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A man's worst nightmare

Preview 4211ebb7 9816 4b2b 915f b75f60758f9e
35 points


Preview fb731868 4b8d 4eeb b70d b5aae9a88fff

Look at that style

Preview 76a735e2 f74f 437a 9995 539c407c19d9

I'm so excited, I just can't hide it

Preview ce380779 4b65 4e43 8afe 1d2d4650b2ea

The dog wears in t-shirt and smiles.

Preview d4c4e83a 7f56 438c 896f 1df216025344


Preview 39c351c7 0108 4fda bbee a6fafd136c75
75 points

Travel as much as you can. As far as you can. Life's not meant to be lived in one place

Preview b3e1cee2 7c73 4f0e 86ac 126cfd8a1663

The secret to McDonald's French fries is a little-known ingredient

Preview ab3b5b36 e9be 428e ba7a e937842f7290

The dog is hurdling.

Preview 2c09165d 357d 4a9e b518 d5e2b097ab68

pizza party

Preview 57aafff0 c4f2 49b0 93f3 2195fcd58b5b

When a bug makes the app crash

Preview 55c45f02 bfbb 4c70 8e82 8b4135b54ab0
252 points

Fuck you and your communion, then

Preview 3c1f1fa0 889f 4195 a479 ad5e8bf35771
91 points

Donald Glover and Childish Gambino comparison

Preview 64084e79 976c 4918 8456 5127def2546f
85 points

Just walk... but like, up.

Preview e8b35f30 a8f4 4991 89e6 be30bc8951b4
81 points

Hide in Your Hairs like This

Preview d193b7c9 514e 44ba a581 916d86f801d7

Leaving my first metal concert like...

Preview dbab4c7b 67ea 4ca6 81c8 e70c08470d1a
193 points

See an interesting post, open it up then...

Preview d218eebb 1b18 4212 8d37 030ba5f9a0cc

Say hello to my little friend!

Preview 00763b40 0cf7 4b3a 8452 e7615803ff8f

Help, I think my friend was possessed!

Preview f0739b11 1f03 42b6 9134 2faebf404775

Crazy Ninja Cat

Preview f75afd8c e432 4f1b b2cf 65b043551815

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