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Shower Room

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243 points

Did he f**k it tho?

Preview 852bd9a3 4f57 425a aec7 5b3fb721b97d
194 points

Long live vinyl records!

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227 points

Please take me there...(a village with no roads)

Preview 1a6dd71d ef05 45c3 9736 1905129f3408
185 points

When you come home after work and realize it was your lucky day

Preview 7e6ff973 66b8 4b88 8c28 0a84a9416f3b
243 points

Excellent storage idea

Preview 281706d8 a29e 4dc7 927b 3c8128ad5113
247 points

Amazing street art in Glasgow

Preview ba4c3482 9b6b 4daa b4da 69a021adb98c
245 points

The border between Belgium and the Netherlands

Preview 89cc97cf dc45 4904 8c9b b71bc0aa3d6b
147 points

Green Balconies...

Preview 51f9e5b5 f743 427b ae27 8f8d7d96cc37
194 points

That perfect reflection...

Preview 3925df14 97fd 491d b85a 9c4ec65b34c0
162 points

This one looks badass

Preview d38d2810 005a 4bea 97a4 a186bc76e137
132 points

I completed this awesome Lego Marvel Helicarrier :)

Preview a02f7a23 8826 409e 8962 12897ba7f20d
122 points

The Shenzhen Airport is shaped like a plane

Preview eeb95695 ea42 47be b270 788176b19d3e
172 points

A good use of the Panorama function

Preview cd378cc8 b77c 4836 a1cc ed4ab7e7f0f9
216 points

This should be a standard in all bathrooms.

Preview 28da129e f938 40ec 9ba8 3f058fadf5e9
218 points

This girl at McDonalds built a Jenga tower with her fries

Preview 926adfab 0ba1 419c b488 ecfffca29b19
310 points

O.O I found this stuff in our warehouse

Preview 5d65726a 6d95 4137 b5f5 8b5dbb578717
255 points

Kim Jong-il is hiding out in my local Starbucks

Preview b40a2365 704f 4a00 bf9f 6f9aa796720b
222 points

Unusual friendship

Preview f84db66a 93df 4ac4 abc5 828d129895c0
143 points

I call this masterpiece

Preview 5005a82a ae24 468a b174 e7a65db10421
159 points

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