WTF Pics



Sometimes I wish I could smack some sense into people

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33 points

Paul Gilbert shows off a neat guitar trick


Microsoft!The Truth is bitter

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Blimp crashes during nuclear test in Nevada, 1957

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A wall of rock

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Took a photo of this fly just as it decided to take off.

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113 points

Just give me a bagel on my forehead and vampire fangs.

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50 points

Sometimes it is good to relate with strangers.

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Stumbled upon this on my news feed..

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62 points

Boiler for sale

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Bird buzzing by me. Zoom for full effect.

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Landmand Denmark

Preview a81908f3 a9f6 4fcb 9206 afbacc224b18

Today a massive boulder came crashing down onto Rt. 7 in Chesapeake, OH

Preview c7c2df14 4686 4e11 b946 ef0982326b9f
100 points

Taking your gf on a date


CNN is the comic best

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89 points

Kellyanne winks at Anderson before the eye roll

Preview c71a5911 5198 4130 99e3 3a032b40ff1d

Old video, but sphincter-tightening none the less


Happend today in Germany

Preview 345187e6 eec0 4ac4 8521 66995a4f1718
69 points

Beipanjiang Bridge in China


If you work hard, you will have a great life.

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