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Hans... what are you doing?

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25 points

Ice skating on concrete

Preview 87149eef 2c11 473e b5cf a8d9dfdc53a9

Boob Camouflage

Preview 9db3f8c4 582f 475b 9b74 3302d1ba633b
27 points

You can just hear the "thurmp!" at the end.

Preview dd778192 7d46 4b6f bb1c 945df44ef8bf
27 points

Dog rides on skateboard attached to stroller

Preview cc8d89a7 3e51 4d99 b072 c0b5cc44502b

When I can't handle all the incoming tickets

Preview 441386cf d0c9 4a13 b06e 28b1da334127
153 points

Our beloved Keanu Reeves

Preview b4ffc3b7 a44e 4c1d 8c0b fe71396b94e6
28 points

New England Kitchen in Spring: Subway Tiles reflect Clean, White Palette w/ dash of Rustic Warmth from Wood Floors, Island + Nature Views

Preview dab05485 09c3 42b4 91ce 3bb30f0553b6
29 points

Love is blind and cupid is an asshole...

Preview fa273ddd 1404 4199 b819 b5efdcce93a5
32 points

I'll take the Bus

Preview 0c9ff430 71cb 4e80 bef9 225d076b20a9
31 points

Thought some people might find this useful

Preview 9d5a1a4a d7b8 4ccc bb13 1c2ef991c094
33 points

Yeah, I’m okay with no hot water...

Preview 857ef620 1bf4 45ad 8866 fc359ec50d44

Instant Regret

Preview 8cacea5d 5bea 42c5 a709 36905f782f48
32 points

Everything in this picture is true

Preview f5deab41 f8f4 44d0 a85a 9e8f43490c82
30 points

Never gets old

Preview 6d3c9545 8bb9 4bd8 a478 cf80c69e9409
32 points

Sonic Shorts - Knuckles Briefs

I made this

Preview 114e73d6 24f8 444c 87e2 9fe1f7f10940
35 points

Germans do have sense of humour

Preview 9fb3a587 cf63 4dbe a552 8c85ccdd9200
32 points


Preview 08638151 e79e 4317 aa3e a6fb97f8b768
34 points

this masterpiece

Preview 365fa8f5 c3af 43ba ae1d 4f4e447b11e0

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