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4 points

I bought some tacos to a homeless dog but he ran away when I tried to approach him :(

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Nothing really

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25 points

My cat suddenly decided he was done with being brushed. 2nd pic in comments! ""Mild blood warning""

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🌴 Tree

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19 points

I made a gif of a whale shooting water out of his blowhole to lift his sombrero

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18 points

Who wote it better?

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21 points

Someone got into some food coloring they shouldn't have

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Just because you are unique does not mean you are useful.

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20 points

Every time I try to workout at home...

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Always my luck!

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20 points

Never try to take a selfie with an animal. I know now.

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Nice sign after backpacking for a weekend

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20 points

Skittles with water.

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23 points

The latest internet sensation!

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22 points

Cat pressed,I barely breathe

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They really just argued through WiFi names

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21 points

2 kittens took over this girl's table at the canteen in my college campus

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Don’t screw with my gummy bears

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23 points

This dog can't take these young pups no more

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