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Who likes boomsticks

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115 points

Squeaking This Amazing Japanese Dovetail Joint Into Place Is So Comforting

573 points

Bar Tricks Bets For You To Win Free Drinks Easily

338 points

People in the streets of Venezuela against the government

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56 points

Patterns on the floor of the Florence cathedral

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88 points

Beautiful indoor pool with a natural feel. Bowen Island, BC. More pics in comments

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91 points

WOW! This guy solves a Rubik's cube in 4.74 seconds! New world record!

109 points

Outdoor room of a penthouse, located in London, England

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208 points

Father and son portrait

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58 points

Isabella County, Michigan declares state of disaster after record breaking floods, over 90 roads washed out, 120+ people displaced.

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91 points

69 charger

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108 points

I hear a lot of people complain about how big phones are tough to keep in their pockets. They seem to forget what it was like ...

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when baby gotta go

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And here I thought that adopting this little girl was gonna cause problems at home.

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197 points

Working with a view

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88 points

Remember him? Video game & comic sculptures from Finland

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178 points

Thank you.

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86 points

How to torture people from different cultures

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