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Forgot I got this when it happened but here's a screenshot from a few months ago

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Definitely need one of these

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37 points

What do you do?

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126 points

At least someone gets it...

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49 points

This girl made her Tinder profile into a Powerpoint explaining why you should date her and everyone wanna swipe right

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50 points

How the moon was created

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49 points

Will I get shit for feeling sorry for this kid?

Preview 7a1fbd03 e8e9 493b b04d 668e660d4437
51 points

A gif. of Olivia Munn acting

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169 points

My all time favorite scene in an animated series

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46 points

Playing BF1 in Hardcore Mode

Sorry for long one

Preview ff8d5a40 b89c 4a77 bf77 d4e7d275fc0c
54 points

Harry Potter and the Final Solution

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61 points

Anime girls sneezing

Preview 72cfb116 99e1 4113 94b7 a87d7eb648e7
47 points

In my time we didn't have their fancy minecraft

Preview 4a386537 94db 49cf a13b 99ca61c0be79
146 points

More rape!

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80 points

Better as expected

Preview 2b9a0650 a205 46b3 b4b0 88357899d833
82 points

Nice try, Lay's. No one has EVER seen a full bag of potato chips - your ad is false.

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79 points

Mother jailed for refusing to vaccinate her son

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