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I took a month off of work to bond with this little guy. Here's Koji right after picking him up!

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54 points

Have a nice day!

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71 points

When Kitty accidentally pressed the turbo button

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No road is to difficult to the house of a friend.

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113 points

A good catto doesn't exist....

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107 points

Lina has always been a bit of a bad girl, today she was caught in the act of showing her booty to other cats

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63 points

Good cat

Preview 7bd42425 78f7 48b4 8368 652d94ed52e2
67 points

I'm sorry Mum, I'll wait

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74 points

waiting for u ...

Preview 14eee82c d690 4408 bdc4 d093675b7f7b

Cute cate

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84 points


Who's a good boy?

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138 points

Have a nice day

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84 points

Have a nice day!!

Preview cb5efe6e 57dc 4b29 bb65 95a68559f6db
123 points

Have a nice day !

Preview bb4f3ce2 e443 4b28 ba13 a01abb7e0d29
88 points

Have a nice day:)

Preview d3e46913 5923 4aab 91d6 5dd018cf0223
137 points

People in Brazil just saved this stranded whale, after 24 hours on the sand!

Preview fef021d3 d2b9 4494 8a07 c224995d630e
118 points

F**king Timmy

Preview 7ac43630 2b65 49ca ab04 a9adc95714be
97 points

This is why cats are better than dogs...

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84 points

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