WTF Pics

kick fail

It's old, but is it gold?

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Flying tire day!

Would still smash?

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206 points

A guy tests out a pair of tasers on his face

Preview 925e8a90 dfb9 4e94 bc7f e072584d680e
240 points

That's a really long snake

204 points

Lemme just drive up this wall

156 points

AK47 Fail

136 points

Dance Too Hard

137 points

that was bellow the belt

Preview 0b5b1830 8663 4b8c 9b9b 8bb09466d922
170 points

Have a nice day

Preview 829c0e89 80fa 4f4b a0a8 2b713e35ea3d
131 points

I wanna know why

Preview 6bdb623f bf52 48fe b190 58e1e663f050
113 points

Ping Pong ball thrown into a glass stuck on a frisbee

130 points

How do flat earthers explain that ?

Preview 0f33b806 2f09 43e7 a31e 4e038dde7130
132 points


Preview 651ae7f9 61b2 4a93 a75b 15e762d3e509
144 points

North Korea Missile Launch

Preview 67ee5ed2 5311 481c afac 7af19c52edf9
139 points

zoltan torkos keeping it fun

Preview 87860080 fb4c 4b25 80d8 397a2758e8e5

Chinese Sidewalk Fail

277 points

Karate fail

134 points

This guy is so f**king creepy....

Preview 7931b6e2 950e 45af a2a7 8867dac5751e
324 points

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