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Be a Man

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21 points

Greetings to all who kissed the cup yesterday

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Liquids take shape of their containers

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94 points

He loves butt scritches

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A Reminder About The Forth of July

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94 points

I asked them who pooped next to my bed and I think I have the answer.

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We all missed you Boss

Preview a11a8faf 51f8 4af0 ac75 ec17f1a635f1
60 points

I'm gonna sleep now... guys?

Preview fbb4d300 90a9 4d00 95f2 eb984aa9e002

Hey Elon

Preview cae7a3d7 b863 4c50 a1cf 54b739b27931
98 points

My daughter has a super sweet kitty

Preview e2a978b3 5536 4546 934d b3c1364b661a


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95 points

Guess who was there

Preview ba2e552a 7f54 4bc1 9423 8c35285a26ca

Who's that pokemon?

Preview bc0b6f0f bdce 470c 95dd 0ca3d98abdcd
89 points

Petting my sweet angel Ruby

Preview 4b777f2c 6d65 4314 b433 5b1331de3097

My friend’s dog is a deep sleeper and we had a leftover corn cob...

Preview 87724861 6e8b 48eb 8a0c 3d6289c2191c
84 points

When you're trying to get important work done but your cats have other ideas.

Preview 2bf320f1 1b3c 42bc a7ba 816623bb7f55

Chicken Tendies for the win

Preview 032a57d8 7e15 4720 bf3a f9ffcd6414bb
102 points

My Cat snuck outside and thought he’d bring his new friend home

Preview 1d4f82f2 bdc6 40d3 bfd7 6987438fab1d

The tables have turned

Preview 04eb50ce d3a9 4310 bfd5 1b8e3e0da9cc
94 points

My cockatiel refusing to take a photo and biting the camera.

Preview 47aac4f5 147b 4a34 82ba d0d798e141b8

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