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big titted chilenian bitch Laura Luna Rabo

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big titted Laura Luna Rabo

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Wonder how long its gonna be until the boss spots his new number plate 😁

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91 points

big ass german Ricarda Twietmeyer

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Big ass german-russian Kristiana Tsenova

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big ass german Charlotte Werndl

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Prank call/text

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64 points

Dad had irrational fear/hatred of jolly ranchers. Solution: buy two large bags of them and hide them EVERYWHERE. Best money ever spent.

Preview dd8f2d66 c878 475e ad1a 090a7cd17953
85 points

My ass

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74 points

Big ass german-french girl Kristiana Tsenova

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They all gonna be like oof

Preview bb44c880 aaf4 48d4 a274 955bc317bc2f
126 points

I might be the JUSTNO here, but it was funny as hell. Made my SIL cry though :(

Preview d3d451a4 bc65 48e2 87a5 56df4e68d062
141 points

Oreo Toothpaste Prank!

Preview 8b882bdf c8c6 4f11 a386 99a0a3163295
131 points

Calling in sick to places I don't even work at ! Check out 519Comedy on YouTube!

Preview f3d3facb 5063 4fb8 8eb9 fbe78064da2f
75 points

Tips on interrupting marathon finish line in banana suit?

Preview c8764b9c 4a2a 4db8 947f 0d2d791e73a2
67 points

Rare footage of Hawkins childhood

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Comcast office prank

Preview e31524a4 9a95 4637 9911 cef874565615

Omegle Virus Prank.

Preview ff3bb65a c1ef 46eb a3af 23cb751fb4f7
160 points

Obama's latest portrait at the Smithsonian

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104 points

Ethan bradberry youtube prankster tied to ISIS - Exposed

Preview 1aa0d722 6888 46bf be46 3a7788f1c60d
93 points

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