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When you an art dude..it reflects

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110 points

Opened a bunch of Wikipedia pages to annoy my teacher

Preview a54637d5 77c9 4566 906a 97afc9b11b89
107 points

It’s pronounced Quiche Dammit!

Preview 107d2033 b591 4cc9 9b1b 152f1d5b0d25
107 points

Call my friend 215-341-3648

Preview 06952703 b4f5 4011 b29b 43cbe2136790
73 points

Have no time for any work

Preview bd096a90 de2e 450d ab2c c721ec26d044
94 points

Forgot I left the flashlight on

Preview 4c607761 3e06 4ce2 a8da 48162545b1eb
50 points

Just pronounce it

Preview e5c4f016 566d 4ac3 9e21 e2c85725fd69
95 points

Doing yoga

Preview 0cf4ec60 224d 4834 ac82 3d28000f3b23

Technology has improved drastically

Preview 616a7031 cf90 4624 b64d 4479ed17e912
131 points

Don't blink

Preview c8b4da76 3199 43cc 9f34 9be172493b63
111 points

Interesting Playlist

Preview 688e3f6d 69ee 480f a995 7064c0e4d2f9
130 points

Your robot overlords will dance better than you

Preview b33f240d 409c 4199 85e4 9a93bd11cfb5
108 points

When you realize you can’t give her back..

Preview 647fda1a 6f2b 45bc ab51 3b71174f81c4
159 points

Izzy's bug eyes never gets old

Preview cebd6e83 2176 487a b04b 4bb3576776f8
85 points

That is surely a Pot of 'gold at the end of the rainbow

Preview 29b0bebb d5cb 47cf be4f cb735814093c
124 points

@[email protected]

Preview 8d1a25c1 1e2d 4609 ae0d 4e9c69cf25e9
35 points

Is there a reboot of 'Raising Arizona' happening?

Preview 7ce24bff af97 4fbe bc5d 89d84362488e
137 points

Indie and Panther have a tumultuous relationship

Preview b374f608 8039 4afc b6e2 4f48324d3bdd


Preview 42fd7298 f653 43ba 8995 3a5a42c1c1fa
121 points

Simba isn't particularly fond of his Halloween costume

Preview c9a6b93b 48b3 41e1 bbbb ea61c0930d28
111 points

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