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I’m never going to finish this puzzle

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Parallel parking training starts early in Beijing

Preview 4d8a348e 5e66 4ff6 bbd6 a66a842d4a16

Epic Sax Guy at Eurovision 2017

Preview 2376e40c 2c1e 4410 8188 25cb59fea736
25 points

Shadow of the doggo

Preview 75c059f9 50a4 4508 ad6a 736a3fba191a
25 points

Nobody reads this anyway

Preview 7f8b6d57 406c 42ef 98e3 c68e5814749e
25 points

The reason why you never seen Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber in the same room together

Preview 7850d70b b30b 4a8d 9764 5773d2879eaf
280 points

Memes are life so nevermind

Preview c3e1437c 58f3 40c3 9c2f 81e97353a56d
25 points

Amazing wave photography by Russell Ord

Preview e7a8d1f6 a652 4186 9230 f6ae23c42980
25 points

Car drifting

Preview 9be325c9 0100 4b63 a932 db4d1d5c1f59

Fire breather looks like he's kissing a fire dragon!

Preview 87950747 aaa9 4540 94c7 018abe70ada2

Good days

Preview 55f923ba ac47 4350 8dc0 90f30b5b720b
25 points

That's me in the future

Preview 71824960 af76 4b8c 9691 b7f97b9dbac5
25 points

I made dis

Preview c5231d87 f9eb 4175 a82c 4717d5e1ce43
25 points

Mostly true

Preview 51cbd9d7 20bf 4f9b bf2e a537bcbd1030
25 points

That Escalated Quickly

Preview 4cbbde8e 1e20 4f3e 853d 49cbcb62be34
26 points

Hansssssss ...

Preview 0e6d42d8 b7ce 4e54 9b30 228bff13ddf5
29 points

Darwinism at its finest.

Preview 3ea889ee 9eb5 4da8 9ed3 b64a79805dd6
29 points

Hypocrisy at its finest

Preview 63265b07 dbce 4600 9e94 46b036dae8ee
28 points

Never seen anything like this. A white mole.

Preview a2a1801c 96f7 4487 940a 61fcd536ec20
28 points

Preparing for WW3

Preview 85cf2d52 d26b 40b8 a2f6 417a23da1ab7
31 points

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