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Reignite an extinguish flame

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Look both ways before you cross the street

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Am I The Only One Who Experienced It....?

Preview 30b54265 f2ed 4ad8 8407 f229ea768420
27 points

Fellow Uber drivers feels

Preview d55ca990 8fe1 404a 8fd7 23ee8aad51f2
25 points

The eels almost made a clean getaway

Preview fcb7fe19 0718 4fb0 8966 c11d8ffda277
28 points

Neil deGrasse Tyson vs Flat Earth Society leader

Preview 4d616691 e62f 44dc 8dfa 46cb19640379
29 points

I'm not a smart man

Preview c6389651 4b0f 473c ba35 754d9af2d37b
28 points

March for science, DC

Preview 69a10781 6b06 4ee0 94c4 d5efc8164bdc

Fuck this car in particular

Preview a0564f08 cae9 4696 8514 c711ec13a0c2

It’s fun to stay at the...

Preview 7c2a3199 4301 4a32 9266 e738fef38b3a
25 points

Marble kitchen goals, Venice

Preview 4c07cc88 c406 4177 98a7 6dbd6eff1eee
26 points

Symmetrical alphabet

Preview 45c561b5 d14d 4db7 a060 c412bdd2792a
29 points

When she's angry but can't handle her cuteness

Preview 1474ade3 4017 4a0a a7ef 4a0e60ebe96f
28 points

Scrub python seen crossing the road in northern Queensland, Australia.

Preview ea7cf2a3 b526 4322 b3c6 5453b75dc124
29 points

Something like this happened in the world.

Preview 97a82058 f3db 4c6f b883 b6e2d29bb673
29 points

A mountainous lake in Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

Preview d54e0c31 95ae 470b 9986 8bf47e1efeb4
28 points

What would you do?

Preview 259ded73 53be 4e3d 8430 2e37bfa60c3e
29 points

A group of women mend fishing nets in a village near Bac Lieu, Vietnam.

Preview 3b796e33 fa94 4c93 924a e8466b2b920b
29 points

The way the moon lines up with this satellite dish.

Preview 20e31b94 40c9 4d1c 9c4b d79fd32e502a

When the intern wants to edit my code

Preview 6335e4a2 4081 4c64 b5dd 522eca1fef37

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