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Its the same thing!!

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4 points

A hotel in Iceland

Preview ea8abcf7 9d9a 4e60 b6fe 48fa99512094
2 points

Harry and Marv are out and just in time for Christmas

Preview f49e769d 2634 44c1 956e 45ffe6a177b7
5 points

Drinking from the tap

Preview fc186067 2c46 4f5d 95cb bd23a54ce087

Pretty much sums up my marriage.... The card I received from my wife

Preview 2c6daa88 64fb 41be 9f63 11d5f39905e5
5 points

Yeah well, I had to have my thumbs sewn onto my feet.

Preview 6200f76b 0bb2 4e9e 959d 341af7552e12
3 points

Bubbles for staff morale

Preview 0fb0553d 5b32 49ad 86cf a3595cd2e582
5 points

My thumb got reattached. No need for a toe

Preview 3c9b6b33 ecd2 45ac 8f5c 3e03c8c72b81
3 points

When someone’s getting roasted in class...

Preview 238975e8 d93e 449d aac8 f5ee61f8e1bb
4 points

K9 plugs

Preview 871f57b9 98cc 461c a2b2 b3246314fabe
3 points

Saw this at Target today

Preview 4ee00673 a312 46f9 9599 bf5d80deea28
6 points

My puppy always gives me the hairy eyeball...

Preview 9d55633e 9dd7 4828 b13c 68606206b85b
3 points

Uh google thats not what I asked

Preview 8dd52580 1d9a 4887 a5ca b2be10b6075f
5 points

well, it still works i guess

Preview 1a069c92 f3ca 4dec a701 587a3aba5e43
4 points

LinkedIn started slipping in some new skills

Preview fcdebf2d 188b 4ea5 92d4 aa0558e4b0ec
6 points

House Sealion by Great Wright Architects, Cape Town, South Africa

Preview 5019403b 3418 4081 9c43 8f5aaa2ca889
5 points

This vet gets it

Preview cfac6d27 9d6a 4d09 8014 24b7aab020f6
7 points

Amelia Earhart: OG rooftop queen

Preview 3f5d4126 62ad 4b35 93a8 fc38345698a0

This is the best face swap I have ever seen.

Preview 0fc22e0a 5020 420c 83f0 e88abacf93b6
7 points

Ducks! So close!!!

Preview 84539881 8c6d 4262 b4fc bba38cdd727c

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