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Summer time in New Zealand

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25 points

Elephant Rock in Duntroon, Otago, New Zealand

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25 points

When Hope Is Gone...

Preview 35fffa4d 72a2 47fa b95b 26656e581cef
25 points



Make Marvel great again

Preview 23bc545c 0f47 46d5 b6b0 f65596eae569
25 points

Make countryballs great again

Preview 0ca2760e d07a 4809 9bb4 130929fac79d

Barely made it to my charger

Preview 794fb90c 04bc 4f07 bff2 8975ebf3b5f7

Probably my favorite post from Ken M

Preview bcfd568a 7329 4528 8f22 cc3f92f76abb

Divided Statue

Preview a6729faf 67aa 480e a23f 9be28db862b8
26 points

The More You Know

Preview fc47c840 37d3 4f48 9747 dcc94a3f382c
98 points

My husband always forgets to put a new roll of toilet paper on. Today he didn’t forget

Preview 2ec2a8a0 65fc 493a 805f 4ca49fefcb4b
29 points

This is like something out of a Jackie Chan film

Preview 8729e0ad 735a 4c50 822a 8b9a5fc4e22c

Alexandra DaDDario

Preview 0c70c60c 7356 4296 97b4 ae4f8e91eaf1
28 points

Alexandra Daddario

Preview 63e0f17c 93c8 47a4 a3bf 6670e263a2e3
27 points

Dive bomb triple kill

Preview 5576611e 5517 49a6 859a 6aff46ead823
28 points

Sarcasm at its Peak

Preview c3d346b2 2750 4d5c b4ff 0f4e6c62ca87
28 points

Bald Eagle

Preview e3f25aff 7ccd 4a0c bfd0 5eb2879774a9

Didn't think of that

Preview 63306109 d713 446a 8470 469d2dc879ee
31 points

Funny How The Mind Can Make Assumptions That Are So Far Beyond The Reality

Preview 5688a507 95a0 4454 9312 24496f295bfc
30 points

What word is that?

Preview fa948c4e c583 456a a9a4 d8c4729221bf
32 points

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