e6 4704 af5c bd0d96e183c5
38 points

This is doggo

Preview d8c6c817 6edc 4ac6 b5a4 7eae83b78215
30 points

Me in every game

Preview 7d4967ea f10a 4745 96eb 8893221d24e0
151 points

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