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Drive Thru Dentist

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62 points

Detachable cabs are now an option

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76 points

Solution for annoying back seat drivers

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84 points

Well this looks safe.

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57 points

Wrap it up, I’ll take it

Preview f23ce75e 475b 44fb a23b 2b1d719d963b
70 points

A tree just fell on my poor office mate’s brand new car

Preview e3725929 fc13 43ef 9480 904a2b9f7bcc
71 points

No one likes plowing alone.

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65 points

This car was completely intact 2 days prior. Abandoned near a store known for vagrancy.

Preview f119decb fd6f 43f7 a61b f8140390ba13
65 points

Ever seen a half melting car?

Preview 3e4566e2 bf84 427a 9b04 947988f2594d
24 points

This frozen dead cow strapped to a trailer. It’s cold in New England right now.

Preview 7bfa5990 8654 4adc 9f41 d38a01fe9fb2
89 points

Me neighbor is an idiot

Preview a60f3b9f 4f8e 46ba 83d7 5627741d6664
69 points

Started 2018 off with a “sign”....

Preview 4734b59f 9e9c 4594 a7f2 fa09b2b57a83
58 points

You know the roads are bad when....

Preview ebddc150 a714 4c13 b710 3c12180f94e0
23 points


Preview cff41117 aa34 4ad2 8f5d 5f93ca4684ed
55 points

Pack it up boys, looks like we're done here.

Preview 685fe55b 1f4f 4158 9184 935dbd88cc11
22 points

Driver : what?

Preview 281a59e6 c1de 4b17 8dcc bcc31a54e18f
63 points

Not at all heroes wear capes

Preview 940a5bd8 966e 4648 8a43 9eb48a5d0161
37 points

Just a casual day in Doha, Qatar

Preview 6e622094 3254 45fd 8e46 7c44f0ebeddf
21 points

During the Paletta International fire last night - the license plate says it all.

Preview b7154456 a90a 4826 b285 a88e52d90d02

Scrap transporting scrap

Preview b6468985 5c65 42bb aa62 97c9286f05f6
15 points

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