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The World Smallest Cycle

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Natalie Dormer. What are your thoughts? Done by~ adventureisoutthere

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58 points

This spiderweb is frozen

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130 points

Open living room with plenty of space

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199 points

92 year old man spends over 30k to create and send troops movies. Only accepting thank you's as payment.

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110 points

"I must go, my planet needs me" - Sauber F1, 2012

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248 points


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109 points

BASE jumping gone wrong

Dragon made from gate in Dublin Ireland suburban housing estate

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194 points

Builders of a skyscraper in St. Petersburg have photographed a circular rainbow

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122 points

Emma Watson in a dress.

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105 points


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Swimming pool water untouched by contaminated flood waters

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121 points

An elderly man sitting outside of his car door spoon feeding his wife ice cream

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120 points

Some of the incredible landscape of Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada

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116 points

That's some shit.

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210 points

This is a beluga seen from below. A shape which should be familiar to you #mermaid

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127 points

Do you guys know what this is??? it happened around 3pm today

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128 points

The Siberian 'Snow White': Albino girl, 8, with striking pale hair and porcelain skin is flooded with offers from modelling agencies.

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