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Cheeky c**t!

Preview c5b772de ea35 4d72 921b 8f54dea271fa
25 points

It's just a prank bro

Preview 0640d084 0462 42cb abc7 7d46530b1145
25 points

Tinder chronicles

Preview c8eb5db8 dc6f 44d0 9837 1af3d98f2c5f
25 points
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HELP!!! What am I suppose to do now?

Preview 57cb742d d1f8 490d 8c3e c5eec235df1b
31 points

Honest Amazon reviews

Preview 19aaeef5 46fc 4415 8263 4c15aae077cc
52 points

Or maybe her plan just failed...

Preview 75e8fa90 d7f4 4522 96a8 29055b1933e9
36 points

Sorry if I have used some mêmes wrong this is my first meme story

Preview 40358157 967e 4b34 9600 e6c81f8d9b78
35 points

Yes, he was Asian. Yes, he had a great sense of humor. Yes, it's a Ferrari.

Preview 01fb60c5 832b 41fc b403 f1adca5d5deb
37 points

Sometimes I doodle pics of customers that come to my work

Preview 9ca1727b 6497 4828 b4e5 32946a580521
37 points

One step closer to year 3000

Preview a13d5fef 6b5b 4cb7 9f88 ce85de21f693
32 points

Perfect timing

Preview ba6f5cf7 bbac 4307 8dc1 791a64bd2f90
163 points

That smile is everything

Preview e5029c4b 3923 4423 8d8a ef207f426fa9
45 points

When younger sibling beats you in your game

Preview 48ef02c6 0e2a 471b b9b7 2da8bf62adaf
45 points

When each game actually meant something

Preview 0fe1690e 2dac 404c 8663 23add6a1cfc4
45 points

This is the case of students during the exam

Preview a03ce8da 5c35 48a8 9a17 5953f85b4e8b

Meth Snek

Preview 06b1cdb0 58bf 488a a245 7b8049dd3500
44 points

Guess who found the last egg.

Preview 8bc2e7e1 b973 4703 9be8 309fdc188e92
30 points

Spaghetti at a rolling boil.

Preview 386df4d3 94b4 4a58 bdca 63dbb2dc8142

The cat requests marriage and her mother responds to it

Preview e57a411e 2838 4988 83ff 722586823089

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