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Need more phone space 9

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26 points

Ever tried to get a bluey to sit still for a photo?

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Me on Mondays

Preview e1c935fa 4ad9 445c af7f 23856dd7ab98
29 points

All that matters is that I find myself funny

Preview 8fae2a16 9c2b 4673 bd27 aa44c84e4747
28 points

My grandma made this Chewbacca bath mat because she knows I like Star Wars

Preview e31924e7 2538 45eb 9e7c 0a1e85116d2b
27 points

but wait, there's more!!

Preview 7be96bf5 5dcd 479b 9ca6 0fff0b6238d1
28 points

Kingdom of Wakantheardamovie

Preview 9585aa61 3ccd 4ac8 9e2b 43769c9d09e1
29 points

Missing a pet anyone?

Preview a732da60 7e6a 4c0e 8d8d 2dd23a1b99d3
34 points

Mission completed!!!

Preview a8066d14 ab24 407e 9819 896490005588
29 points

I've been training all my life for this.

Preview 0ae81a27 60e9 4dd5 9350 6716ae0472ae
31 points

I think we lost her...

Preview 44cffd23 5bdc 45b2 9922 0b8ab14a477f
31 points

Amaizing weapons!

Preview 19afafd3 3f25 43c6 bf83 df485dd51de3
32 points

Being an adult...

Preview 5e031a0e 804c 4ce9 85c5 8d32d525f85a
32 points

Don't steal this meme

Preview 165217c6 d5c3 4d9a af24 3dfbe7be124e
34 points

Wait... I don't get it

Preview 98c8824a 89ff 459f a3f3 cb4ba40ee29c
35 points

ITAP of my best friend letting me know she enjoyed our trip.

Preview 9c767a6a 1dde 4a8c 8ba4 a2d72850d933

I was SO CLOSE to entering Joel Osteen's church during the storm!

Preview a1cde5b7 bdd7 43c5 9ea5 605facde547f

Whenever you need a giggle, remember when Bob Ross put a squirrel in his shirt pocket so they could enjoy his painting

Preview 6eb84a13 7647 4f00 b68b 8d228663150e
33 points

Took the shot a little too early

Preview 169cb325 a86f 4c14 9250 babea9ee2842

Looks like Timmy is worm food.

Preview 1eb763d9 ac6c 4438 8a5f 5e7061a42034
38 points

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