Double standards

148 points

Things that look cooler when wearing leather gloves.

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189 points

Just when it gets to the best part

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172 points

Sacré Bleu

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183 points

Americas meetings for school shootings!

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234 points

A naked girl can get millions of likes but how much can this soldier get ?

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98 points

When the boss walks behind me

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253 points

Because money

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Am still the best here...

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201 points

Meanwhile, at the AA-meeting

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199 points

Call me masterchef

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192 points

Self Fatality

Preview eaa7cdd6 bdfc 4701 8ead ef97d75163ae

Migingo Island, a 0.0008 sq mi dirt mound with 131 inhabitants

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171 points

The incredibly talented and young Iranian artist portraits Ronaldo with her toes

Preview 6a17c41e fc9e 4aea 982e 7fab20f5d25f
128 points

Ninja jump

130 points

Toilet in Malaysia International Airport is savage!

Preview 9cb55ed8 ecfd 4a5c 9e26 325bd71277ce
313 points

Time to bust em out today.

Preview 6dcb7d86 684f 4cc8 a610 386c33a4840e
183 points

You had ONE JOB

Preview 4c0dfd61 6dd8 48ae ac25 54c913b45f74
169 points

When you are on a diet

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188 points

I love the smell of coal in the morning !

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166 points

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