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Went to see IT, I'm the first one in the theater, and this f**king guy is just sitting there

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11 points

Tank outside office window parked on freeway.

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14 points

Sometimes a bumper sticker just isn't crazy enough.

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10 points

Why not

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16 points

Caught Marty and Doc on the highway today. What a time to come back to

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12 points

Charlottesville 2017 - Let them fight

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This approaching storm cloud a few minutes ago in Pennsylvania

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18 points

Bird buzzing by me. Zoom for full effect.

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Hey man where is the ball? -I don't know!! keep searching!

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13 points

DOT warning this morning.

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10 points

Expertly framed.

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Wildfire last night in/near Split, Croatia

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18 points

Deadpool 2 filming in Vancouver, British Columbia this afternoon

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16 points

The madafakin dolphin has a better sex life than me. *cries in the corner

Preview 0d558078 c236 4c37 8454 27c88b9fcf60
9 points

Today someone decided to make an illegal u turn at the worst possible time

Preview 6d705a44 7ee1 4581 877c b5ce8b21e5e7
13 points

This strange looking tire

Preview d55e63f2 2e4d 4635 9799 4f7f72c8bc73

DOT warning this morning.

Preview 1178bae2 ff53 4e60 83ad 49bb745258d0
11 points

Someone drove this car into a parking lot more than 500 feet on a rotor and left her right where she landed.

Preview dd4bdd8f 326d 4cef 8cc6 e49aa99c51c9
2 points

Stupid real life!

Preview 180cde2f 4ac1 4b7b 9e46 c1ddf0454852
2 points

Broken window solution

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3 points

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