Comedy Pics

Winter can be also cool for some people

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533 points

Need Lift...

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422 points

Suck a lemon

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339 points

Classic Bill Nye

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454 points

Does your dog bite?

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206 points

Do not underestimate C

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431 points

Simpsons in real life, why not.

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Rainbow deflecting a lightning bolt

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402 points


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Catching a set of keys on a roller coaster as it flies past the camera

Preview 5ec766e6 bd0b 461f adb2 70e70a682b49

Can I upgrade?

Preview b8db4717 bf0e 46d3 a5ec d9ddb0364ffb

this guy's ears

Preview 09a7ca42 5f95 4117 8c10 993693190e85

I wish I heard the joke

Preview 68149aa2 a21a 4f10 8733 fb52a91f69b6

Couldn't have said it better myself

Preview 6079ebb8 34b2 4676 8e2b 7e424600fda5

troll comic

Preview c2871b01 fb91 4fad b9e4 0fa1163656f1
480 points

Leopard catching fish in muddy waterhole

Preview 6724f993 8052 4946 a332 2d176a7ba504

Damn that's unfort

Preview 6fa04e9f 1dc9 4d31 a445 3284349d422d

Not English I hope

Preview 0ef093b4 97de 4eb9 9b47 135b6ff024dc

she's not too thrilled about this

Preview 016296fa 1b4d 4a3e 85aa 2b55fd6510d7

how america sees europe

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