Ali G interview with Liz Hurley

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Subject: Ali G interview with Liz Hurley!!!

Ali: I is here wid none udder than the women who starred in 57 passengers
in a plane wid a blackman wid a gun and International man of stupidness Austin
Powerless Liz Hurley

Ali: Good afternoon

Liz: Afternoon

Ali: Now Liz you is a bigtime porn star is you no?

Liz: No I am not

Ali: But is not you da one that did suck off Hugh Grant in the back of
the car.

Liz: No it was not

Ali: So you is denying it then

Liz: Denying what

Ali: Getting your gums around Hughes plums

Liz: Well I can't really deny it because he is actually my boyfriend

Ali: So let me get this right you suck him off because you didn't want to
let off the punani but you was bored of the house so you did it in the car?

Liz: No it wasn't me it was a prostitute

Ali: and you was watching yes?

Liz: No I found out about it in the press

Ali: Did you pay for the prostitute as a present for him because you'd
been to the dentist and the painters was in?

Liz: NO! Hugh had his reasons for doing what he done, he said sorry and
he is now behaving himself

Ali: But is it true that he has been married 4
times and died once all in 2 and a half hours?

Liz: No that was the film that made him famous, it was called 4 weddings
and a funeral.

Ali: Now I 's have never met him personally but no disrespect true he's
your boyfriend and all that plus he pays for it which must be cool for you
especially when the pennies are low - but I heard he is minging.

Liz: What's minging

Ali: You know - not saying much, ugly as a women sumo wid a beard

Liz: No No No Hugh is very charming

Ali: He can't be that charming

Liz: Why

Ali: Well I know I is not that charming but I've never had to pay for
punani except for the time I had to take me Julie to Kentucky because she can't do
it on a empty stomach.

Liz: What is Punani, is it some type of food

Ali: Fi reel.

Liz: Well

Ali: You can describe it like that but you would have to tell people not
to chew it cos dat could be painful and if I was hungrey and you offered me
your punani I would be a lucky man

Liz: Is it an exotic fruit

Ali: Not really although the exotic ones can be better, anyway getting
back to you. You was famous once no?

Liz: Well I would like to still be considered famous I hope

Ali: Yeah but you was famous for that dress yes!

Liz: Which one - There's been quite a few

Ali: The one where you was accepting the music award, the one wid the
union jack all over it.

Liz: I don't own a union jack dress

Ali: C'mon Liz the whole world saw you drop the melons on telly

Liz: You have me confused with someone else

Ali: You is not in the spice girls?

Liz: NO!

Ali: Why not

Liz: I'm just not

Ali: But didn't they kick out Geri so you could step in

Liz: No they did not and anyway I cannot sing

Ali: don't matter at least it don't seem that way

Liz: I am not in the spice girls, although I do like their music

Ali: Anyway I muss say thank you to the one like Liz for her time and let
you people know that it is OK for you to pay for your boyfriend to be sucked off
in the back of the car and you can get famous for wearing dresses that don't
fit and that the spice girls can't sing. This is Ali Gee bringing you the flavour straight from
Liz Hurley Punani - Nuff respect

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