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An oldie but a goodie

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doggo says "Luv new daybed mum!"

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My cat

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Bees trying to ‘subtely’ kill humans...

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Oh look, a lemon..

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Ladies and gentlemen, the parrot is broken!

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Driving while using smartphone is not a good idea

Preview 53c9ef73 d47c 4855 af53 580d2beda356

These are for *dogs*? Oh...

Preview d52db37d 7de8 48f6 adab 2b12f0dcba5e
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so funny

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I bought some tacos to a homeless dog but he ran away when I tried to approach him :(

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Nothing really

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My cat suddenly decided he was done with being brushed. 2nd pic in comments! ""Mild blood warning""

Preview 8b917568 3e49 4a0a 9654 27019b95953a

🌴 Tree

Preview a37925ac cf7f 49c3 bced b76cd5f831c4
58 points

I made a gif of a whale shooting water out of his blowhole to lift his sombrero

Preview 8886e4bd ec3c 4572 bbcc de98103bc084
60 points

Who wote it better?

Preview 7311784d 5cbe 416f 97b4 8fe832a42801
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Someone got into some food coloring they shouldn't have

Preview 6714d524 8791 4816 bb27 5cd91496c033

Just because you are unique does not mean you are useful.

Preview 0cb69455 7af9 4b7e 8476 f95a0d5212d4
63 points

Every time I try to workout at home...

Preview 18457f01 af4d 4073 b3df cdfca5753efc

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