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Whenever I try to dance with a girl at a party

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Car pool & Sewer pool

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27 points

Family Guy on ultra.

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28 points

German Police during a test mission to counter a terrorist attack with bacteria.

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This 3D art thing.

Preview 872bcd3f ea22 429a 8642 451eaeaa8bf7
30 points

Solid Fatherly Advice

Preview f23aad3c 3606 4d45 9bfd ce10a5ee4a26
28 points


Preview 67d99a5c 9d0e 44c2 a563 43c7a1f4a4c4
28 points
Preview 61d3a5e4 3792 44d8 a0a3 aaa7c2459a34
29 points

Violent Pit Maneuver

Preview 8e219ec3 9134 4aa1 b7b6 e3ea6e23db35

Drove 13 hours to get this shot

Preview 2aaeb8ee 8304 4495 9764 82f43f602da9
30 points

Who else agrees with this?

Preview 1c6c9603 960f 4b22 8f5a 0e7c3e4b0031
133 points

World's first working nuclear power plant started in 1951. It could illuminate four 200 watt light bulbs, making it the first nuclear reacto

Preview 024cce03 3071 4cbe 9c7d d17ac7ba87b0
33 points

How Train Your Pokemon

Preview 8d1dfaf5 be21 431a b212 336cb294af7d
31 points

After seeing 3 boxing posts in a row

Preview 4821523a 7be6 42b2 b881 9d7a5cceeb85
34 points


Preview 67d705f9 f717 412c 8f0e dd4acf1e167b
34 points

Indeed Sir.

Preview c057773a 49bd 42f0 96e8 d3f7ff65ca38
33 points

When I realize that there is still a nasty bug after a night spent to fix it

Preview 0a84cfef 0c40 4c73 b701 fc195e3848e6
Preview 80c55d93 cce5 437a 9494 369e5f58a154
34 points

I've never been this high

Preview 1e68b5b9 b195 4b33 900f c1fe32693aa4
36 points

NSW police force strikes again

Preview 0dce12f9 6395 41cd ac84 ef93243924ac
41 points

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