WTF Pics

A Samsung battery just exploded in the Subway in Hong Kong.

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78 points

How to cross a river

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Effective Roundhouse KO

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Delivered with Care by Fedex

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wtf is this real

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Someone skipped their meds again......

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40 points

Can someone help me?

Preview b3b014a5 fdf3 45da a490 70a1a5f2c787
41 points

Never skip leg day

Preview f5f45d95 7487 4dcf 826e 8bdebf4178c1

Seeds sprouting from inside a tomato

Preview 25acd612 636a 45b1 bfeb 3b3e54580eeb
45 points

Just a penguin on an invisible surfboard

Preview 550e8ee8 a3d6 4bfe 8d6f 397b0e82bdd4

I'm enjoying this too much

Preview ec8f7daa c8fd 4c9e 9a4d b9de99934297
37 points

Power Break 003

Preview fe96e374 e983 4dcc a7c0 47905c8aeeb3

Typical neckbeard vanity plate

Preview dd22dcd2 fc81 4cd9 b906 e4a8ce0f8c8b
36 points

What the f.

Preview 2e15ddc4 3f8a 47e2 a8bd a6f1008609e9
44 points

Water on Mars, You Say....

Preview 15495191 34aa 41e2 88f5 7220f95d502c

Parked in front of this freak at Costco

Preview c2b39b79 d761 457a 9c06 f30dbea8bf72
47 points

Driver ran over a steel rod

Preview 7e4d0980 5694 44e9 98a5 1354afb33004
140 points

Strengthening the bond

Preview 27d6bde1 61c5 4234 91c6 d11351c18574

These CAPTCHA tests are getting pretty tough...

Preview 0212c6a8 0987 4f70 b505 bc6d1fac45c9

To those talking about pineapple on pizza, what about this disgusting habit?

Preview abde42b3 ef1c 4871 b683 bbdaed43e511
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