Cute Pics

The towns had enough of your sh*t Bessie.

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What would you name him?

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107 points

Big cat doesn't like being styled upon

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Cutest father-son picture I've ever seen.

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151 points

Four years later, the tables have slightly turned.

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164 points

Deer enjoys an apple

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116 points

Wrong calf?

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74 points

Oh my gosh

Preview 764e7515 a82a 49d7 ae56 5378e4c48e9e
100 points

touch the fishy

Caught in a bag

What kind of animal is this?

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75 points

Its over 9000 woof!!

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82 points

And then there's my husband, showing dominance over the cat

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109 points

Girls logic

Preview 55f21c9a 31ee 4c9b bdc3 3cc888a2e133
101 points

Now you know..

Preview bde354aa adb2 4663 9433 3b5e58f5efee
61 points

Definitely would ride him into battle

Preview b4719d5b ceeb 41b2 9ad9 0fa271e70051
92 points

Secret life of pets

Preview 4da8278b 3da0 4e5b 8c49 ccb79add343e
103 points

Pay attention to me!

Preview 9c82ef3b fe9e 4e48 8a62 7b2085e3346c

Stephan the bear hugging Svetlana Panteleenko who adopted him when he was only three months old

Preview 9ebcfd43 edf1 4204 81e9 f5b04e7f4142
123 points

World needs more hugs!

Preview 1d2c6545 f2f0 4a35 b142 6f643715fd82
94 points

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