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12 dogs that look like other things

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Maria Ryabushkina

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Wasn't expecting that.

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258 points

Fu** your blinds!!

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Absolutely barba...

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"I'm a computer."

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Smarty pants

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She is Addicted to Paper

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Happy bird relaxing in its homemade shower

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Our Aussie Sheppard pups.

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I adopted these two girls at the same time from different shelters and I think they're soul mates or something

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That bag touched me!

That's my foot!

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Mikey being startled...

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For over two years this has been my favorite picture of both my dog and my girlfriend

Preview b5e20377 0076 403d 80e2 9ae285a53b09

Dogs are the best people

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Business cat.

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Sir Valence Cat

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The dog I received for helping me with my depression. people, doggo is the cure

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