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Girl posted a picture of a $7 hat saying she needed a sugar daddy for it

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180 points

Eat more vegans, be fabulous.

Preview 14698697 65cd 4ce2 b016 09f0c90f0525
30 points

All my life was a lie! ಠ_ಠ

Preview a3f28052 5b9d 4e25 a132 d8be9773d5fb
26 points


Preview 846007f0 e33d 465b a4ca 7ada282f25b7

When you didn’t want to wake up the cat

Preview 92f3cf63 f408 4da6 aedb 314235a24078
31 points

What would be your last wish?

Preview 1a75b1cf 7bb1 47b1 9a29 39586e31ebe3
31 points

The good old heroin

Preview c9d8c083 6219 41aa a401 0da9e9494d51
31 points

It took me 15 seconds

Preview 67b6fa89 29cc 47e5 b5c8 62958596915a
33 points

don't jump

Preview 702d4ec4 7f59 4200 b86b 629e3eb5d294
30 points

Describe your post...

Preview 49c35b19 b478 40bb 8705 67a57cb52022
35 points

Put on some relaxing music and stare at this gif. welcome to my coffee shop

Preview d3a3fec8 26cb 4eed a362 14a703db7421
34 points

Whatever it takes to avoid interaction

Preview 186f025d 8a2b 431b 8349 40529ba27104

Don't do drugs kids

Preview ae5372b1 aa5e 4b33 9467 8a8ada032353
119 points

Do old people steal stuff!?!

Preview b92f13ec 8187 4703 84ab 98c6ed4e384e
39 points

Today on facts don't matter...

Preview 16b388dc f1ec 433a b413 e566487ae81d
39 points

Haven't you ever heard of knocking??

Preview 80429d60 3481 4f5a 96bb 3c0afd577b70
36 points

Mount Hua plank walk

Preview 2d342a7f 3915 4fa8 b5fd e93fc43897e7

Back on the streets again

Preview 9a38d22b d3d2 4b87 a692 cf0fedd17169
39 points

Describe your post...

Preview 5b7f99ed f5ce 4d5f a670 d5b78ee9eab7
38 points

So I saw this post and I present you our bridge

Preview 9ff5cd9a f82c 4d37 a418 a218737e7430
41 points

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