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Upvote if your parents made you drink this

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Am I wrong or should I just be a piece of shit regardless how I feel?

Preview c8cf7a17 a5c8 4d51 81ea 9cb91686833b
25 points

When you get invited to crack open a cold one with the boys

Preview aac5a9ba be23 4457 a72d 3fa6243c89a3
27 points

All the people from "girl/nsfw" in "girly things"

Preview e81f3f2b 690a 4362 b596 590719e1366f
177 points

Nicolas Cage kiss

Preview fa17a493 76e6 4c7a 9849 98f34b83cd74

The Art of War

Preview 58d962ba 289c 4a70 ab25 0f8c1c3e6304

Seems there is a solution for everything...

Preview deabca71 5b8b 47f5 aa7c f660b39e4e16
35 points

Look further

Preview 22d4f86c c5f5 4b8c 846d 59f4aa8bd182
30 points

I want my refund right now!!!

Preview ae5e63fd d5c3 4759 b868 655ad32b290e
30 points

Rape me

Preview c4db58d0 991e 432e 9bf8 fa6c4ebfc07c
38 points

When boss has no chill

Preview 13756d35 6d28 4be6 acc3 42c1c5660a5c
31 points


Preview 51ac4186 94ca 40e7 b894 f0e593937888

This "lady" tan is 10/10

Preview 14c01251 2d7e 42f7 b02d a72843102463
79 points

Sharon, please! ...

Preview 51eb957c b05c 4a5d b038 10a25d7b12e7
205 points

This morphing shape as it goes from 2D to 3D and back.

Preview 08dd0cda a7cc 45d8 970b 49fb4421c53d
45 points

Spongebob claims to have been employee of the month for 374 months which is 31 years. spongebob is old

Preview 6bf42b33 f52c 435b a5fe 33a4c3938c68
46 points

Cereal or Hair Dye? Don't know which is weirder

Preview 53ce1faf 34ed 4dbf 9fd5 ce698e5c1639
45 points

That guy

Preview 8f123794 fad2 41be 88cf edc78ebb813f
300 points

It wasn’t me

Preview ee04019c c550 4082 8a48 44be9a5f4fea

NJ governor-elect Phil Murphy upon winning last night.

Preview 2f5c228e 0fcb 4a9f 8cf3 e0b054ef85ed
53 points

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