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My high school English teacher posted this on Facebook today.

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55 points

Practice makes perfect

You did great son!

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Dangerous! When Magma Meets Water

72 points


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48 points


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What do we say to death?

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69 points

Scientists Successfully Create Artificial Womb That Helps Prematurely Born Babies

43 points

Watch I use right now, may look confusing but after a while you get used to it.

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46 points

I would never guess the driver was under the influence ... never!

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51 points

Well it's something

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62 points

Oh dear ....

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62 points

Perfect craftsmanship

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100 points

Some horrible sex advices you should never listen to

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56 points

Experience Tranquility...

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The force is not so strong with this one

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57 points

Do you already know Hans' brother Heinz?

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58 points

When New Year party was really great

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The Rock learning from the best

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