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The truth has been spoken

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Who would you choose?

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And yet they still call him the hound \_(¤ _ ¤)_/

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So why isn´t there a RealLife Pokemon Movie yet. I want one. I need one.

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He got a point tho

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Which one would you choose to be your wife ?

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Dont scare him Patrick

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Grey Worm after the last battle

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And you're losing control

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What would your cross-over series look like?

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Why I love batman!!

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R2-D2 What Happened to You

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He might not be the best Spidey, but we can't not notice his impact on the internetin the past

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I wonder how he would reply to Send Nudes

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Whats next? A female sherlock?

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These guys are real life musicians too and they appeared on GoT, so what's the problem with Ed Sheeran. Is it because he's more popular?

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Awesome idea!

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Who watches the WATCHMEN ?

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We're all living in the middle age while this guy lives in 2017

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