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Boxhead Rooms

Think Resident Evil - But with Lego men ! (Jollym21 gets 324,906,300)

178 points

Destroy All Zombies

No complicated storylines or character growth here! As with all good zombie based endeavours this...

230 points

Endless Zombie Rampage

Lots of evil reanimated dead people and unlimited ammo - YAY ! (Chris H kills 36,470)

221 points

Chucky Target Practice

Help the cute killer doll hone his axe skillz ! (Marasco gets 6350)

242 points


Fantastic artwork and a very sexy game ! (Raphmatt wins!)

124 points

The Last Stand 2

Defend against the endless zombie hordes ! (MarkTR lasts for 42 days)

152 points

Don't Poo Your Pants!

Probably the greatest text adventure ever made, and it's your duty to make sure that our fibre lo...

145 points

Zombies Took My Daughter

Fight your way through randomly generated levels laying the smackdown on unending hordes of undea...

159 points

Don't Look Back

Inspired by Greek mythology and 8-bit nintendo games. Admit it, you're sold already. Embark on a ...

92 points

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