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I made dis

Preview 7bce4175 af4d 469e a003 99f75e256b0c
25 points

I'm gonna die a virgin trying to be the very best

Preview 666d9fe7 0f3c 4e70 96a7 ba60a9372c28
25 points

Smith got it right

Preview 240abc53 914c 492a 891b a2801db4bb92
25 points

He startled himself

Preview 92aedc02 4ee1 435a 9d30 64b355791793

Huehuehuehue ...

Preview 7aa7678e 8bd8 4221 b325 44814380c649

Russian superhero

Preview 1be54345 0860 4773 a618 30a4b7a132bb

This album cover

Preview f6948344 6c89 4e78 9394 67f351b0d533
26 points

Say no to racism!

Preview eda0e93f faee 4aa4 81b9 7d52c0801187
26 points

Want a huge, rock hard butt? Try cement enhancements!

Preview 263a5782 a597 4472 a32b 256496d76d34
25 points

I really need one of these.

Preview ca28759d 8d33 4d4d abd1 7cf652cff6fa
26 points

They almost got me...

Preview 913a0cdd d118 416a 9eef a0aa0bb52bfc
26 points

Oh allmighty cerberus

Preview 919c3aea 86d1 41e0 a013 5573aade6f96
27 points

Test is tomorrow...

Preview 18a3672e b97e 438d b668 ff096a2d1912
28 points

When I didn't receive the graphical charter

Preview 5344ebc3 bc54 4284 9ba9 982a2711c5f6

Oh, home from work? Let me just find something to roll in before going inside...

Preview a06522c7 2142 45ff 9007 3cdd8f6f7ff1

When you finally graduate

Preview 11fa3f78 dd5f 4192 a4ea cb62fc979c4f
29 points

A Lake above an Ocean, Faroe Islands, Denmark

Preview d8d52f0a 36a2 488c 9077 96e33467ae93
31 points

Guess he won't have any issues being in jail then

Preview e6106e6a aec2 4a7f adf0 9ae08929785c
29 points

I love Brazil.

Preview dc315f2d 417c 4dbb 8321 a79f47341e88
29 points

So, this guy rolls into the VA hospital waiting room.

Preview 1e1da7c1 95f2 426a bae2 4a7fc11812da
30 points

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