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Gorgeous Patio

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26 points

Get out from my chair!

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27 points

Your best bro in childhood (in Thailand)

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28 points

Nekos are life.

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32 points

Hard to believe this is the Empire State Building in 1941

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34 points

Saw this posted a few days ago while I'm in Ireland travelling, hunted it down myself!

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33 points

Bedroom with a view, Carmel Valley, California

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202 points

This pregnancy announcement ^

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33 points

Please just do it!

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31 points

Yeah, edgy ik, but many people hate something about themselves. So in order to overcome that, you have to suffer. Don't be afraid.

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32 points

Loading artist treasure

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34 points

Look at that drop

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38 points

Vertical Forests that will be constructed in China to fight air pollution in 2018

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157 points

“Let the boy watch”

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38 points

Accurate v.2

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41 points

It's raining outside and this just happened

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38 points

It took a year for my uncle to evict a tenant, this is how she left the bathroom.

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40 points

Perfection (Scarlett Johansson)

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47 points

If this would work....

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200 points

Someone took a picture. They went crazy over it. I lost my head, too.

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