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Ninja Pirate Cave Raid

Ninjas killing pirates - the way God intented it!

441 points

Ninja Air Combat

Totally insane ninja-nunchuka-nuttiness !!! (Beat Chris Noo on 2,909,972!)

243 points

Stag Knight

A light-sabre weilding - boy scout killing gore fest !! (cbyu86 gets 62465) [promoted content]

304 points

Code Of The Samurai

Noodles of Ninja nunchuck nonsense (multiple winners !)

337 points

Ninja Rinseout

It's stealthy throat-slitting ninja action time ! (Struan gets 'Grandmaster')

374 points

Final Ninja

A ninja platform game complete with flying shurikens invisibility spells and rope javelins to swi...

196 points

Homerun In Berzerk Land

Grab a flyswat, a sausage or a bat and take out your frustrations on the whinging dork. Bat him a...

279 points


Beware ! This game will make you lose your job ! (Big B wins - 5 lives & 100% health left !)

367 points

Xiaoxiao 9 (unofficial)

Lots more Kung Fu beat em' up.......We love it !

196 points

Osama / Sissyfight

Beat up Binny' in this Joe Cartoon favourite !

175 points

Xiaoxiao 6

More of a 'click-thru' than a game !

187 points

Kirk V Picard (Trek Wars)

Trekkie fans - get your costumes on !

179 points

Punch the Trump

Make the big Combo and get the Ultra Points

563 points

Presidential Knock-Out

At last!!! Bush and Kerry slug it out ! (Beat JimR with 105,000)

165 points

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