Prank Pics



Self Fatality

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Never miss forearm day.

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Prank level: PhD

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Cool Star Wars Prank

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Matches Prank

Llama Attack sends prank llama texts to people from a random number

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288 points

Think my coworker will notice?

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111 points

Craigslist Pranks- A Special Haircut

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160 points


Preview 250c10c3 c5f3 444b 8ba1 9a2a40f02221

Dorm pranks will be back soon

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108 points

Windows Key and Caps Lock pedals on secondary keyboard to colleague's PC

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140 points

Fish swimming in water cooler prank.

Preview 38946ac3 e37d 4bce 8eeb 1b1ff67a9e8c

They made the University more joyful !

Preview e70f2a73 a64a 41b5 a6d6 f27daf554a4c
113 points

Poor mom

Preview 295475f3 044b 4a42 803f a715c1308f61
157 points

wat? wtf? omg!

Preview 16c55d48 699a 4bf1 a4a3 4ce70daa77f7

He Totally Won't Stalk You

Preview b9dbb10b 5e9c 409d a57b 6b7565f14978
156 points

Set this up in my roommates room, he went home with a girl that night

Preview e0ba87a0 ed05 47ee 9998 94f6603dad4f
203 points

So our house mate got a new keyboard, which comes with a key changing tool...he left the tool lying around...

Preview 8bbcbf4e 10fc 4d53 af98 3ab974db6f3e
131 points

Pure evil...

Preview c352e5b0 4054 4597 a27f 706c6ad2d79a
257 points

Kinder Egg

Preview c635f479 889b 4069 aa4d 835043d5a310
199 points

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