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Staff from a local Italian restaurant are handing out pizza and water to emergency services near Parsons Green tube station, London.

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Left my car window down before rain. Faith in humanity restored.

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A stupid place for a bicycle repair

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In Soviet Russia...

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Who called who for back up?

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I see your totaled Eclipse and raise you my totaled Eclipse

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Grab the cooler? Nonsense, well just take the whole fridge.

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Not the average car accident

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He couldn't hold it in

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“How do I deliver this tire with a motorcycle?”

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Honk if a kid falls out

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15 points

IRMA, what a bitch!

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Saw this restaurant in town this morning

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24 points

Existential crisis in 3...2..1

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Woman on train tracks


Riding in this car!

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Intense police chase!


Police escorting truck to runaway ramp


Thank u 4 driving carefully

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