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Oh? You need a ride?

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How to: Sneeze

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26 points

When the group chat is lit

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26 points

This wamen is my new Hero!!

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26 points

A mother and daughter go on a simple errand to get milk in Japan...

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Germany f**k yeah!

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154 points

28 Celebrities Who Were Once Ugly Pretty Ugly Before Famous

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Happened to a friend of mine

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43 points

Goddammit Carl.

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38 points

Dining room with a view

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36 points

Licking frogs gets you high

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Right in the feels

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46 points

Computer tricks

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42 points

Friends Indeed..

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42 points

What not to do in the bathroom ... per my tattoo parlor XD

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37 points

You know, so you can make a new friend while you poop!

Preview 22dc291a d52a 412a 8410 4359202e9653
40 points

The Brown Note

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255 points

I'm bad at editting

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41 points

Crazy otters in the news this morning

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Just Wash Your Hands.

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48 points

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