WTF Pics



Just a plane breaking the sound barrier

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25 points

This took a turn

Preview f9ea8fe5 739e 4d69 a10a cd332b9dc91d

What were they even thinking

Preview 67cd38a9 009b 48da a8ef 56ec7d7235e6
28 points

Yeah! Wait...WTF?!

Preview 3097bec7 0bd6 444a 9340 460d75f6c9f8
29 points

I think one of my new flatmates tried to spike my coffee

Preview cfb4840e 1f9f 45fc be6d f8f8c617d3bc
32 points

Wtf is this writing on the attic door in the house I'm renting.

Preview 453c8de2 7b7c 44e3 aea8 3a9d65d1dc7c
31 points

Kids can say creepy things ( Part 6)

Preview 6e88ab0d b668 4c13 bd48 4e05eb7a93a6
37 points

Behold the glory of octomoose!

Preview 41611b8f 40ec 4846 aeb1 a5e9950e9067

My friend took this picture of me exactly when the lightning struck!

Preview 5c708a7b 1be5 45d1 ad14 87e2d9585aa9

Kids can say creepy things ( Part 5)

Preview 3bb13e31 aeb4 429c 98dc c2561066386a
36 points

A crime against nature...

Preview e33f777d 4aaa 461b 9b8f 6ada26d47af0
45 points

That's one way to WIN

Preview 22d5bd86 c7c1 4b2a 8a1f 4dbb58698e61

Gravity is there because of his attractiveness

Preview 08b30340 7a84 40a2 9737 764cf4117a86


Preview 24ad8a46 3bf4 4a12 aedf b511dc595457

Vehicle at Keflavik airport looks like a pod racer 🏁🏁

Preview 5c21cbfc 7663 44e7 a626 4f78a3162697

Why Akron Zoo why?

Preview 90420452 34bf 4338 afd2 8649b0b278b6
95 points

Hol' up

Preview 745562d3 b850 4a81 8747 29d2118b1028
50 points

Found at my local corner store.

Preview df41ee2d c14e 4442 b8c0 4e674f19c32a
53 points

The truth shall set you free. Comic

Preview 6915081e 53e8 4397 9a3c 906312d222aa
121 points

2nd Chance

Preview da129093 e769 4c4d a520 b623270f9e81
49 points

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