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Found this cool bill floating around the internet. By artist Tazmatic instagram/FB @tazmatic618

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24 points


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If in doubt

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18 points

Blah blah

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12 points

I Made Dis

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19 points

So I was drinking some coconut water when suddenly...

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20 points

My mum tried to tell me Birds weren't animals this is what the internet said

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146 points

Romaniaaaaa, f**k yeah

Preview 119ac0ee c993 41e8 b62e 819d5a394649
4 points

This "Welcome" Mat

Preview b27aca1d 29ee 40c7 9d2b 89304a6f7254
14 points

Rupaul's Read of the Day

Preview 9dff261f 3bd3 4962 9fac 386ac54f9124

There is something we need to talk about

Preview 091752f2 e797 4f0a a54c 8c6d4ddc1e16
92 points

NBA rookie Markelle Fultz's father's day post.

Preview 35cd3580 1aed 42a3 a338 0be308e432f7

Speaks for itself

Preview bb084fae c7ce 4968 b0b9 8d5ac36f2dcf
16 points

Well done

Preview 3bc6a4df 6647 4649 8100 ce2288beef2e
11 points

Your daily edge to cut yourself.

Preview 76d8ddb8 03ac 4e5e 9d28 109d2c133831
7 points

I see what you did there, neuroscience book

Preview 23c8c327 565a 456a 8c61 12fc3b893718
7 points

You're gonna stand there and own a firework stand, and tell me you dont have any...

Preview cb14a973 e2d5 42f2 9c9f fc9adab9497e
10 points

To the guy with the 351 year old coin. Here are my coins from the chocolate age.

Preview 78176b88 031b 4ebc 96c3 24a2e6d75e05
24 points

Reasons to Love the show

Preview c2f3ef95 767e 4a9a b31c 0338eed2c999
137 points

The correct way to request nudes

Preview bc7a42e6 8daf 4b2b b413 38d036b74024
192 points

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