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Back in my day...

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41 points

This guys dreadlock

Preview 9c5155f7 0bb6 4e72 a956 f52c87ed6fae
16 points

Pro Life Tip

Preview 0379679c 0b95 4912 826f 4a8e0a3dc0af
18 points

The male toilets at my school

Preview 70fc890f 6001 4fc0 bcfc 97b015afcce5
22 points

Construction camo.

Preview efc66d0d 7faa 4753 8b40 6c0437bfb7b3
22 points

Passion for taking pictures

Preview 298d7b79 0dc2 4aae 9ec1 3523296db085
31 points

Always one

Preview ffeaf0e3 b262 47ff a35c e643081fde67
71 points

Took this tonight from on top of my old high school's basketball arena

Preview 952a2f5f 85da 42fe ae35 e07dbd9750dc

When a girl falls face first onto her bed

Preview 508dd2fe 740f 46db bbe4 868d08db2856
66 points

How to get your catchphrase.

Preview 21db5985 4552 490c 983c 93a71659b43f

“He was bullied all his childhood”

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70 points

Me and my friend on a cliff at Yosemite Park

Preview dc2c5619 ecfa 488e 8843 92d3fd65e0e2

Cookie Monster, gas vent style

Preview c7cf3d55 af4a 4ff4 971c fddd23a6d561
43 points

Me hanging out above Shanghai

Preview ba6d11f9 29ac 474c b43a 24dd0856c707

If a quote says so it’s true

Preview a63f8bc1 b6fd 47a9 b5a7 90628b32bbc1
73 points

Nahhhh… I’d rather not.…

Preview ad8f0011 8d00 4d7d 8b8b 909a1e56d204

Just go to Good Burger to find him

Preview b6bd1422 5bbf 4fb1 a892 ee84b6d24ef4
69 points

Now It's Mr. Jerry's Turn After Mr. Tom - Cat & Mouse Fun.

Preview a4ad19b8 6f8f 427c b51b c327f600f9cf

That'll do

Preview 6456586a ef22 4066 9b9b 87b4fbed376c
68 points

Since the last one i uploaded got kinda popular, heres another one of my climbs!

Preview c127515c 6a32 424b 99fa 49063de3b1fb

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