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Summer Friends

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25 points

Found this in a bathroom

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26 points

Drop table wasn't executed on the test database

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I hope my roomie brings her date home.

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25 points

The City of Los Angeles just posted this to their job page on facebook

Preview b6b913a9 0d71 4692 a22f c3fb6fe7f443
26 points

Decided to have some fun with one of those spam emails that made up a fake relative and event to get me to send money. The right is my reply

Preview d28846c9 9e00 4d47 bbac c3e2cf2de6df
27 points

Harmless prank; easy cleanup. Open all the kitchen cabinets when mom is gone.

Preview c87ad566 7a2e 4a8f 925d 7b3792ffa37c
27 points

It took 4 days, but my neighbors noticed! To continue the message or not?

Preview 5527c4c0 ff51 4bad b323 99d31c006f70
27 points

I go to a catholic school

Preview 3dece12e cbe2 4999 9060 5f861f059157
25 points

When you don't know if Kill Ariel, kidnap princess Leia or ask Mike Wasowski his pappers

Preview 8203d069 0ef3 4ec1 8a40 fb11f2cb5ef3
27 points

Wind knocked over the gas station canopy in south Chicago. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

Preview e78b54d4 468b 47f1 bcd0 40b8c90159f5
28 points

When Dog Sees You Making Snow Angel

Preview de54dcf4 b76c 4c3e abd8 fc03ebb2fedf

What could go wrong if I just leave it up?

Preview dcb91e3f 7f51 4f70 bc19 7e36415bf5f0
28 points

WTF happen to us

Preview f1d400c0 246f 4253 b3ec 0f00c359728c
131 points

The sad reality of life

Preview 1f8ff39c 48da 4edb 81f9 620a748d816c
30 points

Need a bank teller not a fortune teller

Preview 296b2fda 22d8 419e b4c9 0729dc7ca535
28 points

Sailing excavator

Preview df297126 3620 401b 8421 9877a7dc294c

Welcome to the future

Preview d2a2b1e6 082e 47cf 891d a040f86f2281
35 points

Who wore it best?

Preview 540346ff b175 423c 8237 2ae5b0785b81
38 points

For those who didn't know

Preview f9479be7 8e47 4219 9b99 d2fe54701744
32 points

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