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Two brothers

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Never let go

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Spotted in Dubai Marina...

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25 points


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25 points

Thank you.

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26 points

I just thought they have a really similar appearance so what if this was on purpose?

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Were you using this??

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Contemporary attic apartment in Paris makes the most of its cramped space by leaving the upstairs loft space open.

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27 points

Neighbours planning the next crusade

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27 points

Dog will lose his shit!

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28 points

When my code works and no one understands why

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I heard something in the middle of the night

Preview a3327d9e 321c 4fa7 92c0 ba37288236a9

HErE iS mY wOrK

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28 points

BE EM WE German quality

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29 points

I found this beauty in a gift shop

Preview 8b986db3 9936 4bf7 835e 206dfddeb2ef
28 points


Preview 21f57914 29ab 4d80 b05c cfaca6469171
28 points

This snake has a pumpkin on it

Preview 07965955 6115 4229 9d48 78a94129d99d
61 points

Nein Gagers can relate

Preview 6607af89 a29e 4481 abe7 081ff31429dd
30 points

Traveling and staying with fam. Borrowed my little cousin's blanket to black out the windows so my kids slept in. Went out for a bagel run and nearly pooped myself...

Preview 64ab1944 0cfc 4e19 a62e 256f2f31943f
32 points

Was driving through the Montana Wilderness and found a severed deer head in the middle of the road

Preview 82edeea4 9442 490e 885c 26e62547715f
30 points

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