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Systems of measurement around the world

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This is what the world has come to.

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25 points

I'm waiting for the lid to slip

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Made from an old golf cart

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28 points

How the constitution really went down

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27 points

Googled most russian gif ever

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30 points

Best in Show at the 2017 World Beard and Mustache Championships

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30 points

Roll ‘em up

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31 points

I don't want to live in this planet anymore.

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32 points


Preview 79d4e262 52a3 466b 9a8c 36e6933d1824
34 points

The most amazing office in the world? Pilot captured the most astonishing views from the Boeing 747's cockpit

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32 points

When she ask for an 18k necklace

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36 points

Got this snow toy for Xmas as a kid. Just had the time of my life on it on the same hill as when I was 7, I'm now 28.

Preview fa1836fe ad28 43c5 a169 56321ee45b0c
38 points

A goof and a gaff

Preview 7880f512 38c6 4f6d 9ae2 9ee85bf77d89

The most Russian news: this woman gave a birth in a forest while policemen were fighting a bear

Preview 11305787 b09a 4ba9 996e 70c525aee5df

Woman in my town ran through post office. Two were hospitalized.

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37 points

I hope you like it

Preview 3d4a69da db7c 4357 9b15 9368ec0437c6
35 points

I'd never try this.

Preview 4963c910 7955 437f ad34 cf6cdf60a4cf

New York warehouse turned into a loft

Preview f65b4f29 e185 47d9 a21d a4ec575f4d15
34 points

Shots fired, shots returned.

Preview 7bcf63e6 63e9 407a aab8 dbc895831dd6
38 points

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