21 people who flawlessly recreated their childhood photos

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Jesus Christ.

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Two girls bursting a water balloon on the beach

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What Women Are Saying About Men on Twitter

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57 year old woman on drugs parked in Düsseldorf airport entrance, because she "needed to pee". She is now parked in a psychiatric hospital.

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Took me 10 hours to animate this. Enjoy

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The performance of the humor

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I'm going to the Russia 2017 MAKS Air Show for the airplanes and stuff. Dem T50 Pak Fa looking good.

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The many faces of cars

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Captain Australia

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Damn Brandon!

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Heard to many americans defending USA's gun possession with Switzerland's

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Why is everything about farts in denmark...

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My entire high school experience.

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Slide in berlin mall

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"Pics or it didn't happen" -anotherchavez. It happened.

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Mount Roraima, Venezuela

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It’s all in the perspective

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How sick would that be..!!!

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