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Sounds like a fun place to work

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4 points

Our spare sofa is mostly just for Jay. He’d rather sit on my bag. Every. Time.

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"I am not feeling it, you know"!

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10 points

A dump truck shed it’s dumper.

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5 points

My Dad got a picture into the community calendar

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6 points

Lion Yawn

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Picked my parents up at the airport last night after a vacation in Hawaii. They bought a new Christmas ornament for their trip.

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6 points

Dolphin towing a jetski

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Me vs life

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8 points

No way in hell

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Real Life problems

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10 points

Tip balm

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11 points


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15 points

Dog has no respect for other's privacy.

Preview 562a4a6e ec0f 40ed a9ee d7f3dd8e2a83

but wait, there's more!!

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17 points

Coeur Des Alpes Hotel - Zermatt, Switzerland

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12 points

I think we lost her...

Preview 44cffd23 5bdc 45b2 9922 0b8ab14a477f
22 points

Maned Wolf

Preview 3e362f4a b8a9 46ac b444 d6924ab0a046

My grandma made this Chewbacca bath mat because she knows I like Star Wars

Preview e31924e7 2538 45eb 9e7c 0a1e85116d2b
21 points

Reading room in the Feltrinelli Porta Volta building, a research center and office space in Milan, Italy.

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17 points

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