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What will they do when they run out of space???

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25 points

Two waiters serve two steel workers lunch while building the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on Park Avenue in NYC, 1930

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I think keyboards have ruined me

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28 points

Winter has come

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Vote for Sheriff

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33 points

Runaway train hits the water

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When you have a hot date at 9 but you also have a Dungeons and Dragons meetup at 10.

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32 points

My dog steals everything he can, today i caught him in action.

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Preview 7d19aaf2 da78 4d81 aa04 fad78a94ee7e
34 points

a big decision was made here today

Preview 03569d84 ac8d 4bc9 a426 91c5ecbdf504
35 points

A crow stole 100 bucks from these guys.

Preview dc85332c f915 4b46 9bbb 8e0542e5df4f
37 points

Ps. local hospital number..

Preview 66e7b4ed bc2f 4fc7 a3a4 873a5011f5b8
35 points

Proper Urinal Etiquette ...assuming the door is on the right.

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44 points

Traveling with 3 years old son, he thinks that thing is trying to eat the plane...

Preview a859aa3c 33c6 49de aaa7 3fff27c11398
38 points

This... thing stuck to the top of the car in front of me. Made for a very uncomfortable commute.

Preview 81010ca4 8a9e 46ad 86e9 935ee13cac15
40 points

Kitchen and dining area features a curved roof and a glass wall to better view the surrounding hills in this home in Santa Barbara, California.

Preview 2fb8cb5c 27e3 4369 aa58 690c8c30ef42
34 points

So we bought a house in the south of my country, brother made a wallpaper put of it

Preview 8ab1dbad dbf0 4816 a27b 9c9704327cc9

What a cute girl!

Preview 98f93b8c 5c1a 408e 9ff0 b5b8e8e30c7e
40 points

When a cute girl walks by

Preview beb4f8d9 4b90 4d12 b767 4b3f04816148
37 points

If your child did this. What you gonna do?

Preview 406ff926 8443 4752 903d 84ffc4e30a1e
37 points

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