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Mind = blown

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Best Fathers Day Ever

Preview b55ac23f 7d7c 4bb1 9423 9354e279238b
25 points

This cemetery of car crash victim in Georgia

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25 points


Preview 43795ce3 0234 412b adc2 fb319b42867d
26 points

What we really want on our flights.

Preview a6e9a694 b75d 4b16 ad09 b8a9612aa774

Spotted on a front lawn in New Jersey

Preview 4fe8bb3c a1d2 46bb 9b9b dc5a491af529
25 points

Reverse Flash BADASS moment

Preview 8cc3e05d 59ed 42b6 b8be c4c5ebc27469
32 points

It was actually last year, but still

Preview a6697081 ddb6 40e6 9302 6d654c02bcf5
31 points

Which other games have useless rewards?

Preview f29a6813 3d8f 46c2 b247 45df2d576b93
57 points

Dew it

Preview 6505795c 55fc 45ed b69f ffe33260576b
35 points

I hate when this happen

Preview 686cc874 85b1 4869 a438 7308ee318cc8
34 points

Oh you know art...? Then tell me about this painting

Preview b4e39bdf bc24 456e ae4b 356bd27321d5
32 points

Actually sorry for most turkish people but still... MUHAHAHA

Preview 765cb6e8 a561 4f25 9dd0 ce11e3b73c90
36 points

Describe 2017 in one picture

Preview a2f94816 99f7 48ef be88 bcf64288fa2b
35 points

Shopping for clothes

Preview fa91731a 574f 4c87 80b4 360b5c63b5a3
36 points

The cats ear makes up the hidden part of the face

Preview 8b02a73a 4d4e 4e2b 898d c16329258515
34 points

Some people smh....

Preview e11d27e7 2215 4119 acf2 1d41e2a28404
35 points

How can ANYONE be so blind?

Preview 58466873 ad09 4058 86a2 7b642f77cf40
35 points

Scumbag teacher

Preview 729c626c e749 4065 a66c 6e926da91871
33 points


Preview 7fb5458f 317f 4524 bb41 9e2145c535b8
35 points

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