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How much do these two look alike?

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It's Working!

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Don't we all Jerry

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Am I the only one who is scared af?!

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So I saw this post, fixed and updated it :)

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This guy has a point about Rick and Morty Halloween

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When people say my driving isn't safe!

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Haven't seen a LotR meme in a while. So here you go :)

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Just watching this piece of art again after a long time

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On a scale of Luke Skywalker to Jaime Lannister...

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6 Facts you didn't know about 2017 Oscars!

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6 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About 2017's Beauty and the Beast

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'When you grow up, if you still feel raw about it, I'll be waiting'

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Hi am Hannah baker ...

Preview 5d055dee 4ac8 45dc a420 c055ea3b3144

*grabs popcorn*

Preview ba6011d1 a20a 4593 aabf 70b5aa60adee

Hope there will be a season 5

Preview 02fc67dd d9f6 40a7 81d0 3226d02a833d

Next level cosplay

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Recently watched the movie! it was awesome!(Minor spoiler alert)

Preview f28289f5 3bf7 4edf 9d74 764d5f64b521

One of my favourite movie

Preview e76192c3 5ae9 493a 9482 acc9456aee96

One Reason 11 was Great

Preview c9e4b80d 448d 4abb aa31 af1067cc779d

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