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They got in? HOW?!

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47 points

Argentina vs Croatia in a nutshell

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110 points

Thanks, Dad! You lay on Cat Grass, right?

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It's an endless cycle

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111 points

One wrong move and i will kill you!

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Scotland showing support for England's first match

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76 points

Die bix

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After waiting a month and a half after buying my first car, I was excited that my license plates finally arrived... only to find out that they say "blowjobs 69."

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81 points

Not leaving fast enough

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Apple: "Our new iPhone X is now waterproof." Samsung: "Hold my Beer."

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84 points

This is the literal meaning of this sub

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Vanilla Ice has let himself go...

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138 points

Someone loves sleeping on the table

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Dog’s been driving for 3 years but it’s a first time for the cat...

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129 points

Smol chomp

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Does everyone have their moving buddy?

Preview 9646b89c 7489 4fd5 9a1b 1c6ca570aed3
109 points

When you have siblings

Preview 9930364c b91f 47c4 9339 12eeae2f1bca

Well that escalated quickly

Preview 161e9bf2 4dad 4fe9 9d68 d05dc320f7c0
128 points

Teddy moved in recently and kicked the dog out of his own bed.

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