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Tell me about them?

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26 points

How to handle the parking problem

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99 points

If you walk away from the office chair for one second, she’ll steal it.

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Shooting star

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Hot and steaming...

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34 points

It Doesn't Look Good

Preview 2153c09f 167a 4774 b4aa 06d9d2728196
35 points

Trees wear pants

Preview a4c3dc1c c9a0 4fff bedb 19693530b04b
34 points

A fact

Preview fe8ec51c 6be2 4241 8df1 218431d00f94

"Stop being so dramatic" Me:

Preview 80bd5302 3595 4c71 a986 491a2f76818a
36 points

When the unit tests are good but not the integration tests

Preview 5cd31fd9 54d3 4174 85d5 4e805abf517c

Phone got wet but worth

Preview e8fbce2a 7bf0 4d35 a87f 857bd567e267

Kids can sleep anywhere.

Preview ee44795f b13b 424b b74e e1002b5676e5
38 points


Preview af0864e4 6211 4e12 87a6 bb329191ecc1

I think this belongs here...

Preview ff4ee547 683b 4107 89a5 63ea140c8241

When I open the intern's code

Preview 5db773a8 8eed 4e5d 909b dbe59d1b700c

The perfect summer body doesn't exis...

Preview 0c13638d c6c4 4fa9 9ce4 42c38180c83c
36 points

A cynocephali that dates way back from at least 1000 years B.C.

Preview 9ecc86a4 5e28 4b96 997c eef71af018dd

My roommate Kitty and the much sassier kitty Meredith

Preview 3a52120b 8da4 47a2 a552 dbc8ccd92ded

Title here

Preview a074131c 94f4 49fc b767 41864b9f2eea
37 points

Seems legit......

Preview b918f982 8b44 480f a7af d740327f3d39
35 points

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