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Anvil vs. Iceblock from 150ft

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The corner-matched tiles in this herringbone bathroom wall.

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26 points

A puzzle type game in Japan where the goal is to get the silver balls to fall into the dips.

Preview 802de6e2 5699 43fe 936c 2dee8de7fab6
86 points

da dum dum dum

Preview 51ee8fc0 96e9 48cd ba21 8518151e1dd4
26 points

Meanwhile in South Africa...

Preview c51415f5 13d8 4421 832f a77cf351c560
26 points

I really enjoyed this

Preview c2673ac5 8f65 439a 8faa 8602c3e9f557
28 points

Part 2

Preview b9949112 c46a 4db6 b837 c70be319502e
27 points

just a skydiving kitten

Preview 4845d7db 4214 4655 bff0 74e18f5bbe88

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's Bel Air mansion, Los Angeles, CA

Preview ab22c27c 0e87 4911 9422 936e580dde77
26 points

Medusa (Part 2)

Preview 97057acb 4283 46fe b711 edcbdf06eaac
26 points


Preview 287a4fb4 e126 4736 99e5 fe9ca3653efc
29 points

Pretty much anytime I try to be social

Preview 26af1f73 8d08 402f bef9 d6efc1a1b244
29 points

If Lays Made Beer

Preview 624729c9 0ad1 41cc 88dd 68e40aadb51b
28 points

You came in that thing?

Preview 3151314e a8b0 4078 9d3c f32d2b0f275b
28 points

YouTube design over the years

Preview 7dce7f48 0e9f 49db ad4e ec2c8718be99

Not the usual hybrid decal, I think

Preview 5151d274 9ba4 4471 82c9 52c120f9a762
28 points

Made me laugh.... And feel lucky to have a soul

Preview d6b71764 08c3 48fb b83d 1d351621b9ff
28 points

Onety-one. twoty-two. threety-three.

Preview e2eff1bf dcad 439f b287 444f43804702
31 points

Mind blown

Preview a1ef2399 1e8d 4844 b395 1f1550c9a34c
27 points


Preview 527ec46b cadd 48b6 a339 a86c324abab7
28 points

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