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Sitting on a dam

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He has a wasp allergy.

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Sweaty Summit of the Eiger

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One more step

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I'd be shi*tting bricks

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Elevator shaft

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Hanging out at Angels Landing

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Thanks but I think I'll just burn.

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I'm scared to even climb a ladder, forget this

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Why would this ever be necessary?

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0/10 would not recommend

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Ironworkers, the ultimate sweaty palms profession

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Climbed a little radio tower, no safety gear

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Painters on the cables of the Brooklyn Bridge, 1914

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I've never been so cared to have my toe nails cliped

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This observation tower

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The Ledge, Willis Tower in Chicago, glass extension 1,353 feet up!

Preview be57c06c d203 4db7 9b23 133bde827d3a

These steep stairs on Machu Picchu

Preview ed6e25ed a262 4638 8480 52bc186de1cd

No thanks!

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Would you drop in?

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