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The Cycle of Life

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27 points

The Iphone 8 everyone

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25 points
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25 points

When you doing a heist in Payday 2 and you wear your glasses in the Bank.

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25 points

Found this in boot

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25 points

Uhm, sorry, but there is a face on your make up

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119 points

Bumbling and tumbling - my dad falling over circa 1980 something

Preview 6a573b9f 9249 4aec abc9 308fa0bcb543

So disappointing

Preview cb4fe90b b602 4e28 820a 56acd125ac4b
25 points

How i celebrate new years

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25 points

My parents advice me to live with it

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26 points

The feels man...

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27 points

NEW! Organic brake pads!

Preview 9fd5aa8b c6a3 4c7f b351 9e4a916998db
28 points

This is how the state fair propped the roller coasters up.

Preview aa217099 027d 4080 8aeb 075e973d1020
29 points

Best thing about the new Westworld S02 Trailer

Preview be806fe0 ef91 4f5a 8a16 45fd28fe357b

You can change yourself, but not nature.

Preview 36f26485 05f2 4d8d 8ce7 ea5acc47c14b
27 points

Say what?

Preview a450d996 8ddf 40ab 93aa 65f20a88d7e7
27 points

Swap that Superman shirt.

Preview 70f19cae fdd5 4623 9cdf df4918e93aa1
28 points

batty jackpot

Preview 5533597a 1ef6 46e9 895a 78f806e7386f

What did the bees do after they got married?

Preview 610a3414 9ec2 4062 9cc6 f6e0419dc659
28 points

Mandarin duck

Preview 1ada88d2 d3bb 4ddb b341 8bf484055bd2
29 points

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