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I'll just park here

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33 points


Preview 4e4987fe a60d 4a58 a274 7741f698c684
36 points

Cries in lonely...

Preview 5a77f312 4046 4d31 8d55 8d4b8d4ea640
38 points

Plants for real germans

Preview 8a2f8368 8c7e 4083 b15d e0a77feaf75e
38 points

Seriously, you really have to be retarded to join the ISIS death cult, even more so if you are a woman

Preview e96f3406 ee69 46a0 b723 f5844372d330
38 points

Two people appearing as one in the sun in snowy Reykjavík today!

Preview 1f9c6eb9 b063 4a46 8928 b124c89fb95b

The date was going so well... i don’t know why he never called?

Preview 60c81dcb d02a 49e5 ae21 5f652b91dadb
44 points

Saw this on the way back home.

Preview eaa80430 55f9 46cc 89f4 693a6a80b4fd
42 points

No sense of personal space..

Preview 7ae423d8 3be9 452a a92b f5bb999ee381

Kids these days be like "SNACK TIME!"

Preview b3a07f53 b82b 43c2 9f02 874ae709b29c

Sums up my lookout for job openings!

Preview 0cafc5db 7114 47c9 9981 ba3386c78ff7
41 points

Dark and Dank

Preview 3cbf68b9 9d8b 4764 80d9 78426b7328d8
37 points

This is the kind of love I want

Preview cb46d027 993e 4c18 bd1d 8a912b6fd375
45 points

Scumbag Pigeon strikes again

Preview 7c0b8df7 138c 41ba 9245 aacb64fcd97d
353 points

FFS Monika

Preview fc6cb088 9fa8 4093 bcdc 02915b8ed6ba
40 points

Pumpkin grown inside a mold

Preview 2c8cdd25 7b49 4707 b090 e1d03ca0590d
35 points

Plot Twist

Preview 307656f6 92de 4115 a319 3a9c7aac3268
45 points

When oil money won't support your lifestyle anymore.

Preview 57616868 46d6 4852 8e9f 3edabee0e841

One of my favourite movie

Preview e76192c3 5ae9 493a 9482 acc9456aee96

My parents haven't noticed.

Preview 22c92a9d 1757 4cd7 953b 5157498ca242
41 points

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