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How to protect your liquor store in Compton, CA

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15 points

Without searching, guess what this truck is selling?

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11 points

When Google catches you picking up hookers.

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17 points

Seems safe.

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17 points

A fellow student probably pulled an all nighter studying for today's morning Final exam.

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13 points

Upscale roadkill

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11 points

The real walking dead

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44 points

When the beginning and the end are the same

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12 points

Corn Maze for Dummies

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13 points

Someone is big fan of "Taxi" movie (found in Poland)

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14 points

Just another day on the Florida Turnpike

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13 points

Not sure if this counts but lightning struck in the middle of taking a photo.

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I mean,if it works

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11 points

I'll need a towtruck? Hold my beer.

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13 points

My turkeys getting ready to attack a chihuahua

Preview 5ef13447 b726 4703 9b18 e8d4ca0f449d

It looks like Superbad is happening across the street.

Preview 6266f22c 3dfa 455b a365 934ce9040230
15 points

This bee looks suspicious

Preview d80dd5a5 072c 43a5 8c5d f43b2fdc2812
12 points

Vin Diesel was my bus driver today

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7 points

Fair enough

Preview 231f2a43 9ac6 4dd4 9236 6697ee2ae04a
7 points

Another angle of the car on top of house in Alabama

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10 points

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