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Mad Virus

Help the cute goggle-eyed virus to spread, cell by cell in as few mutations as possible! Take ove...

139 points

Grow Cube

Another freakin - frustratingly addictive bloody cube game ! (Solved by Jim! )

732 points

Rickshaw Jam

Use your luck to get the rick out of the ruck ! (Beat Redneck BIOTeCH with 15982 !)

520 points


Finally, a video game that encapsulates the sheer joy that can be had with those ball bearing maz...

97 points

Tetris Hell

From back in the bronze age when the first parts of the bible were scribbled down to the present ...

296 points

Parking Zone

This evil parking puzzler will make you want to kill!(Beat AdamG on 12370)

278 points

Redwire Race

Test your patience & skill on this addictive classic ! (Portugal1 gets 30,816)

233 points

Tiger Moth

Surreal addictive after-dark action ! (Beat Gene the God with 4010)

125 points

Dynamic Systems 2

Build your very own full functional Rube Goldberg machine with this addictive puzzle game. You ca...

132 points

Mouse Maze Avoider

Welcome to panic inducing puzzle madness ! (AdamM wins 1st)

177 points

Bridge Tactics

A game where you get to plant high explosives and brutally murder soldiers and destroy tanks & je...

137 points

Free The Balloon

Hours & hours of your life wasted !!! (Silverfox we salute U!)

120 points

Hex Empire

Conquer green and pleasant lands, one hexagon at a time in this Risk style game of global dominan...

101 points


Help your Tinkerbell avatar reduce her carbon footprint by switching off the electricity to her c...

125 points

Candy Catastrophe

It's some colourful candy chaos, see how far you get! Click on any color that has a candy adjoini...

91 points

The Circular Blot

Guide the numbered tokens to their respective destinations by tilting the screen and using an ink...

107 points

Mahjong Tower

An infuriatingly addictive matching pairs game ! (Joey Toller gets 10,506)

112 points


Time to get those nerdy anoraks on - GREAT !! (Ole-Cologne gets 13961)

93 points


An addictive dice rolling game where you have to decide whether to stick with your current score ...

111 points

Bowja The Ninja 2

The bow wielding ninja is back for a second time to do battle with the nasty evil ninjas - It's t...

231 points

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