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Hell Yeah!

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My longest head shot in BF4...So far... (2363m)

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Holy Shit!

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Russian Tanks

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As a support main I can't disagree

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127 points

The problem of life.

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162 points

When you just 1v5 (csgo)

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Srsly, wtf?

Preview aa8b7817 9f86 4414 88ad 68a8e2a9a8b9
166 points

Overwatch reached 25 Million players, Blizzard right now:

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85 points

If you remember this game, you had an awesome childhood!

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Every lee main ever.

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Time Crisis in virtual reality

Please, can some one tell me how much does this arcade simulator cost?

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Have mercy plz

Preview fb3fcd21 9ead 4fd0 b2e7 feeb00bfc663
131 points

I wonder...

Preview 88dbe550 f015 4575 93c9 cd2bbbc8c4c4
78 points

ARMA III players will know

Preview bb7e14db 2cbc 4632 a3af 0e8e7d5c6fa3
93 points

When you are level 1 and you have to wear any armor you can get...

Preview 5c0491cb 214f 4c2e 8aeb 4deb2e5039a1
196 points

When you reach the end of the map

Preview d88d8601 fd8b 4828 96a7 7a90d8ffcb7e
112 points

Ever seen $10,000 in cache

Preview 036a9516 668b 4f6f b457 7bb43b5e9b74
123 points

I don't know what to think...

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