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Thomas the tank engines nightmares

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79 points

Broken down bus near Pinhook Gap, NC, USA

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23 points

The prince that was promised

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19 points

Welcome home, master. I did some remodeling.

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Broken side mirror fix

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21 points

"Hey! I have a very cool project for you!"

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Abandoned hospital part 2.. we found something


When you and your friend are too classy for this sh*t

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20 points

Dots admiring her artwork.

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Train derails after rails stolen

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5 points

Inside of WWII bunker, too scared to go deeper.

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11 points

May I present you: Pepachu

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150 points

Breaking Into A Russian Military Base To See An Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttle Was Worth The Risk

256 points

50.000 people used to live here... Now it's a ghost town.

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13 points

Guy gets mad over his friends throwing water balloons at his new Mustang


It was fortold

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93 points

18 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places Will Stun You

191 points

Here is your ticket sir - you get the 1108

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192 points

Black Saturday Bushfires - Australia, 2009. 171 people killed, 414 injured. Two towns destroyed. A$5billion damage.

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