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House Goals

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37 points

If it works, it aint stupid

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45 points

Heard you like modern-classic architecture fusion...

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45 points

Keep warm in this small, but cozy living space, located in rural Norway

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47 points

So my dad got a set of throwing knives...

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36 points

Bikini Bottom aquarium

Preview 64f028ee 14c7 4d33 a133 a9fe3e7e6ed6
45 points

Definitely a turn on

Preview ad69dcc7 fbfa 41be a07d cc312b55e045
36 points

Lightning at the airport

Preview 0305c7fd f19b 43e6 9b91 0328e1751bc2
37 points

Won a Birdhouse skateboard 19 years ago, Signed by Tony Hawk. Never skated it.

Preview afa9fbd2 4c73 495a af38 992c0afbf22b
121 points

What insects look like after the rain

Preview 6e503e7b 7009 4ab1 9893 ce4242c8cc4c
38 points

In Germany there are also bridges for planes.

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82 points

Perfect timing

Preview ba6f5cf7 bbac 4307 8dc1 791a64bd2f90
32 points

My older brother and I with our BB guns in the mid 1990s.

Preview aa4bdbf8 141a 445c 994a ef4c82304b5b
59 points

National Gallery in Slovakia use Star Wars wallpaper on one of the walls in a 19th century art exhibit

Preview 692ada8d 6951 4990 9631 8a0b7cc0c681
151 points

Witcher inspired swords

Preview 27fa1a08 40ce 44ab be75 2009633ba499
32 points

Seth Rogen & Joseph Gordon Levitt smoking Snoop Dogg's weed.

Preview a4f85d4f 96ca 4a81 bbfb b02ad5f8d8eb
56 points

Best $10 I have ever spent

Preview 722cd0ea a096 460b b816 e73856111007
44 points

Pain is relative

Preview 1dc9516c 5042 4e96 b3b2 4bca43cca8e7
50 points

Made hubby a 8-bit Mario out of pennies.

Preview 03efa685 732d 498f 9ef1 cf831a9f88ef
83 points

Can't find funny title, sorry

Preview 71e479f5 4ad9 4b15 803c 5e0c9569fe36
47 points

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