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When my manager got my back in front of an angry client

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Cat 😻

Preview a351cf16 3074 4e5d aa5e 6792c408ec8f

When my wobbly solution works on first try

Preview 38fac7c0 af8f 463c bee2 9d3161fd7cd8

I think I'll just fly by this guy

Preview 2dd6581d dade 415f b201 150b8b98cf42

That's a Love Ball

Preview 66670929 1710 44bc a84d a6267edfa558

Infant drinking from a bottle

Preview 98385fab 88fa 45c8 ba42 84a9be0d7cc0

The Struggle Is Real

Preview 1bcb1a1f 8056 4363 80f5 1f7c6f46d300

Weather girl wore green dress to work

Preview b94c1647 c532 411d 881c c921345a97f0

When the boss tells us we'll never work on IE compatibility anymore

Preview c9200d9b 85e2 447f a56f 6e7e2a546691

Fencing etiquette in a nutshell

218 points

The Goal

Preview 3d97cfc4 7747 44e6 a6c8 8600d05e8798

Actual footage of the United Airlines flight after reading the news.

Preview 94ef0d9e 3700 40b0 bd29 4ff282c2cec0

Trying on his new dancing shoes

Preview b0a36d91 8f67 487d 909d e18543835b7f

Got a New Fluffy Hat

Preview 41c06466 07c0 40cf 8e19 2c0c814c1798

Lovely eyes

Preview 6206807c 5b16 46a9 81f8 f0ae07ea80e0

Friend: so what are your plans for the weekend? Me:

Preview 56b8a687 a810 4ece b5c4 d11d451f1433
59 points

Damn boi beric plays on easy mode

Preview 5c594eea b82b 47e0 9b59 23027a277ba6
69 points

My first gif ever.

Preview dd749be3 00a1 4d15 b07b aa607c10b073
283 points

This faucet has LEDs that show the temp of the water

Preview d17d5268 62ee 4a42 bebd e260146ca4c5
67 points

App that removes makeup now works with real-time videos

Preview 29755556 1d19 4aed bbed ec2815130a14
71 points

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