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How things should be..

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7 points

Vodka bottle that can be used as a bong. Of course made in Netherlands.

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34 points

I would never leave.

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109 points

Walk the plank...

Street artist adds small details to create a bigger picture

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99 points

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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110 points

I love my hometown :-)

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125 points

Viva Polska.

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98 points

Ford gt

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91 points

Cat carrier

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78 points

Pink Lake - Western Australia

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88 points

How to pick up women with 100% success rate

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106 points

Dream Closet in Utah

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95 points

Waffle cup maker.

Preview 78279367 64be 4b6e 89bf ccdcd26fa3b3
105 points

My friend's tie knot is a rose

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116 points

The flies will never see it coming.

Preview d64fff9e 83ef 4e75 8887 182aac16d3ea
85 points

I think I just hacked the matrix

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94 points

Bedroom features angled, floor-to-ceiling glass walls providing a view of Lake Austin in Austin, Texas.

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89 points

Skiing in the french alps

War never changes.

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