Cute Pics



Meet my new kitten, GRU! (Girlfriend Replacement Unit)

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45 points

Cute dog

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43 points

Too thicc, can't fit doge jeans

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58 points

Family Guy got it first

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57 points

You’re going to fix that or what?

Preview 47b18b88 9b27 4b73 ae6e 145aee600c7a

My first ever post. Hope you guys like it.

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46 points

The curious monkey

Preview 5f1bebaf 6c81 4738 915f 38b6c2b7d996
54 points

Llama llama llama

Preview dacbc1ea 9bb9 4cfa a99a 789a52e1d33a
51 points

I don't like your smell

Preview a30593a6 565e 4464 9ffe cc8ff900ba06

Smoking is bad for you

Preview 83fa00d2 f77b 4c91 9e9c 94f9470f105b

Woman assaulted after confronting teens who were torturing a baby seal

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48 points

Great, now I can never leave.

Preview df3df4df 421f 49ee 9857 ba212934eb78

Hello there

Preview a8af7f99 eb60 44d1 aaf7 9cd604414630
97 points

Sitting on my notes just because they’re on the table, she even has a binder ring poking into her...

Preview ed6aa109 3ef3 4b40 ae79 77a02f1a4ec0

Stop taking photos and help me please

Preview dd4fba5c 4263 4771 9b0f 0f7d12926af4
52 points

Spotted in a car window

Preview f270de24 4c98 407f aa31 e39a788e1cbf
52 points


Preview 6c984175 da0e 4ae6 ab9b 54761ab285db
47 points

Tell me straight doc, no bamboozles

Preview a3285114 8451 4e90 992c 35f7e0be5510
54 points

Smol pupper with big doggo ears gets a heckin' love boop!

Preview 9cf9eea8 8e87 4958 b276 575bfea76076
103 points

Doggo getting mocked

Preview 3adb29e8 8e71 4049 aeb2 4f6bbc83e4f6
79 points

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