FAO George Bush

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FAO George Bush
President of the United States
Supreme Commander of the US Military
The White House
Washington DC

cc Tony Blair, Downing Street, London, UK

Dear George,

We notice you have been having trouble in securing buyers for your war. We would like to offer you the services of the innovative promotional marketing arm of our film and multimedia production boutique, rubberductions. We feel your war lacks overall brand cohesion and doesn't have a tangible hook, particularly for the younger segment of your audience. Therefore we propose the following cross-media branding and promotional strategy plan (CMBPSP for those in the army).

1. Develop a bold and dynamic graphical brand for your war. We feel you lack a recognisable public face, which inspires and instils confidence.

2. We feel you need a combined media strategy. We feel the main area we can offer our expertise is in creating a tangible and sought out web presence for you, offering a diverse mixture of information, news, propaganda, humour and entertainment. A war portal if you like. This can be used to link to other elements of your campaign, some of which you may for your own reasons wish to remain outside of the brand structure, but which you do want given the credibility and access offered by a reference from a reliable web presence such as www.georgesnewestwar.com [suggested title]. We can offer you the services of our film/video production team, but know you have media production teams at your disposal in NBC, CNN, CBC and the other major networks.

3. A web based viral game or application to draw traffic to your site. This could also incorporate a competition or prize element, and a high score table, offering the chance to win, say, a day behind the cameras in the production studios of your war.

We await eagerly your response to this offer, and hope that we can take this campaign forward to mutual benefit. Our fee for the proposed work is set out below. We have great experience in promoting messages to disengaged audiences, particularly in the youth sector, having previously worked on AIDS awareness, drugs awareness, and political engagement projects and have a wealth of talent to bring to the table. Combining this with your desire for war could lead to a fruitful partnership.

Yours faithfully

M Smith
Creative Director

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