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Vanilla Ice has let himself go...

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93 points

Someone loves sleeping on the table

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Dog’s been driving for 3 years but it’s a first time for the cat...

Preview 367cd31f f2a1 4700 a2c1 a064779067af
92 points

Smol chomp

Preview c99142c8 98d2 4b7a 917a eb73ca960026

Does everyone have their moving buddy?

Preview 9646b89c 7489 4fd5 9a1b 1c6ca570aed3
85 points

When you have siblings

Preview 9930364c b91f 47c4 9339 12eeae2f1bca

Well that escalated quickly

Preview 161e9bf2 4dad 4fe9 9d68 d05dc320f7c0
95 points

Teddy moved in recently and kicked the dog out of his own bed.

Preview 35a7aa1c f7ce 45ec b3d0 bd0b4699b7f9

Tough day at the office.

Preview f76e0dc4 5e66 4163 b2a0 ff88b9759bbd
56 points

Oh, I’m so sorry! I, I didn’t realise you were in here. Hope I haven’t disturbed you, too much. Anyway... I’m just going to go.. go back down... you know... Goodnight!

Preview fcb3bbc2 95db 4d66 9b99 58cdebb7723a

I'm so scared.

Preview 768d6686 2c64 4e42 86ef 95ad89795534
89 points

A dog licked our glass door

Preview ef737d81 9585 4461 b8c6 27d33cf78cb0
30 points

My colon doctor has a Mr. Poopybutthole pin

Preview 532440c0 71db 410b b687 b7fc3299d411
60 points

Astro Kitty

Preview aa0ba7c9 3c02 41bb b123 815f1687fd6d

Mondays be like.

Preview 4e8deb6f 840d 4503 a73c 133aac8e460d
98 points

Better bet VPN for X-VPN app

Preview e583514b 5673 400a 834f ebcddc768437

Taco. Yoghurt.

Preview 8f991269 d2dc 4a3e 86c1 04dc1d2855cb
95 points

Monday Lisa lol

Preview a25da9fa be2e 4426 bc94 eb6bf175a6df

Sign on the last day of school. Infinity no tag backs!

Preview 391bfdcd d090 4de9 96c2 d6b9c820a33a
125 points

Unstackable cups

Preview 7463a9f3 cb0b 40f0 89f2 f3d164cc2b8d
118 points

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