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That's a duck move

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103 points

Aloe Vera

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29 points

Pet problems

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283 points

My buddy is out in Colorado auditing some properties. He just got to the site and just sent me this.

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36 points


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41 points

So I saw this post

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109 points

Military training - Smashing bottle on head

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Finally, I found a news source I can get behind and follow

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45 points

How love looks like...

Preview 278a5ad0 5448 46a4 825c 27935d591b44

Because I'm always on my phone smiling or laughing at it....

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41 points

Nice view

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34 points

How tow few used cars from Germany to Poland in one go

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43 points


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38 points

Henlo fren your uber driver is here

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50 points

Woman dies after mattress she was riding on flew off top of car traveling down highway. 2016 Darwin Award Winner

Preview cb046ba6 73b5 4294 bce6 fe9614bc9eea
39 points

take off.

Preview a1bdd25e 0ead 421e a1d6 a453dffbb15b

Mother's Day card my girlfriend confiscated from one of her 2nd grade students today.

Preview 4bcba49b c0f3 4b1e ae5e 50dc80ca61d0
43 points

Dining and living area shares a glass wall with the outdoor pool in this home located in North Bondi, Australia

Preview 44e1cb8e b3b3 49ef a2f6 e0690b0316ea
43 points

Woman before she realizes she is falling

Preview a2f1aeb0 a1c6 44cf a9e6 f6827bf7fa95
49 points

How to properly cut a tree

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51 points

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