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This truck I passed in Idaho.

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One of my most favourite reviews on Amazon

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8 points

Pool area sits beneath a massive floral-patterned stained-glass dome at the Mondrian Hotel in Doha, Qatar.

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Went out in Mardi Gras by myself for a bit. Found my best friend.

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Stop the abuse!

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To the giant robot holding the Bay Bridge in SF together. Don't be surprised of your strength. I'm proud of you, bud.

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Just Dancing

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A deep examination of my inner emotions

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Give that dog a bone

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Underwear thinks this is a good idea, but cereal doesn't?

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19 points

Cannoli is inspecting Leslie knope's dental work

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Pick your fighter

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17 points

Yoga Position

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We made an agreement, best friends forever!

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12 points

Sky Swing

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Misfortune Cookies

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21 points

A perfect, one in a million shot that they will treasure forever.

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One Sentence, 2 movies.

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28 points

Nom nom!

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