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My pregnant wife did not appreciate Google's autocomplete.

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49 points

Living space converts to open-air pavilion in Healdsburg, California

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18 points

This amazon review

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21 points

Elevated ten feet above grade, the main level of this family retreat in Whistler, Canada provides a sense of occupying the tree canopy while also floating above snowdrifts.

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15 points

My dog isn't allowed on the couch. This is his solution.

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28 points

Funny cute dancing dog hilarious

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Idiot was already taken

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28 points

The cat is reading the book.

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Science vs. Humanities degree

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23 points

What are the chances!! The reaction at the end lol

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I’m American, and a tweet that I sent out was featured in an Australian Newspaper, who thought I was English

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24 points

The cat immerse itself in acting.

Preview ec969a2c 2546 4f0f 86f0 15c172d0eb6e

This is what happens when you leave your BF alone for 5 mins...

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18 points

The prefect parking spot

Preview 05ec6037 e6b2 43d0 8c09 964f47aaa9dc

When watching anything on cellular data.

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29 points

bad kitty hunting resued humming bird

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Hit a huge milestone at work today, incredibly thankful for everyone who helped make it possible!

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46 points

When an obsession is taken too far.

Preview 72789486 8ac8 4dd2 aad3 69075323c141

My toilet setup

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12 points

Everybody, stay away from my car...

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