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Think anyone will notice?

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62 points

Just got pranked while off sick

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80 points

Fathers Day Prank: Achievement Unlocked

Preview 5bd851b3 f769 45a9 920a 6c0733b21da1
69 points

hidden camera

Preview bd68388d bbe8 4d35 943f 2ba37ffde774
72 points

A scammer sent me a friend request. So had a little fun 😈

Preview 250d3301 7574 4965 ab59 35b261dc61f4
85 points

Licking Dog backup camera prank from

Preview af03fbf6 5b09 44b4 9c86 771f2a0056f4
66 points

Just a little prank I made up. I put in the notes app because I couldn’t make a text post.

Preview f5794a4a 994a 469b 90e1 606e012b47fe
70 points

Zip Ties and Grocery Bags

Preview 7fd68296 51a6 4ea0 8ea0 a5c730f061f2
101 points

My in-laws were uptight about the family photos. How long until they notice this slight edit?

Preview e0117524 9f16 4697 ab14 ea8a573b689b
97 points

Rat Boy Terrorizes Tinder

Preview bac2ecfd c11d 4116 af16 f139ff7bb075
95 points

Hope you guys and enjoy and please help

Preview ee238f7f 7169 4a3b 8519 3be2bf00997c
68 points

What my neighbor found on his back up camera thanks to

Preview d574cd73 508e 47da 8eda 3474216db870
75 points

Dumn troll on gf while Im away

Preview 0fcfacf1 6012 4f53 8b1f 4aa841471331
117 points

Pulled off the ultimate office prank last week.

Preview 5bd9dc2a f0b6 42f6 b679 7d101f4ad7e4
74 points

Offering people French Fries at stop lights!!

Preview f18c151d 74b6 472f 83a0 e68586116046
197 points

Somebody Stole your Car

Preview 5b8c787f 55ee 4498 b0cb 0829fa5e93cf
84 points

You can't be serious

Preview 59ad67d2 f30a 4b39 9adf 740d95621ec1

Trump in my car's back up camera!

Preview 50a40319 7178 4d43 8e67 fb7aa1d25c09
99 points

I hope my roomie brings her date home.

Preview c47146e6 797e 4ab3 80f2 7ad8fa5354d1
91 points

Decided to have some fun with one of those spam emails that made up a fake relative and event to get me to send money. The right is my reply

Preview d28846c9 9e00 4d47 bbac c3e2cf2de6df
93 points

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