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That's gotta hurt the feelings

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Well.. ヅ

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If you have watched this masterpiece atleast 5 times. We can be friends.

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Six Words Of Sadness

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21 points

N*gga Goals

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22 points

Accurate af (not mine)

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Plot Twist

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15 points

Ultra best friends?

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22 points

Pretty accurate

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Visiona 2, Cologne, Germany, by Verner Panton

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12 points

Drone view of a forest after a frost

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A cup of England water please

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Moved my couch to look for my ID and found my ex's Snus packet collection.

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This is the north pole of Saturn, 2100 km long and 540 km/h of Red wind speed (from Cassini sond)

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23 points

Eclipse view from Portland, Oregon

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Leeeerooy Jeeennkiiins!!!!!!

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This is so accurate

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My Mom posted this on Facebook and didn't understand why I found it so shocking.

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