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27 points

The incredibly talented and young Iranian artist portraits Ronaldo with her toes

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127 points

Sunken living room surrounded by bookshelves with an open view of the garden, Mexico City, Mexico

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273 points

Stretching interior pool with beautiful natural light and hardwood ceilings

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140 points

Woman with birthmark was described as 'ugly' and 'strange' flaunts her natural beauty in an empowering modelling shoot

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203 points

Beautiful sitting area with warm tones from the wood and tile and an expansive view of the Pacific Ocean in this home located in Pacific Palisades, California.

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137 points

I call this masterpiece

Preview 5005a82a ae24 468a b174 e7a65db10421
274 points

Living room with exposed concrete, located in Pisco, Peru

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229 points

I present to you the mesmerizing Australian Rainbow Opal.

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132 points

Not too bad

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177 points

Living Room and Kitchen, Tokyo

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190 points

When helium gets under the screen on your cell phone, this happens

Preview 0ebca106 b884 4dbf 9666 b955803c4096
206 points

New York model Melanie Gaydos with rare genetic disorder is breaking stereotypes in the fashion industry

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177 points

y tho

A lovely view over the stills at Treehouse Brewery

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103 points

Think about it

Preview 66ebc751 1ec6 49eb ac60 6ed85127ae0b
119 points

3:15 a.m. on a canoeing trip in Sweden. Woke to wee, stayed up for the view.

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95 points

Dry Erase Wonder Woman

Preview 2a5f3b3a 8988 44d4 9b37 2ce685ccb0ba
104 points

I just visited Stuttgart and had to drop this masterpiece of a library here!

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121 points

Living room with windowed walls and high ceiling, Whistler, Canada

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