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Who read this?

Preview c74c546d 36de 4fcb ae0f ffa87601f109
25 points

Look ma no hands!

Preview 3b9b7142 0c85 4f3d adff 4c8eebd2310a

I too cut my thumb off and for the last 22 years have had the pleasure of growing hair from my palm.

Preview 7b773269 087a 42c3 a599 d633bfe1cdf1
25 points

Just Prussia things

Preview 6d98bb36 dff9 4d7e 851c 408cab5e82c7
25 points

What the f**k

Preview 86788c2c 09f3 442a 860f c5485b63ba0c
26 points

Poor guy

Preview 69322d86 7d11 4eee ab10 8d76b94816b0
30 points

Cat hoarder had 40 cats removed, not a single litter box in the house.

Preview e3adcbb0 4e92 4d9b 874f fea8f68d6f1b
30 points

I wanna jump on this Thumb Train

Preview f13042a5 7089 49a4 ad84 e7423a392e8b
28 points

A House In Chile

Preview 4a86c39d 6937 4704 a3e7 3346541ffd36
28 points

So many Thumbs and Big toes, how about a Finger?

Preview 3c00bbe3 5ee4 488f a048 535997ceabeb
27 points

I miss these guys

Preview 46457ccf f1f2 465c a1f5 400afbce2318
31 points

Oh Florida

Preview 8cc4fdc1 97d3 48b6 ae05 bee524efaf35
29 points

Im still alive motherf*cker

Preview f637c206 1c0f 43d6 9acc e026cfc5354b
114 points

My Bathroom

Preview bbd34c05 29ee 4835 8803 8c10fe529301
29 points

We are stronger together

Preview 728fce72 9dc5 4743 a0a3 f3c355d0a01c
28 points

This is what they do with the left over pickle juice

Preview 48824505 f781 4138 a372 92f7e622f6df
31 points

Not an icebreaker, huh?

Preview 0b8e6e34 f0f0 489a a478 0099637e35c6

This image makes me primally uncomfortable.

Preview 4ec3f6fa 05b0 42b0 abd5 080ca70ec599
28 points

Catholic Meeting

Preview 56854f1d 407a 4472 ab57 f08262ae0909
30 points

American Mix Skittles.

Preview 950361d6 8884 4a2e 88e5 2f4b0316eddc
29 points

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