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When the teacher says we can have partners in class

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33 points

Security Question

Preview 88322d23 6cf7 4a6e a25d c18004addada
33 points

Hit me in the feels with your saddest songs. I'll listen to all of them

Preview 0037ffa2 5a05 49f5 b9ab 9ba869adf6ab
37 points

real kung fu master

Preview 611ad3af a958 4aa2 abe8 7b445cdcc11e

Gonna take a take a photo of our trophy..

Preview 69b32d96 4b5d 49b3 9501 9fc95fa71b65
42 points

Have you ever been this bad at something?

Preview 5c04ffd5 f176 4a7c 9ae1 ab1c0b5c274e
46 points

a twist on bottle flipping

Preview 8f210ac7 494e 4acb aaea 622a5a9baf0f

Another victim of sexual harassment.

Preview 12b09419 3d2a 45ab 9b7c 3cd2dd45fe05
41 points

Just a normal doggo

Preview 799e2d02 967f 4259 b643 efc76bc6809a
102 points

slug sex

Preview 8be49d78 ab49 4640 860c 73bdc23b4538

cameras ready prepare to FLASH!

Preview afd8208b 4a48 4e9f a668 bf0932b38dfa

Give me back my child you f.cker

Preview 39eed8bc 1d7b 449b a54d 6a413331ee16
49 points

When you’re getting tired of the spooky memes

Preview 92d195b7 db45 4105 96c0 0026d276784d
63 points

Another drunk squirrel

Preview e15b2bc9 f57c 42d8 b7c9 c3f44920f85d

"Donald Trump is not my president "

Preview b92db5cb 854c 4562 9c78 a22867b4da0e
55 points

Wait for it

Preview fff5f8d7 466e 4df4 8b3a be4bad0567af
57 points

What a shot!

Preview ab7b4ea0 f31a 4fa6 a2e3 f603c76c18bb
59 points

Kid keeps missing his mouth

Preview 9b4da6cd 826c 4f7f 8369 6c8d984400f9

When Your Girl Says She Wants To "Peanut Butter And Chill"

Preview d79d3b23 ab54 4258 85fb 12586468be67
67 points

Some things never change

Preview fb88932d 75a9 4d96 a105 77a72259dfdb

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