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Don't steal this meme

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25 points

To combat the Nazis, British spies created the exploding rat.

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26 points

Wait... I don't get it

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25 points

ITAP of my best friend letting me know she enjoyed our trip.

Preview 9c767a6a 1dde 4a8c 8ba4 a2d72850d933

Madison, Wisconsin actually looks kinda good if you "tilt-shift" it.

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127 points

I was SO CLOSE to entering Joel Osteen's church during the storm!

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Whenever you need a giggle, remember when Bob Ross put a squirrel in his shirt pocket so they could enjoy his painting

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26 points

Took the shot a little too early

Preview 169cb325 a86f 4c14 9250 babea9ee2842

Looks like Timmy is worm food.

Preview 1eb763d9 ac6c 4438 8a5f 5e7061a42034
27 points

The world is filled with moon moon

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28 points

Thy brothen is therefor filling with thoughts

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28 points

John F Kennedy

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The guilt is eating me

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30 points

Need to do this.

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Sometimes bad decisions are easy to see a long way off.

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32 points

Solar Eclipse taken by an infrared camera.

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35 points

Here you can see a fine spiciemen of a catus plant ready for harvesting

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31 points

To be fair, I paid the fee.

Preview cb7cc428 76af 41cc b831 3022de1366cd
37 points


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35 points

r/NatureIsMetal doesn't like satire. So I came here... to reap the benefits of someone else's I'm sad.

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