A Load Of Old Bulls

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Mac and Billy visit Spain on holiday. Are having a great time and decide to go to the bullfight to take in some of the local entertainment. See a great exhibition of skill and mastery by the matador who slays the bull and leaves the arena to raptuous applause.

On the way out of the arena, they are feeling a bit peckish and decide to go to a local restaurant. Waiter brings the menu and tells them that their speciality is the "cojones del dia". Mac asks what this is and the waiter says "Senor, it is the testicles of the bull slain today by the great matador in the arena, served on a bed of pilau rice- a speciality of our restaurant". Mac decides to take this and when the plate comes, he is given a plate overflowing with rice and two massive balls of meat at least six inches wide. Mac tucks into the feast and has a really enjoyable meal.

The next day, they decide to go back to the restaurant again as Billy wants to try this great meal that his friend raved about all night.

The waiter again comes over and before he even gets a chance to discuss the menu, Billy is saying he wants the cojones.

Five minutes later, the waiter comes out with a saucer with a few straggly grains of rice and two small lumps only about one inch long. He looks puzzled and asks the waiter why the meal is so much smaller than his friend had last night and the waiter replies " Sometimes senor the bull wins"

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