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Crazy otters in the news this morning

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Just Wash Your Hands.

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Searching for the missing semicolon

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279 points

Time to clear all those Sh...SHTuff

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39 points

Binding of Isaac

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135 points

Hello there

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Forever alone level 99

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45 points

When your order arrives from the deep web

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42 points

When your friend doesn't like your music taste

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44 points

What The Actors Of "The Walking Dead" Were Doing Before They Got Famous

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Because I'm Batman.

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47 points

Because Batman

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51 points

20 actors' horror film debut before they were famous

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Damn Ninjas Cutting Onions

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It's old, but is it gold?

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315 points

Don't know why they had to put this

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51 points

Wall street journal is going way too far

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52 points

The President Of Iceland realizing after the final whistle that Iceland have qualified for the World Cup

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