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Here's Every Time Badass Tom Hardy Makes A Grunt In His Drama "Taboo"


Take The First Look At Neil Patrick Harris As Evil Count Olaf In New "A Series of Unfortunate Events" Teaser


Because money

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Kidman Stars With Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning, And Colin Farrell In Haunting Trailer For "The Beguiled"


If White Walkers Were Teenage Girls, They'd Probably Be The Funniest And Most Traumatising Thing You Ever Seen!


This "Star Wars vs Avengers" Mashup Trailer Is Super Badass


Wes Anderson's Christmas Short Flm For H&M Starring Adrien Brody Is Like A Festive Darjeeling Limited


Witness me!

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Russian Reporter Gets Punched On The Face By A Drunk Man While Reporting Russia's Paratroopers' Day Live On Air!


Honest Trailers - Independence Day: Resurgence


When your company changes sponsors

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People are saying that the new episode sucks because a woman helped write it, this is for you guys.

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I don't care what anyone says. The dark knight is still the best superhero movie of all time.

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Don't forget that the plural version of Jedi is still Jedi

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Nintendo Legend Shigeru Miyamoto Plays A Game Of "Guess The Size Of Random Objects"


Upcoming movies in 2017, I'm going to be broke. Which ones are must-watch for you?

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"Assassin's Creed" Paper Parkour Is Nothing Like You Have Seen Before


Show me what you got

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I finally remembered who Euron reminds me of!

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Go home..

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