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When cards against humanity get a bit too real.

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Just before the glass hits the ice ...

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How to fight a bear

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At least Youngstown, Ohio is self aware☺

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6 points

Unfortunate timing...

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Alex is the hero we need

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6 points

Eastern time zone perfection

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The resemblance is eggstraordinary!

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The start of a war between siblings

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She’s afraid of the vacuum and fell asleep hiding😂

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8 points

When I check some historical code

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Ever take your train off any sweet jumps?

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12 points

Take that Sony!

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Eyeball Lollipops

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9 points

What a weird looking child

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7 points

The 4 stages of waking up early

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12 points

Aged Houston Studio

Preview d6edc5f8 e20a 40cc 8a94 a613f7da3bf8
10 points

Like this guys style

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17 points

Puppy getting into the beer

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