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the greatest crossover of all time ?

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Don't boop this floof...

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How the constitution really went down

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2 points

That’s a nice pedestal you bought me, thanks but no thanks

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Gummy bear genetics

Preview 7b22f35d 736c 4221 ac0c 33953bc955ae
5 points

I trolled my workplace. This document will be mass printed and distributed to customers. Lmao

Preview 142ef0c0 fe26 4722 820d 409ec50c7eff

My buddy went to Coachella last night

Preview d6dab962 01df 416f b153 09f916c2b89b
17 points

I'm no architect but I think the design called for more bolts.

Preview 2f3d833e 6a57 4af3 a0a8 462f7b867ac3
18 points

This sign for La Croix at my local grocery store

Preview 65b06bd1 3306 411b aef6 afe7b0d01a66
18 points

McDonald’s in The Philipines.

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21 points

Ask your vet if your heart is healthy enough...

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15 points

Fine dining indeed

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18 points

Have you ever been so excited ?

Preview 5267e007 f695 46ce a1f7 0fd377fbe717
17 points

The creepiest balcony ever.

Preview 5e7d5e02 9acd 46b6 8658 a63275089521
21 points

Reporting the news

Preview f4db1e08 ccf7 45e1 b808 bccaf9414956

There are two types of graffiti artist in this world..

Preview fa12cfbf 685f 4fb4 a154 d6b0be33c597
26 points

Debate Champ

Preview fbeaeec1 38b6 43eb 830b 72e4511f8af4
24 points

Going into work after not sleeping all weekend like

Preview fe33d35c dc73 4b12 9391 118253096b1a
18 points

one ice cream please

Preview f470a037 ceed 4f38 90dc cc4105a6822a

Infinity War Begins.

Preview 7278cce4 4426 4b51 b4d3 dfaae193a65b
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