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Suddenly an expert

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25 points

Oh. Right. Up it is.

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Product does not include blowey

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26 points

Closed On The 4th

Preview 1620e3f2 00e2 4c7b 9712 4ddfa2077188
25 points

Looking forward for a nice meal..

Preview 9e73ad5c 432f 4509 be04 6a1aeb29d272
25 points

It does make sense

Preview 7534357f 2ae8 4532 87d6 4d710b4ca97d
27 points

On a diet

Preview a3cf934c ae02 4c2d b3ed 561ba3f78479
25 points

No, I do not want to kill my boyfriend.

Preview 7c6af799 b24a 4d3e a1b4 ae327c7a3104
26 points

What was he thinking?

Preview 094630e2 7c8f 48fd 9aa0 1570c8f9862f

Little obsessive if you ask me...

Preview f766ac35 b2bc 41bc b8b3 be70f4dc2546
28 points

Passed this on the way to work, the barrel is resting directly on the roof which is completely buckled. Though that is the least wtf thing about this kludge.

Preview ab2e5b9b 10c8 40f2 96b5 2381eecd1e84
28 points

16 years old and still love Tom and Jerry! Who´s with me?

Preview 17faf1c9 d0ea 4d0d b8e7 787ed292674c
28 points


Preview 247d7e53 7084 40e8 a6cf 729aca8e39ed
29 points

Can dogs eat fruit?

Preview 0381cf58 c3cc 4ae7 9549 a7ad62f0489d

When you buy a new tv and spend two hours watching it update.

Preview e83020fd 5bda 4334 8e4d 4fde38c1b68b
30 points

Hedgehog house ready. Real life sonic!!

Preview fa4eb439 54b6 4e0a b4eb 6d0b2acf91d9
31 points

Infinite pawer !

Preview a9c0898e fbd3 459c 83fb 2ccaea2f2ee3
31 points

"We can rule the galaxy as father and son !"

Preview 48f9c8c8 e1be 4cf4 b217 9c9c52751bf5

The Sundays.

Preview 25671478 6574 4a86 9198 a8d90b53ef26

My favorite moment from 'friends' of all time.

Preview 036a3114 858e 4512 a55d 9bc7d2f58152
30 points

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