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Don't expect my phone number

Preview a3e7d789 7e36 408a 8a97 045737980183
25 points

This blessed pigeon

Preview f73f05f2 8a22 4b99 b6ea e25fdafc6c6a

No wonder old fridges turned me on so much

Preview 6acf523d 32a9 4b4d 99d7 19919a9c4958
25 points

Not Today

Preview e2367de3 7323 4f0d 9dd5 43dbf0344164
25 points

Have a nice one Muricans

Preview f2f1d32c d634 4f4b 90ea 6ebb7750597d
27 points

Anyone have other bright ideas?

Preview c45598f7 d433 4700 b718 c927cd90ce59
27 points

Oh boy, can't wait for the new season to start

Preview 894a99e5 61ee 42c8 92c5 6606236c6ff7
97 points


Preview f5ab17ba 1056 4e8a 964c 727f7d3b33e1
28 points


Preview eac51925 a345 419f badc ae1f6512dea9
27 points

This is me

Preview a647097d df29 4bab a01e b5ecda21d643
30 points

Damned Millenials

Preview fdc1c55a 643a 4cfe a986 2444ac9c2cfb
32 points

The assailant has been captured!

Preview f30bf39b 0a09 418b 9ca2 792ab445048a

♫ You've got a friend in me... ♫

Preview 25bab47b 786c 48b2 bf74 5bccb735bd5a
29 points

Go! Cabbage no jutstu!

Preview c9c4c9f8 d278 4193 abcd 34b0b1eb72ca
34 points

10 Pet Haircuts That Are So Bad, You’ll Want To Call the SPCA

Preview 89439015 846a 43f3 9982 e08e5e068aeb
32 points

If Disney Had Made Game of Thrones

Preview 19d17bb5 4128 4519 9624 e91a08ef0f03

my dog doesn't accept my love :(

Preview 04a6e310 1c0a 498e a3ca fee704bd7e08

Jesus Christ, did nobody check the layout of this front page?

Preview 07a1d38b 253e 4a5d 9606 47f0fd4b3a51
38 points

I know judaism is not a race. but there were other victims of holocaust

Preview 8d7e657a ac7d 444b 8f9e 1252fc042bcb
40 points


Preview 5702a5fb 0398 4ef3 8d43 3c6455eb3228
40 points

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