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Destroy All Zombies

No complicated storylines or character growth here! As with all good zombie based endeavours this...

188 points

Ultimate Down

Xiao Xiao meets Resident Evil - KILL - KILL - KILL ! (Boomer got 120,090!)

229 points


Another physics based castle sieging game that has you slinging projectiles at buildings so unsta...

141 points

Defend Your Inglor

Another addictive arcade android shoot-em-up ! (Paul Kenny finishes !)

185 points

Blazing Squad

Ultra real destruction death madness - YUM !! (Beat Duggy with 12700)

198 points

Head Space

It's a space game that takes place on a damp window ! (Hairy43 gets 106,100)

120 points

Raiden X

Totally bloody awesome old skool arcade action addictiveness - GREAT !!! (Beat Tottsson with 1,01...

89 points

Demolition Dude

Demoish various buildings and structures by firing an unfortunate individual into them from a gia...

145 points


Mega hard arcade action addictiveness ! (Beat Julian and CGC with 26,700)

100 points

Cow Crisis

If you thought that Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease caused problems then you ain't seen nuthin' yet! Pr...

89 points

Red Code 2

Guide your suspiciously Master Cheif looking marine around the surface of an alien planet, activa...

64 points

Mushroom Madness 2

Protect your mushroom patch from swarms of cute and cuddly woodland creatures. Show them no mercy...

79 points

The Last Stand 2

Defend against the endless zombie hordes ! (MarkTR lasts for 42 days)

131 points

Invisible Cursor

What's your target practice like when you can't aim ? (Bjorn gets 822)

69 points

Star Fly 3

Addictive version of an old skool classic (Beat Brain0utlaw on 3875 !)

104 points

Major Madness

Some lovely shoot-em-up WW2 killing fun ! (Completed 1st by Joe!)

88 points


A simple game with arty pretensions that thankfully don't get in the way of some solid web game f...

76 points

Metal Slug Reborn

All the fun of the cult classic Metal Slug series (or at least most of it) reborn in a higher res...

69 points

Xiaoxiao 4

Kill the bad dudes in this very cool game

115 points

Color Wars

Wage some colorful war on a psychadelic battlefield ! (Samahan gets 19,000)

68 points

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