Prank Pics

Prank level: PhD

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Cool Star Wars Prank

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Matches Prank

Fish swimming in water cooler prank.

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wat? wtf? omg!

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Pure evil...

Preview c352e5b0 4054 4597 a27f 706c6ad2d79a
219 points

Kinder Egg

Preview c635f479 889b 4069 aa4d 835043d5a310
163 points

Diving Prank

Preview f2a14a08 3ba8 438d a0e6 702e91f92baf

Watching you!

Preview 84a7f742 a875 4430 bced 909ce772adff
183 points

Nope! I will not be eaten. Not today

The Evil Banana Prank

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196 points

You can't be serious

Preview 59ad67d2 f30a 4b39 9adf 740d95621ec1

Put up a Craigslist ad selling a free baby donkey with my friend's number attached. Worked well beyond expectations.

Preview f9ec3a0c 7ac0 4f2c 84e2 495894dcfeac
131 points

Self Fatality

Preview eaa7cdd6 bdfc 4701 8ead ef97d75163ae

Best Prank Ever

Preview ce6e8975 23c1 4032 9494 3c1e826da395
171 points

Mission Im-Post-It-ble

Preview ddf74a9a 50a8 474b 96f8 ad821f14663c
131 points

This was spotted in my local area, got to be one of the best 'harmless' pranks I've ever seen

Preview ef00ccfb 8ac4 4261 bb23 55e6bb8524f6
304 points

Dr. Evil would be proud

Preview e45614a7 d1b9 4748 a9ee 30f81b77b837
135 points

Packing muscle

Preview 62659bfe cc95 474c 9aeb 0b7f2c898f12

Walked into the office today, and...

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294 points

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