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"Americans Are Dumber Than The Rest Of The World," Is It True? This Test Tries To Find It Out

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"Anything Goes" Is A Much Cheaper Way To Go Shopping Than "Amazon Go"

158 points

Atlanta Braves Fan Falls On His Face During A Race Against The Freeze!

316 points

Drake Proves Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" Is Bad For Work Out

165 points

russian collusion

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Dogs are so savage

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I wish I heard the joke

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Meme Degree For Everyone! These Students Are Working Towards Their Bachelor's Degree In Memes

356 points

Spot On Apple Book Parody Ad Sarcastically Teases At Its Unreasonable High Price

156 points

When Kitty accidentally pressed the turbo button

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Hibachi Chef Tries To Make Meal On A Regular Table, It's Heartbreaking To Watch...

477 points

Damn that's unfort

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liberal idiot.

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Someone Has Created A Self-Driving Potato Because We Never Knew We'd Need One

409 points

Catching a set of keys on a roller coaster as it flies past the camera

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1,096 points

oh yea, about that pardon thingy...

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Dragon Ball Z VS Avatar Last Airbender Is A Quality Parody

426 points

Conor McGregor Makes "Sincere Apology" After Winning His 2nd Title And Making History At UFC 205

190 points

this is why I am not a vegan

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Norway’s Central Bank Celebrates New Currency With This "Fishy" And Super Addictive Video

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