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How exactly is a notebook "confidential"?

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31 points

This piece of ear wax was on my pillow this morning.

Preview 03cb7db5 8ece 45ba b5c4 b47aa4482c19
32 points

Call of Duty in a nutshell

Preview 354919b4 b5f6 4645 bb21 be65ff0dd099

Fun fact of the day

Preview acbee78e a674 4299 be8a f927468965d9
33 points

Bad joke eel returns...

Preview bfdec6e4 5375 4c2c a2c6 e524e6945e72
33 points

What did I just read

Preview 99d7dc6b 81ca 49f8 88e7 77846b44e087
36 points

When you've seen your parents having sex

Preview fc6ac25e 5196 4b0b 8aae b1ac83bf30d5
31 points

Nahhhh… I’d rather not.…

Preview ad8f0011 8d00 4d7d 8b8b 909a1e56d204

Alfred Hitchcock ladies and gentleman

Preview e45631ef b7b5 4aae aa63 10164f3920e6
37 points

It's lit

Preview 0704f92e 25f1 435c 8419 c0c5c451d3f3

Handheld printer

Preview 880062a6 56db 42b2 99b5 2f0f3608187d
38 points

Parenting done right.

Preview 9a5e3d43 c40f 4a25 882f 57897f505c24
37 points

I love this camo wrap

Preview b6d5f2c5 5da2 4304 82a0 c5b9c53c9437
38 points

My 18-year-old sister drew this. White pencil on black paper.

Preview c8f596c3 5e66 4b7e 910c d57dd7f54ad7
35 points

Pokemon on another level

Preview a29c79b9 fb7f 494e 899e 476063711bf7
39 points

The cutest puppy! I had the chance to foster for a little while!

Preview b9660cf1 5b8f 4ce2 8436 9c57e97aa085
36 points

The moment my dog saw a deer out the window

Preview 5ac36a04 7fbc 4afa 9bbf e5eeba073701

It's a cardigan.

Preview 36ddce75 1dcb 4e36 bca9 f86a05e032a1
43 points

Asking the real questions

Preview 22cb9f9c afd1 4407 a1c3 b8b7c0066ba0
98 points

How To Lose An Argument

Preview 4ac1f806 6f8e 45f6 965b a944b05d0ee2
37 points

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