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14 points

they've lost their damn minds

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12 points

When your son leaves a present for Santa and inadvertently apologizes for humanity

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17 points

Cab ride home

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Library of a Neoclassical-style Long Island, New York, summer house

Preview acc03d34 6da9 4c2d a6a0 4fa7392bfc00
12 points

A coworker left this little bird in their grill for three days before cleaning it out.

Preview 32e04cc6 155f 4057 a1c7 38bf5f3e6b2d
13 points

When your friend's Hallowe'en party invites are so epic that Canada Post thinks they were damaged in the mailstream .

Preview ba32953b 670a 4230 b8a5 a2bf256f2a20
16 points

Just at the moment.

Preview 479c7157 416f 41d8 97ce a72f51ccf7bb

I saw about half a Mercedes driving down the road today.

Preview 73a6843e 5b97 4f07 9721 3bf59073c761
15 points

Ksenia sobchak, 35, Russian, going to run against Putin next year for president.

Preview 0de29090 b45e 4fbd bb15 c584d156a530

Human Life Cycle

Preview 57d848e1 47ec 420d bc7d 5ea8f849b15d
13 points

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Preview 18117167 36b4 44e7 a09d 89940275a370

Wife sent this after picking up our dog after surgery today. Says he's "still under the influence."

Preview 7d2906b6 af85 443d 81d3 cfbb78665dfa
11 points

Is Doggo smiling or scaring?

Preview d4e75447 6ae5 43d0 b5f7 9aff41f92dd1

I guess it works

Preview 0901b447 f654 40b5 99d0 14559782deac
18 points

I see you George

Preview 908b3420 5634 42c6 9a79 46d6c2349eb5
15 points

Not mine. but it is indeed smooth ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Preview b9260f82 5e3d 4727 8291 dfdc39be291e
19 points

The quite incredible Land Of Giants in Iceland

Preview b621f21d 4c84 4d44 a316 d1614a462d24
17 points

Smurf killed in hit and run in central London today.

Preview bf91b69a 0f75 4230 b936 d899b70d61c1
16 points

You look like...

Preview 879c08ef b11a 4108 9081 8bdc7277e01d

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