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Saw this today in Prague!

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1 points

Workers completing the Epcot globe. No visible safety harnesses

Preview 08fc6d68 9a80 44e9 80aa 093ffdb63477

Keep on going

Preview 40a534ab 69cf 4ac6 a2d6 05bf9df2f8fd
8 points

Two unrelated posts

Preview 760addcf e676 42ed aaa4 9f1b3ad8ed4a

My 9 hour work day

Preview acb70d8c ef32 4953 b96e 84788136cb1c
5 points

Runaway train hits the water

Preview e9b904ea 899f 404a 9c47 9e82b894e6e8

Fresh buns

Preview 45603ecb a4c4 4f8a b674 65edecbf407d
15 points


Preview 6291b1d6 df63 4461 a2a9 5fe3d4a4cb20
22 points

Huge man sale?

Preview 30eeec23 f473 4461 b973 32fa664d2975
16 points

Hurr Durr I'm A Babe

Preview 3c0ba6b8 cfa2 46f1 b2b4 2c6a1bc585fa
21 points

Went Exploring and Found This

Preview 5c348a7c 44ea 44f3 8fae 866a97fabb74
22 points

Fresh prince of Bethlehem

Preview 40f9ecc1 fe8b 4d12 be28 c47a9ba22855
17 points

No Fishing off the Pier

Preview 978d162c 869d 42ed b174 86910d2a7091

Leave the plants alone :)

Preview 1c6c9f4d 021a 4aa8 9ae8 2bf535169ce6
19 points

He keeps turning the PS4 off... -_-

Preview b48bea6d d8e6 4e7e b2e7 af5b3ba2f5af

Sign of the night at our season ender alumni game

Preview 5bc9ac91 dcc7 40ac be79 845930114602
23 points

Why you should browse for prices when buying a domain name

Preview bf445f6a 777a 473a b8c3 c08be4997257


Preview 2613019f 3918 4573 9703 f6c0f0e7c207
17 points

Someone ripped up the carpet? Nope, definitely wasn’t me.

Preview b93abded efc1 4ad2 86fe a0eaa5a25efd

This Steve Buscemi cat

Preview 4e518d6a b641 4950 9f11 57270f94fc94
15 points

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