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Coincidence? I Think Not!

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40 points

Once you see it it cannot be unseen

Preview 102104a4 37fd 4a74 8883 a42004805922
36 points

Pocket Sand

Preview f3e9e93d 1250 4c72 99bc 94d8c50ab57a
40 points

Perfect girls don't ex...

Preview 171b5a3f 32dc 49c4 b6a9 5f62a6b21b13
39 points

How to speak like an Australian

Preview 9d18a79a dc6c 4e41 b963 fac505a20180
36 points

Liquid chicken

Preview f3cae9a4 e994 45cd a85f cc21ff07ff14
34 points

Too soon?

Preview c5d83c6f 7f74 4882 bd97 a25e7c530af9
32 points

May I present you the guy putting the pins on maps.

Preview 1c2d7126 9915 4118 974f a8e3f99348ed
195 points


Preview 288b4158 78bc 4e82 9d67 e96cd7efc09b
34 points

This song was written for my girlfriend

Preview d0e70abc 0ec6 4d9b 8c81 9249d470e7de
37 points

Sneaky Pete

Preview 709f3afa c94f 4159 a08f 5110593962a1
36 points

I finally reached my stretch goal.... I've lost 150 lbs so far! 380+ to 230!

Preview 607f760b 2895 43c0 9e8d d4800872543b
37 points

Is it just me or does this look like they are transporting a dead body?

Preview 45ef76dc 93e8 4f4f be47 3c7bc014cee1
37 points

Fins up!

Preview 0412049e 14c4 4359 9152 ac4567141e6c
34 points

When you are trying to make your best friend feel better.

Preview 41308d51 219e 4e9e a8f0 44130e3c17ac
35 points

Just slav things

Preview 1cf1667f 20c7 4e90 a08c e9b434c82cf8
35 points

Apply cold to burnt area...

Preview 961876a5 6f12 4e53 9178 742bf9d20354
36 points

My apartment complex has a zoomed in picture of 9/11 and is using it as abstract art

Preview fe1b9ae8 e5f9 47e9 af64 05df0983cbec
37 points

The family that wins Halloween 2017 goes to....

Preview a872b360 220d 4dc6 aea4 93abdf6ea9e6
38 points

Sorry about ruining your childhood

Preview 6e237326 8322 4c1b ac7b 043b37c1508d
35 points

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