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Thoughtful notice at a local vet.

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25 points


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26 points

At least he tried...

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27 points

And you know what they say about Metal...

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26 points

We should force everyone to work retail and food service for at least a year before they're allowed to do any other job.

Preview b0c67cec 978f 4070 84e3 6f67b172ae2b
29 points

Not as good as NSW police but at least Vic are trying now

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"Back in my days...."

Preview cadd5c08 9244 4ee8 8db3 9da5dc99f149
28 points

Just wanted to share. How is it guys?

Preview 1b87e51a 552c 4619 aad7 b4d901870991

Noo but ...well thats true ; (

Preview 28089a61 6790 4516 8314 cb63b40e4f29
28 points

Well, that's true.

Preview 80ce7a12 15b6 491c 8cce 1cbd347bfc9e
27 points

Hanging out over Midtown Manhattan, NYC

Preview c6653469 f383 4d61 b7f0 bc40879f0545

Terrific skills

Preview 34ff31f2 5c86 4e94 bb87 d9e751057513
29 points


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27 points

This window in my house makes the view look like a painting.

Preview 987b1a14 74d3 4102 8d36 d5e0f1d96b69
29 points

62 people died in Portugal :'(

Preview f396f79e d771 401e 94b6 c8f674ee717a

He's still gonna tell you to floss. You already know.

Preview 18c91554 3239 45f7 b4b9 47524f9ffe98
29 points

That must be some REALLY good water .

Preview a5a22310 3279 4537 8c0d 13eaa206c89c
30 points

Mind = blown

Preview be4ccd35 8ed3 41d3 a0bf e0d241585ec4

Best Fathers Day Ever

Preview b55ac23f 7d7c 4bb1 9423 9354e279238b
31 points

This cemetery of car crash victim in Georgia

Preview bd50d0e7 9014 47a1 ac0a f463bd3ebc5c
32 points

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