I dont have a drinking problem

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128 points

When you skip the tutorial in a new game.

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146 points

How in the hell?

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104 points

Take your honey here

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177 points

Teach your daughter the right stuff

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113 points

Im sorry mom

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114 points

It's that time of season again

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175 points

When I complete the most important project at work

Welcome to Qatar Habibi!

107 points

Good question

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386 points

Do I get a ticket for this or not?

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288 points

When you come home after work and realize it was your lucky day

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199 points

Now that's a real dad

361 points

Batfleck problems

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157 points

My face when I find out someone modified my project

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184 points

Tiny Tiger

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122 points

That moment when you visit a Porsche museum and find Sally Carrera.

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124 points

It's not about the money, it's about sending a message.

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Is that chair explosion?

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