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Lionhead shaved out of a dead tree

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28 points

How many Gold Fish can you fit on your cat before it wakes up?

Preview 78b27f8e e526 49f4 9bb9 d517ddc50b9c
32 points

Types of knives, thought you guys might like this

Preview 184d3b0c d7b7 405a 8d44 10d0bfde280e
42 points

Collage House, Mumbai, India

Preview 0285ffc1 da52 46c6 824d 0de8c07aa9c6
44 points

Meeko loves belly rubs

Preview c891d8a0 67f4 4f66 91a3 25e60fb3902f
52 points

My best friend passed away last night. She never was good at taking flattering pictures. Rest easy girl. You were loved.

Preview 8119dcf3 5222 44ff a0b4 8d2a5fa73227
47 points

Bacon Rock

Preview f18d5be9 6c3e 4560 961c d6f537e9a13b
52 points

Stacked Tables

Preview 24c18041 001d 4747 bb76 2c58991f18b5
49 points

My friend challenged me to take the most dramatic picture I could with a paper boat. Here you go.

Preview c107c390 75d6 4f2a 997e 29b3c3c7aa77
53 points

Today's lightning storm was so intense I was able to capture it during the day.

Preview b0fecdc3 b4ed 4de2 8efd ee5cfe5825b4
64 points

Nature is beautiful.

Preview 61af9753 98aa 4878 abfa efdb2978d5c6
100 points

Enjoying a banana

Preview bd74289c 3804 4a39 ab7f e3cddb2b12f1

Tired of your shit, human

Preview d8196ed4 a88a 46d0 9bfb c12aec338665
69 points

My mom finally opened her present I gave her in 1998.

Preview 738a5a2d a022 49cb a7dd 304866be5208
71 points

There's always that one guy

Preview 03cb3563 4de8 4dd7 aa2a 4cb38130e488
74 points

Kenyan Artist Hand-Carves and Paints Wooden Sculptures of Local Nature

Preview badee9ce 1498 4d0c be4c 72a75b4ae815
67 points

My little sister drew this and wanted me to put it "on the picture place"

Preview 707c3246 843b 46b0 a5ec 199d7a258284
67 points

Different Phases of the Recent Solar Eclipse

Preview 97648df5 5567 4bdf 99bd 877bd7ce6b2e
65 points


Preview 4da773b5 b307 4f55 8c51 62468fb606d6
66 points

Unobstructed views of the pacific ocean in this living room, located in Carmel, California

Preview 1cee031b 1212 40b2 979e 772042bc60cd
63 points

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