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Kirill Oreshkin climbing to the stars

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Look ma no hands!

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But they still decided to take a picture first..

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very sweaty on the South rim of the grand canyon

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I'm not getting on that ladder. No sir!

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Taking a Break

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Amelia Earhart: OG rooftop queen

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The lamprey is a parasite and it’s terrifying

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Saw this bullshit on Instagram.

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Ladder, Portland OR.

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Why just why

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Italian Alps

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This ballsy ass motherfucker

Preview e64c7b50 ddf0 4645 8fdf 61f14068f28e

These two on Vance Creek Bridge

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Tasman Bridge Disaster, 1975

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45mm/1.8in ice cracking behind ice skater

Preview 078a6e24 99f7 4dba 8739 8e9b8583e563

On the edge

Preview cb9c4db9 1e4d 4fa1 9c22 e39016a828b4

Acrobats balance on top of the Empire State Building, 1934

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Riding down highway 15 at 70mph and this dog feels like this is the best place to lay.

Preview eea484b1 9e96 468f b700 584cfbd90348

Trolltunga Norway - Frenchman spendt the night.

Preview c85dccaa a4c4 4a4c 8c06 59be0b1fb283

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