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Rub it in why don’t you.

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1 points

This ad for cereal

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Crazy social justice warriors!

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1 points

Snow Day cancelled kids.

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2 points

One Of My Favs Lol :)

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3 points

A room with a view.

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2 points

Will will smith smith

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5 points

Bathroom with a glass cube enclosing tub and shower in this modern cabin located in Fairplay, Colorado.

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4 points

Walked in on the SO sleeping. I’m not sure she’s human.

Preview b38afdcf 87a7 4b69 bdfb 6f97fa546474
7 points

Responsible Family Man Just Stole Your Car...WTF?

Preview caf06d74 8392 4459 919b 37140f39316b
10 points

Sweet! Google Chrome is blocking annoying ads…

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8 points

Keep the balance - Princess May aground on Sentinel Island, 1910

Preview a989e262 59c3 4dc5 98f1 b4718e871f81

Finally I found rock bottom.

Preview f0e620d3 bb59 48c3 8a59 dc324292ba4d
6 points

Bathroom with a glass floor over an abandoned elevator shaft

Preview 9a3d7127 6288 4798 a73f fdc52c027e16

You won't escape an awkward situation by ripping off this label.

Preview c2fe86f0 3c7a 4c36 b7f2 6f9bb7815ede
18 points

Never lean on an old fence

Preview 8e748ef3 deb9 4224 9873 2a4477f306eb

Netflix got it right! You go Ron!

Preview b98d454b 3068 4fdd a4ca 6f61997177c9
29 points

When they force me to go to a customers meeting

Preview d061fbb2 b8b2 4354 8b93 66853fc9d9a2

Jeff deserves a raise

Preview 10238833 3064 40dc 9393 2ee42e1c7482
20 points

I though it would be obvious, but...

Preview 387366da 1947 47eb 84e1 0d2acf29fb26
18 points

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