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83 points

Problem solving lvl: Pooh

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28 points

Employee of the month.

Preview da256f0e 44f0 4790 a06f 412a0088dafb
32 points

Summer is coming

Preview 7e1bad64 1746 47de 850c f63066988ebc
224 points

Gotta love the Netherlands

Preview f4a53df9 696f 43a8 96ad 3daf6fae5299

Words to live by

Preview 677a0fb2 63c7 48a0 aab9 cd005fc06acc
31 points

These smiles we never get to see.

Preview 5db8ba24 a493 405e adb5 e62ad19323e9
36 points

He also has a nice voice

Preview ceebdb86 01f5 4844 acdc 7bd16f4b0588
93 points

Another 8 Mysteries That Defy Explanation

Preview 855cc7a2 4c56 4281 80bd 3f00ed23d4e7
37 points

It makes a funnier face than me

Preview b8a5aa86 23df 493e bf42 e26dc6000bf8
33 points

Here is the female version of this meme

Preview 88a1247e dd3e 4583 bf44 f636e5017d9a
42 points

“But if I don’t take pictures like these, people like my mom will think war is what they see in movies." Kenneth Jarecke, on a photo the corporate media refused to publish.

Preview 72e17089 ece1 49cc 96c1 f3e37e8c1a76
43 points

There is no better choice

Preview a458749e cc9f 46b7 8089 5002db913703
41 points

I'm not like other girls

Preview 2c0f0217 f0f0 46b7 ad59 3992ef4635b8

Aqua pupper

Preview b7be3cb0 608b 4e3b ba78 d03c4013e5b8
44 points

"Cry's with all the real nerds"

Preview 31ada683 1118 4f99 a4e7 24130b4dc27d
150 points

Which pokemon roasted him?

Preview 825d1027 422b 47d2 a508 c552ebbe994d
43 points

Maximum blur

Preview 27fe0135 0551 4995 b171 0982fbacbe7f
45 points

It's sad that today's peoples dont know them

Preview 1086954f 13d4 44d3 ade7 63c0886222e9
40 points

Lost in translation

Preview 22e6f430 ee3d 498e 903d 6b6a5806e06f
40 points

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