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27 points

This cutie tried to bring me a big dead rat at 6 am this morning! 😳

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Sometimes stuff like this happens at Doggy Day Care

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158 points

Say hi to my handsome boy Vecihi.

Preview 05d959f2 aad3 45c2 902a f59be55aed2c
40 points

"Maybe the cat has a point. I should also buy a boat."

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42 points

Ichabod!!! We wipe our mouths with those!

Preview 80f7c9d7 96b9 45bf adb6 fbc62d4c50bf

This is my cat's toy. It used to be a bird before she ripped its guts out..

Preview 3aa3fff5 7163 4bde 89b3 4a7d54213097

Zooms on my startled cat face make about 90% of my sense of humour

Preview a2f22bc7 92af 4f64 a05b eefb125c8d93
43 points

A butterfly visitor

Preview 96726aa7 2c25 4435 8250 fd866c6cc8f9

Best Cate Natural Image Full HD Picture

Preview b2b9e99e 4a1e 403e 833f ee88e5f45a37

Where Rainbow really come from

Preview 39163621 b132 483d b3bf 41fbce785523
54 points

Rate my Kitty!

Preview ce329726 4569 4d10 9850 a67fa0389ca1
46 points

When you turn the fan on!

Preview ab05a77b 4879 42e1 9ab9 a83eb0beb7fb
42 points

Chameleons will hold onto anything you give them

Preview 0b183830 1063 4887 810a db0d206d7015
56 points

I printed out yoga poses to try. My cat did not approve.

Preview 2148b6f0 6560 4799 96fe 803572af56df

You may look, but dont touch ok.

Preview 5e43aa5a 72c8 4872 ad60 9909a1e9edfd
65 points

15th century cat leaves paw prints on owner's manuscript

Preview 3c0a638f ef1c 4d4b 963c f8be6ad5200e


Preview 84782925 2a81 4b34 8204 9819b659233e
59 points

The most beautiful thing you'll see today

Preview 478980e1 7afe 44a1 b90a 61767b6b94f1
54 points

When you yawn and your homie decides to be a jerk

Preview 6a5a3075 9ebe 4d40 b37e 701df73f9e40

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