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Google tells you Hobbit meal times.

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5 points

Sniff my bum!!

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Seems legit......

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8 points

No friends, only obstacles

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I had my sister watch my cat for a couple days, and these are all the updates she sent me.

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6 points

Girl who used to be paralyzed surprises her nurse

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10 points

Oh good... they take Dr. Pepper.

Preview 20cb0feb e88a 42ad 9dbd da25adacdbf2
16 points

Rare image of Russian superhero Thyor in mid-strike

Preview 76f931c7 0054 45dc 8211 0134ea3e4f0f

Its been a rough month! Okay?!

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14 points

Moments before a snowman dies.

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Kids can sleep anywhere.

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11 points

A fact

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This is a thing of beauty

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14 points

Backward hug

Preview 00e3ec78 ace1 4881 8207 ec2c01dab0a7

A gift for the man with everything.

Preview 44d2c514 a7c6 4276 ae1f b65283bc7966
22 points

When I'm asked to work on a data recovery with Excel files

Preview 05754976 1e28 4098 90ce 37a920e303d3

Yeah, this is kind of true

Preview 972b7494 8644 4c6f a696 1640e991288e
43 points

did Reddit just change for everybody?

Preview c82051f1 69ce 4f1b 9fca b749603f6745


Preview 030dba8a e80a 4fdd a8e0 5f2f1f1f9828
10 points

Oh you'd like to fold laundry? .....Cool. ....I'd like to have had friends.

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