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Dont try this at home!

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11 points

Babysitting this sweet little kitten. My house panther Oliver has been quite welcoming.

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A major career change... it’s not going to be easy, but I’m ready.

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7 points

This squirrel who climbs to my second story window sill every day just to troll my cat

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Sweden keeping Russian submarines at bay

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Kept the fact have kittens in my house for over a year from the Neighborhood 7 yr old girls. They saw what was parting the blinds and now daily requests to pet my kittens. Thanks alot Jasper

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Weakness disgusts me.

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Fuck this tree in particular

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Respect my authority

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11 points

See the broken glass on top of the fridge? Guess where the extra coffee pot used to be.

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What really happened

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15 points

Now what?

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Poor baby

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16 points

Anything is possible 😅

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This sign on a vending machine at my work

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15 points

Bird Stealing From Kangaroo

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Traveling in Tanzania, they have a unique definition of Classic Pizza

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13 points

Book cat says nope. Not tonight.

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That tree looks fun

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