The Ali G interview with Elton John.

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The Ali G interview with Elton John.
Elton John has requested it to be cut for T.V, but this is the whole interview in full.

AliG: Alo! I is ere wiv none uver dan da batty boy of pop, John Elton.

Elton John: It's Elton John actually Ali.

AliG: Aiih, whatever. So John, is you always been a batty boy cause I Erd dat you woz once married - although I also erd dat da missus was mingin?

Elton John: Well Ali if you mean have I always been gay then probably.
Deep down I was but maybe fought it because in my younger days especially it was not socially acceptable to be gay.

AliG: Fer real, but when you was gettin' jiggy did you fink about people like James Dean and that Jonny Rottweiler who was tarzan so you wouldn't end up wiv a floppy or woz you tris#xual and didn't care where you was stickin' Mr biggy?

Elton John: Again I probably fought hard to convince myself I wasn't gay so I never had a problem maintaining an erection with women.
I now know I am homos#xual so I would probably struggle to get aroused with
a woman now.

AliG: Wow, I fink I might be homos#xual then cause Mr biggy wasn't coming out to play last Saturday night although ma Julie says it woz coz I drank a bottle of Dan Jackiels and had about 6 spliffs.
I fink it woz coz me Julie isn't very subtractive now in fact she's a dog.

Elton John:I think you're Julie was right - it takes one to know one.

AliG: Wot, is you saying me Julie is a batty boy? Nah, the bitch won't take it up the exit hole, I've tried slipping it in a few times.
Happarently Julie is too nice a girl for batty s#x but she's not too nice for a threesome wiv me mate Dave - it woz wicked!

Elton John: Well a lot of women are not keen on anal s#x just as I know some gay men who are not keen on it either. Just because you're
g#y doesn't mean that you have to like it - there are other ways to express
yourself s#xually with another man.

AliG: Eh? Like fellatilatio you mean or gaelic.

Elton John: Gaelic?

AliG: Aiih, gaelic. When batty boys lick each other.

Elton John: Sure, oral s#x is one way of pleasing a lover but sensual massage can be very enjoyable for example.

AliG: But dat is a bit rank innit - ah mean you need to lose you're orange juice or what is da point. Anyways enough talk about homosapiens
- I hear dat you spend killions of dosh every year on shopping. Is dat because you is a feminist?

Elton John: I do spend a lot of money on shopping yes but I wouldn't describe myself as a feminist.

AliG: But I thought dat all gay people were feminists?

Elton John: Eh?

AliG: Chill. Anyway, is you related to dat lefty comedian Ben Elton
cause I fink he is rank.

Elton John: No, I told you before my name is Elton John and not John Elton.

AliG: Cool, woz your parents spaced out when dey named you?

Elton John: No, that's not my real name but my stage name. Many performers change their names to try to sound more appealing to the
public. Take Gary Glitter for example, his name is really Paul Gadd -can
you imagine the same guy selling so many records as Paul Gadd or me as Reg Dwight.

AliG: Nah, but I can imagine him taking some poor kiddies up the Gary Glitter coz he's a paedovile innit. Anyways, talkin of sickos - how's yer mate George Michael - I would never let my son go down on him the preverted bast#rd.

Elton John: OK so George made a mistake - anyway I thought you said enough of the g#y talk. I'd much rather you concentrated on another aspect of me.

AliG: Me know what you is saying, sorry Mr Elton. OK then, does you not fink dat you looks rank wearing a wig? Ah mean you looked a total d#ck in the seventies wiv da shades but everyone looked like d#cks in da seventies.

Elton John: If you're going to insult me any more I will walk out of the interview - I can put up with a lot but you're going too far

AliG: Chill Johnny, no offence. OK - you re-wrote dat Candle in the Wind song when Princess Di got wasted, do you fink she was incinerated by da SAS on da Queens orders or do you fink it woz just down to dat p#ssed French c*#t.

Elton John: Really Ali, Princess Diana was a very dear personal friend of mine whom I loved very much - I don't want to discuss it.

AliG: You loved her, but how could you if you is a batty boy? Is she a
femisist or somefink?

Elton John: (Elton leaves the room)

AliG: Nil respect to da menstral batty boy of pop - some people is just too sensidine. It must be all da years hangin wiv da homosapiens and havin his batty bashed.
Anyways I is off for some erbal remedy wiv me boyz westside. Boyakasha.

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