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Practice makes perfect

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Split, Croatia last night.

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Swim call in the Gulf of Aden

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My brother was speeding on a wet road on bald tires. Don't drive on bald tires!!!!

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"Atomic Blonde" Final Trailer Shows A Bloody Brutal Charlize Theron Trying To Kill All Bad Guys


Took a pic with my iPhone... I was blown by the quality

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Almost 8 min of it


Skyscraper Handstand



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When your friend throw a shekel from the mountain

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Only in the country!

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When you're about to have a REALLY shitty day.

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A Dad captured this photo of his 10-year-old son surfing over a great white shark

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Don't mess with the Navy Seals

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Shawn Nelson, an unemployed plumber & US Army veteran who stole a tank from a National Guard Armory & went on a joy ride through San

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Hot air balloon rock climb at 4000 feet


"War For The Planet Of The Apes" Final Trailer Brings You The Ultimatum Of War

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Rare photo of a shark stepping on Lego

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Skier's GoPro Captures Him Falling Into A 60-Foot, Hidden Glacier Crevasse

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Something is wrong here

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