Drone caught by tigers

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And the best teacher award goes to..

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Your daily dose of Pokemon memes.

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In Japan, you have to follow these signs while driving at 70 mph.

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About design

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Isabella County, Michigan declares state of disaster after record breaking floods, over 90 roads washed out, 120+ people displaced.

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my cat's startled reaction when i do my Michael Jackson impression

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VEGAN is an old Native American word which means I can't hunt

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69 charger

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Worst gift wrapping ever

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The bathrooms at my school have foot pedals so you can wash your hands without touching the sink

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liberal idiot.

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Yes officer, I'd like to report a crime. He made a motion like he threw the ball, but he really kept it in his hand.

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How can you say these dogs are evil? No animal should be considered evil, it's their owners fault how they behave. Don't ban Pit Bulls!

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Me every weekend...

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THE Keyboard cat

Don´t worry about your AirPods falling.

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My chihuahua is is not amused by you.

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Now that is what I call a woman everyone should respect

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