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Took this shot of my buddy the other day

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sitting on wall of Bunratty Castle

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A wall of rock

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The invisible man

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Good thing he didn't skip arms day

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20 Stories above New York

Preview eece0232 f98e 4771 bd93 099dbcf64808

45mm/1.8in ice cracking behind ice skater

Preview 078a6e24 99f7 4dba 8739 8e9b8583e563

Don’t fall down the lift

Preview 2aaa3dd3 c90d 458d 90f9 bf4c77f07c5d

Step on a crack...

Preview 471b101a 550b 45fd bc39 0cef01fb18e9

Don’t look down...

Preview 87f40788 16b7 4db4 a6b6 75e0afe5a8c4

Hong Kong

Preview 3aaa1a0a f0f8 468a 920f 2f08827b9d5e

Phone being held very precariously

Preview cf6a2096 b036 4ef8 8880 feb5952bd3a5

Look Mom, no hands!

Preview ba7eb64b 1a8b 403d 8d5a 98ba940f39c7

This picture makes me so nervous, but on the surface he looks calm

Preview 3bdeabcc 4c99 420d bd74 c0ef6d7bc358

Taking the top out of a 90ft tall pine .

Preview 084882da 7f52 4d86 9e42 b9f10c1ffbb0

You shouldn't be driving

Preview 5d2fd225 72b2 4e87 b200 f97cf6b05687

40 story exterior staircase

Preview f01ff2fd ae17 4b7b b420 12f51968f4b0

trying to depart from the moon using an SSTO

Preview 9795fe8a dcd0 4948 acd8 20e702b1a902

Do you trust your partner

Preview 0f14b742 8c0c 4a6d 9232 dbaf25a8db97

Scaffolding failure

Preview ee2d7326 3d9a 4a93 a3af d6223d427d13

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