Roses are red, chocolate is food, now that I've met you this is my

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25 points

Nice view.

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28 points

Dog Wrestling Clash

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104 points

Lions sure love everyone...

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31 points

Getting crazy in California

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32 points

It's funnier in enochian

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33 points

Smart men/women/gender fluidians keep their mouths shut in these dark times

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31 points

Make sure to air out your young children before wearing them

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31 points

Hitler did not die, only moved to USA.

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33 points

That sad moment when you realise that your cat is hotter than you

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34 points

Sitting on a special toilet

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142 points


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41 points

No Hipsters

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45 points

When two deaf kids roast each other

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47 points

Found in the bathroom at my buddies' apartment. Good to know someone is staying hygienic.

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49 points

We've had a problem with a groundhog crawling into our engine bay and chewing wires. This is my dad's solution

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46 points

The world isn't quite ready for Apple's wireless vision

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110 points

What up, my feline!

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Out here also having sweaty palms at Black Canyon of Gunnison

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City Sketch

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