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Because money

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Witness me!

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When your company changes sponsors

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People are saying that the new episode sucks because a woman helped write it, this is for you guys.

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I don't care what anyone says. The dark knight is still the best superhero movie of all time.

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Don't forget that the plural version of Jedi is still Jedi

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Upcoming movies in 2017, I'm going to be broke. Which ones are must-watch for you?

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Show me what you got

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I finally remembered who Euron reminds me of!

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Go home..

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Forget princesses — this makeup artist turns people into Disney villains

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A friend made this for my birthday next week. Thought you guys might like it

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Are you sure about this?

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Poor Sansa.

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A GOOD BUG IS A DEAD BUG ! And they come back.

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We interrupted pregnant baby with breaking news

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There are scrubs here

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Why does money exist?

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