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Ying yang

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9 points

Let's all hope we will be able to try it

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11 points

Mind blown

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12 points

Great Hacker!!! #Respect

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Oh god

Preview 0b210d6d 8274 45eb aebf 3d9907b452fb
16 points

A mild got spoiler

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The sun seen through UV lens!

Preview 32b2d8eb 40f0 4594 adc4 139a1beaa6b0
6 points

Nice view

Preview 977d0d1f 57c7 43c8 a2dc a40d2c17ea3a
9 points

Life hacks

Preview dd46df7c a504 418e 98ef a86a7f78e624
14 points

The corner-matched tiles in this herringbone bathroom wall.

Preview acc18153 d462 41e7 a280 b0c22a7f0e87
12 points

Life Hacks

Preview 3d6460ec f363 4b81 8049 c6c93d118827
8 points

Pls gimme money boss

Preview 71e37bc4 295e 4b14 aba4 e92fad4f6b25
11 points

A photograph of the sun using an ultraviolet lens.

Preview 302473e6 ddcf 48c4 b99b 4c0d481c87bf
10 points

I work for a medical device company and our humor is shown here

Preview fdf6d9d7 4ec0 4eeb 9d77 1cd5badfce77

Sounds good

Preview 22143ac3 6a15 4f79 acbe 557e2882e549
9 points

I'm not sure, but I think I would take the price for today

Preview 2cde78ba 7de0 4daf afbb 1f3849e37b86
8 points

Challenge Accepted. Did I miss any?

Preview 4b13333d aa9d 444e ae06 3d479fde3377
13 points

I work for a medical device company and our humor is shown here

Preview b5a7da12 4603 432c b6f9 182905cc6389
11 points

Colossal Storm on Saturn's Surface Captured by the Hubble Telescope

Preview 2b19c5d3 dff7 4b88 a49a cf301783fe4a
50 points

Fake or real?

Preview 56eee5fd 8cce 4b9f b7c1 3933a0d28560
16 points

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