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Chicken Tendies for the win

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47 points

"Cosmos" my painting 2014

Preview cfd07b45 015e 47d6 8adf e917f110c812
39 points

If you work hard, you will have a great life.

Preview 8e688a90 3561 4f6b 8cf8 0489183eac5b
54 points

I'm gonna sleep now... guys?

Preview fbb4d300 90a9 4d00 95f2 eb984aa9e002

Our 70s Style Mod Living Room

Preview 4b1fb42a b953 45f7 a076 3c7d06c3b510
49 points


Preview a3dac82c 700f 4d9e 99f0 5f477216b2ff
58 points

My Cat snuck outside and thought he’d bring his new friend home

Preview 1d4f82f2 bdc6 40d3 bfd7 6987438fab1d

When you're trying to get important work done but your cats have other ideas.

Preview 2bf320f1 1b3c 42bc a7ba 816623bb7f55

Liquids take shape of their containers

Preview 57477b81 f487 43f8 ad6f 5ffadfb9803f
53 points

I see your "Two's a Crowd" and raise you with " Mum! Dad! You are back early"

Preview 46e81d84 ccca 4808 b9f6 fb382b0f78e4


Preview 935c3c21 f536 4700 8748 d723577a00c0

I feel judged

Preview 8af6613d 112b 40b7 acff c736208e4a3a

360° selfie from top of Empire State Building (New York City)

Preview 71b4154a 9ea8 4702 b888 5191764dea97
52 points

I like videos but not if you have to watch it from youtube

Preview 0187f249 f4aa 4fb8 896c bf519038d157
47 points

Wow... Just wow

Preview cae54959 2449 4bdf b9c1 dbcfc5e6d877
50 points

Kan-chan, mascot for a Japanese company that specializes in enemas

Preview a5ff45e7 1bdd 4fcd b11a e446501881e2
46 points

If you have watched "Predestination", you will certainly understand.

Preview 116b060a 6566 4101 b1ab 5dbb416f3b4b

I will just leave it here..

Preview ab939802 a957 4d85 8cdd 0d1998ecc3f7
50 points

My heart, my soul

Preview 92cf24fd 7dd6 41ef b374 0ef79c0b85f6

When you're so hungry, you'll eat anywhere.

Preview b9801968 a2a3 428b b378 a8e7e8b73512
46 points

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