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Hold on, Karen

Preview 57d61936 a2e8 413b 9136 ee74c3d9c93f
29 points

The moment she finally caught the ball

Preview d8b6f410 88be 4533 87d7 22d529927b2c

One of our cats has found a new perch

Preview 6cdc0115 d4e1 4083 893c e44edc61037b

An actual concern

Preview fe67d590 ab78 454a 9f3e ed440cf99f71
30 points


Preview e0d63854 04f5 4ee1 81ab e2622f477c92
29 points

The face of no ragrets

Preview 831f5a34 ed47 4a92 9ff0 0b949c159423
32 points

Bedroom in a modern loft apartment, formerly a commercial building, with an arcing steel beam roof line in Kiev, Ukraine.

Preview 9a167adb 3ac2 4df4 b534 09b5d4c15269
30 points

Sign at a public bathroom

Preview 784b2501 3b12 4f12 843d 3bb16993022d
30 points

On a scale of Luke Skywalker to Jaime Lannister...

Preview 2042a437 0e0a 4e43 a840 cd1e39c12829

This nice Samsung mobile phone

Preview ab6dddc1 e0ea 41bf b24f 9b56e4b25a9b
32 points

“Get a puppy they said it will be fun they said”

Preview 85902118 0cd5 4fa3 b035 779dce390913

“Probably Not That”

Preview b7b4ef07 6473 41b0 89c6 573b0fe5cf3b
30 points

Cookie confusion 🍪

Preview c743cad9 88ed 4e17 a9db 00bd3ee8d7b1
32 points

My little brother brought this home from school today

Preview f28c252c 0f3b 4551 976d b61e1fddad43
32 points

That time my cat had digestive problems

Preview e7b01c7f 41e5 4506 8c9f fb60ec45c4ed
33 points

Hurricane Maria drove this board right through a palm tree by the beach in Puerto Rico

Preview 0469d26a ede4 414c a252 32ba6c10e1f1
32 points

Substantial Failure To Communicate

Preview 27c5f529 26bc 47d8 9fda f673ccef8024

Incorporating trees within your living room, located in Guatemala City, Guatemala

Preview bbd93511 fa6e 4822 92ca b6fbd4ee7c1d
89 points

An actual colorized image from 1932.

Preview 4973f785 77aa 402c 94e1 babc0e53ecf4

Roses are red, I can't rhyme, got a lot on my mind, blue violets

Preview d10ec9c6 2c54 444c 96e3 e80c09749291
36 points

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