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So I had a fortune cookie today

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5 points

Found this growing in my window

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4 points

I applaud this lady who literally doesn't give an F in Dallas!

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7 points

I got on the train today and I noticed someone had kissed the wall

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5 points

Just as I suspected at Starbucks.

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5 points

How to weed out a fake

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Hurricane Maria drove this board right through a palm tree by the beach in Puerto Rico

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5 points

New governor of Puerto Rico is better than yours.

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8 points

100% child friendly

Preview 1d2b0849 4ddc 435e a2d3 53bf3ba28b80
8 points

Just think about it!

Preview 76a7bbf3 f61d 440d 832f b5ab7a6b54ca
9 points

That time my cat had digestive problems

Preview e7b01c7f 41e5 4506 8c9f fb60ec45c4ed
8 points

When my cat sees food in front of him

Preview 98746ef8 f924 4d28 bbe3 9b55516a2525
7 points

"Spider-Man watches as you clean and scrub!"

Preview 8f5ac9b0 1016 4748 854e e4363619b876
10 points

Advantages of breast milk

Preview 10d1e9b1 b67a 40d9 bf6c 2baa89339942
10 points

Brick ceiling and 12-foot windows in this Philadelphia industrial loft

Preview 78aba1be cf3f 45cf a293 830826fd816a
5 points

Graphs make every decision easier

Preview 3ff7d638 f274 4ebf b623 2a1590af3fd7
7 points

Norweigan mountain retreat with a view

Preview 1809934a 2125 4a93 bb57 adac1da01d0f
4 points

Local burger joint employees have titles like Vikings would

Preview c3b0f2bb 8f34 4930 9904 c1f833debcff
10 points

The puppy have fun on the bed, how fast it runs.

Preview f4d5dd3d 8a3a 470a a317 00250985b50d

My cat and I enjoy driving around town and disapproving of everyone we see.

Preview b2ca64d0 e1b8 4619 bbea 2759718b2b76
8 points

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