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French style best style.

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25 points

The Plot of Toy Story 4.

Preview 4ea8411c 6bba 4420 b467 04370c2794f5
31 points

There are those who WAIT for opportunity. And There are those who MAKE them.

Preview 8039f79f 3d26 4e04 82c7 248792ef1042
30 points


Preview 1bb5beec fd39 4cbb ac6d 9fb9387f5fde
31 points

Recycle Bin

Preview ceb7a965 031c 4cd3 bc71 d2c9549a5d6a

How automakers see back seat passengers...

Preview 5a297a94 6e82 46ca a0e4 f15ec650e213
97 points

Just Slavic things

Preview 2641a7f3 3e15 4aa9 9053 7a014804e796

When I get called for a production incident

Preview 1ebdd590 30fd 43b1 a286 c1f1dbbdc63a

If it looks stupid but works it ain't stupid

Preview fc293d64 ea1b 4355 ae3b 5283a05628f7
46 points

Still mom’s kitchen helper, but slightly more awkward.

Preview e640e3e7 7825 453d b4f7 b052198ab85c
111 points

When the cotton farmers sing the blues instead of working

Preview f3472235 afaa 469b 93bd 4c4480f89cee
48 points

Dad And Son Recreating Old Family Photo

Preview 31d0e240 ecd9 424c ab0f 60449775bc4f
55 points

All hail the frog

Preview 753f4229 7c92 457b 94c8 45398f857608
45 points

ultra slav

Preview 5f35db98 f8b9 4489 a86d 27bf8b981bb6
43 points

Beautiful City at night loop. Anyone got more like this?

Preview 8bd123ef a1d8 4672 bc88 09c74e04883c

Incredibly accurate Death Star firepit cut from a 36" steel sphere

Preview 7fb55553 4227 4805 9e23 0407840532d0
48 points

It was at this moment that Jackson knew, he f**ked up

Preview ffa4474c 16c3 4090 afdc 71b8611863a4
53 points

If Lays Made Beer

Preview 1fb65624 4813 4460 a155 55784890ad4f
53 points

So hot

Preview 23ac9166 43b9 4c5b b60e 24d1f201921f
57 points

When your package needs to go from Charlotte to Winston-Salem, but UPS takes a shortcut through Florida

Preview fa292dc7 fe07 48eb 9f88 f155da593149
51 points

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