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Make it stop, please.

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29 points


Preview ce6168f3 78a6 4285 942c b114d1147877
33 points

Nopefish in nopetown

Preview 6bfa330c f3e6 4351 8b34 92cc2266ea98
33 points

Cuteness overload

Preview d3bb8211 968a 479b 87a1 cadfb4dbfc73
31 points

Hey man, how it's g...

Preview 7e8442d4 e8ff 4bc3 ab71 88f01016891e
38 points

Welcome to my world

Preview fdd7b6b8 95a8 43bf 99c7 85ff71c267b2
34 points

How standards of male beauty have changed over the last 100 years

Preview 2fa13616 4224 4fc7 870f 16ec7cdf5871
44 points

Sounds good, doesn't work

Preview 3b45e37e 660c 43de b451 a0b5e0954873

I don't get it

Preview 06aa9459 ae50 4356 870e b6a763499d83
39 points

Why do we never see unicorns and narwhals in the same place?

Preview fe6033f6 dd0a 465a beb8 de508b7e1a20
121 points

Is this a fight ?? hahaha...

Preview 26df84eb 3ee4 4710 aa52 5ea94ac107c9

A semi hauling some apples slid off into the Columbia River

Preview 9778020a a634 4b3e 9380 69ef574bfec4
43 points

College = Apollo 13

Preview b9cab94c 54ac 4baa 92bf f3c5ff08cc40
40 points

Meet The New Master Of 'Cat'fu

Preview 76060039 c97d 4eda 8f93 8e6d18268011

I found a dead frog on the beach and decided to give him a proper funeral.

Preview 8f78d221 8b5c 4514 a02d 3fdd86711c65
41 points


Preview 4c9cee3e e974 4c8e a845 4f115476561d
44 points

Bet you never know!

Preview ee855dbb 9f6b 4205 aa2c ceb5881b95e3
41 points

Their marketing strategy has changed over the years.

Preview 5cf69ec3 570c 40f9 b8ac 16450eadcf02
44 points

See How the Shape of the ‘Perfect’ Body Has Changed Over the Last 100 Years

Preview ee507db3 3fc2 428b 85ef 0c7e6d34bf00
44 points

When you didn't study, but passed anyway...

Preview 609cd3e9 b691 47bb 8db6 6a36cffc18f3
48 points

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