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Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, Arizona

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6 points

Oh my lord...

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11 points

Floor of St. Florence Cathedral

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7 points

Underwater forest

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13 points

Going going gone

Preview c06a7098 a50e 457c 9d4d b7c99f5a2ffa
17 points

Padmes death mistery solved!

Preview 3fb5d77d 7b85 4dec be78 d102a13665a3

This YouTube comment

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14 points

Solar eclipse out of nebraska sorry for quality!

Preview fdf848e8 7541 4197 8929 09c0270fc2fc
4 points

Scrap tire dumpyard from above

Preview f2c70060 e1df 4fe4 b309 786b25aed9b6
18 points

Blood vessels inside a human eye.

Preview 8a5576b4 9a5f 44e9 b559 c8fb5d283835
5 points

Taken the moment I tripped on a trail today

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Not my post, but really useful for beginners.

Preview 9620d08c 6e9a 4d81 8f5b f3b6f4bf9c20
15 points

There are 16 circles in this image

Preview 97e4b059 be3f 4f31 94a6 ee8cd57c886f
17 points

Siri got some sass

Preview dc1361fa 0070 4e9a 8375 02bc9794e9ef
7 points

The texture on this wall looks like rippling liquid

Preview 35d641d2 554b 4548 a02a 4974ba8882e4
11 points

Does Susan ever f**king get it?

Preview ddde36b2 c1c9 4c50 a999 5a6396ce2226
16 points

A picture of the solar eclipse taken by an infra red camera

Preview a16355cb d687 4800 9076 4deb98449434
16 points

The Titanic compared to the Queen Mary 2

Preview bfb5bf0d b5c0 4b6a 8459 15c141347e23
10 points

Listen you too are supposed to look around

Preview 12478b07 5671 435b ab39 daf284c3ae8e
12 points

Beach rocks

Preview d58cfb40 d2c0 4cab a36b 6b11985706e7
9 points

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