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A gift for the man with everything.

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7 points

When I'm asked to work on a data recovery with Excel files

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Yeah, this is kind of true

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19 points

did Reddit just change for everybody?

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9 points

Oh you'd like to fold laundry? .....Cool. ....I'd like to have had friends.

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Even slower than snails

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16 points

"Wait, dat wuz me nuu bed?!!?"

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Could I still use it to get Coke

Preview 469370fb 5c59 4b9b 96c0 7f29b467c130
13 points

Wife Caught Cheating!!!!

Preview 4cde31f8 3a20 4115 b7c6 300bac6c3de2

I chose... poorly

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17 points

The baby's mother help him have a bath.

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16 points

This neighbor dispute has a clear winner. And I am now C. Fay from apt 39’s biggest fan.

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13 points

This made me laugh!

Preview 50a068f7 79e8 4d88 87b5 40b92f2907fd
15 points

Never Forget.

Preview 237fe4b8 11d4 43be 9cd0 96c8cfee9a12
19 points

Help me with a prank!

Preview 41e204a7 512e 48dc 8aee 81a59c122b90
15 points

My grandma’s cat refuses to come out while I’m there. But he’s always watching

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10 points

A cynocephali that dates way back from at least 1000 years B.C.

Preview 9ecc86a4 5e28 4b96 997c eef71af018dd

The perfect summer body doesn't exis...

Preview 0c13638d c6c4 4fa9 9ce4 42c38180c83c
13 points

Fish got filleted mid-air

Preview 1b5ee8f3 7e55 429d a3c3 06d2eb73b2fe

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