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What do you mean I insult you in my memes?

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45 points

Is this a glitch?

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45 points


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45 points

And people say iPhones don't last

Preview fcd259c7 9eb6 4e61 a744 5c9bbea95969
44 points

The floor is exams

Preview c4fe1eea f9d1 4e07 bd32 195bdfad40da
49 points


Preview 54af901d 2c7a 4225 8fa1 f91d8e7750bd

This person on a kids playground

Preview ab874e12 4888 4736 9278 09a746306b03
116 points

Poor Kenny

Preview ff65c63b 8b4d 4813 b41b 55024fddaed4
59 points

Greets from Germany

Preview ae02e813 bf97 4967 8fa8 3546b64f8d39
53 points

Working with legacy CSS

Preview d95b3db6 e769 4e16 8f0e 4c04030186a8


Preview 83731ed8 2b4a 4f6a a53e 6d356e46e0d2
53 points

This angry deer

Preview 4e747eab f6ce 48aa a23e 806ab8298d76
56 points

Suspicious yard sale

Preview 0500b911 2522 47aa 8916 f0bd1d1bb430
54 points

I think my cat is broken

Preview 71000d8a d9a2 4c8b 81b6 7222b479bb11
51 points

Kate Upton on Her SI Cover (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)


Preview ecdb8de4 b17e 4915 8bc4 ea90eb49550c
57 points

Clearly, my cat almost starved to death last night while I was asleep. That’s the last time I leave the treats on the counter. And no, she’s not sorry.

Preview 1ce5a61c 92d8 4f41 b475 aba1783f6d29

Me flirting, one at a time ladies

Preview 371f5445 7c4f 419f 9066 476925c00ab2
51 points

Chevy Chase National Lampoon's Vacation sandwich clip

Good guy Deadpool

Preview e9c4cb74 878a 4518 8292 06df7e27d76f

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