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Art of motion living up to its name.

Nice hat though

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28 points

I know this meme is not longer 'cool' but I relate on a deep level

Preview 62f759f4 f3cf 4139 b72d f21767659b19
28 points

When you're dark af

Preview a6930938 e617 4b8c 91d7 d7265056f7d3
29 points

Learning how to snek is hard

Preview 34c3d4a8 2511 4a9f a44d 23c5d99bb254
31 points

Here's 21 reasons why you should never have your parents on social media

Preview 67cfa66f b96f 49d8 bc1c 757074537e72
31 points

My neighbour. Should I?

Preview 9458a071 6e76 4f7c 8fc8 426e642885d3
32 points

Hey now...

Preview 68651f12 0aa7 46bc 89f8 56d65f296431
33 points

Give this guy a medal!

Preview 462be369 aedd 4213 a4cc 27194ca3c693
31 points

Pls press the enter

Preview 27069499 2225 4a3b 98f9 a91f743a33f6
31 points

PSA: They make buttons for this now.

Preview fe9a5095 e3ef 465e bf79 09e40a203cb8
33 points

A real redneck

Preview 5fb085ab 3b56 4936 ba14 577d9e789899
35 points

When your son-in-law tries to shoot you

Preview 2f384d6e 08e4 4367 b989 4f2bc8faf50d

Fly, you fools!

Preview 16263d78 36d2 41a5 935c 7b98765fd399
87 points


Preview fb7e3458 bb33 4e2f ad40 0dc926beafdc

I'm lvling up to 27 soon and I'm terrified..

Preview 3fe5309c 026f 4c6d 99f7 1e4ae41e5b05
41 points

Toilet humour.

Preview 5db65db9 f1e8 4587 9e9b 353995100702
50 points

Hello darkness my old friend...

Preview 26853bcc a9a6 4571 a043 cb9270eac995

A geometrically symetrical lotus

Preview 608ad552 0062 4553 b500 a55c26613830
37 points

What a glitch !

Preview 5c1e74f7 7212 4099 b8e8 171edcda1d52
49 points

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