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Not mine. But too beautiful to not share

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Nikola Tesla predicted cellphones/smartphones in 1926. He was in 2010, while others were beating their wives senseless.

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She is 18 so she is legal.

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35 points

The Truth About Us

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Can YOU tell how old she is? Super-fit mother looks so young people think her 22-year-old son is her boyfriend

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Justin Gatlin kneeling before his idol before beating him in the 100m race.

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What do you guys think of my selfmade Balisong display? Make it or break it.

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The Production Of This Wooden Projector Cabinet Is Oddly Satisfying!

174 points

This awesome photo was taken in 1985 after first successful heart transplant in Poland. Zbigniew Religa and his assistant sleeping in the corner after 23h surgery

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44 points

This snake’s head has a kitten on it.

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40 points

What kind of milk they give to this little creature?

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I see your wood sphere and VW sphere and raise you this color pencil sphere

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41 points

Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL barn find

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Ok then

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Luke! I'm your striper

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Nothing stops a good BBQ in Houston!

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OG purps

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I honestly think that Elizabeth Olsen is way more beautiful and sexier than her sisters ever were. Elizabeth makes them look like they are running in slow motion.

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Bedroom in a 1978 house constructed out of reclaimed timber and outfitted with various repurposed ship materials in Bainbridge Island, Seattle.

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Art by David Jablow

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