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Well, I’m not going to sleep on this flight.

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15 points

Looks like the cockatoos enjoyed my grapefruit a lot more than I would have

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Shit just got real.

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12 points

Anyone seen Loretta?

Preview 7ff8a44b 6f7b 41af b4e2 58731ffcb5bd

Paraolympic jump but synchronized to leg

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19 points

What could possibly go wrong?

Preview 392731e7 c733 4fbd 9251 2b944d3424b1
22 points

This dog surely loves her

Preview 5c1d95a7 3cda 4bf9 98eb 42886de11a0d

No.. Nononono

Preview b2e24fbc 11c7 4dfd a201 5462864b36e3
18 points

Snow Dog

Preview bf348f9f 7cab 4124 a05a 6dfe4eabe5e9

I think my lizard may have murdered someone

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18 points

When the sales guys just signed a huge project

Preview fc072da7 612d 43bf 85e9 5cba13c30e58

A different take

Preview 09f19614 2c00 44bf 9831 3a954ae0fab2
24 points

Wait. I was kidding!

Preview 66cf80e3 bae8 491e 84d5 e7680cc6234e

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all, Especially My Fellow Irishmen!

Preview 690ac99e 88fb 4a22 a2eb 5e7bf8b2b8b0
22 points

When I ask a coworker to show me his logs file

Preview 6533c85e 55dd 44e0 8358 ce3890f0dbfc


Preview f259fb16 690f 496e 9e64 15cf6947d670
34 points

Fuck. your. shit.

Preview 1328d1ef 2931 43f6 8ee0 133484db0aa2

Ok, the truth: What's your secret identity?

Preview e5b61799 2a03 4cb6 adc9 273e102fce51
23 points

Hot bananas!

Preview 0e6a98dc 0272 4b4d a67c 43dd90b46257
17 points

It's called body positivity and I love it.

Preview e68c3630 9ea9 47c0 a809 ebd27bfe7c1b
22 points

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