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He somehow got on top of the bedroom door and now he regrets it

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40 points

This guy

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146 points

Timmy's a little f**ker

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58 points


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61 points

Which is the cutest/funniest animal caption

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Sad and beautiful at the same time.

Preview 3a8e5f9b 5ec7 463a bf41 03c6b693e444
62 points


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74 points

I would happily bend over if that thing tells me to

Preview 366c27ed a67c 4827 98de c096a85662c5
47 points


Preview d1597101 cc06 439c 9ad9 4200f83928bf
55 points

Cries in doggo

Preview aee1eb69 7c34 46bb a8c0 da528dd1c137
68 points

Good boiiii

Preview 1ce2d155 502c 4f8f a268 ded1cff44e64
82 points

My dog has a rather disgusting talent

Preview 7ac43272 a14f 4253 9ac1 a57e4858bfb9

When you finally get the attention you want

Preview ede39a69 e904 46ae 9545 9474230a3a14
80 points

Callous cat doesn't care.

Preview 1d74a8f1 fd08 43a0 9df4 5b4edd20d81d

Doggos and Cattes 101

Preview abb55600 8f3b 43a6 91ae eaa5cecef45e
83 points

The moment their friendship died

Preview 2002bf26 20dc 4d27 849c 7f038bc34d26

U want some horse?

Preview 1fe50eb1 35e1 460d b532 99f3294defff
85 points

Still bigger than my dick

Preview 355c7d9a db00 474a b84a 31a695eb236b
82 points

I took a month off of work to bond with this little guy. Here's Koji right after picking him up!

Preview 4c5f0e84 8b22 486f 8933 2c673e69b625
72 points

Have a nice day!

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79 points

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