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18 points

What is this?

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Cool, I need a dog like this one.

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14 points

What do you mean Scabbers isn’t a rat!

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14 points

Get a metal shift knob they said. It'll be fun they said.

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14 points

Mild startle, he knocked the blinds down.

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16 points

When the car that let you in front of them gets caught at the light

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15 points

Pee-Wee Herman on the telly

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11 points

Fun OMG xD

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16 points

My cat wasn't ready for that photo

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Still can’t get over how creepy this dog is. It’s been months and I cringe every time I look into his beady little old man eyes.

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16 points

I caught him in the act of destroying a board game

Preview ae419b8c ddd8 4dfc 9ea7 734228db2a07

Love how the shoes blend in with the carpet

Preview 91971834 ddec 44d5 9364 105db4d1be53
14 points

Get this camera out of my face!

Preview 5c44cc94 733a 47cb 9465 09c511156b4e
12 points

This should work

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14 points


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15 points

Kramer face

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What a time...

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16 points

Hey you guys

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15 points

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