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The lake above an ocean

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49 points

I power washed a garden bench the wife gave me 16 years ago.

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51 points

Hongkong sight-seeing with James Sight

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22 Celebrities Morphed Into Stunningly Perfect People

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60 points

Last day of August!

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47 points

Arya's wisdom

Preview 55e04967 639e 4741 80ed abaa7c087055
60 points

EXPECTATION: Fyre Festival 2017 Promo Brings You Music And Parties On A Remote Private Island!

372 points

Fact #25

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56 points

I see your Wooden Sphere and Raise you a VW Beetle

Preview 77b4263a f8b3 4332 b935 2a080beaa62b
105 points

The Sun through an ultraviolet lens!

Preview 5bd26070 f60f 4e98 81c4 cd60756cdc47
50 points

So Beautiful..........

Preview 864a5c7c a3a5 4f9c b49b 21e0552dac57
40 points

Drone view of a forest after a frost

Preview e82c4b99 57a1 4da2 9fd4 633b946e5c64
42 points

German Railways (Deutsche Bahn) posted this for International Cat Day.

Preview 6631302b c889 4da3 ae19 d1e4a0251ac4
49 points

Roses are red, 6'6'' and we had to bend, what would you do if we hit on your boyfriend?

Preview 7f76713a a0f0 4288 a3c3 04ec0a6d29ea
55 points

This glorious pyramid of cherries.

Preview 44b5d0ab c1e1 4f28 aecf 54a77651cc5d
41 points

Teletubbies just teletubbin'

Preview c4f2e9da fc0c 4954 bbae a2bb7b96eab1
56 points

Brick ceiling and 12-foot windows in this Philadelphia industrial loft

Preview 78aba1be cf3f 45cf a293 830826fd816a
45 points

This Side-By-Side Comparison Of Apple's MacBook Pro And Microsoft's Surface Desktop Ads Is Unbelievable

241 points

View from my backyard this morning.

Preview 624cf07f bce9 483c a86e 5500876f47af
48 points

Zedds new house

Preview a3a5c3d9 92d5 4542 a77a 1f7ef3e0953c
44 points

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