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Your daily dose of cringe

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30 points

Daily basis

Preview e15809dc b850 4eb5 af1e c319ed728ce4
30 points

Cat and ball

Preview 16394237 34f3 436d aa0c 13880ad5a1be

Any FPS to cure it?

Preview a38b0b0c 9f49 4c75 8237 b08465eea70c
36 points

As a portuguese watching the Eurovision

Preview a121b165 f0c5 4b6d beef a42152048478
39 points

Glowing base of tree made by arranging leaves

Preview 73b80096 6d5d 45c1 a4f4 1175c168a455
42 points

Savage af...

Preview 7ddc6c45 42bb 479d 8226 324acee7a303
43 points

Hits Blunt...

Preview 386a0d30 196d 4c54 b0e5 138046595940
45 points

Not even kidding

Preview ebecf3eb 4e1b 46e0 a6d7 cdb3761972a8
43 points

Ron Swanson quote #5

Preview 1696ba4f 8845 4285 b315 f99e07d27d34
109 points

Pottery class was empty that day so he improvised

Preview 499e1659 ccac 43e8 ab64 1ea598161b84
48 points


Preview 70b2c216 4c27 4230 b9c7 a81262023d2c
42 points

"But people might think I'm stupid!"

Preview 1519e451 262e 4e40 998b 37e7250ab377
47 points

When your boyfriend did a stupid thing

Preview 49836f99 ff72 4772 b32b dca49a55394d
53 points

You thought your hail storms were bad? This was just last year, this was a 10 minute hailstorm over a small village in the netherlands. You don't even know hail.

Preview 71fa96f1 5732 4646 a8ef a86a04559405
47 points

My mom's backyard is pretty magical.

Preview 1e76aaa1 e379 4e98 9d63 6e8b1bab9885
41 points

White as snow

Preview 5cccf941 ff50 4ca1 83ee 6f63dbdec5fe
42 points

Wonder Woman got nothing on Sarah Connor on "dealing with Crisis."

Preview 6003aa27 1da2 4297 99b6 ee85de02d094

A great reaction.

Preview 8879413b 947b 4083 88ec b5b6601eee2b

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