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God save the queen, please.

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2 points

Stone Spiral Staircase

Preview 5e7f87e2 6ee4 4ea6 8ca5 1ec3cba12d0f

This is what happens when you leave your BF alone for 5 mins...

Preview 006ef720 aa5f 4f9d 9b79 238bb14bcca8
1 points

California driving

Preview 338af5c2 27fa 45d5 a3d6 6445fbcabff3

"My cat loves me..."

Preview f4503e02 c67a 42de 9c2a a99a903e00f9
5 points

Someone in the building owes this bird money

Preview 32628812 0578 4a39 b5b4 6eacac775884

Yeh, i know. Thanks for that.

Preview cacb7e30 b342 4dc7 83e8 fdd4b32bcabe
12 points

This amazon review for trash bags.

Preview 293b1c65 97b0 4b88 b597 ab8028399cb1

Look at that lab!

Preview 3597ee60 516b 4cc6 9a49 c156587ce413
32 points

When Mom is giving you pets and is about to take your picture, but your sister ruins it by jumping up on the side of the couch all majestic like.

Preview 59d4af8c e45a 42b8 8ed3 2e95a8d9a95f

Maybe tomorrow then

Preview eb332d6e b0a6 4876 ad4a 9e93bb2c4140
23 points

I am Goose, Destroyer of Worlds.

Preview c46aa572 2384 4cf6 8e34 a3b522c67c2e

Fat Chance Your Online Crush is Buff

Preview 597aca39 76ef 4269 b83e 647337c575c7
30 points

This goose who didn’t want golfers on his turf

Preview 38520394 47df 4bb1 b71b 3463c5d7c352

Kellyanne Conway, Conservative Snowflake

Preview e39b9f4a 1417 4d4a 8085 0611f54a60d0
29 points

My kids were in a race so I made a poster to cheer them on

Preview eecd7822 7c43 4680 bd24 26470f99a563
22 points

Sometimes you gotta throw the whole restaurant away.

Preview bc049f41 77ab 4754 8a0d ac9f5806a261
30 points

Mortal Kombat on ice

Preview 8974fc19 bd75 4827 9725 70a1565a496c
36 points

Married lyfe

Preview 191a5a7e 9fc4 4ed5 a670 e5adffda564c
31 points

Not sure what to think about the new Venom look:

Preview f2dd115f 6ef7 47e6 9357 7d5acd38753d
31 points

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