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Trying to argue discretely with the S.O. while out with a group of mutual friends

The Mods today

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When I'm hacking into nsa servers

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29 points

This is how you enter a yacht

Preview 2f5e5ca8 9785 4762 ba5e 477d6a06b999
30 points

My whole life was a lie

Preview 80a22dd3 0ca6 4d0a b04a 62efe758b54e
33 points

No Upvotes! Only Downvotes!

No No

Preview 0a757035 a89f 4334 9c89 7ddcbd71338f

Forgot a sleep in my code

Preview b6c8ba99 2ab9 49f9 a8de 1cabfad150b1

Absolutely Stunning

Preview 18ee49d4 fa06 4152 9754 7e19365b8a0c
34 points

jimmy fallon hay

Ineffective demon attack

Preview 6520626e 7956 468d bc25 b2c49fb678cb

When you forgot to feed your cat so he starts practicing to kill you

Preview 4c4352ed 40c8 4728 ae92 ab9af7c46ec9
36 points

Naruto fans, explain

Preview fd2b8cb9 ccfc 4c75 a13b e58b0ae7143d

Get over here.....

Preview 2c18d476 0847 4642 b94e 7ee9a1cc13ab

I dunno this guy, but do you see it too?

Preview b2398a57 10f5 4e23 9991 542ee2baee50

panda dog..

Preview b5c4cf7a edda 4dde 920a dac2204e1b68

NASA’s SDO Captures Partial Eclipse in Space

Preview c63d66a0 c0f1 4eb4 9c25 01dc77754656

When I take a look at a legacy code

Preview bd296f8a 79aa 4e4d a501 dc6b20c4271c

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