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This Is What Happens When MORE People Asked the Wrong Guy For Photoshop Help

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Contemporary kitchen with polished concrete floors and a high, curving ceiling displaying its steel trusses and I-joists in this home located in White Rock, Texas.

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This Guy's Disrespectful Text Is Going Viral After He Sent It to The Wrong Woman

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Bright sitting area features vaulted ceilings and a stone fireplace in this home located in Union Vale, New York.

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26 points

At the amusement park

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Choose Wisely

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29 points

I relate to Zoidberg on a spiritual level

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29 points

Had to do a double take

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29 points

Ready to go fl... Full derp

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29 points

Happy 99th birthday!

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30 points

Proof that my neighbor is bored in retirement

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34 points


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35 points

When you have no life experiences or achievements

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125 points

This is Tex the day he got dropped off for us to be his foster. He suffers from resting sad face, unless attention is involved then he forge

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33 points

So my university teacher put this up during class

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35 points

oh magic

Preview 191ddec8 fe4a 4ea6 a3d7 c294f87d59f0
114 points

Dank pornhub

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40 points

How I see Apple fans now

Preview c55704a8 14ca 4649 9f25 b5f3cbebaf79
44 points

*laughs in KFC*

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108 points

Who wore it better?

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