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German Railways (Deutsche Bahn) posted this for International Cat Day.

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35 points

Roses are red, 6'6'' and we had to bend, what would you do if we hit on your boyfriend?

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41 points

This glorious pyramid of cherries.

Preview 44b5d0ab c1e1 4f28 aecf 54a77651cc5d
36 points

Teletubbies just teletubbin'

Preview c4f2e9da fc0c 4954 bbae a2bb7b96eab1
47 points

Brick ceiling and 12-foot windows in this Philadelphia industrial loft

Preview 78aba1be cf3f 45cf a293 830826fd816a
38 points

View from my backyard this morning.

Preview 624cf07f bce9 483c a86e 5500876f47af
44 points

Zedds new house

Preview a3a5c3d9 92d5 4542 a77a 1f7ef3e0953c
42 points

Dining and living area features a large skylight, brick wall, hanging fireplace and a black metal staircase in this renovated home in London.

Preview 4cbc0038 0a38 4c0d 9a66 0b7c8986fadf
40 points

Sitting on a dam

Preview 1608d423 8417 493b a636 df7f1733ff4c

Fashion Plate

Preview e3b8a6d5 3ead 4598 b2d2 13da7abfda9f
294 points

This fish that jumped and froze to wall in -22 degrees in Iowa

Preview c86673ac 0e5d 4cde 9d00 a8fa6a01ce4f
66 points

A town in the desert

Preview c53dbdb8 de19 4f30 842f d28b33f1ee34
60 points

The view from our campsite in the Sahara Desert

Preview 20be7793 25fc 45f1 b170 b920f2eede06
45 points

He has a wasp allergy.

Preview 7df759e4 deb4 4539 90e3 495d7804e216

Good Guy

Preview 469b295e 61e0 4166 828d 1213acdbf136
67 points

The third gender

Preview 70b686f2 f444 4027 9a35 87caca16fbec
62 points

This river in Portugal looks exactly like a dragon

Preview a5962e84 23cf 4ac3 a769 9e5cd457c5ad
60 points

That's some shit.

Preview 101b664d 5f23 4272 915a 162552498672
288 points

OP of the baby snake photo here! Here's another pic of the little guy! :)

Preview 8c949e00 d126 4290 99a8 158a54af9bac
60 points

Saw this at my local dog park today

Preview bee9bb20 26d7 4f62 a0e5 006423ad3426
73 points

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