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Too cheap to buy a bird cage?

Preview fd5d7f76 10c8 46ff 88ce 7cbbeda0d4c0
83 points

Guess the country...

222 points

What I feel like as a man getting a single compliment on my ass

Preview 9a1f08e7 819b 496a 90e3 f5ca860a9699
135 points

Found a Red Wasp With No Wings

Preview caa901a2 e9fa 430e 8cf6 06ffe9d33031
38 points

The wrong spider-man..

Preview b2a24b46 2bcc 4c23 bc77 40603b179cba
38 points

Don't you dare!

Preview eda28dc4 ee58 4981 8cb1 75691e01c1c8

Two WTFs here. One is this little girls feet, and two is the parents who let her walk around Las Vegas barefoot.

Preview 6ee850f8 5d6b 48ce b98c 516eca9ff1d9
45 points

And also let's not forget : two girls one cup

Preview 5612d5e3 32db 4808 94ef 791e1d535c2f
48 points

Ski + kid = skid

Preview 0c1b7c6d 3963 406d 929e 8018cc1d3294
101 points

This just drove past me

Preview e1a02cf9 c8e4 4fb2 a539 3c6a770ef440
210 points

1 free gas tank. First time gif

Preview 298c5869 31cb 424b 8d43 691a1878105d

Just cooling down a bit...

Preview cf1d0c10 f8b6 4a7f 8b67 3250b5247ff0
150 points

Delivered with Care by Fedex

Preview c78bc50c 0c82 4430 987b cbb3533fa5fa
273 points


Preview f65b4d20 0f27 46ae 8511 6f140b06bff4
118 points

The time stamps.

Preview c7bbbfe9 e70e 4364 8885 f4147239df43

Working out like a pro

Preview 4d52def4 3949 443d a41c a1c60972fb64
168 points

Did bike hit the girl or the girl hit the bike?

Preview 5de81264 85b1 4fcd 93de eb930668782f
135 points

An attempt was made

Preview 3307d55c db84 4462 be88 6c9e07290f9b
225 points

This sign

Preview fa776ccd 1765 45fe 89f3 1bf12081e920
170 points

"They used to call me Spider-Man"

Preview b0a1819f 0a68 443f 8649 024ebae5b430

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