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r/NatureIsMetal doesn't like satire. So I came here... to reap the benefits of someone else's I'm sad.

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25 points

Driver of the year

Preview d5e9c35e 7fe2 4ad9 95fd 9d446c5db6b1

sfw porn

TBH Shapeshifter seems like the best one

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161 points

Red head with a long hair.

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Marking papers

Preview 7e72bac5 9c3c 4382 8b60 eb4c980fcd14

The hero saves the dog.

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111 points

Find the toilet paper your sweet butt deserves

Preview 379422c3 727d 422a 9e38 6fcfce69aa97
36 points

When you try to find your car on the parking

Preview fd9e718e 6d34 4dfc b6c9 b87fb0c360c4
42 points

The Future is here

Preview e61592db a91b 41ef ac8f 03d116eb9a73
34 points

That seemed unnecessary

Preview 0b26aa2a 508e 4558 a472 54ca665ba59b

Beautiful art

Preview c0467921 2fff 42f5 a643 fe692e84a8b8
37 points

When I look at an experimented developer debugging

Preview 0fa8e3e1 adfb 4917 93c9 c39913ace1c2

He was sleeping but when I took this picture he woke up scared of his own fart. the owner and I shared a laugh though!

Preview 838c78a6 0ece 40d0 ac35 89e9c4bae8fa

Advertising vs Reality

Preview 9c6210ac 50a9 4e1c 8dd4 57fdac9a6ba7
42 points

Spotted this in my online travels today

Preview 3f47c6a6 42cf 4d37 b62f 34fdff02c3a7
53 points

The Worf of Wall Street

Preview 9627bd7d f99c 4a24 9e49 019ab05cfb90
167 points

Don't put your bottle of oil in the fridge

Preview 1cf505a3 23ff 4c0a bbc8 237153c3cb66

Muscle control

Preview fdce3375 2417 44c3 90a1 b0569d8a1e92
63 points

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