Yeehaw Motherf*cker

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65 points

Trolling at its finest

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24 points

19 Brutally Honest Illustrations About Modern Life By The World’s Most Cynical Artist

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21 points
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117 points


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23 points

Trump Handshake Fail

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An epic karaoke moment.

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220 points

A Way to a womans Heart .. Wink

Preview 7aa05212 2210 4d14 9afc 75a5ac76a95e
37 points

"Say hello to my little---- CHOMP"

Preview 8761bc52 c089 4b49 b1ef 520085eb3ba6

Classic balkan

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Is that a noodle?...... Nope. Tape worm in bunny poop. Found in my front yard while weeding.

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38 points

Linkin Park

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32 points

Grey Worm after the last battle

Preview a5d3da79 e400 40e7 9b29 2290384a36ab

Bike for sale

Preview 3cff07d7 07be 418e ba9f 79376ed8e57d

And you're losing control

Preview 1a4f0339 8241 4e0f 9447 667b96fc094e

So busted...

Preview 2f3a729a e305 4411 ba9b e5d6512d512d
108 points

Explain this please !?

Preview 1827c0f7 03a2 4694 9cb0 f53f19951cd0
148 points

Framerate synced with wings

Preview 23c453a2 3820 4d09 ac9f b0391237cbd5

I asked her, "Who's a pretty girl?"

Preview 2c59147e b28f 4616 8963 1a59770ff2cc
104 points

PornHub at its finest

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50 points

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