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Robot Wants Fishy

after his last adventure finding a puppy and the one before where he found a kitty, the animal lo...

291 points

Private PWN

Grab your gun and get pwning in this arcade shooter ! (Squidi gets 59179 kills !)

122 points

Happy Tree Frinds - Milk Pong

It’s time to play Milk Pong! Make Lumpy drink by getting your ball in the cup! (And get your “Mil...

282 points

Who Wants To Smoke My Honeybear ?

Are you puff enough to know your 'stuff' ? (LwRiGhTY05 Wins !)

416 points

Raiden X

Totally bloody awesome old skool arcade action addictiveness - GREAT !!! (Beat Tottsson with 1,01...

236 points

Hand Eye Game

Very, very hard ! (Beat Gotcha with 72%)

399 points

Santas Chimney Trouble

Help santa find his way in to your house ! (Chris D scores 26,247)

182 points


Time for some more of that very cute addictive Korean game craziness - Help the cute little yello...

142 points


Total bastard addictive car driving exit-finding nastisiness (ActMat7999 wins first)

134 points

Color Wars

Wage some colorful war on a psychadelic battlefield ! (Samahan gets 19,000)

229 points

Warthog Launch

Easy - Yet hard - So addictive ! (Beat funkybuttlove with 40)

226 points

Click that spot!

The easiest / hardest game ever - sort of !!! (Beat DigitalN with 0.132)

235 points

Storm The House

When killing isn't enough anymore ! (Me-Low got to Day 152 !)

234 points

Ninja Pirate Cave Raid

Ninjas killing pirates - the way God intented it!

444 points

Copter Pilot

This is the most addictive game ever created !!! (beat Elvis with 8528)

671 points

Tiger Moth

Surreal addictive after-dark action ! (Beat Gene the God with 4010)

263 points

Ultimate Air Hockey

It's time for you to get totally pucked up (Multiple winners!)

330 points

Submachine 3

The most bloody infuriating installment in the series! (Henke wins first)

329 points

Divine Intervention

Zombies & Priests - FANTASTIC !!! (Gareth & Brian The Bishie win!)

755 points

Escape The Office

Remember !!! It's only a game ! (Too many people have now escaped to record!!)

523 points

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