Cute Pics



Isn't this f**king cute?!!!

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28 points

When she hears something outside...

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27 points

He looks so condescending

Preview 0b529557 c710 46be b135 271907d145d6

Always straight to the nostril.

Preview a9dff7ab 920d 44db a465 1702f7cdbcc7

Woman's Ex Still Sends Loving Birthday Cards To Their Dog Every Year

Preview 6d8b27c0 7a73 49bd 815b 81460ceaecd0
50 points


Preview ad2dd74f a5b5 4502 8304 4f16419f47b5

Well shit...

Preview f6b3037a e7be 4796 a24e d5b3df07e8b3
49 points

He always needs to be the center of attention

Preview 23785da9 0345 4a14 a95d a5e9d52aa683

Those cat lovers...

Preview 1393765c af9e 4311 922c 879d21ff66d0
69 points

Freaky lizard

Preview 87966b6e d378 472d b097 20ea9dd9ae87

Every time I try to make the bed

Preview f1245995 8e22 4b83 bd37 10353244746f

My brother found this cute little thing and brought it home.

Preview c10a1cec ec24 4ada 8768 eb87d2dcea54
65 points

My dog has an alarming amount of patience...


I should have called shotgun.

Preview 4b0edd8a cc21 43e8 8454 f9a61cb1555f

When it rains all day ☔️

Preview 214d8a7c e46d 4039 a91a e36d4e01bb17
105 points

No one really knows

Preview 3194220f bac0 40f1 becd 3f8389b27225
199 points

Survival 101

Preview cf03758c c261 48fe a4b6 07998c14686f
75 points

Lousy service at the vet today.

Preview 11502593 c885 42c0 a7e3 592fc48f7bc5
57 points

I don't think so..

Preview 36d87738 61b4 4094 b02e 345331108aa4
59 points

Smokey laying on Sheldon.

Preview 8a92e89c f893 4f3a 93f4 ec56888114bc

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