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4 Second Madness

Bloody addictive mini-game mayhem addictiveness ! (Billith gets 967 secs)

433 points

Xiaoxiao 4

Kill the bad dudes in this very cool game

506 points

Happy Tree Frinds - Fireescape

It’s a five-alarm fire and there’s nobody but Flaky to help the trapped victims get out of the bu...

504 points

Assembler 2

Assemble yourself a precarious, teetering stack of crates and get the green box to balance inside...

413 points

The Visitor

Help an evil intergalactic space parasite to take over Earth ! (CD27 wins first !)

809 points

Swedish Saveloy

Do some kinky shit and try to survive !!! (multiple winners)

495 points

Catch a Poo

Unsavoury but addictive poop catching !! (Beat Lewis with 193)

587 points

Color Wars

Wage some colorful war on a psychadelic battlefield ! (Samahan gets 19,000)

488 points

Who Wants To Smoke My Honeybear ?

Are you puff enough to know your 'stuff' ? (LwRiGhTY05 Wins !)

776 points

Osama / Sissyfight

Beat up Binny' in this Joe Cartoon favourite !

384 points

Homerun In Berzerk Land

Grab a flyswat, a sausage or a bat and take out your frustrations on the whinging dork. Bat him a...

548 points

Ultimate Assassin 2

Become the ultimate assassin as you work your way through a list of heavily defended targets, exe...

456 points

Punch the Trump

Make the big Combo and get the Ultra Points

889 points

Hate That Bloody Frog

Time to finally get some serious payback ! (Beat Farnsworth BD on 191)

1,651 points

Full Time Killer

Ever fancied a new job ! (Beat Rob Dealer with 14.09 secs)

419 points

Zorro Tank

Totally fantastic armoured destruction mayhem game! (Deranimal gets 13,121)

1,254 points


Another physics based castle sieging game that has you slinging projectiles at buildings so unsta...

501 points

Mini Putt 3

Our favourite golf game is finally back ! (Beat Faze2, 18)

741 points


Another seemingly impossible addictive adventure !! (Greg wins first)

250 points

Sling Jumper

A game so addictive you'll never be able to stop ! (James Smith wins first)

365 points

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