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My leg psoriasis

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0 points

Oktoberfest Stein-Carrying Contest

Preview 56cb2ea4 4ea2 422a 9678 cedea2e1a205

Matter of perspective

Preview fcd1eb6d 8c35 4c37 95ec a11dcf8d1acd
2 points

Kissing = Love, Let it Happen

Preview 564222ba 6079 4cc0 8e09 19fbedb563ae
0 points

Flat Carpet At French Electronic Store

Preview 797996bf 6af9 4110 9620 3865ca88395f
3 points

Joining the PC Master Race... Her name is Amaterasu

Preview 5cef0007 5a19 439a abfe ef58924d63eb
2 points

Remember to clean your fridge, folks

Preview 2a11f9cd 99db 414c 9f44 d957d0f90a20
2 points

my parents new puppy and kitten seem to be getting along

Preview c2ee5b88 7d62 4736 8510 484656478483

Parenting sure is difficult...

Preview 99df308c 7122 4f42 8243 6f848e5f49a3
4 points

When you’re getting tired of the spooky memes

Preview 92d195b7 db45 4105 96c0 0026d276784d
4 points

Midcentury modern penthouse in São Paulo

Preview 3824aaa5 9d07 40a2 a0f3 d168ac7a1cf9
6 points

If you're into handcuffs...

Preview 4ba0d291 ec97 4aaf a70b aae7138aa1bc
6 points

Cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat

Preview d4e17377 c5f3 4562 b112 096bcbad4f17
6 points

Damn you vegans!!!

Preview 8d2fd212 0a64 40aa 8654 81ed349a87ad
5 points

The new Blade Runner movie looks great

Preview 4a75f5d7 d608 4438 9d0c 98f57146ab1d
9 points

Simba is startled.

Preview cf9d145d 93f8 4861 a82d 06f90c0adba4

Some guy made a walkway and patio with old grave markers.

Preview d454d963 aeb6 450d 9ef5 35af089d28d8
7 points

I wasnt mentally prepared for that

Preview b5d446c5 61d9 421f a0d6 3a2325021eff
11 points

Want to compare skid marks?

Preview 4c5ba979 5e82 4904 af1a 93937e63409a
6 points

One of the best scenes (HIMYM)

Preview 1f615813 5aea 4c8b b3e3 6302c5407d5f
10 points

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