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It wasn’t me

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Lesson Learned

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49 points

She has a rather guilty look...

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Guess the animal!

Preview d4ba5263 8ca4 4edf 899a 396cea7e2e72
77 points

Tried this stuff with tape on the floor. I think the cat is not the one I should be worried about...

Preview 47eb282c b109 448a a6e4 569e038ba44c
78 points

What is this animal? WHAT THE HELL

Preview d442998f a0fb 4f72 a7a9 9db7d26b488c

Looking at the crime scene

Preview 41e42905 dd66 4c96 af67 25aa8351541c

I think this kittens are about to commit a crime

Preview df2f70d7 2534 4591 9bdf 969c05a187e8
238 points

Sleeping arrangements.

Preview d8335f02 49cc 4ec9 ae65 bed03ac5d541

Crab teaching fish how to breathe out of water

Preview 5a358bfb ded2 466c ac54 610b7c2a1fcf

Nice to meet you

Preview 0fff06a9 13c9 47ff a300 dee9f906ab94

Hamster shaming by local hamster breeder

Preview d4c7a1e8 7dd0 4642 897e 1eb5408630b0

Bamboozling vs getting gosh darn HECKING bamboozled :(

Preview e97ab71f f094 47f4 9927 34d0407a8793
88 points

Squirrel plucks around with a peacock

Can I eat him ??

Preview 0f362f94 2781 4ad9 858f 8b7149a1a1d0

Vet removes 21 pacifiers from dogs stomach

Preview f0cd91af 33a9 4d21 8e58 8a0f791bab5d

My Dog Just being himself

Preview e161b1be 30fb 4b57 8155 940f5e9bd16a


Preview c71f051d b392 4b73 8beb 536e9af07aa8
82 points

Otter go space

Preview 9e138058 a5c2 4bc3 a8ae 4249c43d7bdc
136 points


Preview 376d00d0 0acc 477e bd55 b531cc7e77bc
75 points

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