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From a bar on Bratislava

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27 points

Just another pretty girl

Preview bcd2ca80 518f 4a36 a3cc dad9dc4b9c8b

Legendary people who are born for their roles.

Preview 03ba3c11 c3c6 433d a84d e10096553468
118 points

Mouse hunter floof. Aaaaand I’m not getting work done now.

Preview 9d87c5f3 15ba 4e27 877e 12e5c3d7f3df

When Russian meet Brazilian

Preview 810885d4 2f22 499d 9eaf 5de892fa3b8a
31 points

Selling drinks was not allowed at this music festival...

Preview 411a9332 aeb2 4174 a02a a2bb746b8b17
31 points

My son is a realist

Preview 32d04483 4699 419f 82d2 d682047844aa
30 points

i know this feel

Preview 891ba400 b616 4bc7 9b3d 56cf21c9abbb
88 points

Scrolling through Instagram... Faith in humanity restored

Preview 1502e57c 7d29 43dc 9b77 3673c7bf0682

Daedpool is such a dick!

Preview 56939540 3a46 4456 9ab9 1dd84f39401d
32 points

B*tches be better than hoes

Preview abf61544 ca87 4b48 b883 68ee94e4dc1d
33 points

Cat thief.

Preview f01aa794 1f3d 4c9f b5c3 1d3adbb9e680

When you're being a piece of shit

Preview d5279103 951a 4167 a0ee 3ed6db02b7fb
32 points

When a panorama picture goes wrong....

Preview 1796aa5b fcc0 4435 b646 9da9ce09d78d
34 points

When u don't trust your Tinder date

Preview ec2a53e0 a122 4cca 8a5c 1194929f5beb
32 points

When you see it, you cat unsee it!

Preview 3a713618 0a7e 46d4 98e5 759e4e9fc3d8

Hello there!

Preview cf14797b 4fcd 428e a88e 867e003bd018
32 points

I have poured my dog a bowl of cereal instead of giving her food multiple times.

Preview 6dfc8916 d69d 44b0 ab46 c512a9e0c31b
35 points

It's a valid point

Preview 4926cb85 21ec 4ba4 bf7d a22e2df0e69c
36 points

When the hotel staff has your back

Preview 8c6b68b0 1eca 4f58 b069 4cec12d10bd7
33 points

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