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snake inspired pipe inspection robot

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0 points

The post below this one is gay

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1 points

It wasn't me

Preview c4703516 c768 43a2 86d2 623082c8ce28

*resurrects a dead meme* "memes never die!"

Preview eb7747f9 34d1 4566 90b0 7766ac904d60
6 points

I don’t even know what to say.

Preview dd0617b5 2b98 4b6f a2bc b73c8c32e9d7
5 points

Me entering 2018 like....

Preview fdecbcee a78f 4148 b5c6 523b65f1102d
5 points

When our bugged app doesn't crash during our demo

Preview 5d9f6c06 7573 4ed6 acb4 c580f9354057

Wait a minute

Preview e2785031 8d9e 43b2 b3ce 79c3b7290352
8 points

Miami penthouse with very tall ceiling

Preview de7d33e9 b53c 49c4 ba41 a8ff153fdc45
4 points

The good news and the bad news

Preview 1ba99554 5f1e 4493 9905 5dbefb81086c
8 points

It's been so cold in the Northern US, the Plows are starting to rebel

Preview 788e6f3f 10f1 47bf b97b 0a1e63842222
6 points

You had one job...

Preview 2c098c09 0b54 4300 aa1d b83621d5cc0e
8 points

Accordion doors open a dining room to the lake, aspen, and mountains of a Wyoming ranch

Preview 9679650e db49 429b 9b41 731523590487
6 points

There are two types of girls on Halloween

Preview b3ee5a77 ebbc 4e16 9c85 4a1a331d893c
8 points

He was pissed my other cat was coming by him

Preview c8f8c409 105e 4509 af4e c3554736c1f5

My 10 year old drew this and it really gave me a good laugh

Preview 25b1994b a163 481d aeb5 840a9a1a4255
10 points

Plane v Van

Preview 57d3bb23 a5a4 4ed6 a7cb b5f1a807defa
10 points

When you're having a good day, then you start thinking about life

Preview e6b6bdf4 1eb6 496a 8885 a1390d67db59
13 points

I'll have two scoops of gelato, and human hair?

Preview e915f744 b296 4f6d af2f 66559e0227f1
13 points

The kid's favourite dish

Preview f2bc3a1e c515 4dba a94d 6aa9220e5b90
14 points

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