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Ad on Craigslist for a Blue Lobster

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27 points

Seen this movie 100+ times, first time I've noticed this...Couldn't stop laughing

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Hey, I asked for extra ice on my milk tea, wtf is this???

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100 points

This baby is going places, He beat 99.9%.

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38 points

1998: The Undertaker throws Mankind off Hell in a Cell after which he proceeds to fall 16ft onto an announcers' table.

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appropriate license plate?..

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40 points

Guy shares his vending machine trick

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44 points

Trump shakes Poland's first lady's hand

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Hold the anchovies...and ants

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39 points

Stupid Flanders

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60 points

Bar bathroom went with a great paint job

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64 points

OMG: Have You Ever Seen The birthday Celebration Like This.

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Stumbled across this in the woods...

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65 points


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43 points

The dude is 22

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64 points

Hypnotic Nighttime Tokyo Glitch

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Getting crazy in California

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376 points

WTF ? 😂😂😂

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sit here

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