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I’m Lovin’ It... 🍔

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Reading Nook in zero-energy Cabin oozes coziness w/ slanted Ceiling, Fireplace & lots of natural Wood + Light - Elkins Meadow, CO

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Is mayonnaise an instrument?

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Pregnant Baby Toy

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Left my empty beer bottles by the back door for recycling. My wife found them the next morning.

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What, and why!

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Found this gem in a pub in Dublin

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What was that noise? Did I run over something?

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Ahead of it’s time!

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Nuka Cola

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"...you had me at 'meat tornado'."

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Thinking you bought a cute pj set until you look closer at the pattern

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Best name for a locksmith EVER

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When your turn is over but you don’t wanna

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Calm ur tit

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Murphy wasn’t happy about meeting the new pup for the first time.

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100 yrs of fashion.

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My cat gets a little nuts when he is between my Gf legs

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