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   Are you hungry?

Preview 072d66c6 d1fc 4cdf a988 6ed8b03e10d0
42 points

The Morning After

Preview c015cc3c a47f 4e8e ad4a ce5bd01522b0

Please, sir, don't litter.

Preview 4a4132fb 3005 43df ad4e 13f249b60792

Funny Cat in Costume

Preview 6ccc544c 3cfa 4a74 8868 0a9eb8db1317
55 points

When you have 1% of battery left and decide to downvote one more post

Preview 67ebeabd 19da 4c58 8c67 d86ec0a2c8e5

What have you done to me human?!

Preview 6d4804ef 5c0b 4e70 b873 36793d95389c


Preview 24db5cfe 1cc2 4abb b72e 058632ca47a9
57 points

Shadows on the surf

Preview 423be0ba 7ffa 4dfe a569 11ba590ef764

Descendant of the Tauntaun

Preview 53a5717c cef9 499b a5da a694c630c61a

As expected!

Preview f4ad29c5 ac51 4f10 9a64 46caf1a96166
58 points

Dog in a reduced gravity

Preview 5421c087 e9bc 4634 9e26 0a6bdcf0d4d8

jedi. for real.

Preview ae71d820 5622 41b2 8767 19a12619ecf8

Close so close

Preview f6f12e9a 2281 447c 880c acec93d15e43
58 points

Santa is an as*****

Preview 1f1c20f5 092f 46a9 96e6 d267b7f86835
192 points

Splashing through puddles

Preview e5a502f1 ce27 472e b19f 5700639106e8

... lemme just boop that for ya

Preview cd6a4ac5 5e07 4b45 9b3c 166271d3805c

When you finally catch that annoying Lúcio

Preview df21fce9 8ab7 47ae b90e c4192af5eb62
57 points

Fake News

Preview 3b91f8b0 cff8 4f16 95c9 fe4b7b85ed9d
52 points

Never let your parrot listen to metal music

Preview a419b3fb 96db 47fd 9f81 bb4758e1924a
50 points

Giving my opinion on the internet

Preview 1b4032c5 556b 4f5a a6a8 24686f3d1efc
57 points

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