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Make an effort!

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25 points

Bad to the bone

Preview bf063f7d 2602 49ff 9b79 639a634a72e3

If only birds were a bit bigger

Preview dcd2d51d 781d 4085 952b 9ab5faa0a038
82 points

When burning Anakin with lava wasn't enough

Preview 4a2ab7e4 6992 4c95 8b74 ca6d2326984f
26 points

What is this 'friends'?

Preview 5781eaf1 3baa 4be3 9fa5 fc77033a8140
26 points

Heck, how do I eat schmackos now?

Preview 388370e9 f706 469f 9fde da6069f8fcae
26 points

Convenient timing

Preview af896235 37d9 43ae 86bf c82660d03c0b
27 points

When the ai kill your favorite sheep.

Preview 8806c735 6d4b 429c b70e b8e73fb9c457
27 points

Just In case you ever wondered how pineapples grow

Preview 109426e6 f81d 45aa 8a85 8cc1efe56c1b
27 points

Filipino Sisig is the one of the best dishes in the world.

Preview 4d996ddd 329a 4da4 972f a01def0609aa

When you high af and you tryna tie your shoe

Preview e11361d0 471f 4e53 959a 94e2658448e0
28 points

When your friend is placed in the enemy team

Preview 394c1cee 726b 4ef8 af7f 8b54f5ddf4aa
28 points

Lionel Messi, the KING of dribbling

Preview 8179baad 580a 4f38 ba1a edf857983987

Stop wishing and start willing

Preview 509659c8 f58f 4cbf 99a0 a09b70499207
27 points

break room roach art with Godfather mod

Preview 17306633 6b41 4cd1 9a59 fcba406242a1
27 points

Google street view from Los Hoyos, Mexico. That uncomfortable feeling watching this.

Preview dc336306 114a 41e0 9a3f 6d0fb8c690bd
31 points

Trust me Jef. She's still mad.

Preview 14b4581b 0f4d 4920 9102 4bbd6a20ebe9

I was just being fun...

Preview f1e6148a 150d 451b 9e73 5d6e7c0fb334
27 points

Life is Short

Preview 86af5b90 e42d 4cca a232 87ec50549405
27 points

Taking care of business - Texas style

Preview 811747ce bf22 4519 ad74 6ac4dc9f1cd0
30 points

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