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Suprise "Nope" attack

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Man lost half his face due to cancer

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32 points

OMG! PC is not Running...

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Preview 0cae398f 1849 4513 aa1f 69321dd2d259
31 points

What kinda size this?

Preview 1b30130d a0df 4538 990b ebd864378b15
35 points

Positively pulsating!

Preview a1eed45e b1f6 4526 b49d 07c4da841b87

I honestly don't even...

Preview 82afe5ed 0639 43ee a75b a7d458b9c39a

Wtf is this true?

Preview 85855f74 3eda 4958 81fa 715b704e848a
44 points

White death

Preview 9e825e7e 73ad 4115 9efd ef432c4793a8

You should pray to Jason Statham instead for better result

Preview 02ff559b 1b1f 444e 9392 25dd9c50b94e
47 points

Morning wizz

Preview f1380a39 ff30 4dc5 86cf 30a445d473a1

Going for a quick drink after work

Preview b4623be5 b044 4249 839d ceae4729d8b7

Hate when that happens

Preview c16ada44 1746 4a38 9a34 925adcf6d81a
50 points

gal gadot ass wonder woman

This guy's biggest achievement was photobombing the beatles

Preview 99759fda 5441 4f96 8394 8bfe35560a2a
50 points

The invisible man

Preview 3809e3fb d87a 4010 9a75 b6eaa00573ea

That's how the world works today, how dare you want to cross the street that belongs to crack addicts? How dare the police try to clean it?

Preview 1bc975b7 333a 48c1 9396 a96ee38903eb
53 points

Reignite an extinguish flame

Preview 4ccdc2ca a191 4eb1 a530 11c191e10dae
110 points

I bet france will go into a strike after 5 minutes

Preview cbbbf773 5881 4fd9 9d69 e4d8745c9cc5

Anamorphic Bin

Preview 44f60b11 44ed 4338 a31d 6e634a8d9241

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