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This episode really bugs me after watching.

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The force wasn't that strong with Liam

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This Scene gets me everytime

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The same applies to LoL players :D

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Jaimie Alexander

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A Look At The Addams Family 25 Years Later

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A Fascinating Look at the Stars of Harry Potter 16 Years Later

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Happy birthday!!! Stan Lee

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Happy Birthday Stephen Chow (Actor-Producer-Writer-Fight Back to School Trilogy,Shaolin Soccer,Kung Fu Hustle,CJ7)

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Autistic Screeching intensifies

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Difficult choice...why not both...

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Easy math!

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Alien 1979-2017

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Here's my lotr themed tattoo

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I feel kind of dumb now

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All I heard from people is "cyborg looks terrible"

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Rest In Peace George Romero!

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Probably the best actor we have on planet earth right now

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Good guy Deadpool

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