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we decided to get my niece a dinosaur head.....

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190 points

Wasting my time with these two

Preview 18ede409 29d2 4466 8738 dd4f53267429
140 points

"What Day Is It?" Asked Pooh

Preview d71027ed 3ad8 4400 a32f 996346f6e4e2
124 points

Pool's closed

Preview dfca66d5 4514 4ffc a1b0 831b7add3ac9

My kid sobbed into my belly at Walmart after hitting her head. I was sad for her then she pulled away and I laughed my ass off til I cried!

Preview d5cdba1e 8955 4b7e 85c4 cf871ae6c411
181 points

Great News

Preview b5598134 fc96 4934 8e6b f0f5c5211413
118 points

Got any Jell-O Pudding, Brother?

Preview c45a4547 502e 437f 986c d02207f49760
134 points

Technically the truth

Preview 989217d1 ecd7 460e b725 709f2431331d
124 points

We need more of these.

Preview 0106d34a d339 4e7e a014 50f5a2253a62
152 points

Good to know random people are sending me memes

Preview d7d2dd09 ba3d 4baf 8e30 19b8ee6699f0
120 points

Lego's war plan

Preview 2c73ba8f bad1 4286 aa85 8ecf0bed896e
106 points


Preview 3b784e80 597d 46c9 a3bd 58d48c7452d1
156 points

Best cosplay ever!

Preview 6fa6afd2 791d 4b83 9cce d114a36d1480
132 points


Preview ab53c1d4 7541 4dd4 bf02 12f346ac9452
130 points

My dad and brother recreated this photo 26 years later.

Preview 2ee62b3c 534d 4874 a549 2587e6689f81
145 points

Lawyer bot

Preview 5b4055c6 cd2a 437b 8beb 6a543c0931d4
121 points


Preview 83a51f73 93ca 47d0 bfbd 99f9385c3d0b
122 points

Oh no…

Preview 004e3aa9 bb10 41bf a945 f8aa09995e71
118 points

Can all the fellas please join me in a collective sigh of grief?

Preview 5746d9a3 413c 495a 8fe2 e63985a1ac7c
149 points


Preview 3a8b64c9 561a 4f50 b1ff bc4b23b2532e
166 points

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