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Man reacts to reporter's reaction.

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239 points

Zero f*cks given

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222 points

lifeguard on duty

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144 points

You may think you're cool, but you'll never be as cool as this Mongolian shepherd with his AK-47 and the pet snow leopard

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126 points

Seen at Walmart in OKC........

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125 points

Reinventing the vegetable drawer

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119 points
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When you are at her place and she tells you to not wake up her parrents...

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162 points
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Plan D

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127 points

I would never leave.

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I finally joined the #MasterRace

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146 points

Jesus burritos best burritos

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114 points

Valid argument.

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111 points
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Avry unclean Car,

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108 points
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Youth these days

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