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If monday was a person

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210 points

Horrendous Tattoos That People Actually Got

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36 points

Dear Slim, I wrote you but you still ain't... OH MY

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39 points

I Guess It Does Exist....

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41 points

Girls, check this out before uploading your selfie...

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39 points

All Hail...

Preview 4a8d82af a414 4fff ab92 38ba19baca5a
126 points

Cats cats cats cats

Preview 99be90d7 589e 48f3 b0ab 4fbe76ce1457
293 points

The moment you leave the house and your mom asks you to do something

Preview 815f453f 3087 448c 94fb 1802848fe7de
170 points

Boobs vs friendship (name?)

Preview f3d83112 faa4 4258 b5ce 3d9939613b10
76 points

She's the one

Preview 46ec1389 7c2b 4d36 b96f 7e3cff430a89
74 points


Preview 7be312d4 27f5 4420 b81a 3c09a3e25e97


Preview 255faca7 caaf 4f28 aca5 d37a922cf535
93 points

Friendship: Childhood vs Adulthood

Preview 04b698b3 c82a 48d9 a919 edbb4dae420c
76 points

Cycle of adulthood

Preview fc1cc0e7 3da3 47a3 9d42 32218a3126da
83 points

Look At Girl

Preview b9616cb1 731d 4d15 8589 7768a42d7b39

Tank Fail

193 points

Design "Piano Black" Level: 1000

Preview d9ab4c03 240e 4641 9513 75a6e43dfa4d
174 points

Fixed it. Thank me later

Preview b95a0497 ef06 46b9 976a cdde73bd0371

And people keep sayin' romance is dead

Preview 8edc084b c4c5 4315 b1e3 35a375a199a6
95 points

Man for scale..I bet you didn't see it

Preview f84ed60e 4c2e 4bd0 9750 c889a0b8ac4c
219 points

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