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No offense though

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434 points

Gamers Problem Childhood vs Now

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233 points

Have mercy plz

Preview fb3fcd21 9ead 4fd0 b2e7 feeb00bfc663
300 points

Rly CDPR...?

Preview cd3778b9 e6e0 47c6 9234 63cd06c249b2
165 points

ARMA III players will know

Preview bb7e14db 2cbc 4632 a3af 0e8e7d5c6fa3
230 points

Super mario speed record broken thanks to this move in lvl 1

Preview c5b00efb f138 448e a1a5 37951b45e956

Russian Tanks

Preview 5beb640d 22f1 402b 94dc ca3f374b95f2

Time Crisis in virtual reality

Srsly, wtf?

Preview aa8b7817 9f86 4414 88ad 68a8e2a9a8b9
365 points

Gamers Toothbrush

Playing BF1 in Hardcore Mode

In my time we didn't have their fancy minecraft

Preview 4a386537 94db 49cf a13b 99ca61c0be79
217 points

My longest head shot in BF4...So far... (2363m)

Preview a0500e1f de31 4f2d 86de 2478064a3d34

When your rank is more important than your grade.

Preview dea7b9c9 1054 49c0 90b8 514883d2ef81
437 points

When you just 1v5 (csgo)

Preview a5906825 3e88 4950 8619 7ab5fdddb50c

Sometime you gotta help your captain

Preview 57720e6f 702a 47ac b44d 8592d46beaf1
282 points

GBN yyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Preview b259a249 a8df 4f79 a23b c5adb5a652b4

[BF1] My soldier got too excited after winning...

Scientist, get serious.

Preview 221f4a08 663e 4311 807b 4a48701d3246
331 points

Is hating him still a thing?

Preview d11f1356 125e 41eb b431 40554fd3b1aa

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