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Obama was really born in Hawaii.

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John McCain is an asshole

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wait, whut?

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Blow a Cockroach, Crazy Japanese Game

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Guns don't kill people.

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DNC primaries were rigged by crooked Hillary

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what fidget spinners?

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Al Franken molests another sleeping female reporter

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pimple popping

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they say chivalry is dead

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spot the difference. Obama vs Trump visit to China

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chair made in china. lol

Preview 050c2ce8 cd11 49e8 8ef3 49e5793fa829
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they say Chivalry is dead.....

Preview 7d679614 b3fa 4f20 a422 081c42892387

Heroes don't wear capes?

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NFL Irony. Colin Cancer

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the good ol' times

Preview 2c6bf1e9 8ff3 4a8f af4c 449836416ed1

RIP August Ames

Preview 9c168e09 4e91 4457 b3cf d1118593dd95

Upvote if your parents made you drink this

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Rules for teachers in 1914

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