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Pinhole viewer really does work!

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119 points

That's why you should always have an alabi at any age...

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Smoke formed a perfect 2

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When you're home for Christmas and it's time for your parents' annual computer maintenance

Preview f6ecfd0b b935 4fd5 84c2 eb14d9b46e77
136 points

This guy just might be a genius! Says he will sell one post when he reaches 5M followers...I don’t believe him!

Preview d09a0e8a 0fdf 4df6 a460 84b4cde3991d

A soap bubble frozen on a park bench.

Preview 06de8de2 cbca 4ccc 8387 92e7a52d65c6
89 points

A solid advice on how to pay a $4 fee.

Preview a5ab130c 8e09 4467 87f7 9e99f3fb2b92

Turn around

Preview bc1db984 4c76 4e5e 8e63 9da7c2a9d59f
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53 points

Just a little prank I made up. I put in the notes app because I couldn’t make a text post.

Preview f5794a4a 994a 469b 90e1 606e012b47fe
130 points

Just Barcelona from the sky

Preview fac2607d dbb2 4708 b47c 98f8100aa752

Eclipse photo taken by Terry Leonard (my cousin's friend's uncle). I thought it was too beautiful not to share.

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64 points

This sudden profanity

Preview bce4ceaa 3d1a 465c b959 f928bb93ea2a

The earth is flat.

Preview 067c0be5 ea48 4a68 89c3 e743e97912bb
94 points

420 is still funny, right?

Preview fc9ef3e5 c38d 4d9b a0d6 12b01187581b

A dental x-ray of someone with cleidocranial dysplasia- what Dustin from Stranger Things was born with.

Preview d11fe8ec db2e 43dc 8bb9 db59b7715681
110 points

I can assure you...

Preview 71a9c9a9 c89c 4b0c 92d9 ace0aa173ba0
66 points

The many ways to sleep

Preview 468f727e f171 4459 94df 501485c10745
121 points

"The Milky Way Motel"

Preview 35b3b69c dda5 4a2d b5f3 04734e849edf
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