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You make me proud son...

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25 points

Mad dog=))

Preview cfe3c670 960d 4123 a9f9 46ca500be95b


Preview f209adb7 f9de 4783 8ed5 0fcbf8c6d2cf
32 points

Oh shit!!!

Preview 6e00afde ea4e 49d7 9bfb bd4c154dc7ac
33 points

The 90's

Too hot

Preview 4ce81593 6bb5 41e6 91d5 5a30db83e667
39 points

When there's an engineer student in the family who has to remind us all that he is in fact an engineer student. GLITCH IN THE MATRIX?!

Preview 00b595b8 c834 4285 a670 41ac267cca03
94 points

My kittens paw looks like some strange alien creature

Preview 1c54ca62 d8da 4f1c aff7 634f60b7a556
38 points

Lets celebrate this awesome life with no childreen

Preview aa09d04e c40d 48e2 a020 4d5930b51e0b
40 points

The most original wedding invitation EVER.

Preview 57641067 d78c 4401 b141 cdc9408d7e59
43 points

A Chinese law

Preview 902406c0 daab 4f8c b7f3 fcc65ad0e7f1

Beautiful, open hallway with stairs that allow light and air to pass through in this renovated 1930s bungalow located in Sydney.

Preview 2435622b bbe9 457c 8b96 fa983500960d
35 points

England's greatest gift to the world!

Preview 062dc1bb 16dc 4b5d a696 5aa7d313eeac
41 points


Preview 0058a3ac dbd3 43d2 b54a 076a119b157d
47 points

Read the upper request too

Preview 0d43a916 05ce 45d7 9f66 dfbd793c7155
46 points

The true evil

Preview c6521d50 82b0 4934 9ed9 e642caaca784
46 points

He is in my shed.

Preview aea09641 7c13 4c65 8c8c 3e216ab4ded6
48 points

Interesting Playlist

Preview 688e3f6d 69ee 480f a995 7064c0e4d2f9
47 points

What kind of sorcery is this

Preview b62e4994 478f 4b6b 82b4 2037860dd0f4
48 points

When you argue with your gf, try to crack a joke to cool things down, and she starts crying

Preview b86fbb01 ce6f 421b 8417 c490cfe39036
51 points

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