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Did he f**k it tho?

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82 points

When I'm the only one who knows how to fix a bug

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123 points

The flowers blocked it!

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114 points

She didn't stick the landing

Preview 4839d1b3 02a0 488f 8dbb b5ab8c00dd29

Shark joins diver in the shark cage

222 points

Meanwhile in Houston

Preview 00e9d915 dad1 443b b035 05a4d369bf15
170 points

Free coffee for 1$

Preview 5637a6b7 f09c 4614 9028 29e1431dea2e
158 points

Long live vinyl records!

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163 points


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117 points

Guy gets his ass whooped for trying to steal a purse.

Preview dd8a9c6b de21 4bbe 91e9 8ab11ad806d4
175 points

Old but gold // Its location is still a mystery

Preview 169a27e6 7bed 4d02 94ff d1d420b437a9
198 points

Belly Swirl

102 points

Everything You Need To Know About Apple's New MacBook Pro — Design, Touch Bar And Other Features

241 points

BOSS FIGHT - Mr. Fabulous

Preview a777722a eea2 48f3 83eb e98581a5b2d4
167 points

Excavator control demonstration - Italian style


I saw this guy somewhere. But I can't remember.

Preview d3a1b984 20c7 4d4f 807e 305d73b04fb2
179 points

Typical Romanian thing during winter

Preview d677d5b4 27ec 4345 a7bc 6f1b372e191f
179 points

Instant Karma

Preview 22fdca54 a089 4fc8 b8c5 4e7c5716e030
239 points

Please take me there...(a village with no roads)

Preview 1a6dd71d ef05 45c3 9736 1905129f3408
156 points

Beer with the taste of the wind

Preview 0ac761c8 62b0 471d bb8e 8a699d91f8b2
170 points

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