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Success is not all about money and fame

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26 points

He right u know

Preview 9050152e 8152 4f89 bb9b cba166220330
26 points

Chase Kennedy, 6'5 and has the longest legs in the US for a female

Preview 352d4c28 0550 4f1b 9639 2e1e766ba776
26 points

Awesome art

Preview 93e5cf99 5760 4cc3 aff4 7c4574074574
25 points

How is ur day going?

Preview 678c45ed 4fda 4490 9a0f b6d1dd201bc9
26 points

A wild dinosaur appeared!

Preview 7f443c16 a23c 4c1e 90a8 94d1f3e4bf01
26 points

A levitating bird

Preview 5c66e4ee e3f8 4640 9aa4 1694bd10e812
28 points

Money well spent

Preview bcf57a3c fbd0 41f2 994c 4414a23996d5
27 points

Aftermath of storm in Germany

Preview 30340d9a 7067 4060 9013 8a9e98e0142f
26 points

I'll be right there in a second

Preview 8ddbc121 da43 4a51 8222 e6ba78b65543

Henlo give seed

Preview 562b5709 7dfa 427a bcff 717faab073cd
27 points

Netflix got it right! You go Ron!

Preview b98d454b 3068 4fdd a4ca 6f61997177c9
29 points

Got inspired by the cthulhu mythos :)

Preview 3cc6e35b 0334 4502 8b5f fbac0921e319
27 points

When you dont want dna evidence saying you were at that place

Preview 7a9e9dba 92a1 4d18 b21a c6c3b7af48a4
30 points

Awwww how cute

Preview 26cdcb2f ef16 47d2 a2b3 131946d2b238
30 points

Nobody told me beforw

Preview 8417fdad 57a7 4fcc 87f6 71b98c334325
30 points

Anyone too?

Preview 5dde26e3 a568 4769 9628 36e1e9209d72
30 points


Preview cca08dff c917 44c2 9233 3799c06b137e

Are you looking at me?

Preview 9e814727 8862 4f93 88d3 28621f3e6548
27 points

When someone speeds up to pass you but you both get stuck at the same red light anyway

Preview 1431a181 7a19 4573 b6cf 5aa53bd7c61e
31 points

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