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The way this tree was cut

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25 points

Pentamag Shotgun

Preview a6ae067c a4b4 4893 a2f3 5b6876783150
25 points

I would smash...

Preview 7d6accee 30ec 43df b4ce 3138914e0b7c
116 points

Deer survived being shot by arrow

Preview b7278632 3ec9 4116 a0a9 bcdfe9b93140
27 points

Sleep can be compromised.

Preview b48f8a26 f8ad 46a5 a738 5798ae96e83c
36 points

It's all over friends

Preview 72cec835 316d 40ea a2ec cb6b3f8022ff
35 points

Cold weather in Slovenia

Preview 3e25797a 5be7 4cf8 aa6a f97041fec749
36 points

Opening a fresh bag of brown rice from the supermarket for dinn.... OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?!? IT LOOKS LIKE A MOTH GRAVEYARD FROM HELL!!!

Preview 5ff1eeb4 13fa 4eee 8a1b 116233041494
96 points

50 Shades of Green

Preview 03fd5346 822f 45db 90b7 539ba10407c7

Just finished the second season. One of the best series right now.

Preview c6dcdd1b efb3 426d bc62 1440f0db03f6

Six more weeks of winter!

Preview 28b12cc2 abd0 4b7c 9f71 5348e8a35492
46 points

My Friend's Terrace ( Athens )

Preview 87be2094 cea7 492d a0b8 31978efb6b49
100 points

When you really hate people, but you want to be social!

Preview e25c5d9d 9f60 42a1 9ff4 7332c011883c
47 points

Not everyone will get this

Preview 3489d960 9487 49b6 ad8f 353e17cf0dd2
40 points

Trip to memory lane...

Preview b438486d 5092 4ea4 9baa 01a1cf743f3c
41 points

Poster of a Pakistani movie

Preview 0d1044ca 8fde 43ae befa e2e02944d824
51 points


Preview bab896ae 70a0 4f93 ab35 0190811cdc82
45 points


Preview a1c5319c 0f29 4019 aaa1 df90a5ad008c
40 points

Look how obviously it is that the "Patriarchy" is hating women And look how obviously it is that white men are Privileged. #Malelivesmatter

Preview c26b50d2 a968 4d1c bb6e 42d5a2abb2cb
135 points

be careful while playing :)

Preview 4bad1001 f964 4f95 9419 a0d3e9fee24e

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