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This morphing shape as it goes from 2D to 3D and back.

Preview 08dd0cda a7cc 45d8 970b 49fb4421c53d
36 points

NJ governor-elect Phil Murphy upon winning last night.

Preview 2f5c228e 0fcb 4a9f 8cf3 e0b054ef85ed
47 points

We otter stick together

Preview cadde8e9 9022 4153 8674 941bbfed09e0
121 points

Say everything wrong with this gif! Why would you do that?...

Preview 43344cb4 b0a6 47e0 a54d c04de26fcdb1

Police cars are for pussies

Preview 40545459 3117 4c51 9278 82a7d1b0d4e7

When you finally find the camper who sniped you eight consecutive times.

Preview 1ffd61cd ae4f 4924 b44b 2c46ff125eec
52 points

Sharknado 4 everybody.

Preview 4d1840f8 311f 48ef ba9d 930ee92bfcaa
266 points

Against the wall at 140+ MPH(225KMH)

Preview 46e8fad8 c1a3 42e0 a64d 88de5a5ab822
77 points

When I take a look at the intern's code

Preview 89155ed5 3e85 43a0 b6e5 1d0f8bdddd53

When your mom calls you downstairs by using your full name

Preview 5ef8f8e1 6142 45f8 91a3 647d4e989096
71 points

Trump shoves another NATO leader to be in the front of the group

Preview 8ac3d573 a058 4dff 8e97 5ff48ab726d7
71 points


Preview b9427037 7d7f 4cb1 ae03 a6e1844c61cb

My boss when I step outside to fight a few crackheads. I work security for a travel terminal.

Preview 2ad66c84 62da 43fd a7d1 44759978cdd8
83 points

Women are fragile they say

Preview a3d20e34 10a3 4c46 b0cf ca90af2f2073
86 points

Just love this one

Preview d02dd9ef 0aec 4137 ab3c 2b1629ef9d1b
75 points

Ball kick

Preview 2719fba6 b4ef 477c a222 a1611addf58f
80 points

What is this animal? WHAT THE HELL

Preview d442998f a0fb 4f72 a7a9 9db7d26b488c

How About Another Fresh Funny Fails Epic Gif Dump.

Preview 851b7335 4338 42df 80b5 33517e0ef74c

How About Another Fresh Funny Fails Epic Gif Dump.

Preview 1991fa92 64a5 4e2c ad1c 7416d78c5ba6

When you lied to get the job

Preview 6fc89687 0208 465d 8468 7586e448bd12
94 points

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