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When your rank is more important than your grade.

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385 points

When you just 1v5 (csgo)

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Sometime you gotta help your captain

Preview 57720e6f 702a 47ac b44d 8592d46beaf1
240 points

Russian Tanks

Preview 5beb640d 22f1 402b 94dc ca3f374b95f2

GBN yyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Preview b259a249 a8df 4f79 a23b c5adb5a652b4

[BF1] My soldier got too excited after winning...

Scientist, get serious.

Preview 221f4a08 663e 4311 807b 4a48701d3246
295 points

Is hating him still a thing?

Preview d11f1356 125e 41eb b431 40554fd3b1aa

How to get girls with Arno

Preview 9d7959da 071a 41d0 af94 c1dd7c70defa
319 points

Gotta play scavenger now,I guess.

Preview 6df06f38 5fcf 4607 8191 80597d4c0426
263 points

My experience with stealth based games

Preview ff0470dd a9b9 4ead b70f 1bd7620a354b

No offense though

Preview ed00538f 6c8e 4d99 87bf 609b0e8abb6c
340 points

A dank meme a day keeps the suicidal tendencies away

Preview 6154be49 80fc 49c1 987d 2d6d58b33615
344 points

When you skip the tutorial in a new game.

Preview 7eb88cf0 bf12 4b88 89fb dd713b51e0a0


Ken vs Ryu, never gets old

Preview 86758634 f632 4abf 9727 8c0ec78ee570

Gamers Toothbrush

Imagine Age of Empires with these physics

477 points

When I hear someone saying he beat the game on brutal mode without dying and no cheats

Preview 58acbef7 88f0 4142 896e 5f7eec4c93a3

Gimme 2

Preview b2c36da1 2026 42b9 9050 a86f31b2052f
261 points

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