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I just find out what me pal is drinking from the water bowl!

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Good you’re here, there was an explosion..

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I found the road where they test the line drawer machine

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4 points


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2 points

Having Food

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Parallel Parking

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The Burning bush

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2 points

This was a year or two ago, I was watching Saving Private Ryan on Netflix and...well this.

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'Murica and its immigrants

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2 points

True for most people.

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4 points

Thanks Wendy

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8 points

Hanging out over Midtown Manhattan, NYC

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Damn you Jesus!

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7 points

Sitting over the Hoover Dam

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Wanna change diapers little man?

Preview acaa47c6 f6d1 4afb b29c d40b40f1787d
8 points

Just seems a little excessive...

Preview 4422e44b f5dd 4b4e b273 a317ff30d738
6 points

Smoking kills

Preview 273c5a2d 001b 46a7 81e7 18b0b2fad5e2
10 points

Best place to barricade yourself during the Zombie apocalypse - Flak Towers

Preview 8f6e4bca 49cd 44bd 9774 a9c68e502193
6 points

When Black Friday shopping and Battlefront II is still on the shelves.

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9 points

My 57 year old aunt texted me today. Then all of a sudden the text messages got weird. Is this a brain condition or mental disorder?

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7 points

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