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43 points

I told him he is not allowed to place his ass on the paper

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48 points

When you set a possum trap and your cat is an idiot.

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My cats likes soft pats on the head

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45 points

Which style is the best?

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55 points

Well, this exists

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245 points

One day, one doggo

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46 points

That's discrimination!

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119 points

The "thumb" trick

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94 points

Zero fucks were given

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A slow and startled acceptance.

Preview 66b05aac 303a 4ca6 8fb8 d76ca8b11985

That moment when your dog more benchpresses than you...

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56 points

Girls be like "am I look fat there?"

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46 points

Tiny Tiger

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34 points

Who you gonna call?!

Preview f974e306 9a0e 4506 8ac9 b637f1cb9e3c
41 points

It wasn't me, I swear

Preview 601d34db 15c2 4c2b ab4d b69030939474
49 points

Just, why?

Preview ee66a59c f64c 4751 b21c e882eef43d43
50 points

My doge when she sleep

Preview eb289b96 b39b 4048 96b8 950233cb9067
28 points

I made this

Preview aee6c333 d5fc 44db 9533 6a73add94bb4
112 points

Think before you throw a tantrum

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