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Keeping it in the family: This man found out he had been betrayed by his wife and his brother

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when baby gotta go

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oh yea, about that pardon thingy...

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excellent question to feminists.

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Elizabeth Warren's Native Heritage bulls#*#....

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389 points

How to please a woman

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World's first Solar powered 3D player

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Spaceman in his Tesla on a ride to the skies and back

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Is it just me or does Brian Stetler looks like a thumb?

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Voltes V

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stealing from cars

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178 points

Abusive parent ruins son's life forever

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John McCain is an asshole

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thanksgiving dinner

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Slide in pool

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28 Photographs That Prove That Growing a Beard Changes Everything

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sexual predators and women married to one.

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Cryptocurrency is a scam. bitcoin is used by terrorists, drug runners and human trafficking.

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Only in Candada. Uber the top fare

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Nair is good for your hair.

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