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He really is in every Marvel movie!

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Civil war in a nutshell

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Adorable Adoptable Kittens From Iceland's Reality Show "Keeping Up With the Catdashians" Will Cheer You Up


8 Famous Actors Who Have Literally Never Been Good In A Movie


One Punch Man !!

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If you know this guy you have probably read a great book or watched a damn good movie! *Alexander Supertramp from into the wild*

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Or just watch 13 rounin

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The Most Beautiful Movie Shots In 2016 Will Stun You


Who else noticed this?

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"La La Land" Recreated As An 8-Bit Video Game Should Win Oscar For Cuteness


No prep time. Battle to death. Choose your J.

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One Guy, 43 Voices: Guy Covers Popular Songs In The Voices Of Singers And He Doesn't Disappoint


"La La Land" Reimagines As David Lynch's Psychodrama Is Actually Horrifying


30 times puberty gone right

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How to adapt books 101

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Parks and rec is life

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Hats off to James McAvoy.

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This game was decided long ago..

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Teacher might catch this one

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Cuts And Transitions In Cinematography Clearly Explained


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