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Karate or Basketball?

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106 points

Painful Soccer Kick

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143 points

I think I'll stay on the ground, thanks


Claustrophobic Caving in Water


“Just do it”

Preview fdf69926 7beb 4454 9301 5612c6155bb1

Perfect header, such a skilled defender!

Preview 9af52ec6 e82f 4716 9926 644be7154d5c
144 points

Fix it. Or not.

Preview ebc080ce bfc9 4390 b523 ae2c77a5cbca
100 points

Detachable cabs are now an option

Preview 87421458 9310 4e15 a2b1 c7d3015131e2
111 points

Spotted near the Mexican border in San Diego...

Preview 50f7d86f 5d3d 458c a574 a733c7f5a853
173 points

Someone strongly disagrees...

Preview 843bdbec fe50 4289 a0bd f07e8106d7d2
105 points

Now that Oregonians have to pump their own gas...

Preview 3415ed57 8b03 4857 a4d7 7aa18497757a
120 points

well, that's one way to park it

Preview 3fbd7c80 c990 4502 a217 4d1bc866b21a
94 points

Christopher Stricklin ejecting from an F-16 seconds before it crashed in Sept 2003. He was not seriously injured

Preview 45b2e3f1 a299 40e2 ba20 5503c076a073


Preview 019a96e6 bff9 4e63 9e22 e2a1b8ea9a9d


Preview 65608c43 57a8 4c69 93e9 f64835232327
79 points

Backflip or Head-Stand?

Preview afdeac59 6472 496e 867a 6669adae8ebf

"Just send it bro"

Preview f428c57f 9412 4e03 aa7f b4c74a763dca
109 points

No trailer, no problem

Preview 7ae814d0 cb87 43ce 9c86 accde6d29488
59 points

Just another day in Vancouver

Preview c239472b 4082 4619 afbd a7de5bceaf3b
70 points

Rare image of shark stepping on a lego

Preview c23d1761 20fc 4313 845c ec9b3456f1da
64 points

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