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My cactus looks like a rabbit dabbing

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0 points

Nice Pixelart

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An exam question at the Indian statistical institute

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6 points

This is 125ft up IIRC. Seemed mildly r/Sweatypalms given that you don't have the harness clipped on here.

Preview 5579a45a 4f03 4968 bd87 6e3b01441d03

A shirt OP got for Christmas

Preview c184aea4 612f 492d 885d 6a19593f4df4
7 points

California Alligator Farm 1920's before safety laws and common sense, apparently

Preview ef9411cf e1ca 4932 a9aa 990fe0b9658c
3 points

This is science

Preview 3043b127 933d 4a29 8aad 7b7fd13da248
9 points

10,000 tons of corn...

Preview a0f90aa2 e9c3 42aa a99d 483c6dd6962c
6 points

Intel CEO sold $24m of his shares before a serious design flaw was made public. This is their proposed new sticker

Preview b824446d 4940 4335 a303 e86ce2bcf32f
11 points

Why did the chicken....something about roads.

Preview 18d92386 da02 4983 985d 3ae10baca211
5 points

My 5 year old fast asleep. Second night he has slept in this costume.

Preview 8d14a0ba f01a 4f8f 95f1 34207da07230
9 points

Ready to drop in

Preview bcd231f8 0ca3 4cdd a40e 36183da21f70

Friend's post on Facebook. I'm so doing this at the gym now!

Preview 4d8a42be 92a6 4c6e b22b 50fb2dee4080
9 points

At least you don’t need for a restroom.

Preview 5707d892 fb3d 4d3b 94c7 bbf183e40f41
17 points

This is our life now

Preview d6fc14ff 803e 4bf8 8c1b 5788c0d56b0a
20 points

Plushy Fleet enema just wants to be your little buddy

Preview c00ac301 f705 49bb a747 7c4d2627736f
11 points

Don't steal this meme

Preview 165217c6 d5c3 4d9a af24 3dfbe7be124e
11 points

Found this inside a book in the Munich Airport

Preview 2709d65d 8343 4679 9d8f b463af2c1b58
16 points

Advertisement done right

Preview 97f1600d 228d 4c9d adf9 5ca13b8fa161
19 points


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