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Guess the country

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'I want to see more "green" in your fridge' she said - kk m8

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27 points

*Tinfoil intensifies*

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97 points

Just wasn't the same...

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26 points

Birds now barking like dogs and shit. Evolution? Maybe. Drugs? Could be. Hotel? Trivago

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28 points

21 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For People Who Grew Up With Strict Parents

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33 points

Demon dog doesn't want pets.

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Right when she pressed the shutter...

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Beautiful Lunar eclipse from our flat earth

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37 points

Saw this at our loading dock

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38 points

She really is cute. I promise.

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Guy shares epic story on Twitter about his crazy ex [Part II]

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36 points

They put the TV antenna on the wrong side!

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46 points

What they think would happen?

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184 points

The absolute Maddman

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Wow the cool kid

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41 points

Hotel Room Survey

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43 points

Greece, the real founder of coolness.

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