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9 points

I've seen it on several cars in my neighborhood

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Hal is the greatest of all the on screen dads

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7 points

McDonald's and a gym!

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Ruthless Geoffrey

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6 points

Ran out of rolling paper so i had to use the warning paper instead 🤷🏼‍♂️

Preview 160e76fd 60f8 43ff 8f7f d0b004ece3ff

Getting out of the shower and looking in the mirror like...

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186 points

What my boyfriend woke up to...

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80 points

The way my friend asked his wife to put the kettle on .... she did not oblige ...

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165 points

Ew white girls

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172 points

This foggy was obviously the best boi!

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154 points

Startled boi

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65 points

The passenger on this guys motorcycle.

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160 points

Poor new Zealand

Preview bbead138 d3f1 4041 8c41 793a0d727ace
125 points

Looks like he's being pleasured by Sir Patrick Stewart...

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198 points

So my flatmate texted me at work "Your room has been barricaded. For your own safety." Came back to find my door like this.

Preview 76cbca5a e9a5 490c 99f2 2989cf7c9647
134 points

Checkmate flatheads

Preview 96e64d98 25dd 4027 a1b6 1c539b5a29ba
171 points

Working Out In Random Places...

Preview ec1a7660 730e 4e72 ab98 b71334edbf8f
186 points


Preview 63d7800b 3696 41ef 9d12 bd2c1cc7eae6
159 points

Sent my father-in-law off on a road trip with some new flare

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164 points

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