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Apparently my typing hand is a perfect pillow. The joys of working from home!

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This makes me uncomfortable.

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25 points

*runs away*

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25 points

This policeman worked countless hours helping victims of Hurricane Harvey until he passed out from exhaustion.

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26 points

After 5 years, I finally completed a full playing card deck from randomly found cards on streets around the world.

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26 points

Oh boi, here we go again

Preview fdb07bab 1be6 4026 85a2 740b0961a62d

Fallout 4 is too realistic

Preview 24f5bb54 408c 437f a2e1 a111bbecc09f
26 points

This is still one of the best

Preview 9320583e 739e 4c64 886c f81d5ac99d6a
26 points

Fake!!! Black people don't have dads

Preview 7262f1cc 3e09 4fcc 8f7d 118a7284fd06
26 points

Snuck a picture of her in the window

Preview 82b09345 1a8d 4508 bd08 59636962b21f
27 points

A nice fence decoration, deer underestimated the height of the wire.

Preview 22ce8526 922c 4358 ad61 52c4cf44a761
26 points

God damn yo-...oh wait

Preview 97eadebf 1f30 4872 b23a b5f184a139b6
26 points

With a butt this big there's not mushroom left in this kitchen for a fun-guy like me

Preview 29a26c8a 0fb6 4122 95c5 fb00631cba55
221 points

Who needs a wedding cake when there's shawarma

Preview 87cef4ca 3055 42c2 bef6 eec55fae90c2
26 points

When I have to work on bug fixes on monday morning

Preview c7c30c31 e2d8 49e0 8fbd f1e1feaca8a6

Yea sure he really needs it...

Preview 4561f426 1c52 4c07 b26a b8be5783da5e
26 points

Artwork in my Algebra class

Preview 88931968 6f6c 45a1 b8ba b5b066bc1a01
27 points

So the neighbor kids left us a note on our doorstep today.

Preview 7cac5222 d9c5 4b75 bacf dda624b3c821
27 points

Printed on a condom wrapper.

Preview 118f3e3f e699 4067 909a d8778a74269d
27 points

Artificial illumination

Preview 171a2266 f394 4248 bfb4 44a81e7ebfe1
26 points

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