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The truth right here

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When my new quickfix still doesn't work

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Hard to believe these ruled Eastern Europe and the Middle East for 700 years

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When I come to help a colleague on a problem

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When they ask me if I'm the last one who commited

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Can you do this

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the price is all right

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Mountain retreat on the sloping shore of Lake Wenatchee with view of the lake and the surrounding Cascades, Chelan County, Washington

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Found this sign in Iowa. Even the deer hate living here.

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The local ABC news network in Alabama shared this user submitted image of enormous hail from last night.

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It’s fun to stay at the...

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What a surprise from a fish

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I wonder how long the asshole will look for the scratch I didn’t make.

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Not again, Charlie! He took the roll right off the holder and had a middle-of-the-night shredding party.

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Stumbled upon this in a stairwell at my university

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Someone please explain this worm being thrown onto my kitchen counter at 3am

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After hearing Fergie destroy the national anthem just now

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Crash diving Kingfisher.

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