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How to get on Santa’s naughty list

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Here it is a cate that lives in Africa and Asia. I'll find it.

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26 points

Where did you come from?! This is my chair!

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26 points

How was your day?

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27 points

He thinks the laptop is his personal bed...

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Bed Time

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25 points

Seals getting their exfoliation on

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26 points

Wriggly always looks startled.

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25 points

Mind your own bloody businesses, hooman

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25 points

We took her in off the streets a few weeks ago. Turns out she was pregnant.

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26 points

“I’m not doing anything to the puppy...”

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No, I'm just sitting next to you while you're eating but I don't expect ANYTHING.

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26 points

"I can't take your shit Hooman"

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Cute little bastard

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26 points

Somebody be my friend please

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27 points

The Oregon Zoo staff took the elephant around the zoo, she liked sea lions the best!

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29 points

Just in case anyone was having a bad day...

Preview 447eaa72 b690 4da5 8f17 d3fccc263306
28 points

I found a unicorn caterpillar

Preview b9f78000 b494 4405 8523 fdc803f52925
29 points

What do you mean I can't eat and sleep at the same time?

Preview 26c23934 f095 4f91 9d74 35ecd0528f28
26 points

Cat.exe has stopped working

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