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An image that says a thousand words

Preview f2784fdd 6389 405e 828a 6073314c0204
65 points

Super thankful I got this lucky ass shot tonight. Tulsa, OK.

Preview a37839a9 3d76 44f3 bdd0 828c6859471b
51 points

Good guy, duct tape!

Preview 621b8583 037e 4c1d bbac 78990807d373
59 points

Little bit of reorganising

Preview 41addb26 a568 47ea 9fc7 be73a5ad68d7
68 points

It's a snek

Preview 7d33c938 31e8 41f5 9774 842f6eaeceaf
66 points

Martin Luther King with his son removing a burnt cross from their front yard

Preview 1bd59e45 3d90 44d8 84fe 8209068075e4
72 points

A picture worth a thousand words

Preview 7b32ce41 bb03 47fd a074 c23959baa383
75 points

Lightning hits when I took this photo. Not edited!

Preview 8baf2d0d e9a3 40c8 994a fbeb7567e27c
66 points

Eclipse over Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City.

Preview cbeb7678 7166 499e b977 d8c619fde06c
61 points

Jackpot! Found it in my father bassement

Preview ce41b332 75e3 4a7e 97bb 218210fd182a
67 points

Perfect timing

Preview ba6f5cf7 bbac 4307 8dc1 791a64bd2f90
193 points

Wooden rings made to look like the Aurora is inside them

Preview 784c29de 1d11 4209 85c2 89269c85dce1
77 points

Van LeGogh

Preview aa7f0f3e f5f5 4e27 bea1 998fce16edef
50 points

Smashing cosplay

Preview 088b2b9c ff05 4fd8 9956 1513a4250d3f
72 points

Art or vandalism? In Ghent Belgium

Preview 67bc1a46 a389 4dd3 956a a5d5cb341fd7
64 points


Preview 9b27d60f ca04 4832 8294 56fc310f1397
94 points

Took this shot of my buddy the other day

Preview 1f764431 a9ec 4c69 b4ee 666d121fb981

My cat enjoying the aftermath of Amazon prime day

Preview f2e1b1d0 1005 48aa 9000 c16c3c095b01
66 points

Minneapolis sky during a storm this morning

Preview adbcc8b4 87d9 4a30 b24c 3779b31e8445
74 points

Found this nifty thing online (not mein)

Preview 06245b25 f1a2 49be b2e0 54dd184aea45
62 points

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