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No photoshop

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26 points

Sadly I can't relate

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26 points

A friend of mine recently moved to Mexico, she sent me this

Preview 27fdc442 9d92 4e59 a3ae b0da45644210
30 points

I was adopted!!! Why...

Preview 91c8f4ae 3fd6 403b a11b ffee01f2e84b
27 points

I used to do some acting as a child. This was one of my pictures used for my profile..

Preview e7d3c852 6c83 4e03 a280 4b33ae97a339
29 points

Necklaces look neat! Made with high voltage and glowing resin

Preview b02c9d94 e6ac 4278 9223 fd4574dc9624
33 points

Unexpected love story

Preview 307e1361 b883 4f55 8d7e f3ad3452c566
30 points

Out of nowhere!

Preview 9c64ae52 97fd 45c1 97a4 49205bc50c21
33 points

When life takes another gf away from you...

Preview 3a6be064 9649 46fd 8761 bcf7d5d03ae0
115 points

This advertisement came up on my newsfeed from a local Pub. ‘Tide Pod Shots’

Preview f81bc890 e8ee 412b 8cd8 160064628b09
28 points


Preview 3edda680 1e51 49bb 9c83 1f41a0319d03
33 points

This is life.

Preview c1b987b3 d828 480a bade 78851d833a13
34 points

What should I do?

Preview 55231840 84b3 4a40 87b1 20925e3e6dbb

Can I crash at your place tonight?

Preview e2c94f75 448d 4b3e a46e 6e74ddbf0666
37 points

Odd statue at a customers house... there were 4 of them.

Preview f4e9f380 480e 40ca 8164 b28c168fee14
34 points

Tv room, BCS

Preview 5f77945a 9ea4 4ab1 8e1f 362ec21ce7f7
38 points

Graduation Gift from my dads boss circa 2010

Preview c5942c88 ea47 4b06 b9ff 0d4186c60e13
35 points

Thought I'd try to check it...

Preview a6d1c4ca 0842 4f9a 984d dd5d9e703ef4
42 points

What kind of monster brings a balloon to a movie?

Preview e21e3a53 e059 4f4c 924b d4738da59038
38 points

A Marketing Genius!

Preview b1e33f91 2f58 4a89 b810 68b14dc0a8bc
109 points

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