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Which one is better?

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New Zealand intensifies

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28 points

Bedroom in a 1978 house constructed out of reclaimed timber and outfitted with various repurposed ship materials in Bainbridge Island, Seattle.

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27 points

When you lose your job and the loans are around the corner

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29 points

When you and your friend have computers class at the same time

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28 points

When you forgot your phone and have no one to talk to

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30 points

High school boys wear off-the-shoulder tops to protest girls getting 'dress coded.'

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29 points

What is your opinion of drag queens around kiddos.

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27 points

"All girls dress the same"

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28 points

Kindly wait, until the automatic doors open properly.

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Some nice shoes

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38 points

For those who get it

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40 points

Hello there!

Preview c497db6b 917e 48e7 a3d4 1a0578f03b3d
31 points

Jump Fail!

Parent asking for computer help

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Chase (Art by: AlectorFencer)

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34 points

saw this on the car infront of us...

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42 points

Saw this on tinder in Portland. The hurricane relief text number

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45 points

Snowflake formation

Preview 318cce7e 7989 481f 9ff6 6b7356213ef5

True on a spiritual level

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45 points

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