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It looks like Superbad is happening across the street.

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8 points

This bee looks suspicious

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11 points

Vin Diesel was my bus driver today

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5 points

Fair enough

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5 points

Another angle of the car on top of house in Alabama

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6 points

My brother was speeding on a wet road on bald tires. Don't drive on bald tires!!!!

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109 points

What Happens When Untrained Air Traffic Controller Tries To Troll While Playing Flight Simulator X

277 points

Instructions unclear: F**ked a hamster

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0 points

My parents successfully evicted a hoarder from their stone cottage recently.

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1 points

Friend took a tiny tumble while on blood thinners....this is day two.

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2 points

What is a truck???

Preview 6dd42840 fbc5 4593 9957 381018c884da
3 points

Almost 8 min of it


Lady didn't see the construction apparently

Preview 39ced160 feea 4663 b658 4196dace730a
2 points

Only in the country!

Preview a4055c83 6eb1 4472 b113 221fa61f8a1f
2 points

Whoever did this gave me a heart attack

Preview 4ad7311e 4495 4a6d 800c bf3c679579a2
216 points


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157 points

I accidentally sharted in Cancun billboard

Preview fa532167 5183 42ff 914b bfe323522469
251 points

Spotted: Schools Mini Van.

Preview 824dadc2 75fb 4174 ad04 80be90923956
135 points

Cat DP?

Preview 6efc5871 ff1a 4c69 b414 96470849b9e0
141 points

This guy improvised a heater in his back seat.

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