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The ultimate Jager!

Preview d366662d acc2 4c08 801b 47574d39bfe2
26 points

The most perfect gif ever made

Preview 88db67e0 bc95 48a1 bf8b 4e88e031826c

What the hell are you looking at?

Preview 609fd09e e0a9 43ee 9424 9cc5c051b28e


Preview 4daf5fef 152b 48ab 9ce9 06400af50b58

Dog disapproves of yoga form

Preview f97b4704 67dd 41fb 832b 3f23df63cf30

In the nuts

250 points

Damn...what did that door do to you?

Preview 3eb8a6f9 cc0b 4e28 a677 ef3db5e3402d
146 points

The when you just got home and need to shit.

Preview 8e334837 c54e 4229 b802 71e6769ce9af

This robot builds domino shows

Preview 3eefa61c a894 4431 b799 4c360d69a2e4
65 points

500kV Switch Opening

Preview 27a56e92 3bbf 46c8 ac9b 5294de005719
366 points


Preview a8ba3cab ab1d 4d08 b83a 6c343814602d
127 points

Just classical troll message

Preview ae696488 4315 4e37 ad5e dfce3648795c
66 points

Sorry Steam, this is how much No Man's Sky is worth and not the $23.99 you're asking for it.

Preview a42cd62c bfa7 4fd5 836d 557dc8ada81d
66 points

At least you tried

Preview 99c31ff1 68a6 4b32 88fa 688f6c39fc82

hair game strong.

Preview 17be929f 612c 4347 bdaf 9493432424f9

Nothing is wasted...

Preview a17b2d93 550f 415b afbb f559fb2fc72d
76 points

Be cool

Preview bcf89aba 9975 402d 8518 0c781e174474
72 points

When we send the interns to the DBA office

Preview 7af5b73b 12d6 4014 b2df ff3094c2f3d3
219 points

Tumblr chicks amirite?

Preview fc02ce13 3128 44f4 89f4 15df1c936000
277 points

When you stopped by traffic lights while running

Preview 3063ea07 f61b 4e90 9121 6e836a289981
78 points

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