How To Dump Your Girlfriend By Email

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How To Dump Your Girlfriend By Email
It's so easy - All you need is an Estate Agent !!!

*** This is an actual email - The names have been changed to protect all concerned ***

Sally Varga wrote:

Dear Estate.Man,
Hope you are well. I thought I drop youan email to know my email address, and to get things rolling regarding our moving. Had a chat with Mr Nasty (my boyfriend)last night and put a list together on what we would appreciate if you could get for the flat.

* pots
* some big bowls
* sieve
* plates
* kitchen clothes
* coffee table
* not sure if you had chairs for the table in the kitchen
* not sure if you have an iron and/or ironin board

Please let us know what you think, I hope it is okay to ask for these as they are necessary things. Please don't hesitate to tell me if you think else.
Also, when would you need the bank reference by?
Would be great if you could send us a letter as a Reference so we can sort out the parking permit. Maybe it is the easiest if you just send it to my address as a mail, I would receive it in a day so we can sort that one out on Saturday.
Just to confirm as it has been agreed we will pay the rest 3 weeks deposit and the rent on 28th May when we move in.

Thanks for everything.

Have a nice day,



-----Original Message-----
From: [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 10 May 2005 12:37
To: Sally Varga
Cc: '[email protected]'
Subject: Re: moving details

hi Sally,
hope you are well.
did you find out what the council need me to write in the letter?
i think they might need council tax numbers etc.
let me know and i will send.

yes. on the 28th we will exchange keys and deposit.

i think it is fair that the flat comes with pots, plates, sieve, bowls.
but kitchen clothes? you mean an apron? i don't think so. also an iron/ironing board is usually the tenants'. there are two chairs for the kitchen table. coffee table, i will speak to my brother and get back to you ASAP.

Can your boyfriend foreward his reference details so that we can process them ASAP.

ok speak soon - have a good day



Sally Varga wrote:

Hi Lee,
Thanks for the quick reply.
you could post it to me to Sally Varga, 5 Somewhere Villas SS6 8AB. Also if I could ask you to also post me a copy of the contract that would be great, as Mr Nasty's got the original version and not sure when will he come to London again.

So when I will get these I can sort that one out. Mr Nasty will contact British Gas, not sure about Electricity and Council Tax, would you mind letting them know?

Thank you for agreeing on the kitchen bit, (I meant a kitchen towel - what you dry the dishes with, but it isn't a big deal really) No worries about the iron, however not sure what to do with an ironing board if we ever move out - it is quite a big item to carry it around, we have it in our place now that is why I though it would come with the flat.



-----Original Message-----
From: [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 10 May 2005 14:13
To: Sally Varga
Subject: Re: moving details

hi Sally

there is no gas bill at the flat! it's all electricity, so tell Mr Nasty not to worry.

we will contact council tax and electricity.

we will send that section three in the post.
my brother needs to fill it out.

speak soon

p.s...we have still not recieved Mr Nasty's references - please advise.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: moving details
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 14:37:32 +0100
From: Sally Varga
To: "''"
CC: "'[email protected]'"

Dear Lee,
Unfortunately I have really bad news.
My boyfriend has let me down. He doesn't want to move in with me any more. I eally apologise with all the inconvenience caused, please leaise with Mr Nasty to sort out financial consequences as he was the one braking up our agreement.

I hope you can understand this and I am sure that you won't have difficulties in finding an other couple with a normal boyfriend, as it is a gorgeous

Please see below the correspondence below, which I don't want you to get involved, but you have the right to know as we wasn't fair to you. Please act as you think it is the fairest from your point of view, from the deposit it was 200 what I have paid.

Best Regards and good luck and so sorry,
Sally Varga


-------- Original Message --------
Mr Nasty
Sent : Thursday, May 12, 2005 3:20 PM
To : "Sally Varga"
Subject : Re: CONTRACT



I cramp up at the thought of this because I am not really interested in building a life at this stage with anyone. I just am not interested.

It may be a good idea for saving money, but it is a waste of time for us as a couple because I dont see a future.

You are all over me all the time expecting me to express my love to you becuase you think that is what people should do.

I REALLY DONT GIVE A SHIT what you think and if we move together it will just be constant frustration for me. I am frustrated and I am not even living with you now.

And it is not because of all this moving in together shit. It is like that anyway.

Therefore the more we talk about it the more I am still not interested.

If you were my mate or my brother I would move in with you because there would be no pressure to give you "Support" and "love" and all the other shit you think I should do for you.

Again. I DONT GIVE A SHIT for those things. I am simply not interested.

I like your company but that is about it. You do my friken head in now I have dont fuck all work today as I just want this to be over and out. No more.

Why am I even fucking typing this email.

Therefore if you call me again then you can assume that I am not going to pick up the phone.

I just dont want to talk about this ANYMORE what so ever.

I had the best sleep last night because I felt like I had solved the problem, but you are bringing me back into it again.


Mr N

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