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My friend asked me to order him some phone cases and screen protector... I ordered that and a Grow a Girlfriend 🤣 Can’t wait for him to get his package

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71 points

Reasons you shouldn’t be a smartass when your girlfriend asks what you want for dinner. 😂

Preview 90bdd5ff 47bb 429f bd35 fb349fb9a2ac
84 points

TICKLE PRANK on the beach

Preview fdcb7416 78a0 461a 8279 ec2c3e69d93a
94 points

Asked my boyfriend to buy a rug and he bought this. This is war. I need pay back ideas now!!

Preview 40339869 5fc6 44ce 9042 26223e377a8a
87 points

Not sure if this counts. One upping an obvious prank text from a random number.

Preview 743397ff 0715 4b25 873f 5eef261b18b5
96 points

My son will be home from "It" any minute now.

Preview ab026d07 2813 47fa 8efd 6a0a2e8d2f31
80 points

Found this in the men's bathroom at our school.

Preview a954e0cc 599d 424a 8771 574c95d15f9e
77 points

call that number at the bottom of the pic pleaseeee and say some wack stuff

Preview 7b169108 b3b0 4ecd 8ea2 66c43859e1fb
65 points

Got ‘em

Preview 55a72b7f 615c 4b74 b969 d8b09cfc5843
72 points

Shipped this little gem to my buddy. He still has no idea who it was.

Preview 8f2f19dc eed9 470f a29e b1819dc78b37
136 points

I like to pack random things in my roommates bag when he goes on business trips.

Preview bec3f6b1 69a5 440a a4ec 18354880d64d
88 points

My gf left country for a week. Enough time to blow 1200 balloons at her place.

Preview d94fd385 bc69 49c0 9ade 597e62c8b84f
96 points

Stuck a mustard packet in my friend's drying epoxy

Preview f4de81c7 84ce 406a bba8 0890dab73305
82 points


Preview 834b7440 2e55 4cd5 be63 05cb6bca4fbd
87 points

Help get this prank to a new level.

Preview 2240d28d f5b0 4e46 a6fa 1ed17e29d0ed
125 points

Please Do Not Sit In This Chair

Preview e9de379f 7895 4d70 9597 9e88176ef596
100 points

Self Fatality

Preview eaa7cdd6 bdfc 4701 8ead ef97d75163ae

Co-worker went on vacation for two weeks so we pimped his ride.

Preview 081c9332 658a 4f03 85f5 92c881bf59a4
94 points

Prank My Bestfriend!!Heated!!

Preview 7e51d5af d611 4399 93a8 2417db3cead3
87 points

Somebody tried to "donate" this couch a couple months ago. I got tired of seeing it.

Preview c903a032 ce4d 4051 862e 085b8213084c
112 points

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