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Apparently there is a Sunday yard sale in my friend’s neighbourhood.

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35 points

My Dad opened the Kitchen Door

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24 points

Some words of wisdom from Veronica.

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28 points

Cat. This is my first crosspost... I hope that this works and that I have accurately identified a startled cat. Cat.

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Andy I think I have a crush on my teacher

Preview a7a93df3 1baa 4725 aad8 39a032a1aaf4
21 points

My friend's cat during a visit :)

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14 points

This is the guitar pick I use to play quarter notes

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18 points

Instant Regret

Preview 8cacea5d 5bea 42c5 a709 36905f782f48
22 points

The college of pizza cardinals are standing vigil

Preview d629e88f 8de0 4c67 b16f 5c1fb05c7ed9
40 points

Caught my cat trying to hunt the crickets in my mum's bearded dragon cage.

Preview af301cb3 b8d9 4f6c 9f86 c59e480fef03
17 points

‘‘Tis the season to be soggy

Preview 83549985 dbcd 49d6 a1fe 7d1ac98d0345
96 points

Losing control in a race.

Preview f60e21ab 6456 4f2f b956 2997de27c331

3D print of Lord Trump!

Preview 73b30b7f 0630 48c8 b114 dc7adfe795d6
86 points

This handicapped handyman and his ladder

Preview 21c2340e e0a7 4fc1 94ba 23d77e24d8a1

Burns the soul alive

Preview 46063650 9a4b 4cb3 9e0d 2e20b3a3305a
37 points

Sometimes people get High In both ways

Preview 5f96e28c a7ea 4a23 a901 746798dc3770

Oh how times have changed...

Preview bbf20272 39d8 499b b9be 56fc06775fe7
49 points

Yeah....How bout no.

Preview 6983ee49 2b0c 4b39 8195 dece8e03659f

The best Santa

Preview 3fbad822 3a92 4c44 ab65 6ea57ee823e0
37 points

Wolves are bigger than I thought

Preview 2ac04069 57da 4746 abd0 f7e57df47cf3

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