Open living room with plenty of space

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140 points


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37 points

When scientists prank each other

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Worlds Largest Functioning Whoopee Cushion... And my thoroughly unimpressed cat

Double Standards!

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47 points

People who say men can't wear a dress.

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490 points

Perfect professor doesn't exist

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54 points

Fancy solution

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272 points

My friend ia a photographer and he sent me this. Just wanted to share.

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55 points

Laughs in Danish

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198 points


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57 points

Nobody knows who he is

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123 points

That moment when you look more like Natalie Dormer than Natalie Dormer

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RIP Logic

Preview 5204cf19 af60 4c0e a68e 082c24dccb92
153 points

Wait till you see what's at the top

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178 points

When they decide to remove me from the hotline for good

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191 points

Gotta love US

Preview 14671ba4 dc24 437a afe0 be765cb2020a
84 points

Clementine needs a cuddle

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80 points

Two types of people

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79 points

Hair flip

87 points

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