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Oh Deer I’m dead tired

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53 points

My buddy is a plumber and was called in for this today

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43 points

A mummified rat protruding from my basement wall

Preview 9d42ae8c 1dc4 4afa b247 0942049c9f7c
35 points

A mummified rat protruding from my basement wall

Preview ea881f97 a1f3 43ec 84b6 83b3f4b87b38
54 points


Preview 958061e9 f2c1 4cf7 8332 8d767d958bb1

Another WWII bunker....Who wants to come with me next time ?

Preview 5567a41d 85fe 4d5f 82fe 78937006238f

No Brick Here

Preview 6761dda9 4ab0 4766 9f7b 5171b3c4852b
37 points

Thomas the tank engines nightmares

Preview 0c3176c0 438e 4a93 9a13 756e068eed5c
132 points

Broken down bus near Pinhook Gap, NC, USA

Preview f4f932ac 7d44 4833 b6d4 6efee4cf2d3e
72 points

The prince that was promised

Preview a863ce4d cf43 4d28 9633 5d0dc4ea4c2b
67 points

Welcome home, master. I did some remodeling.

Preview 74eab7ce 2005 4ee7 af28 67db60d421cf

Broken side mirror fix

Preview ed9c3de1 3136 4c68 b55a e6a4bff21336
51 points

"Hey! I have a very cool project for you!"

Preview 3c875ac6 8a18 47c4 9ee7 ea42be0a4b37

Abandoned hospital part 2.. we found something


When you and your friend are too classy for this sh*t

Preview e91fba45 171f 471e 8f90 91dc657ec327
56 points

Dots admiring her artwork.

Preview 754f6df8 0039 430f b267 d55a1efbc5a0

Train derails after rails stolen

Preview f0d5dc17 0555 4913 a4d2 0ebe81110f11
17 points

Inside of WWII bunker, too scared to go deeper.

Preview 24304d9e 3382 41da a1dc 8f52c44d948d
73 points

May I present you: Pepachu

Preview 7623a102 597c 4f56 a227 124987bc71f6
166 points

Breaking Into A Russian Military Base To See An Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttle Was Worth The Risk

327 points

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