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A very honest parent

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7 points

Birthday Cards Against Humanity

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7 points

I wonder

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8 points

Can't get Dank enough

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38 points

Need this now!!

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200 points

Suprise mother f*cker

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163 points

Did this at my school, it was awesome!

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255 points

Leonardo be like yeaa fill that shit

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227 points

At least, I liked that pizza

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175 points

What a great generation that was.

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203 points

My wife want this shirt

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147 points

Anti-trump squad

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189 points

We may be cunts but, together we are mighty!

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211 points

Shut Up And Take My Money!! Give It To Me

Preview 5a42a7de d708 4a7a 9e0e 4ae999243780
211 points

New bar door sign in Florida

Preview 6b9080eb a98d 4cee 8b73 47ce19e33807
148 points
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Thirty is the new speed!

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This 100% works

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