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Trees after the Storm, Lower Saxony

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25 points

Snake pulling a cow out of a river

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28 points

College in a nutshell.

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187 points


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27 points

They've been hiding out together this entire time?

Preview 2e23dc01 caaa 4afc b474 cdc0f66e71e8
29 points

Somebody once told me...

Preview 77b4a2f3 ed18 4dd0 b281 7129336fb573
29 points

CBD Finally Becomes Legal In Over 50 States

Preview 2af7e98d fc04 41f3 86b0 c33b51979dfd

I like trains

Preview 3cee60e4 ba45 4147 b8d4 9092eb08783e
33 points

I see no difference

Preview 9129aab1 916e 4e55 a71f 1bfece507820
33 points

He is always scouting new talent

Preview c68b1cfa d10e 46d1 8a36 635b9fe48e6c
28 points

The answer to all of your problems

Preview 02b130fe f9f0 467c 9dc3 8ea10913a867
32 points

Life's warning label.

Preview 9f24e49e 37f4 4989 afd0 7ca7057ade6c
31 points
Preview f197e694 335c 4582 8011 1787e64d2c20
32 points

Cat owners can relate

Preview 62367db1 7ea8 4032 a6ce 870178cb61d0
32 points


Preview bc98cd87 c9ef 4fcb bb9a 9ad89b31d423
33 points

My Best Friend has Locked-In-Syndrome & Coldplay Gave Him Free Tickets to Their Show! One of the Best Nights of Our Life. Thank you Coldplay

Preview d027ddb2 b749 435f a9ec 217a82a81ab3
34 points

Some guy burned the shit out of his leg on my harleys tailpipe today doing this. Seriously why do people think this is ok.

Preview 2ada8615 00e7 4292 863b 6d6d798b6d71
33 points

Water fall over this tree in the Anina Mountains looks like lasers.

Preview bccf7574 5c2e 48de b0c4 63074dd00339
30 points

Cate.exe not responding

Preview 0c0530d2 0d43 4a0c 9531 576d5d22d207
167 points

My local jiffy lube y'all

Preview 0daa9281 5dff 4c45 8a81 9d6beec13e97
37 points

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