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When the shadow matches your personality

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27 points

Went on a 2 Week Long trip and forgot the house key in the front Door. came home to an intact house. justdenmarkthings

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26 points

Having a bad day?

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37 points

Posting one Rumi quote every day. #002

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48 points

21 people who flawlessly recreated their childhood photos

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65 points

Slide in berlin mall

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52 points

"Pics or it didn't happen" -anotherchavez. It happened.

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64 points

Mount Roraima, Venezuela

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171 points

It’s all in the perspective

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57 points

How sick would that be..!!!

Preview 0600ff2a 8f20 4abf 889b 9e44adb24a04
59 points

Some true words if I may say so myself

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59 points

My dad found this guy outside his shop in Buffalo starving and lost 2 years ago. They haven't been apart since.

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49 points

Philharmonie de Paris

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44 points

Clicked this couple of years back. I believe every1, once in their life, should go on a mountain far away & spend a night with the Milkyway

Preview cf4eb100 eba3 4644 b40c faa94486d393
37 points

Found this very crazy looking flower today in Seattle, WA!

Preview c4e377a0 8039 452b 8d71 2705f533e46d
42 points

All woman are Wonder Woman

Preview d450254c e8c5 49b2 9810 505562b8fce5
43 points

Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into Terrifying Monsters That’ll Give You Nightmares

Preview 3d1f7c97 0465 4bdb 976d b7d820394ac1
46 points

I wrapped this intertwined labradorite pendant today

Preview 6f4d5554 6d0d 446b b302 8609b15638c7
47 points

Smooth AF

Preview d9ba65b1 f3a2 4970 836c 4bae7eaff1ff
37 points

Thundering Tampa Bay Lightning

Preview 71d1447a e3f2 4881 a52d ffadabe9e589
38 points

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