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The sky completes my latest drawing

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25 points

It's their Wetting Day

Preview 06b9dae6 66fa 4677 915f 3083e6d59acd
25 points

LPT: When you get a toothache Friday afternoon, don't wait until Monday to see the dentist, you might get sent to surgery

Preview ca2cc8c6 3a0c 432b af8d 7b362d5931c6
30 points

It's his birthday, and I've just spent £40 on a cat tower for him...

Preview 56f312a2 062a 434a b36e 7ddbdce9540b

Seen in DR... Irma vehicle prep.

Preview c914bad4 5184 4f57 b199 bc5c1660696a
31 points

Just a Slow Commute to Work Until...

Preview 51ffcd9f decf 4ae2 b74f cfefc8a0b793
30 points

Nice Spell

Preview 9e160bb2 6a40 4fdc b787 0a8c7d6cfb6d

I lol'd

Preview 19671d36 57ca 43b4 927f 36ca6d4d6d86
33 points

Two people stealing content to make this

Preview 146953d7 3dda 412e 9496 0d7f4bb149b9

Bikers in traffic are cancerous

Preview 01cbded3 e059 45f2 96d7 3a1ab7805ee1

Light-filled bedroom features a high, vaulted ceiling and bold, black-framed windows to contrast with the white walls and ceiling in this home in Southern California.

Preview 40742751 d6b4 455a be4d 7aaf1eb7dad8
101 points

Up up and not so away.

Preview 365b88d0 c16b 45a1 9032 1dca14f1d902
36 points

You guys thought the fat guy was the ball eh?

Preview 3238d5f2 6af0 4282 b70f d72c68705bf2
37 points

This coconut by the sea.

Preview df3eb3f5 554b 498d a316 591567f32c21

Good reasons to wear glasses

Preview c36f1f91 ab87 4d60 8fb4 364e9a017a0f
35 points

How was your first kiss?

Preview d34ee4a3 bbb2 41a5 b6e7 4044a336144d
34 points

I don't do good with changes

Preview 9965276e a28d 46ee a0b9 c8b8184290f8
34 points

Is there anything more pathetic than these people

Preview c6415a66 f4b2 417f ba6b 5ff63a94df30
34 points

No Sleep

Preview bf9f0741 8d76 475b 8107 00a20fa2667f
35 points

Went Exploring and Found This

Preview 5c348a7c 44ea 44f3 8fae 866a97fabb74
36 points

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