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Mini Putt 3

Our favourite golf game is finally back ! (Beat Faze2, 18)

477 points


Another seemingly impossible addictive adventure !! (Greg wins first)

143 points

Sling Jumper

A game so addictive you'll never be able to stop ! (James Smith wins first)

201 points

Exit Path

A simple platform game with some taxing puzzles and a portal-esque dark sense of humour. Run thro...

306 points


Help this super cute pixelised automaton repair his broken body and find his way back to his moth...

146 points

CCC Pirates

Take careful aim with your cannon and blast all the treasure chest back to Davy Jones locker. It ...

301 points

Time Snail

The world famous Time Snail embarks on another of his wacky, wonderful, time-travelling adventure...

278 points

Mahjong Tower

An infuriatingly addictive matching pairs game ! (Joey Toller gets 10,506)

217 points

Nanaca Crash

Mad Japanese schoolgirls rammin' guys !!!

1,023 points

Ultimate Air Hockey

It's time for you to get totally pucked up (Multiple winners!)

421 points

One Button Bob

A cool little coffee break game that couldn't be any simpler. Use your left mouse button to help ...

239 points

Robot Wants Fishy

after his last adventure finding a puppy and the one before where he found a kitty, the animal lo...

357 points

Private PWN

Grab your gun and get pwning in this arcade shooter ! (Squidi gets 59179 kills !)

167 points

Happy Tree Frinds - Milk Pong

It’s time to play Milk Pong! Make Lumpy drink by getting your ball in the cup! (And get your “Mil...

342 points

Who Wants To Smoke My Honeybear ?

Are you puff enough to know your 'stuff' ? (LwRiGhTY05 Wins !)

485 points

Raiden X

Totally bloody awesome old skool arcade action addictiveness - GREAT !!! (Beat Tottsson with 1,01...

308 points

Hand Eye Game

Very, very hard ! (Beat Gotcha with 72%)

452 points

Santas Chimney Trouble

Help santa find his way in to your house ! (Chris D scores 26,247)

233 points


Time for some more of that very cute addictive Korean game craziness - Help the cute little yello...

192 points


Total bastard addictive car driving exit-finding nastisiness (ActMat7999 wins first)

185 points

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