WoW Pics

O.O I found this stuff in our warehouse

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9 points

Kim Jong-il is hiding out in my local Starbucks

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186 points

I call this masterpiece

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126 points


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119 points

Barista From Korea Who Creates Art On Coffee

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105 points

Unusual friendship

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122 points

The safe word is "404"

Preview 599a9832 a364 4894 98fd 09db38261cd3
166 points

Male/female priorities

Preview 8dd51e1a 32bc 4c21 bb23 8f3683d658a1
172 points

One of my students asked if he could charge his shoes in the computer lab.

Preview e1baa06c 500f 4306 b145 0cf38bce9218
197 points

Heaven !

Preview 84463c6b dc6d 4543 ae5a 9dab33e1763c
190 points

Ski lodge with a breathtaking mountain scenery, Lech, Bludenz district, Vorarlberg, Austria

Preview bdd60369 93d5 4faa a80b 9428d85dac70
119 points

The main hall of the Richelieu-Louvois library in Paris, France

Preview 0f37a662 43f4 44b2 ae44 b0470a191d95
104 points

Nature is awesome

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116 points

The perfect ending to this wave shot.

172 points

Spacious bathroom, located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Preview 5dce1633 b408 4260 8573 2a118f77dc2f
110 points

Open living area with double-height ceilings and marble floors in this home in Perth, Australia.

Preview 4de6eb28 d9f3 40f0 8cb4 252e3c23a89d
122 points

Living room with exposed concrete, located in Pisco, Peru

Preview 2422ad73 98ef 4645 b46b 7bf40ecb7b78
104 points

I love how the Japanese give this much value to education.

Preview c12e8930 f3b6 4cab acd0 894680a0fd8a
147 points

My kitten Sullivan is very interested in what you've got to say. Please, continue...

Preview 91f5438e fcee 45c9 82b2 c5ea6fb09568
110 points

It just simply amazed me.

Preview a780820f 9cbd 4c72 802e 069509fcdb5b
174 points

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