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Like right out of an old church

Preview 408e98eb 0b28 4d29 82f2 164df4f1f816
2 points

Pretty honest marketing

Preview 562ff328 795c 4ece b15e 85cea5e4c85e
4 points


Preview 69597bae 203e 4856 b659 4e4b9281bc46
2 points

"Choose" Your Own Adventure

Preview 5e349453 df77 4acc a009 49e2d35dbf51
5 points

This car in a mall parking lot

Preview 21916cb4 f3ad 4c7a 8d6e 1eef240db52e
4 points

Asked my father for a wireless drill

Preview ab506d9a 56dd 4617 8fe9 69fa2865d891
6 points

An oil painting my friend found at a thrift shop.

Preview fcde5bfa 9376 4b06 8b96 fd4d808f1ab7
3 points

I don't see the problem

Preview b88a4bf4 1b11 4ce8 a9b0 0b8923bd647c
5 points

Don’t mess this up!

Preview 58becca8 54df 4a21 aa6b 427938245e6f

All of Elon Musk's other cars now

Preview 276ec289 6fd1 47e3 83b5 4cf408d0521a
20 points

Cleveland Fans Perched on the outside of a parking garage

Preview ce329e34 83dd 43fb 9027 9f39033931f2

Treat yo self

Preview a1f73e16 316e 45d6 9ab4 c5c0f4bb4d72
20 points

Downtown loft, Budapest, Hungary

Preview d372af66 f727 4093 91d7 07457ded02d2
14 points

My wife just texted me this picture of our cat playing behind the TV

Preview be420f09 a656 40df b1d2 a850412cea75
16 points

Just a small fire

Preview 8217e009 fa89 43ad 852c 349f59c268d6
22 points

RIP prince! Funniest cameo

Preview eedbea81 a7e4 4758 8ebe 21e8b253cf0f
20 points

Baseball cards in motion

Preview e13948bb d897 4692 b4de 072707147454
21 points


Preview 25a66b53 8953 4813 bfbf 008db46aed06
20 points

This pigeon who lives in the parking complex at a hospital.

Preview d4206d5c 569f 4e0b 8e66 25be0e1504f1


Preview e0295136 0809 47a6 bb57 f1714a2c5139
37 points

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