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15 Clerkenwell Close / GROUPWORK + Amin Taha Architects, UK, 2015

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0 points

Every lab class in my school

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0 points

3 legged chick

Preview e4eb3e15 623e 4f17 88d2 a8b925e189d6
0 points

Sometimes the funniest things are completely unplanned

Preview c23ce1c3 3127 428f b9eb d04a95b7db38
2 points

Dad of the year

Preview 1e0f3994 941c 4bbb 98c2 51a7f73df60b

When roommates disagree

Preview 81c3a0d4 45c4 451a 92ff ad08f29b5da9
6 points

Tikka taking it easy on account of her cone

Preview 16eb1cfb 9e5e 4463 809d b045dc26d58b

Someone was a little...creative...

Preview 82700b1c bece 4e58 a62f 06a9f04b5fc8
4 points

The way the water beaded down my windshield

Preview 2fa94605 6d26 4afe 9d4b 106219d15df0
4 points

This mother's day card.

Preview 9139cb70 132b 4d32 a8bb 20f2445f7276
11 points

Caught a Duckling Diving Underwater

Preview e9230ca1 ca96 4198 9d9b 8aa7c0c24a7d

Too relatable

Preview ce5fcbaa 4550 49b8 881e d8a1aadb5640
8 points

Fire looks like a bull

Preview 272a1de7 6bbc 4eb6 ae81 c60b2c515f83

Happy Chinese New Year!

Preview 161baff6 9c39 4721 820f 6498d2b9b214
6 points

The moment before impact

Preview 5bfa7676 d6f9 4eac 8eb7 83820882d8dc

This is What Happens When Children Are Raised by Vegans

Preview 32adbe6c bb2b 465f aafe 9cb119004344
11 points

When my feature demo went well

Preview a8ebbc9d ff78 4bc8 bc0e 2f2647c796fe

That wasn't the intention, but...

Preview a6d5ed2d 9c63 437b ad01 7c4daaa34cdb
13 points

Taking pictures of my bird isn't easy...

Preview a21eac77 baab 4402 8d60 15a0fa679018


Preview 9c8a6be3 e9dc 4f2c be2e 57d9141dbebb
12 points

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