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After eating some edibles

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3 points

Alex Honnold after another death defying free solo climb.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Preview 7f8f15b1 a304 4156 addb 790427469ede
3 points

Anyone else have this problem when you're trying to draw?

Preview b10ddf84 3fa8 4ed1 865d 9e016928b0c8

Sorry, today's Google Doodle, all I see is Space Hitler

Preview 5dc4641e ddcc 4052 bc1d ef713cc28512
3 points

So Funny

Preview 47e5cdf9 35e7 491c 9b60 89b52b3b4437
4 points

My wife slid this under the bathroom door for me.

Preview 74cb534d 8c8f 40ab 92e3 4a3775bbf482
12 points

When I feel sad, I just pull this up and laugh.

Preview 0a365eb3 3c30 4fee a4f6 97b7acf3546a

Is this what happens when the cameraman forgets to say ‘smile!’? I just received this charming flyer for a local restaurant.

Preview 990d57fb 1bb0 4625 a7be 6147e9cc5b96
13 points

When the sales guy comes to ask us something

Preview 66a76f1c 39dc 4712 b31b a7807b3cc962

I relate to this blowfish.

Preview 88075ce7 4c64 4741 8664 31b87228d032
11 points

When I'm taking a coffee and suddenly have an idea to fix my current bug

Preview 28e5f307 da1e 4b2c 9e7e 5e1221f4c1fa

Thug life

Preview 880f2b2a 8e0a 4309 b051 1bd533c44936
18 points

Kaufman Lofts, Kitchener ON

Preview 4bf0abbd e7a8 4143 90df 7b03ae1c6a85
12 points

Oh right....

Preview 243c0343 5dd9 4161 ad78 b41b88e3e298
22 points

Treehouse in Volcano, Hawaii

Preview 4b3488ce 756d 455d 8667 e30c3f0b674e
15 points

It will change you.

Preview 078382a8 bf23 4be0 9b88 4c510ab39038
16 points

I stood up out on my balcony and watched my phone tumble from my lap. This is how it miraculously landed.

Preview eb5264f7 cd79 4ba3 b2a2 efd21e00e0ab

Hey Hey H-aarreerrekkkkkggghhhh

Preview efcd6362 af11 4d30 968b 61031cd34542
20 points

Let me quickly disturb this hooman

Preview f81ed6a0 923b 4f85 b8b2 a2629d772130

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