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Clicked this couple of years back. I believe every1, once in their life, should go on a mountain far away & spend a night with the Milkyway

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19 points

Found this very crazy looking flower today in Seattle, WA!

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24 points

All woman are Wonder Woman

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21 points

Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into Terrifying Monsters That’ll Give You Nightmares

Preview 3d1f7c97 0465 4bdb 976d b7d820394ac1
26 points

I wrapped this intertwined labradorite pendant today

Preview 6f4d5554 6d0d 446b b302 8609b15638c7
25 points

14 Year Old Outclasses A Grown Woman Who Tries To Assault Him

25 points

Smooth AF

Preview d9ba65b1 f3a2 4970 836c 4bae7eaff1ff
19 points

Thundering Tampa Bay Lightning

Preview 71d1447a e3f2 4881 a52d ffadabe9e589
23 points

Beautiful Nature

Preview 3fb775f0 b68e 42d0 b09b 6db56b93b961
33 points

Magic table

Preview e1901c4d 2f15 4a3c 9555 47ba4688e99a
229 points

Cop finds out pepper spray is flammable

Preview 369ffe36 ee16 4a08 ba13 1db33523a824
50 points

Took this through a telescope with my phone.

Preview 43ca06ad 21e0 4f80 b602 768cdc0aa7f1
45 points

German Artist Sophia Vogel Photographs Real People Doing Everyday Things Without Clothes

Preview cd09abbe e7f3 4d69 807d 99ec4b438011
72 points

Just a plane fan

Preview cc8e7b2f d618 4b7b 833e acca74ba34ee
57 points

My brother captured lightning, and gave it to me. He's a pulse-power sorcerer.

Preview 47b6cba7 437b 49dc bacf 6cc38867190f
61 points

Mosquito headshot with a dart

Preview 42666158 1919 4181 aadf d0bad49f816b
237 points

This Polish Ultimate Wood Cutting Machine Looks Super Badass

299 points

This graffiti

Preview f0b7c18f 5e34 4b48 b3bc 43154dbf96e6
78 points

This is kinda nice to see.

Preview 7fc4df7c bb69 4b55 a345 8a074e0e0d11
72 points

These pictures out of order tells a whole different story...

Preview 93f6bd93 72dc 43e0 aade 3699082cac12
73 points

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