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Just another pretty girl

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Fixed it

Preview cff8aa0e f828 4e26 a0af 7277a0cb4831
34 points

There's a third option besides burial and cremation

Preview 670a5512 2331 442a bf91 248dcd7de6a8
35 points

Scrolling through Instagram... Faith in humanity restored

Preview 1502e57c 7d29 43dc 9b77 3673c7bf0682

Yep, Reuters, Soros, may God have mercy of us goyims

Preview cc172c83 27fd 4d06 94a1 b67154c65dcb
32 points

When you see it...

Preview 06ddd029 4dea 4790 b080 b038b19cbd02
32 points

When you see it, you cat unsee it!

Preview 3a713618 0a7e 46d4 98e5 759e4e9fc3d8

Wait.. what?

Preview 1b129fac bab9 4788 8deb 9523f33a8aef
35 points

Walking into this in the break room.

Preview 7c74bd46 48b0 4d94 8c15 a21e16a0d128
34 points

Advantage of being tall

Preview 3862ccc7 e87a 4d13 bb50 71d180b8be59
35 points

No, Mommy needs these for FASHION

Preview 9634d1cf 85e4 43ed 88f6 e544363d403b
34 points

This plump waxwing and its breakfast

Preview d6a0b57c 5c8d 4979 a1cf 0f5886f02ca0

Oh hell no

Preview 5ea8ffcf 365e 4b71 8f12 43d5760baa2a

Tried taking a picture of the pier...

Preview 19ea8fa3 fe2f 4859 8b34 bab749420620

Its a trap!

Preview 76d1edc2 c4bb 42dd 8921 f0594c8281be
36 points

Billboard in Austin.

Preview 61161867 9a8c 4e65 a23e 61be9ac96956
34 points

20 minutes

Preview c5fd8f80 5f22 4bdc 952c 8954d39d0e3e

My whole life is a lie.

Preview 8807e03a 82d2 4c58 9264 e79ebd686070
38 points

A Quickie

Preview 0fc6bffb 0210 4bb4 b715 927c16ba583f

SQUARK!! Good morning to you too!!

Preview f4f74142 871c 4bfa b9e7 1c7ee1eaee78

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