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Oh thank you, boarding pass

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6 points

I guess I’ll just fail my test then.

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Save the "environment"

Preview 492ea11c dd9c 4138 be9f 730fb886c6be
10 points

So you want to get a good picture huh...

Preview d5e53aa4 afd2 42a7 9fb8 bc2b7b7684c9

when YouTube aligns just right

Preview 91f559a2 1d0b 4b67 92c2 e4445fa33101
10 points

Guess I no longer own those slippers...

Preview e735c8a4 04f9 46ad 97cf 54de023489fd

Hoes be like

Preview 54b31e3f 8e22 4453 9c13 954a928fd932
10 points

National Aquarium of the New Zealand Announced the Best Penguin of the Month

Preview 8eb64328 81f8 4b76 a1ff e928a788c078

Your reviews help other customers...

Preview 1c68f327 e26f 4af8 aa3c 83645ce1472e
11 points

Personally I don’t think he did it

Preview 9162cd2a 5547 4556 84dd 05b7d1d14162

friend zone lvl 99

Preview a7898c1a 1882 475d aafd 25f47ca382de
8 points

"Oh, can I taste?"

Preview 022d95c1 3ca1 423a 8f04 ca5ebd256e1b

Never knew you could look the type...

Preview 0e87b509 d288 4c5f 8eeb 27c120cd6aa2
8 points

But I'm afraid of heights!

Preview c464e056 186c 47b3 a318 9638f063ca30

Who made this

Preview 338234e4 b856 4cae 8aeb f3b0b2e0809a
11 points

Best co-op I’ve ever seen

Preview da5ab641 b4a7 460c aaf2 d9c34419ec55

Found this on Amazon under hourglass reviews

Preview 07679f19 2c35 4a41 b9cb 60eaa82aa022
88 points

leave me alone. I'm t h i n k i n g

Preview 057724bd 8c1f 48e3 b3a5 0d077a5eb086

Quote of the year

Preview 8fa5d630 2873 4050 b6ce d18b9c4b5f1a
72 points

this cat

Preview f2f126eb b0aa 4dd6 a004 909c1cf39a61

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