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So my flatmate texted me at work "Your room has been barricaded. For your own safety." Came back to find my door like this.

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138 points

Sent my father-in-law off on a road trip with some new flare

Preview f41e282a 18c5 42e3 b4b5 9731b23e7624
170 points

Working Out In Random Places...

Preview ec1a7660 730e 4e72 ab98 b71334edbf8f
192 points

I just pranked someone on omegle by giving them a certain phone number. Hear for yourself. 248-434-5508

Preview bbdbbb31 198c 4b33 a22c cc661107a9f9
104 points

Singing the "MUNDO" meme on random people

Preview 431a7a92 010b 4729 998c 2cb450aecb91
102 points

Great Prank Call App. WeKnowAnyCard

Preview 2017f4de 0aba 4ac9 98ee c224ffd91087
111 points

Prank call this dude Prank this dude say whatever you want make him mad tho 896-3259 btw thats him so glhf

Preview 02da3a3e f1c4 4875 83bd 3923306e3bb7
88 points

U What?

Preview 46a153b8 125d 481c b589 5bd45cb42006
152 points

My friend's idea on what's a good prank

Preview f318c669 2aaf 4050 8404 8d7ca5ae5c11
125 points

Faith Based Insurance

Preview 20dc383b 6ecf 4b72 a812 06d9272ae472
209 points

God i wish i knew a kid called barry right now

Preview e51d6db6 2d1a 46e1 b057 cd563e87612a
114 points

Switched my mom's sign in the bathroom that read "Be the change you wish to see in the world" -Gandhi. Nobody has noticed yet.

Preview 226e1abc db9c 4167 8420 bfc7aa5006f1
118 points

My first post - awkward airport pick up

Preview 4d09d2b7 1fc3 4c5a 82c3 f3bbecc13949
125 points

Kid Crys over his phone

Preview 1571e07f e12a 45d3 b0a5 cbaa6b7a2742
74 points

I was pranked by one of my friends yesterday with the help of this backup camera prank. Here is the pic

Preview 4e41897d aaad 4b17 8f57 fd2b6243d188
182 points

My boss hates the word “moist” and she left her keys lying around. Naturally, we had to use that to our advantage.

Preview 5526bcaa 043c 45ae 93b0 d844669bd1a5
124 points

Shipped this little gem to my buddy. He still has no idea who it was.

Preview 8f2f19dc eed9 470f a29e b1819dc78b37
373 points

Wife left me with three kids for the weekend... so this is how we welcome her home at the airport!

Preview 5417f948 810a 4061 91d3 42b8069c757e
188 points

How to freak out a MacBook user by using your earphones - or any other magnet

Preview 57bfb6fa 4ed2 4ccc 86f7 08caea60eefe

Ok everyone vote for lil pump on the song awards we need to make him win lol. Plz upvote we need him to win go to vote for lil pump

Preview a0380fa5 95b1 4ccb 85f4 69a9e77146aa
191 points

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