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Is this a new innuendo?

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92 points

Tens of thousands of computer hardware, just like that.

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Big winged goth gf

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70 points

Alex Honnold’s free solo up 3000 ft cliff face

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No truer words have been spoken

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89 points

No thanks

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Wanted: Orange Cat

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73 points

Hanging bridge in Boleng, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

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when you're trying to be a good boy, but also trying to avoid detection by the Predator

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89 points

Thought this might be appreciated

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Smile friend!

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98 points

Holy jumping Jesus.

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It always happen

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69 points

New Hampshire wedding photographers capture couples at stunning heights

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This is the honest truth.

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67 points

Literally my worst fear ever! Almost gave me anxiety after reading this just thinking about it.

Preview 6980b6f0 ef87 407f 8d87 b426f87717f5

Creative? Yes Drunk? Also, yes

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58 points

Confined Space Familiarization training in the U.S. Army

Preview ac4e3be9 7256 4975 bb4e 42c21b64c4d3

Some guy hit my car while I was at the gym and he left a note... I'm so annoyed.

Preview b2fa6400 b22d 48fa b205 0d3391fa4236
109 points

Transparent living area with views cantilevered over the neighborhood of Bouldin Creek, Austin, Texas

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83 points

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