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The true god

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19 points

Can you guys give me ideas of how to prank my 2 guy friends/neighbors with 16 15oz tubs of butter?

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15 points

Savage Katie

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40 points

Happy Birtbday to Mew

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When human go office.

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102 points

Kettle Corn Enslaving Mankind

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93 points

An interesting gif showing Psuedopupils

Preview 1cef5b93 2055 400f a6a8 e84b95bc69d6

That One friend who is Cool with everyone. **They call them TeddyBear of Office**

Preview 26f2729e e487 461e 826a 4de17adca1ae
95 points

Trying to take a picture of your cat like...

Preview bb67970a f3c6 4cd5 b019 7b0bdfb27c12

Pure wisdom

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70 points

I’m trying to work these two worthless loafers don’t care one bit.

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Playing Dead - Level 10000000

Preview 427fe60d 2870 49c8 b501 4c3ab74fcf37
95 points

Repainted a photo frame and left it to dry..

Preview b7ea81f7 3d60 461b 9eb3 818eaf820f70

What's with all the burnt Reynolds posts recently?

Preview 8c73992f 3e5a 4d64 aee1 704c9e40c8b4
72 points

Fred has 5 blankets around the house, yet he chooses to lay on the clean, warm laundry when I’m off getting hangers.

Preview 42b69980 a605 4ac1 9339 f69054d45bf8

These are the kind of people that I work with

Preview 3ac576d7 061b 4192 b75d 1c9c843b5813
71 points

I think Ruby is sick of our new kittens shit.

Preview d3b85dc4 fff6 4389 abc8 e3324e4dc4b2

Florida, are you okay, you okay you okay, Florida?

Preview 302038d9 82a4 45e7 ac39 f23bd332c9cf
67 points

I left her alone for an hour, so she got pay back

Preview 98dfb3f4 6735 4029 8a8b 5679de974039

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