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Sparkling teeth for Fine Arts majors.

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4 points

Nice flip, bro

Preview a2b66820 6b7a 4764 b31f 523149c48ac0

This is catastrophic

Preview add1459f 9dbb 48ee 8fda 17b903766a94
9 points

Found this on display behind glass at a craft brewery...

Preview 3c923b23 db70 4e52 82de 612b5202c54c
6 points

I'm Not Racist, But...

Preview e8c28238 5a70 4736 b283 e153068a8650
15 points

X-ray of a smuggler

Preview b4a48d55 12c6 4881 b67e 89ff32984cf5
11 points

When temptation knocks your door but it end by taking advantage of you.

Preview 39c76f36 2748 438c 9f33 f1623a0c1716
15 points

The Grotto, a futuristic-looking cedar sauna, located on Lake Huron in Canada.

Preview 8865f0ad 5811 4064 8ac3 5ee4b2185001
14 points

Im a law breaker

Preview 1a3c8d6a d779 4782 832d c5492ec660d5
16 points

I think I'll take the other door...

Preview 55ff45e6 95c5 4a05 8632 74c58c5674d0

The Portable Masturbation Hut

Preview ef61c9af 0dd4 4c3a bedb dcb9a9866980
17 points

This Pelican spider

Preview 67de13a2 7da5 43a5 bb93 6c7f4a2c5c8f
17 points

South Park LMAO

Preview 3c7eb15f a317 4872 81f8 78f61fd185c8
24 points

when your friends bitch behind your back

Preview cd303319 8f47 4f13 ad4c e028b406bcc6

Plans for the future

Preview 36c25741 34cc 48dc b073 608d7b635efc
23 points

Existential cat

Preview a8aabb2b 0e61 4d7b bf3b e8819ccd7428
16 points

The amount of Rick and Morty memes is too damn high!

Preview 58f87b67 dcc4 4ff2 bcbc 56c8ed6be344
17 points

Pitbull puppies for sale

Preview 56d5f994 4b17 49a7 9a5a ee88666adbc2
17 points

As a teacher, I’m furious. As a human, I can’t stop laughing on the inside.

Preview 7e4634de 2c23 4123 ba12 1604fa29f619
22 points

The alpaca business must have hit a rut.

Preview af15c4c2 2a2c 4d47 b769 f714929e0550
16 points

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