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Jurassic Park, except the dinosaurs are from the 90's TV show "Dinosaurs"

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7 points

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me...

Preview ccf86a2c de29 462c 972e a1a8ac20499c
7 points

Kudos to whomever did this.

Preview 64e57718 593a 4c54 99a8 ae5e15e77301
6 points

My super special wife in 1985

Preview 52c2f807 cbbe 4c71 b1df c16593c6d9dd
7 points

Everything that has happened since the dawn of mankind has been leading to this.

Preview 51afdb5a ab9d 4a99 b7ed d65f9ebbb6c3
6 points

This mushroom growing in my friends bathroom

Preview 24597996 bf2c 4d75 b30b 65fc734f2676
6 points

The only royal wedding I’ll be watching!

Preview 607db616 df54 4379 9266 706ed7d2bd03
7 points

Student apartment in Rotterdam featuring a loft bed suspended from the ceiling and a storage staircase

Preview 3971c733 47cf 4395 9242 7dc54c7a28a1
8 points


Preview ef75ef2b b2d6 404e a197 37988819bdeb
8 points

Ornate and elegant study in a house in Chongqing, China

Preview 28232f5a 9f3f 47ba a5c6 b46f1d171352
9 points

Excuse me sir do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour?

Preview 63182916 8534 47f3 a560 f2c0fe6e565f
20 points

Nemours Mansion Conservatory in Wilmington DE

Preview eb83e11d aec5 48e9 855f 20646cb4b372
14 points

Thanos pimpin’ his new ride

Preview 6a329194 60b7 4924 9360 edce9d83a22d
19 points

Indoor-outdoor bathing area with an amazing view of the surrounding bay in this home on Lopez Island, Washington.

Preview 856a2a58 8009 4f38 9f4c 201117730385
18 points

Smoothness level on this one is high

Preview 14188edc 0b5e 4aa4 bc17 6e641ba145a0
21 points

Coral and cream interior of renovated vintage camper in Florida

Preview 002069e0 dc73 4d48 89ed 5509dcc71d2d
14 points

Actor cosplay

Preview 400dbb85 9a8d 4f03 8279 16d6d8be3c13
22 points

Szent Gellért tér Station on Metro line 4 in Budapest, Hungary. Finished in 2014, won the 2015 ArchDaily Building of the Year Award

Preview 2e96745f 3e1a 4a09 9ec7 cd0b83dc0c77
16 points

But shit, was this 99¢?

Preview 0127e020 4a5a 4c2d 9eb3 b657579a3b6e
45 points

An Owl Blinking.

Preview d45e5194 a929 46d4 8bd7 479eeba3cee6
22 points

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