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Guess the country..

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185 points

This picture always make me laugh

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219 points

This guy is genius

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155 points

Rate this translation?

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Adulting sucks.

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66 points

Note to self: don't park under a mob of pigeons

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176 points

Who needs a ladder

332 points

22 Hilariously Misleading Things That Will Make You Look Twice

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87 points

Why not the whole body?

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161 points

That awkward moment when you win

141 points

"Look at the size of that thing!"

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130 points

You may be a hipster.... but you'll never be a girl spinning yarn in a BMW dealership

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171 points

Cat or confused Travolta

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158 points

Double standards

146 points

Things that look cooler when wearing leather gloves.

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187 points

Just when it gets to the best part

Preview 5609ceae 208f 4eba be82 85dcf969d35e
171 points

Americas meetings for school shootings!

Preview ac1caaee e46a 46e7 8e1c 7c8e6a5a1f8c
233 points

A naked girl can get millions of likes but how much can this soldier get ?

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