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When you go to the wrong convention.

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5 points

A Day in the Life of a Spaz: The Pregnant Woman Edition

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I must have done college wrong.

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60 points

Don't feed the birds

Preview 530e784b b8ff 4513 8c59 09e369ea7f08

This perfectly timed photobomb

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33 points

Synchonized shits

Preview e90d3e10 c822 42e7 a7ac af1b926b0419

My night after work

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27 points


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Sex on 3rd Date

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44 points


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Classic Dave

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36 points


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Mystery Solved.

Preview 25cc337a 5cb2 4b2f 93c5 ce54f9b726a1
45 points


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Realism in movies.

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47 points

So. I ordered 1000 crickets. I'd say a few of them escaped...

Preview fbb7dfa8 5e63 43f8 aec9 593304052e62

Just living my life...one dank motto at a time.

Preview 6f1686e9 5ab8 450e a583 5a086e018b40
56 points

Went to take out the recycling and was attacked by a vicious monster!

Preview ce5f1780 8aab 4a64 847b 7d38bd964a6e

Mind yo business

Preview 8b236a8e da4a 433d a420 1ebb62dcdb41
39 points

She has a whole farm where she can sit anywhere, yet she chooses to sit on the cat time and time again

Preview 8a59326f ad2d 4f73 b53b 143ef6c5fa71

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