Common Terms For Female Masturbation

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5 Digit Disco

Buzzing the honey hole

Backslappin' Betty

Bailing out the Gravy Boat

Beaver bashin'

Bouncing the bearded clam

Buffing the box

Buffing the jewel

Buttering up the whisker biscuit

Clam twiddlin' jamboree

Critter crammin'

Damming the beaver

Dialing "O" on the little pink telephone

Diddling miss daisy

Diggin' for clams

Digitis Erectus

Fingering the fountain

Flicking the minnow

Friday night lip service

Frosting the muffin of love

Giving yourself the finger

Going for the gooey duct

Impeaching Bush

Juicing the clam

Let your fingers do the walking

Lip smacking

Menage a'moi

Petting the kitty

Piddly Diddler

Playing the squeezebox

Pokin' the pie

Polishing the little pink pearl

Pumping the kooter

Punchin' the chipmunk

Reading in Braille

Riding the clitoris-sauras

Romancing thy own

Roughing up the suspect

Self-guided tuna boat tour

Smacking Jerry Garcia on the nose

Spanking Lucy

Stroking the newt

Ticklin' the taco

Tissue tickling

Twirling the pearl

Unbuttoning the fur coat

Warming the wrist rocket

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