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The Dark Knight Fails

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40 points

Arguing with your girlfriend

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35 points

Have you seen my stapler?

Preview 9e61e36c d95a 4961 9f22 53599b0cbc0d
37 points

Speak like an Australian

Preview 8925f80d 9d4e 4a2b a148 137ab1bb9cbe
34 points

When you call someone fat

Preview 4d438adc 13a8 483b b65c bd86fa609464
36 points

When the intern wants to touch my computer

Preview 221e211e f405 4393 a1c5 25d8e97f1468

It's actually true

Preview 55fefc2d e26a 4ab2 9347 f915247df7f0
35 points

Cat spilled on the floor again

Preview 9fe53ffe 71db 42c1 a90f 78f84fcf301a
32 points

When your 4 year old daughter asks you to hold her purse, you hold her purse.

Preview b36a09ca 98fb 4e73 b401 6705436e0a06
180 points

How Canadians asks for nudes

Preview 03bdebc1 0422 460c aa3d c41abe612ca7
35 points

Yeah that's quite impressive

Preview 697c98bf a713 4071 bb5e 6f5d7b532407
37 points

Wow now gluten free . ...

Preview f1d9e24f 947d 4043 b6d6 b7e31a4ea78e
37 points

Not my type of game.

Preview e810c945 716d 421c 9998 cc16db036296
169 points

This ongoing ghost story just got a whole lot weirder

Preview ec15dad1 0e7e 43b0 b388 c6fe3d4c5835
41 points

How To Build An Alarm Clock That Can Only Be Silenced By A Nerf Dart

174 points

Strong, independent woman aisle

Preview 8eb588c3 1a4d 4f4e 95a3 7c9f5ff59204
42 points

Thanks dad

Preview adadb7ce 37f5 4122 bee9 d14005f9e0d0
44 points

He spotted the pet carrier and shrank into a pea

Preview 1bf1c643 5282 46a6 a536 4fadb6207c16
39 points

fun bike ride ends abruptly


I can hear the sound

Preview 1b5f0747 6f55 45e2 8f0f a31c42e240c5
45 points

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