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The Religious Paradox

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If you know these little guys, you know real satisfaction.

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Cats cats cats cats

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Becoming an adult.

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Free Jello Sh*ts at the Rodeo Cookoff!

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Why are we arguing about pineapples on pizza, when this exists?

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When an engineer who's also an artist designs a door...

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She just won halloween for the next ten years

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Well at least the bmx plows are still working

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Specially in winter

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Dark humor best humor

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Let's play the game and make us black

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Beyoncé makes an appearance in Power Rangers

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25 points

A good reason not to go out

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Make monday mornings great again .

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Hate when this happens when I have my cross with me

We all bro's

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17 Economic Models Explained with 2 Cows

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Worst boxers ever

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