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Help me with a prank!

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47 points

Please call! I’m trying to prank somebody!!

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84 points

A small prank on the local news

Preview 37ca254f 75d7 4375 b5af a2bdc047eceb
108 points

I taped up my friend’s iced tea

Preview 74e503d6 50b9 4360 b5f5 1839c18de78b
85 points

Now with less phone number! Need ideas on where to go next.

Preview fae056f5 ab3e 4cb9 8ebf 18962e606b38
110 points

Why can't my phone connect to the wireless?! Only Sometimes?!!?

Preview 8fd88456 c745 484f 8dca d42b5eee4b93
97 points

Pornhub prank call. They think it's funny to call my job and call about Pornhub. Have fun.

Preview d192910b b07c 4ea7 b57f 16356b659f32
157 points

Collection of April Fools Day pranks !

Preview 03b77ac9 21e3 4786 9bf3 7ed45d6c247f
63 points

Watch out for #7.

Preview 277b8682 d4ef 466f 85af 8c2b4dd48cb6
71 points

I was a little nervous waking up on April Fool's morning, but I think the GF delivered appropriately.

Preview bbbdfb5f 823a 41d8 be00 7674b668e730
96 points

I was pranked 4 years ago... 200 calls in 4 hours.

Preview fc323e0a 641f 47ae a159 57b0cad17bc8
79 points

Got me for a second

Preview 3b971771 42c9 440e b27e 1ffd1d559b79
86 points

For as long as I can remember, there has been a shower-orange shaped hole in my life. Today it was filled

Preview fa0633ff 4f2d 4527 af9c 5a5ea37f5af7
121 points

Best prank ever!

Preview afdd657d c579 47fd ba05 ea3f80b6f8ea
61 points

I made a fake album cover for my friend and put it on my story people actually think I mixed a song

Preview a14d9804 affb 45e4 bb49 c939b2d1b0bc
101 points

Was at my parents house making maple syrup all week. Result was 11 quarts...

Preview fbac77b2 b0b7 4736 8b99 ac8ca9c3eba1
68 points

How to do a balloon drop with an inwards swinging door??

Preview 1345af0d 9399 40fc ad5a e89e53d12ae4
97 points

Fake IRS who scam people

Preview cd05a256 b9dc 4773 a2b3 def9e0b9b6b5
51 points

I hid this is in my roommate's closet and left the door cracked

Preview 56ae8a83 4ca8 4b25 99da 6e448b862b63
61 points

plant stand

Preview 220d56f1 521d 42ce 9281 629323b460fc
50 points

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