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Osama / Sissyfight

Beat up Binny' in this Joe Cartoon favourite !

340 points

Homerun In Berzerk Land

Grab a flyswat, a sausage or a bat and take out your frustrations on the whinging dork. Bat him a...

490 points

Punch the Trump

Make the big Combo and get the Ultra Points

844 points

Ninja Pirate Cave Raid

Ninjas killing pirates - the way God intented it!

666 points

Ninja Air Combat

Totally insane ninja-nunchuka-nuttiness !!! (Beat Chris Noo on 2,909,972!)

418 points

Stag Knight

A light-sabre weilding - boy scout killing gore fest !! (cbyu86 gets 62465) [promoted content]

455 points

Code Of The Samurai

Noodles of Ninja nunchuck nonsense (multiple winners !)

540 points

Ninja Rinseout

It's stealthy throat-slitting ninja action time ! (Struan gets 'Grandmaster')

544 points

Final Ninja

A ninja platform game complete with flying shurikens invisibility spells and rope javelins to swi...

333 points


Beware ! This game will make you lose your job ! (Big B wins - 5 lives & 100% health left !)

530 points

Xiaoxiao 9 (unofficial)

Lots more Kung Fu beat em' up.......We love it !

365 points

Xiaoxiao 6

More of a 'click-thru' than a game !

369 points

Kirk V Picard (Trek Wars)

Trekkie fans - get your costumes on !

271 points

Presidential Knock-Out

At last!!! Bush and Kerry slug it out ! (Beat JimR with 105,000)

271 points

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