Cute Pics



Found this little girl when I was cutting the grass today!

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Name this prototype

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My sister's dog jumped the gate and then tried to dig herself back under

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My spirit animal

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37 points

When you've been undercover in the cate gang for too long and forget how to doge.

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45 points

Cat Plays Cup & Ball Magic Trick : Amazing Animals - So funny

Welcome to the world

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Sorry for the long post but here's a cute little nope is showing his love for hoomans.

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Hey! Be quiet!! I'm tryna sleep here!!!

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Goodboy Cerberus does a guard of the Gates of Heck

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66 points

I don't know why but this warm my heart.

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I aspire to be as happy as this dog

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Can't f**king stop laughing. any idead like this?

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70 points

Otter go space

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68 points

Four friendos spot a bouquet of kitters

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103 points

Taste of Lemon First Time

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178 points

Alliance of Therapy Dog

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Pupper then, doggo now

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