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I'll see you tomorrow, my half-priced pretties.

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12 points

A scammer sent me a friend request. So had a little fun 😈

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Preview ecac1617 25fc 4d58 940c 6524248e10ab
11 points

This ref taking his job very seriously

Preview 72bfdecd a3c4 45ff 8d66 dae21ec894a6

How to pass the time during the gov shutdown

Preview 3f6d6ad4 2aba 468a bb1e c6ca28add1c9
22 points

Endlessly confused

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Preview ace7a3a2 4483 4bce aa44 c405be631d55
24 points

Barn style retreat with pine interiors overlooking the Calafquén Lake of Chile

Preview e7c5b2fb 39c5 44cb a54e 7cc6f790c2ac
16 points

Tear up and throwing away an old couch — and struck gold

Preview f76d2825 73d6 4368 a1b0 a4cb0ae13a2a
25 points

The renovated chapel of the Westport Presbyterian Church | Kansas City, MO

Preview 56055dee 8fd3 4a8a b95a c37ce40b5c8b
17 points

When you finally have something to talk about

Preview 54f011f2 17d8 4eda 938d d0edea5c7d9a
19 points

Modern House in Hawaii

Preview 031b16d5 8eb8 465c 8807 b34caedb0c0c
12 points

Ahead of his time.

Preview c6597ff0 5c50 4a7f 9241 46af871a68fc
25 points

Pepperoni Wheel

Preview 28dd6833 ce2d 4fd8 b753 6f9814d18d84
19 points

For the last three years, I've doubled down on the whole "being single" thing by spending Valentine's Day playing with myself.

Preview aacd571f a61a 40e1 b9bc 255c8189342e
21 points

Trolltunga Norway - Frenchman spendt the night.

Preview c85dccaa a4c4 4a4c 8c06 59be0b1fb283

Couldn't figure out why my wife was in such a good mood after an argument

Preview c55b33b3 2517 4c81 b1b4 556ede3005c4
36 points

This is the 5th bed this year...

Preview 9d0df139 dd33 4472 81bf 1113a882721b


Preview 99be9e2e dd6d 4206 b681 e35ce26a320b
54 points

Wanted to take a picture of the landscape, got this instead

Preview 8c084a13 fc79 43e6 9f3f 9ece81844175

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