A Cool Little Cure For Ants

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Here is the guaranteed cure for ants. Get a pound of black powder, or pyrodex, and pour some out around each ant hill and walk away...

Come back in a couple of days, it will be gone, pour some more out, and walk away...

Repeat this several times. When "I did it I" went through almost the whole pound.

Now, get some smokeless powder, pour it into the ant hill and then make a line all the way back to someplace safe to stand.

Apply fire.

The yard will lift and settle, you will see dirt fly up out of about a dozen little anthills you did not know were there, and that is the end of the ants.


You see, ant physiology is such that whatever is small enough for them to carry, they will take into their colony.

That, combined with the extremely fast burn rate of black powder, does the trick, the smokeless stuff is just a fuse.

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