WTF Pics



Toilet Snake

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Thank god bears have fur otherwise we’ve have these walking around in the woods

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33 points

I don’t even know what to say.

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31 points

Brain separated from spine

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42 points

wait, whut?

Preview 10c322a4 7f44 4609 9020 05095bb570ab

Counterfeit Spiderman in front of counterfeit Spiderman ride at the fair

Preview 68df2bd9 2c2b 4ca6 a106 2bb0aebfd36e

Vegan Leather

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Trying not to “bone up” for any talks with teens

Preview 7400689a 4f3c 44d2 9083 a8cd5246634c
38 points

How polish people see Europe

Preview 5327da22 bd7b 4dd6 a438 c1d87d5bbe87
461 points

Today I snapped this picture of a sea lion just before he broke the surface of the water.

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Or they think you are fool

Preview 0154c855 7405 4196 8dad c0a717064bea
41 points

The world on a piano


Cooking with Bill: Sushi


Oh shit! Don't angry me.

Preview 4efa61b2 b150 4bba a07b 15431014cf45

Caution: Jesus Saves.

Preview 29bcb79d 26c5 4935 89a6 2a64950ce230
43 points

This is how they do it in Cambodia... at 40+mph

Preview f7acc04d ef18 46c3 8a14 0abd8100de7c
44 points

1997: Imagine where technology will bring us in 20 years

Preview 3d8f9d02 1fdb 4e7d aff4 de905ebc7cb8
46 points

Took a photo of my mate's dog just as we drove out of a patch of shade, causing this weird red lighting effect

Preview 68e7b442 166e 4199 a582 516e2c8af12b

My village, 72 years later

Preview 2f852b41 12f2 4331 a52e b18bc6f3c508
52 points

Can't open this gif

Preview f8224480 3319 422e 846b 09ab7a00da4c

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