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Udder Bliss One Cow, Three Cats and Some (Very) Fresh Milk

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25 points

Keep scrolling....

Preview 3ffb17ea e703 4dab b7bd d2e7fa293a32
25 points

I'm confused also...

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25 points

I work here, it's awesome.

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28 points

A nazi is punched at the Richard Spencer protest at the University of Florida - 10/19/17

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270 points

german scrabble

Preview 7e3e7e28 6e3a 4fdc a48e d49a87fb70d7
32 points

Try it, it works

Preview 4d79bed6 3e9c 4dac a169 4f7d1d246532
33 points

I've tried it, it works.

Preview e7bf2f16 a642 4069 9da4 5ca71524521f
33 points

Lightning strikes home and tree in Canada

Preview 0c9bec69 ceb5 4d6e 99cc bc7d4845d5c0
Preview fdd723c7 d153 4e33 9980 c65d54c316aa
38 points

The worst kinds of dreams

Preview 9c443b8b 5cbe 4cc9 af18 345558cdcf24
37 points

Stephen King should be writing a book about "La Chancla"

Preview 158dda98 253d 42ac a0bd 300ace64ffb4
36 points

Well he's not wrong

Preview f9473467 7cb7 404c 88c4 b6eeb78329c8
41 points

If you're happy and you know it...

Preview 80f14ec5 8ecb 4b90 9edd 788d5fa03034
264 points


Preview 1d9e86f2 9fb8 470f bde9 f46959382637
47 points

Pass on, comrades...

Preview 3670e186 7ea5 482c a62c 000e14ffaf10
44 points

Meanwhile in Chernobyl

Preview 47407efc 5f41 4000 a296 6e9a5226a360
43 points

What's your zodiac sign?

Preview 308196d9 7616 422e b4f7 e4071d42b3b1
39 points

Rejected designs of the Eiffel Tower

Preview 5f1c1024 afb6 4d08 9e31 cddf3004ed26
44 points

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