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Phone > life

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35 points

This YouTube comment

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34 points

Mario's Old Sandals

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34 points

Muricans trigged

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CBD Finally Becomes Legal In Over 50 States

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Some guy burned the shit out of his leg on my harleys tailpipe today doing this. Seriously why do people think this is ok.

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40 points

Oh my gosh! no way.

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44 points

Total mind Melt.

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48 points

Really annoying sometimes

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49 points

Not mine but still makes me cringe

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55 points

The tile company that works next door to our studio decided to make a surprise entrance today. Luckily no one was seriously injured.

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56 points

It's time for a champion in this game

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271 points

Super Saiyan at Super Market.

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55 points

You simply change the law

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17 Pictures That Will Leave You Feeling Shook

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59 points

Car pool & Sewer pool

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56 points

German Police during a test mission to counter a terrorist attack with bacteria.

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Violent Pit Maneuver

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No I'm not.

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