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Clouds have feelings too

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29 points

Pittsburgh Pirates Fans Mimick Umpires During a Review

Preview f399c9ad 2f79 4177 adde 5f68aa448b07

How I met your mutter

Preview e518f8d7 e285 49df 8152 e87047d62ce6
51 points

Scary Potato

Preview f228ee30 f0ba 4d73 9074 69d0bdfacfdc

Irony on my flight home

Preview b22284b7 8835 4ad8 bbd1 c3e7d7ebf62f
98 points

Let me light my mini cannon.

Preview edc002e3 5d6b 416b 8e48 de5bed4762b4

Thanks Dad!

Preview 9f492617 32f2 4d5a 8927 ac4d6fc2c910
90 points

Dumping a ladder

Preview 03e10118 9413 48ea aa60 fbffd5035d54

My 13 y/o brother made his first comic, told him I’d post it here.

Preview 2c7e4941 9b1b 46ad b653 d6ca22067eef
78 points

Just some generic, boring condoms for a generic, boring night.

Preview db57d049 bec5 4220 aa0f ce74495f2c76

Monkey plot plant

Preview 0be865c2 f95a 4600 aad5 8ca506606faf
53 points

balloon pop

Preview dbcc87cf 4ee2 49a2 8673 7a2b4670c508

Home Depot: Fifty Shades of Orange

Preview 023b0b84 f5bb 4852 816d daa4bb97d2ea
93 points

Do you mind?

Preview d8fb114a d884 440f bbf0 d0cb1bd376ff


Preview 176f74a5 12a1 498b 882c fe5cad31630a
101 points

The couch cushion will do I guess...

Preview 258682e6 a45f 4586 9438 8bbf4b24052b

F**k me, right?

Preview 63c0e1cd 8d38 4686 aad8 f23e6192f35c
92 points

She’s seen things... horrible things

Preview f73ec848 d74b 4ee1 9636 0f3cde0d095b
55 points

Requests selfie with Gaston. Shouldn't have expected any less...

Preview 333bde13 de8b 4828 b574 0d40185e11ab
114 points

Time to clock in and go to work.

Preview 4108207b cf77 4d7f 9863 4c0c67abde91
108 points

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