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Son of a gun that was fast

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144 points

The calm before the cannonball

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I am not coming quietly

Preview 9a550462 2041 4e7f 899c dc06bd8dfbc1
29 points

When the sales guy comes to ask us something

Preview 66a76f1c 39dc 4712 b31b a7807b3cc962

True fact

Preview 93d2d4a1 f89e 41ea 979c 73e0e840b17e
27 points

Peeling some boiled eggs when suddenly...

Preview 7c32599d 454a 42d3 9281 19cfa9ae7bad
30 points

Get your lube

Preview 6dd97f02 5c01 4c77 9805 ed6f6fb5989b
28 points

On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was

Preview 8524e4e5 0813 4d5e 868f 982433dddd6a

What the hell did that Starbucks do to you, Ashley?!

Preview 7e19ab5a 2c08 4bda 8b48 0cb82b0d3e2e
31 points

It will change you.

Preview 078382a8 bf23 4be0 9b88 4c510ab39038
30 points

Is this what happens when the cameraman forgets to say ‘smile!’? I just received this charming flyer for a local restaurant.

Preview 990d57fb 1bb0 4625 a7be 6147e9cc5b96
33 points

A spider was made into this seran wrap at my work

Preview a3a50b2a 598b 4e7b 8fff 64ab49990c52
32 points

Just some roof in New York...

Preview f6d435e3 2383 472e 880b af613bcabd89
28 points

My wife slid this under the bathroom door for me.

Preview 74cb534d 8c8f 40ab 92e3 4a3775bbf482
34 points

This guy is my hero

Preview f0dd075b fb15 4cf2 8877 11bd20f2d5c3
31 points

Unexpected unarmed fight

Preview 4e3d94b3 5a90 43a2 85e8 8dce076fdafa

You ain't gonna read this anyway

Preview 117b86bd 4ded 49f7 a7d2 47393052cae6
34 points

Spanish inquisition

Preview be089f09 15ab 46bb 890e 15d5e6f04adf
33 points

Run billy run!

Preview d5564611 b655 4c32 9419 7967fee702fe

When you jump in a relationship too soon

Preview 9bf3321b cc91 4fbc b940 4bca37c3f9a7

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