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Miss Beauty

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15 points

Cats and watermelon

Preview fd7cd2d9 20ff 4cf7 9ea4 71640033b72f

This sidewalk is really REALLY closed

Preview d8974b37 cdc4 454a 8aef d1d88b55e862
11 points

This is the case of students during the exam

Preview a03ce8da 5c35 48a8 9a17 5953f85b4e8b

I'm torn!

Preview 8110c433 f155 4fa5 a9a8 7426efc3298d
14 points

The cat requests marriage and her mother responds to it

Preview e57a411e 2838 4988 83ff 722586823089

Sometimes I doodle pics of customers that come to my work

Preview 9ca1727b 6497 4828 b4e5 32946a580521
10 points

Spaghetti at a rolling boil.

Preview 386df4d3 94b4 4a58 bdca 63dbb2dc8142

Be a Man

Preview bca589b6 a690 4e2e a9f0 2c4d2bf433b5
125 points

Greetings to all who kissed the cup yesterday

Preview 439e42ad b400 44ec 8e8f 521ec64f461a
135 points

Liquids take shape of their containers

Preview 57477b81 f487 43f8 ad6f 5ffadfb9803f
128 points

He loves butt scritches

Preview d145a714 6c72 4624 88f4 80a3f9d2c0cf

A Reminder About The Forth of July

Preview c6aea8fb 13bb 45fd a193 e96e8a29f92b
125 points

I asked them who pooped next to my bed and I think I have the answer.

Preview 5ff5b670 d576 43a1 8809 49a3a58d224d

We all missed you Boss

Preview a11a8faf 51f8 4af0 ac75 ec17f1a635f1
81 points

I'm gonna sleep now... guys?

Preview fbb4d300 90a9 4d00 95f2 eb984aa9e002

Hey Elon

Preview cae7a3d7 b863 4c50 a1cf 54b739b27931
124 points

My daughter has a super sweet kitty

Preview e2a978b3 5536 4546 934d b3c1364b661a


Preview c3c55d90 f9c4 4bff 9d09 c3d87f6351c5
117 points

Guess who was there

Preview ba2e552a 7f54 4bc1 9423 8c35285a26ca

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