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Vegan body builder

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What the F*** did I just read?

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26 points

Fixed it for those who do not want to go bald

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25 points

The way these tables are stacked

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25 points

Aliens in the Underground

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25 points

Honestly I’ll do the same

Preview eeaf0200 57a4 4e49 a944 18f55fa614f8
26 points

Honestly, same.

Preview c5bc3af8 1d9e 414e 8823 f62f017bb48b
27 points

Traditional Japanese breakfast...

Preview 5f0e7e75 ba91 4dd9 97b3 ea237bfc7848
26 points

Mha hart mha sole...

Preview ece69e2a 0e75 4118 9bb6 abaf5f905dba
27 points

Plane nearly lands on Maho Beach, St Martin

Preview 1e6f0e6e 40f0 4fef a455 8f2072ea5169

Time to leave the planet

Preview b81a2238 c13e 47cd a276 f1b44124682c
27 points

My grandmother's dining room.

Preview 7f4d9bd5 2eb9 4ec8 a9d9 5a511855f10b
28 points

Water Thrown At Elephant Looks Like Elephant

Preview 75f5a150 6bfa 4c29 a203 adbdadf370c6
26 points

Accidentally had my flash go off on my telescope and got a cool picture of the moon!

Preview eaa0a864 c6b9 44f3 9d25 4ca29016a34d
27 points

What is going on here?

Preview 97bccfb4 928d 4746 ad29 4fcceb9dd9c1
26 points

A few works of art by H.R Giger, the man who inspired the Xenomorph from the movie Alien.

Preview d7685cb9 d29e 4682 9e9e dbe7c5747808

Let the shitstorm begin!

Preview b43c645a 252e 4a37 b4c1 e49d6ff08298
28 points

Tis but a scratch.

Preview b8aa9dae 61e8 412d 8b4b 1b1a7a3062e1

Australia in a nutshell.

Preview 32e653a9 e702 42ce b7b3 2f93fc035dae
30 points

Bulgaria in one picture.

Preview 47373f55 174a 4597 9749 6fc5f4c15f01

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