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Police Officer compares his firearm to a bb gun recovered during a school fight

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25 points

Damn! such an irony.

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25 points


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Right in the feels

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27 points

I went to the zoo but the Rhino was tired.

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105 points

Oh the things you find at Goodwill

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30 points

Eye Contact Level God

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30 points

When they are out of Cattini

Preview e5b58243 16f5 44fd 8ecf 4851745f6324
30 points

My Dad opened the Kitchen Door

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29 points


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32 points

Cat. This is my first crosspost... I hope that this works and that I have accurately identified a startled cat. Cat.

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Some words of wisdom from Veronica.

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31 points

A swarm of breeding mosquitoes

Preview 3179bc4b 6d03 4f6a 8352 e407d5018228
31 points

How high is Chris Rock

Preview 8cccbd8d 2f7a 4de8 b193 ad6f5c89591e
30 points

I found one with biscuits !(banana for scale)

Preview 69573503 1309 459e ade9 ffe73df4f70e
31 points

Does anyone remember this cartoon?

Preview 08170753 5029 4e21 b5af b46d49a49800

Such deep sleep.

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29 points

The Young Pope

Preview ca7471d5 cf7a 4dbb 86bf f3dcb2108360
30 points

How to laugh with biggest mouth

Preview ecb8e433 203e 47a0 807d da51cb4548e6

His pride is definitely more hurt than his back side

Preview ef4433ef c7c0 4249 bbce 239127919e89

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