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Never nuke a country twice

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28 points

No matter the size of your enemy, the strength of your will determines the winner. Except for real life.

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Oh, I didn't see you there!

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145 points

I lol'd

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32 points

My favorite gif

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32 points

Just venting about men

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So realistic

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33 points

My whole childhood is ruined

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34 points

Ron Swanson Forever

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dirty hillary

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Friendship goals

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36 points

Run! It's a Repost!

233 points

The Dollar General manager who had a great sales day on tiki torches until he turned on the news.

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Cries in doggo

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40 points

I would not like to drive down this street...

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39 points

This is a weird cat

Preview ecb589eb 5f33 4bbc 9d11 be73f24a84b4

sexual predators and women married to one.

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Who needs friends

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40 points

Since people are showing the beds they built, here is mine :)

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41 points

Whenever a customer checks out with an item with no price tag and says "no price tag? It must be free!"

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47 points

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