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28 points

If you walk away from the office chair for one second, she’ll steal it.

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I think this belongs here...

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My roommate Kitty and the much sassier kitty Meredith

Preview 3a52120b 8da4 47a2 a552 dbc8ccd92ded

When your at the zoo and go see the wrong gorilla

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You can’t sit with us.

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Wife Caught Cheating!!!!

Preview 4cde31f8 3a20 4115 b7c6 300bac6c3de2

Baby leopard

Preview c146326a f4a0 4953 ac15 71a22d2907f3
31 points

"Wait, dat wuz me nuu bed?!!?"

Preview 7d52a1de f748 4836 80a1 176702be3c11

Oh you'd like to fold laundry? .....Cool. ....I'd like to have had friends.

Preview 22fb1547 8497 4ee0 82bb 22be3decd764

Fire and water Symphony

Preview 6b942324 6f0f 41d1 8a54 b1e8f94ed731
41 points

Please look at this picture of a dog if you're having a bad day

Preview 2c963517 71f4 46a6 8c10 97edd02ba9ec
39 points

Pls mr hand ur doin me a concern

Preview bdac3051 f2e0 4565 88b6 7d1f3a91be28
55 points

You was visited by the Chinese Master Doggo of Wisdom! Upvote for wisdom and luck!

Preview 9a19e8d2 7f73 415a 87df 54503dfa22b1
51 points

Me vs my photogenic friends

Preview 16af240f 5e7c 411f a2ba d4383db0382f
65 points

How the cat sleeps on my sister’s pillow

Preview b7e517d6 8b8a 4c78 92f7 696098d8f597

I could be anything !

Preview 3f9dadce 132c 4a91 b230 73967add2a1a

Found these cuties gathering at the window frame

Preview f093c6df 0649 49f4 b909 d3d3c8d830a8

The startling.

Preview cd2e67bc ddeb 4aba ba84 92a5fc26660c
48 points

This is the day we decided to put our sweet pup into doggie daycare.

Preview 64a69a9f c074 4ed2 bab8 ea44476eb64c

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