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Gimme 2

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How To Build Low-Budget "Legend Of Zelda" Props

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i like it fast

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Dunkey Plays "Legend Of Zelda : Donkey Breath" And It Will 100% Make You Laugh

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My experience with stealth based games

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"Mass Effect: Andromeda" Gets The Last Trailer Before Launch And It Will Get You Hyped

162 points

This Nintendo Switch Teardown Video Gives You A Look Inside The Game Console

143 points

Insane Guys Carve Up A Nintendo Switch With A Waterjet, But The Device Keeps on Gaming

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Girl Tries Taste Testing Nintendo Switch Cartridges And Apparently, They Taste Terrible

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Is hating him still a thing?

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GBN yyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

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All The Awesome And Sexy Cosplay From Maryland's Katsucon 2017 In 5 Minutes

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Real Life Mario Kart In Love Song Version Is Hilarious And Sweet!

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Lets play some Overwatch Wuff

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The Most Infuriating Friends to Play Games With

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Nintendo Is Suing A Japanese Company Over This Real World "Mario Kart" In Tokyo

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"Game Of Thrones" Natalie Dormer Joins The Cast Of "Mass Effect: Andromeda" As Dr Lexi T'Perro

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Hell Yeah!

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My longest head shot in BF4...So far... (2363m)

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