WoW Pics



Viking Cow

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26 points


Preview 3d11717e 6114 4267 8b9f d3c77f54bdad
32 points

Childhood dream achieved

Preview f5c88746 d7a6 4284 a130 9d5f87ce0af4
47 points

Like a Phoenix....view from my home the day I was to move out permanently

Preview d4c7a8ee 5a5c 439a a2f5 32af09d3f46b
41 points

My friend just found the craziest strawberry at the grocery store.

Preview 0b0d98b6 48bc 45a2 9137 79ed9d656ade
32 points

Awesome Wallpaper by Kim Nguyen

Preview 9ec1a858 bb71 46e1 b739 52f092db6dcd
46 points

I am uncomfortable

Preview 97a6ce84 7b4f 452a 8f3a eb70dee2f8ec
55 points

Usonian House, Pleasantville, NY, USA

Preview 96b910df c5b5 4ae6 a1fd 16cfc38adce6
44 points

I am bamboozled

Preview d0b1aaa4 9afc 4312 8603 1eff0e1e0a7e
125 points

My life in Poland, basically

Preview 5ecea1a7 3c57 45d0 bfb5 a38848f1436e
62 points

The bombing of Dresden

Preview 43faae1c 0faa 4b0b ade6 91e667107b84
54 points

Kitchen space of a 70 year old cabin near Vancouver, BC.

Preview 0687c508 33fa 4f16 818a e7ecde4f840b
66 points

Meanwhile in JAPAN

Preview 3c088de7 ddba 4562 9fb4 a57cabd377f6
67 points

Tuscany. That is exact spot where Gladiator movie was filmed.

Preview c39587af 4c15 40ff 9093 97fd50f39d4a
61 points

Bathroom multimillionaire

Preview bf90bdbc 50c2 4d71 9977 0c564c6e255d
60 points

$13million San Francisco Penthouse Great Room.

Preview 19f364c2 4a20 41de be09 663dfab96a65
69 points

The bookshelf where Obama used to keep his books during his presidency

Preview fc3bed60 a561 4144 8664 a19f2f137d81
88 points

Just taking some pics

Preview 87049b72 8479 467c 9ecb 36d448b7761e

My new pupper

Preview 65ddce40 880b 4a1f 8e32 4f49a3e67d57
44 points

Holding hands with a girl

Preview 12aa1881 94bc 4edc 8bbf e7d82a2288c2

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