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Some guy hit my car while I was at the gym and he left a note... I'm so annoyed.

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10 points

Transparent living area with views cantilevered over the neighborhood of Bouldin Creek, Austin, Texas

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7 points

My local Dunkin Donuts drive through speaker broke. They’re using a baby monitor now.

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12 points

Wolwedans Dunes Lodge, Namibia

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9 points

My wife ran and won her age group in her first 5k this weekend. Here are a couple pictures from the race.

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10 points

This Compact Cabin in Ontario, Canada

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10 points


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11 points

A bath fit for a Pasha in Hawaii. The candlestick, the wall panels, the toiletries.. 1680 X 1120

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9 points

When you ask for "as much mild sauce as you can give me without getting fired". 175 packets.

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10 points

Metro Station, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Preview 36951db9 9ec5 48eb 8241 827ec47239ff
7 points

This guy is just as goofy in person

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9 points

Winding Staircase

Preview ed38c1a0 e10b 4ff3 ac55 bf43631b880a
7 points

Seriously though what’s the hold up

Preview 14e76e41 c591 4bc3 825f 20248d574c7b
11 points

Shallow pond around a living space receiving natural light from a skylight in a modern open plan residence in Jakarta, Indonesia

Preview a486f3f1 c0e6 4f55 be04 20909bd1fc75
10 points

Mind blown.

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7 points

Living Room in Salt Lake City

Preview 1853871b 7667 458d a90c 0b5140902cfc
8 points

If I fits, I sits?

Preview dc9216e4 adbb 4da8 b9ec 9bb06db55a5e
11 points

An outdoor shower with surfaced with local natural lava rocks in Kona, Hawaii. Attached to an indoor bath. 512 x 768

Preview 2ab12cb0 a8a7 40e0 ba17 9d38e55b7380
9 points

I'd watch the hell out of this!

Preview 902f9b7d bb82 417a 8ff0 650857e8a0d1
10 points

National Maritime Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Preview fd1cf955 6d43 4105 be8e 406abe4bb0ca
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