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Johnny & Helene. Name a better Iconic Duo in Film Industry

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That moment when you look more like Natalie Dormer than Natalie Dormer

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So Romantic...

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Sarah obviously didn't feel the need to scream that she is strong and independent

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I'm not the only one here who can relate

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Can we appreciate this man before it's too late?

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This is Bran. Bran already knows whats going to happen in Game of Thrones but decides not to tell anybody. Be Bran. Dont spoil, dont leak.

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Well that escalated quickly.

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Only real baguettes know this movie

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Original One Punch Man

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You never know what is gonna hop over that border

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I was a stunt double for Emma Watson in Harry Potter

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Just when you think you are safe...

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I am the one who knocks!

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That many people can't be wrong.

Preview 56a1ede2 75b7 4c39 ae5c 87986083447c

I am Sh-ocked

Preview b8b06e84 f424 4c10 8427 5fb442f7e3a0

Choose wisely ( only villains.. no anti-heroes )

Preview 8fa2cea4 57e8 4bfd a8ad 3b4f2cbbee2c

To make the killing justified

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Balrog vs Smaug

Preview 1b1fa6e5 9421 4e98 becf bb7c4f0bc828

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