Real Life Pics



Dammit Al!

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Busted! Toe-curling texts of cheaters and their partners

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when it rains

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Colin Kaepernick is an asshole

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Disrespecting America

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Always wear a helmet

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356 points

Think about it

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absolutely makes perfect sense.

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Bugatti Chiron lights

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so what's next Carl?

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Current NFL athletes have a history with Domestic Violence, and other violent crimes #BoycottNFL

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Obama's mom was a whore?

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that can't be good

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made me cringe

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plumber in Texas: gotta keep them boots and jeans clean

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russian collusion

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ANTIFA now bringing out the big guns..... lmao

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'Oops': This father accidentally told her own daughter he was cheating on her mother

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Chase Holfelder takes songs in Major, transposes and sings in minor key, making it haunting. Now he also crushes dreams. lol

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México fires back against wall

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