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The Olympic Cauldron Looked Too Familiar

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0 points

When you lose your thumb in an accident and replace it with your big toe.

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0 points

Listen man

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6 points

The Devil sliding in real quick on the godforsaken

Preview 2ca67477 3269 469c ae13 440fc482aef0

Google's dating advice

Preview c92dd466 412f 475a 8350 7019c8a6c770
6 points

I moved my hand and startled Squeaky.

Preview fb093b9f 583b 4f3f b0fc 9706993a73f1

Everything is better with cake.

Preview 7469aae6 26dd 48c5 ba7d 24dcac9f74b5
10 points

took a picture of Mt Everest, Disney and train lined up perfectly in shot

Preview 7de5a68b d83c 4f55 9fbb 8fcc26c82d1f

What Bitcoiners see vs. What everyone else sees

Preview 758ae767 138f 459b aa5b 81a2ebe074a7
7 points

I didn't even need surgery to have toe thumbs.

Preview 66c495e0 b8ee 4953 a74a 96397696bca2
6 points

The pug is the concerned mother, while the cat is the disappointed father.

Preview 3c72d8a9 4dcb 4584 9350 320f884db68c
11 points

A very Swedish living room

Preview 13ba6eb1 a957 4e00 a4a2 f6ac8362bfab
7 points

Very soon

Preview f60c0e67 0483 415f b4a4 2797398b4358
15 points

Renovated Mid-Century Modern with Walls of Glass

Preview 03bb8181 8308 42b4 b2d4 40c70c95087d
10 points

Just a small change of plans

Preview ea034af2 dbb6 4aa3 9f4b e96b538e6447
16 points

The lamprey is a parasite and it’s terrifying

Preview 8eab4537 1983 4862 974d 7bf92b350703

Windows are banned

Preview ecb24952 9c95 4847 b914 f9ddad271f2b
15 points

Yo-what the f***

Preview 9b476b2c 06b4 4ee4 8091 8297f7b4793b
12 points

Looks like he's still pretty upset about the failure of his theme park..

Preview 7636a606 a693 438a 9a4d 1db0eb4fb97b
17 points

I was looking for a flat to rent in Germany

Preview d61ab3fe 1d6c 41ba 9703 e933afb0d690
13 points

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