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Try this at home

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Losing control in a race.

Preview f60e21ab 6456 4f2f b956 2997de27c331

"I need to ask you something."

Preview e136d500 2ee1 4ef7 a36b 3a85a63da3d6
27 points

Now you can see him!

Preview 30f7158c 62be 4cb4 8839 b71b3342ff4b
34 points

Twist Plot

Preview 102f74a3 379f 42e4 930c 670916c94d3b
41 points

Dude what

Preview b3882794 5db3 4828 853e 700818e63078
42 points

I met my soulmate

Preview b703bd91 a137 4944 a864 2615444d0eb4

Timeline of the crack leading up to the Trillion tonne iceberg breaking off from the Larsen C ice shelf in Antartica

Preview 7710fbf3 4494 44e0 9a82 17dcabfc50e3

This animation of crumbling paper

Preview 4afc24be 0ed1 48e2 9614 61319e249e05
58 points

Me when trying to talk to girls.

Preview 7f9ce5cd 48e7 4e73 995f 391fc921f09b
64 points

Life got ya down? You need more Parks & Recs

Preview dd247b43 df4c 485f a9f0 06a61acd9ca5

I made some small changes to make the American flag great again.

Preview a16fdad6 482c 4e9b a4cc 36d16c4147ce

Aurora on Jupiter as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope

Preview e04229ca 1956 4629 ad8a fffb6d32444a
68 points

How do they do it?

Preview 157b09b0 e62f 4a03 9511 a160a4fd948c
67 points

Quality engineering

Preview c359df2e b905 4fdd 87b6 61d435d95e26

When you encounter gandhi for the first time

Preview 1b62222d 1490 4271 99e8 f9279d32be50
66 points

After my friend told me he is dating a prostititute...

Preview 65547b14 38ff 4d79 a299 8281687a23e2
61 points

Pilot ejects from fighter jet

Preview 72a83ec4 c6a2 4b5f b58c 16d9f781c9da

obvious Justin Bieber

Preview 2ae102b5 b156 4449 b4b8 e198cad1ee6e

drunk guy and his shadow

Preview 0219d1e6 9e04 4898 b81b baea3c94770e

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