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Technology has improved drastically

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65 points

Don't blink

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Interesting Playlist

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53 points

Your robot overlords will dance better than you

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When you realize you can’t give her back..

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107 points

Izzy's bug eyes never gets old

Preview cebd6e83 2176 487a b04b 4bb3576776f8
58 points

That is surely a Pot of 'gold at the end of the rainbow

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83 points

@[email protected]

Preview 8d1a25c1 1e2d 4609 ae0d 4e9c69cf25e9
15 points

Is there a reboot of 'Raising Arizona' happening?

Preview 7ce24bff af97 4fbe bc5d 89d84362488e
97 points

Indie and Panther have a tumultuous relationship

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86 points

Simba isn't particularly fond of his Halloween costume

Preview c9a6b93b 48b3 41e1 bbbb ea61c0930d28
62 points

You can't say I am wrong

Preview eea395c8 6c0d 438b 931b 74f6ffb5fe97
78 points


Preview e2128164 673b 4e0b ba95 a7aaa87321bc
22 points

Something new for my bucket list.

Preview c1dc8c1e 090b 48c4 866f ae21631325fc
89 points

Whats this?

Preview 1c597bc6 216e 48d0 8a79 bbdf901b4758
89 points

Who doesn't like cheese?

Preview 68d62e70 75a8 4cd4 8bc4 082a55e48788
90 points

Poor Socrates

Preview 69b46b6d 8a81 4074 a900 e018b4c8a0c9
21 points

I reimagine drawings by my nephews here is a mama and baby spider vs a mama and baby scorpion

Preview d64d8078 4702 403c 8aae a9254526a422
70 points

The assailant has been captured!

Preview f30bf39b 0a09 418b 9ca2 792ab445048a

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